Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Emergence

“Good. Very good. You’ve confessed!” said Tang Shushu with a serious expression. “Since that’s the case, the Fairy Sect is an evil sect trying to bring chaos to the Pugilistic World, and all of you are accomplices! Your crime is unforgivable! We, the righteous side of the Pugilistic World, must not spare your lives!”

Although he was inverting black and white, he miraculously felt that he was following an irresistible trend. Anyone who submitted to it would prosper, and those who resisted it would perish!

“We’re willing to regard the Armament Repository as our master and annihilate the source of the chaos!”

Many responded supportively, and the Demon Sect disciples directly took out their armaments.

All of a sudden, everyone in the venue tensed up.

“Hmph… The public will know who is righteous!” The Fairy Sect Master sneered. “We weren’t planning on returning alive when we decided to come here today, but we’ll let the martial artists of the world see your hypocrisy even if all of us have to die at this place!”

They can see it, but so what? In this world, strength determines everything in the end… Tang Shushu sighed in his mind and then waved his hand.

Numerous small sects hastily backed away from the Fairy Sect, leaving a large, empty area.

“Anyone else?”

Tang Shushu glanced coldly over the entire venue.

In fact, there were quite a few people in the Orthodox Dao who had been his close friends. Some were even relatives and elders in his family.

But now, he suppressed his feelings.

After all, as long as his family had members on both sides, some of them would eventually survive regardless of the outcome. Otherwise, all of them might die!

Therefore, he had sincerely turned to the Demon Dao and would not hesitate to slaughter his own sect if Fang Yuan ordered him to do so.

“Fairy Sect, the Myriad Transformation Sword Sect shall fight alongside you!”

Sect Master Red Eyebrows let out a long roar, walked out from the crowd, and stood beside the Fairy Sect.

“And the Iron Blood Giant Spear Council!”

“The Three River Boundless Gang!”

“The Zhao, Qian, and Sun families!”

“And the Jiang family!”

The Jiang family’s patriarch sighed and slowly stepped out.

Even with them, the Orthodox Dao was still like a drop in the ocean. The Demon Dao members besieging them were hundreds of times as many as them, making them appear extremely lonely.

Confronted by the majority of the people, they lost their morale before the battle even began!

After some transient ardor, even the disciples of the Myriad Transformation Sword Sect could not help feeling that they might have made the wrong choice.

“Hehe… I’m afraid that such a small group of people aren’t enough for us to kill!”

At this moment, an elder in black carrying a saber walked near them with a sinister smile. He said in a chilling voice, “My name is Sanguine Tusu 1 !”

“He’s the Demon Sect’s expert in torture? Sanguine Tusu?”

“Rumor has it that he likes slicing Orthodox Dao members into pieces and eating their flesh while drinking!”

“My master told me that if we’re ever captured by him, we had better end our own lives quickly, or else we won’t even be able to die when we wish for death…”

Sanguine Tusu’s reputation was so ferocious that some Orthodox Dao disciples shivered upon hearing his name.

“Hehe… The Building Master said that although all of you are guilty, low-ranking disciples who didn’t commit many crimes can be spared, but they must make up for their mistakes by providing evidence against the criminals!”

Sanguine Tusu was engrossed as he conveyed Fang Yuan’s order.

Tang Shushu’s eyes looked dejected when he heard this.

The members of the Orthodox Dao wanted to boost morale by sacrificing their own lives, but the building master’s strategy was like taking away the firewood under the cauldron.

When their lives were threatened, could all of them still resist the temptation?

He stared ahead and saw a low-ranking disciple charging out without uttering a word.

“What audacity!”

Sect Master Red Eyebrows was enraged since that disciple was clearly from the Myriad Transformation Sword Sect.

He pointed his finger and a stream of Sword Qi shot out like lightning.


Another stream of force moved even faster, stopping the Sword Qi in midair. The laughter of Sanguine Tusu was heard. “Red Eyebrows… even your own disciple wants to provide evidence against you. You became furious out of embarrassment and tried to silence him in public. Do you still want to argue?”

Seeing that Red Eyebrows had almost killed him, panic and enmity flashed across this disciple’s eyes, and he immediately stated Red Eyebrows’ crimes loudly in front of the crowd, “That’s right… Red Eyebrows looks kind, but he’s actually cruel. He h-has forced three disciples to die just for his own reputation. He can do anything in order to earn a good reputation…”

As for how much of it was false, it would depend on the opinion of the audience.

“Damn! I shouldn’t have accepted this wicked man into my sect!”

Red Eyebrows seethed with anger.

It was true that he could do anything to earn a good reputation and that he was inflexible like a neo-Confucian who could force his own daughter to die. However, this disciple accused him of all sorts of non-existent crimes in order to survive. That, he could not endure.

He did not fear death, but he was afraid that he would die for nothing with his reputation ruined!

“Red Eyebrows has done such things, and his associates must be similar to him! We should publicly reveal their crimes and let the world denounce them!”

Sanguine Tusu laughed aloud and waved his hand ferociously. “Anyone who doesn’t make a clean break with them today will be enemies of the Armament Repository!”

He moved his finger and pointed at a few sects sitting on the fence.

When two sides had turned against each other, was it not ridiculous trying to stay friendly with both sides?

The Armament Repository wants us to be cannon fodder?

