Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 817

Chapter 817 Omnidirectional Sacred Armament

Suddenly, abnormal heavenly phenomena occurred and lightning struck frantically like a Heavenly Tribulation.

At the scene, martial artists still retaining their mobility were in shock when they saw the nine-floor Armament Repository Headquarters explode into a huge fireball under the Heavenly Tribulation.

“His emergence carries the power of the heavens and the earth! The Celestial Thearch Sword owner!”

The Fairy Sect Master almost shed tears of joy, and Sect Master Red Eyebrows was similar.

Only the Celestial Thearch Sword could possess such formidable power!

“Sorry, I’m late!”

A figure slowly descended onto the white stone platform and gently unfastened the chain binding Jiang Xiaodie. With a flick of his finger, the iron chain binding Bi Luokong also broke with a loud clatter.

“Shi Lei…”

Jiang Xiaodie lifted her head. Her lips were full of cracks due to thirst, but she smiled faintly.

This was entirely different from her aloofness in the past.

The next moment, she suddenly thought of something and said quickly, “You must be careful… The Armament Repository Master has gathered many Divine Armaments and Demonic Armaments in the world and refined them in a furnace. It’s extremely frightening!”

“Don’t worry. Leave everything to me!”

Shi Lei’s honest smile was reassuring. Undeniably, he had also matured after going through so much.

“Celestial Thearch Sword owner!”

“He’s finally appeared.”

Sect Master Red Eyebrows was exhilarated and looked at Tang Shushu and Sanguine Tusu defiantly. “In the Pugilistic World, the Orthodox Dao will last forever!”

He was extremely confident in the Celestial Thearch Sword owner.

After all, this sword owner had not only advanced to Heavenly Phenomenon, but he had also kept the sword for two months after removing the seal.

Such a long time was sufficient for any Celestial Thearch Sword owner to progress to an immeasurable realm.

“The Celestial Thearch Sword? The Legendary Era?”

At the side, Gu Qixing gazed at this scene and was dumbfounded. “Doesn’t this sword only appear when the world undergoes a great tribulation? Based on what’s happening now, could the Armament Repository Master be the tribulation?”

While he was a new star in the Demon Dao, he was not at a truly superior level and thus could not probe into the deepest secrets in this world.

“Shi Lei… be careful of the Armament Repository Master… He’s horrifying!” Jiang Xiaodie struggled to say these words before losing consciousness.

Having suffered too much recently, she fainted soon after being rescued due to the exhaustion and sudden relaxation.

“Armament Repository Master!”

Shi Lei gazed at the Armament Repository covered in flames.

As the Celestial Thearch Sword owner, he clearly knew that the Armament Repository Master had not died from the Heavenly Tribulation lightning.

A Divine Demon martial artist would definitely not be so fragile.

And he was also in the Divine Demon realm now!

It was almost impossible for other martial artists to break through the barriers from Heavenly Phenomenon to Divine Demon within a few months.

But it was a natural process for Shi Lei because he was the Celestial Thearch Sword owner of this generation! He wielded the authority and power of the Celestial Thearch!

“Shi Lei! What an impressive Celestial Thearch Sword owner!”


In the blazing flames, fiery light seemed to have transformed into a giant dragon that flew up into the sky.

Fang Yuan’s silhouette slowly emerged from the flames with a huge furnace in front of him.

The surface of the furnace was full of scars, but the Sacred Armament inside was nearing completion and emanating a dreadful aura.

“Following the instructions in the Ancient Armament Manual, I searched for materials all over the world and spent almost a hundred days merging the essence of nineteen Divine Armaments and Demonic Armaments… And now, the refinement is finally complete!”

He reached into the furnace, disregarding the intense heat. The armament he took out was neither a saber nor a sword but looked similar to both.

Traces of many armaments that had existed in history could be found in its ferocious appearance, and it could be regarded as the king of all armaments!

Although one last step was needed to complete its form, it was enough to make Shi Lei change his expression.

“This is… the peak of a Pseudo Dao. Someone who can truly complete and master it will be equivalent to a Demon God that has mastered an additional Great Dao…” Fang Yuan held the armament in his hand, his eyes glistening. “This thing can be named… the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao!”

The Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao!

This was the auxiliary Great Dao he had painstakingly forged!

