Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 815

Chapter 815 Start

August 15th. Sunny.

The new meeting venue was full of people.

The Armament Repository dominated the world—those who submitted would prosper, and those who resisted would perish. Which force in the Pugilistic World dared be absent from the meet?

A few days ago, there were already tens of thousands of martial artists arriving from all directions.

Furthermore, most of them were in the top three grades and could almost represent the core of the entire Divine Continent Pugilistic World!

Some of them were astonished by the rapid growth of the Armament Repository, some felt envious, while others directly bore animosity toward it.

But regardless of their feelings, all of them had to come to the venue and wait silently for the Orthodox Dao’s final battle!

Although the Pugilistic World was divided into the Orthodox Dao and the Demon Dao, most martial artists actually sat on the fence and were preparing to support the side that turned out to be stronger.

If the Armament Repository took over successfully, they would definitely kowtow to show their loyalty, but if the Orthodox Dao prevailed, they would not mind acting as righteous people.

“The Armament Repository Master, Nangong Wuwang, is determined to gain worldwide prestige this time. He’ll kill the Sacred Lady of the Fairy Sect on the day of the meet… Sigh . I heard that this lady looks absolutely beautiful, but he’s actually ruthless enough to kill her.”

“He’s giving the Fairy Sect a harsh slap to the face this time!”

“Another person named Jiang Xiaodie will die together with the Sacred Lady, but she’s not really famous…”

“But how could she be any ordinary person if she’s as important as the Sacred Lady?” Another man with inside information pretended to be mysterious. “As far as I know, this lady is the Li Perishing Sword owner. Rumor has it that she’s somehow related to that legendary person!”

“If that’s the case…”

The people surrounding him gasped in surprise. “There’ll be a hard battle!”

The Jiang family’s patriarch passed by with his hands behind his back, his face emotionless.

As a first-grade grandmaster with a long-standing reputation, he—the Petal Rinsing Divine Sword—was certainly invited.

Besides, Jiang Xiaodie of the Jiang family had always stayed at home before, and she had changed her surname to “Jiang” 1 upon becoming the Li Perishing Sword owner. Even the most well-informed martial artist might not know about his relationship with her.

Even so, he felt agonized.

… I’m afraid that the Demon Sect knows Xiaodie’s background…

The Jiang family’s patriarch gripped the ordinary iron sword in his hand. “If worst comes to worst… I’ll just die here!”

With that thought, he straightened like a sword out of its sheath, shocking those who had been whispering around him.

“Who is he?”

“The Petal Rinsing Divine Sword, Elder Jiang. Even he’s come?”

“Isn’t he said to be the grandmaster with the most wretched appearance? Why did his temperament change so dramatically? Just like a sword out of its sheath?”

Many martial artists looked at him. Some were surprised, while others were thoughtful, but all kept a distance from him.

After all, the Blood Imbibing Saber owner had battled with the Golden Breeze Drizzle Building Master at the Jiang family’s residence!

Even though they did not know his relationship with the Li Perishing Sword owner, many of them anticipated that the Jiang family would not end up well in the future. They were already merciful enough not to hit him while he was down.

“Since Brother Jiang is here, why not enter the venue with me?”

A group of swordsmen in black walked toward him. Their leader had a stiff expression and a pair of red eyebrows dangling from his face. He was the one inviting the Jiang family’s patriarch.

“Since I’m being invited by the Myriad Transformation Sword Sect, a holy ground of the Pugilistic World, it’d be rude of me to decline!”

The Jiang family’s patriarch smiled with goodwill and entered the venue together with the Myriad Transformation Sword Sect Master.

The Myriad Transformation Sword Sect was similar to the Fairy Sect. Both were holy grounds of the Pugilistic World, and both were having a hard time under the incessant attacks from the Demon Sect.

Of course, they could only survive until now because Fang Yuan allowed them to.

Shoulder to shoulder, they walked to a spot in the front of the venue and sat down together.

The Jiang family’s patriarch tried to restrain his curiosity, but could no longer resist and asked stealthily, “What about that person? Where is he now? If the Celestial Thearch Sword owner doesn’t appear this time, the Armament Repository will really rule the entire Divine Continent and Pugilistic World, accomplishing what the previous Sky Fiend Dao Masters failed to achieve!”

“This… we’re not sure either!” Sect Master Red Eyebrow of the Myriad Transformation Sword Sect was slightly embarrassed as he replied. “We only know that after the Celestial Thearch Sword owner emerged, he went to faraway lands with his junior sister’s corpse. We haven’t heard from him since…”

“What?” The Jiang family’s patriarch almost vomited blood when he heard this. “And you dare to come here! Aren’t you putting your head on the block?”

“This time, besides me, the Fairy Sect Master will come as well… So will the Zhao family, the Qian family, the Sun family, and other established families supporting the Orthodox Dao…”

Sect Master Red Eyebrows had a firm expression. “Even if the Celestial Thearch Sword owner doesn’t come, we must come anyway because we are the pillars of the Orthodox Dao in the Pugilistic World!”

He emanated an intense righteous aura when he spoke.

This righteousness was not the inscrutable technique used by the Kong family, but the will to sacrifice oneself without fear!

This was the result of the Orthodox Dao having prevailed in the Pugilistic World for more than a century, encouraging martial artists in every generation to sacrifice themselves for righteousness!