This is bad. While the Fairy Sect Master has lost her martial arts, the protectors in the sect won’t be defeated easily. Furthermore, there’s still Sect Master Red Eyebrows and the heads of a few established families!

Those being pointed at looked at one another awkwardly.

“Well? The Heavy Sword Sect, the Kui Mountain Sect, and the Heaven River Sect, are you hesitant because you have doubts?”

The neutral sects could not make up their minds, but they could deduce from Sanguine Tusu’s expression that the Armament Repository would most probably annihilate them altogether if they continued to hesitate.

Sanguine Tusu had a sharp eye and did not push the neutral sects to the opposite side all at once. Instead, he picked out a few and forced them to take a stand.

Despite knowing that it was a strategy to deal with them separately, these sect masters had to step out and cup their hands. “We will naturally follow the Armament Repository Master’s order!”

They had to die for their sects and families!


Chaos ensued in the next moment.

The venue immediately became a battlefield.

Young talents and renowned martial artists fell to the ground one after another. In the blink of an eye, members of the three sects that were picked out had all died.

“The Sword Rinsing Sect, the Myriad Flower Palace…”

Sanguine Tusu felt pleased when he mentioned a few more names.

There were so many people here, he could even suffocate the Orthodox Dao members if he piled up all their bodies.

“Sanguine Tusu, battle with me!”

But now, the Orthodox Dao members would not follow his arrangement and fight against the neutral sects, as the loss obviously outweighed the gain.

Sect Master Red Eyebrows let out a long shout and struck out with his sword at Sanguine Tusu.

“Our righteousness will last forever, even after our deaths!”

The Fairy Sect Master and others responded immediately, attacking the Demon Sect disciples around them.

“Haha… You’re courting death!”

Sanguine Tusu was fearless. He took out the saber behind his back and confronted Sect Master Red Eyebrows’ sword.

” Sigh …” Tang Shushu sighed. His hands moved like butterflies flying through flower clusters, transforming into thousands of forms and encircling the members of the Fairy Sect.

Of course, his martial arts were very powerful.

Even without his Divine Armament, he could surely be ranked among the top three martial artists in the Orthodox Dao.

Other than the top martial artist, Ba Dao, he could defeat almost anyone.

“Hundred Flower Intersecting Fist!”

He punched and flowers bloomed in the air.

The Fairy Sect disciples were shocked by the flower fragrance and fell to the ground successively.

Tang Shushu was already lenient, but the other Demon Sect disciples were extremely ruthless when they fought. Most importantly, they could easily overwhelm their opponents due to the sheer numbers advantage of their side.

The Demon Sect’s cultivation techniques had always been cruel and ruthless.

After a short while, there were broken limbs and flowing blood all over the ground.

Only a few from the Orthodox Dao survived, standing at the center desolately.

So simple?

Gu Qixing slashed an Orthodox Dao disciple in half and suddenly felt out of sorts.

What he had dreamed of had seemed so fantastical, but once he attained it, he realized that it was not a big deal.

Right now, he was filled with dismay for some inexplicable reasons.

The Fairy Sect Master looked around and saw that most Fairy Sect disciples had died, and other sects and families were in the same situation. She laughed bitterly as she said to Sect Master Red Eyebrows beside her, “Red Eyebrows, looks like we’ve lost our bet!”

He had lost an arm in order to protect her, and his face was pale, but his eyes were like flames. “I can die a thousand times for righteousness! Even if all of us die here today, our good reputation will be remembered forever!”

“Your good reputation?” Sanguine Tusu sounded as if he had heard a joke. “History has always been recorded by the winners. Our Building Master is preparing to publish a chronicle about the Pugilistic World, and I can guarantee that your names will be notorious from then on!”

“Impossible! That’s impossible!”

Sect Master Red Eyebrows was stunned. To people like him, these words were more lethal than any kind of injury.

“Kill them all!” Sanguine Tusu gazed at the Fairy Sect Master and suddenly said, “Leave this woman alive, hehe…”

Tang Shushu turned around, as he did not want to continue watching. Why… hasn’t that person appeared yet?

If the Celestial Thearch Sword did not appear, they could conquer the world without the Armament Repository Master!

This shouldn’t happen… All the previous Celestial Thearch Sword owners cared for all people in the world. Could he have actually turned against the Fairy Sect like the rumors say?

While he was pondering, some dark clouds slowly drifted near, covering the sky and blocking the sun.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The breeze turned into gales.

This unusual phenomenon was thousands of times superior to those caused by Heavenly Phenomenon martial artists.

All the martial artists in the venue experienced great pressure, and weaker ones even lost consciousness straightaway.

While he had not yet arrived, his aura could make thousands of people bow!

“He… has come!”

The Fairy Sect Master and other Orthodox Dao members were exhilarated, while Demon Dao members looked scared.

The Celestial Thearch Sword owner—the last hope of the Pugilistic World and the savior who had to appear when the world underwent a tribulation—finally emerged!

“Has he come?”

Fang Yuan sat alone in the high-rise building and looked at the clouds swirling in the wind.

It was unnecessary for him to fight if the Celestial Thearch Sword owner did not appear.


At this moment, lightning in all parts of the world suddenly merged and struck down in deafening noise, aiming directly at the Armament Repository like a Heavenly Tribulation!!

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