“It can’t be real… Just because you’re the last pillars, you’ve come here to court death?” The Jiang family’s patriarch rolled his eyes. “Aren’t you doing it because you want to provoke a reaction from the Celestial Thearch Sword owner?”

“Everyone can be sacrificed for the righteousness of the Pugilistic World. For the sake of righteousness, it’s nothing even if an entire sect becomes extinct at a crucial time!” Sect Master Red Eyebrows said emotionally.

“Hehe… If that happens, how can the Celestial Thearch Sword owner not react at all? All the previous Celestial Thearch Sword owners were merciful, righteous, clever, and brave people who cared for the world. Things won’t develop to that stage!”

The Jiang family’s patriarch shook his head, knowing what they were really thinking.

In fact, they could not be accused. After all, they were the truly righteous people in the Pugilistic World, at least compared to the Kong family.

However, things were not so simple when they could readily sacrifice anyone, including themselves, in the name of righteousness.

“Hmm? The Petal Rinsing Divine Sword?”

Gu Qixing was preserving the order at the scene when he saw the Jiang family’s patriarch. His eyes moved slightly, and he let out a long sigh.

Looking around the venue, he could see that the Demon Sect was receiving masters from various sects as the host.

Members of the Six Dao Demon Sect used to hide themselves, but now they could walk around openly in the light of day. Furthermore, those sect masters had to smile at them. This would have been unimaginable in the past.

“But… all of this has nothing to do with me. It’s all because of that person!”

Gu Qixing had mixed feelings when he thought about the Armament Repository Master.

He had once regarded that young man as a target he would eventually surpass.

He did not expect that within a few years, his opponent would progress to a realm beyond his imagination, unify the Demon Sect, and dominate the Pugilistic World, realizing the unattainable dream of the previous Sky Fiend Dao Masters.

Even his master had to submit to this opponent.

And that man would soon reach the peak today!

“How I wish… I could be this person!”

Gu Qixing sighed silently and concealed his feelings, his expression cold and hard like the motionless water in an ancient well.

“It’s time!”

Guests from all parts of the world crowded venue, but order was preserved so well that the scene was almost silent.

The loud shout from the host attracted everyone’s attention to the elevated platform at the center of the venue.

The platform was ninety-nine feet in length and width, and paved with white peacock stones. Right now, two wooden racks were erected on it.

In a tumult of noise, two ladies were tied on to the racks.

Tang Shushu wore a silk robe and walked elegantly to the center of the stone platform. He cupped his fists in all four directions. “Greetings, everyone!”

Who would’ve expected… that Tang Shushu, the former owner of the fourth Divine Armament and the most handsome man of the Orthodox Dao, has turned to the Demon Sect!

Many elders, including Sect Master Red Eyebrows, frowned when they saw this.

After all, he might not be able to defeat Tang Shushu even though Tang Shushu had lost his Divine Armament.

The Orthodox Dao has weakened and the Demon Dao has strengthened…

Numerous Orthodox Dao members sighed inside, but they had to smile at the Demon Sect disciples approaching them on patrol.

Other than the Fairy Sect, the Myriad Transformation Sword Sect, and a few other sects, ninety-nine percent of the sects at the scene had already submitted to the Armament Repository.

“… Honorable martial artists of all ages have come for this meet, and such a grand event is rare throughout the history of the Divine Continent Pugilistic World…”

On the stage, Tang Shushu gave an eloquent and flowing speech. More importantly, his inner force was so powerful that his voice was heard everywhere in the venue clearly.

“… There has not been a true alliance leader in the Divine Continent since Emperor Wu. Many sects attack one another and people suffer all over the world. Therefore, my merciful Master is willing to arbitrate the disputes and burden himself with peacemaking efforts…”

Many guests ignored his cliché until they heard this part, immediately becoming interested.

“With millions of men, the Armament Repository is now the leading force in the world. Our mission is to solve problems for the Pugilistic World, and we arrested two demonic women a few days ago!” Tang Shushu blatantly lied, incriminating both Jiang Xiaodie and Bi Luokong. “At the Alliance Leader’s command, they will be killed as sacrifices… Moreover, we will never spare anyone who intends to threaten the stability of the Pugilistic World. We will definitely investigate the root of the problem!”

Are they throwing down the gauntlet by saying that they’ll investigate the root of the problem? The Sacred Lady’s backer is the Fairy Sect, right?

With that thought, many looked at the seats occupied by the Fairy Sect.

Although the Fairy Sect Master was stripped of her martial arts, she was still elegant and composed like before.

She stood up gracefully and said in a distinct voice, “The Fairy Sect is a renowned sect of the Orthodox Dao and must not be defamed like this! This lady is the Sacred Lady of our sect, and yet she suffered such mistreatment from the Armament Repository. What is your motive?”

An outburst of noise!

There was an uproar at the scene.

The Fairy Sect Master was picking a fight with the Armament Repository, and a battle was imminent.

” Tsk tsk …”

Fang Yuan stood at the top of the Armament Repository beside the venue and looked down at the scene.

“I feel increasingly similar to an antagonist plotting behind the scenes… But antagonists like me don’t typically end up well.”

With an emotionless expression, he suddenly waved his hand.

In the venue, all the Armament Repository men looked solemn, having received the signal to act.

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