Even the armament in his hand was merely one of its manifestations.

Its true essence and intrinsic quality lay in the merging of the rules of the numerous armaments. But until now, it was still unfinished due to the lack of a pivotal core.

And that core was the Celestial Thearch Sword, which embodied the true authority and power of this world!

“Omnidirectional Divine Demonic… Armament Dao?”

Shi Lei felt the world vibrating when he reiterated this name, informing him of how unusual his opponent was.

Even the Celestial Thearch Sword in his hand trembled in anxiety, making Shi Lei feel increasingly surprised.

After all, the Celestial Thearch Sword was the greatest power in this world.

But its behavior now meant that it had encountered a well-matched opponent!

“Shi Lei… You’re not bad, not bad at all!” Holding the Perfect Sacred Armament, Fang Yuan said eloquently, “Not only do you have an innocent mind, but you also gained the Celestial Thearch Sword’s acknowledgment and sharpened its blade, breaking through the barriers of Heavenly Phenomenon to Divine Demon in such a short time! Only you can be a well-matched opponent for me in the final battle! I made the right choice sparing your life last time!”

“Last time? Spare my life?”

Shi Lei noticed something.

“That’s right… Did you think that you could conceal your identity as the Celestial Thearch Sword owner from me?” Fang Yuan sneered. “But killing a silly boy was worthless… It’s turned out that I was right. Now, a true Celestial Thearch Sword owner has come to me with the Celestial Thearch Sword!”

While speaking, he glanced at the Fairy Sect Master, giving her goosebumps all over.


Shi Lei was shocked as well.

Although he had not cultivated in these two months due to the sorrow, his martial arts had progressed tremendously since he had mastered the Celestial Thearch Sword, even breaking through the barrier that had perplexed countless top experts.

All of this was naturally attributed to the Celestial Thearch Sword, which he knew was the utmost trump card he could depend on.

But at this moment, his enemy revealed to him that he had let all of this happen on purpose. What kind of shock was that?

“Do you know why I’ve let you survive until now?” Fang Yuan asked, smiling.

“Why?” Shi Lei asked in a hoarse voice, feeling like a small bug trapped by many spiderwebs.

“That’s naturally because the Celestial Thearch Sword is only valuable with a sharpened blade!” Fang Yuan said frankly. “You, as well as those self-claimed Orthodox Dao members, are all my pawns. Are you satisfied with this explanation?”


Shi Lei suddenly wanted to laugh, feeling as if he saw that girl in red again.

But in the blink of an eye, he suppressed his emotions. His eyes were like the still water in an ancient well. He seemed to be possessed by the Heavenly Dao, meting out punishment without the slightest negative emotion.

A martial artist at his level was naturally immune to external influence.

He attacked outright, and the Celestial Thearch Sword seemed to have broken the limit of space and time before reaching Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan lifted the Omnidirectional Sacred Armament and blocked the attack, causing a dull thud.

His Sacred Armament contained the essence of all the armaments in history. In a simple counterattack, the barbs and hooks on its surface immediately locked the Celestial Thearch Sword, almost making it fly out of Shi Lei’s hand.


The heavens and the earth suddenly went through an indescribable change when the two armaments clashed.

“Wh-What kind of change is this? How ingenious can these moves be?”

All the martial artists at the scene, regardless of their stances or sects, backed up a thousand feet while staring fervently at Shi Lei’s and Fang Yuan’s moves.

This battle between two Divine Demons was a grand event that would rarely occur in the Pugilistic World! Furthermore, it was a fight between the Celestial Thearch Sword owner and the person bringing a destructive tribulation to the world.

” Ha! 

Shi Lei stood straight and launched another attack.

Fang Yuan held his armament horizontally like a black shield and blocked the attack, launching a counterattack in the meantime.

This sword attack transformed into seven saber moves in mid-air!

The Sky Fiend Seven Slaughter Style!

The Celestial Thearch Sword emitted brilliant light and enveloped Shi Lei in a light sphere, dispersing the seven streams of Saber Qi that dashed into it without a noise.

They battled each other like novices in the Pugilistic World. Even the previous heavenly phenomena had entirely disappeared.

But Tang Shushu and others were entranced by it. “Building Master is so mighty!”

The Omnidirectional Sacred Armament seemed to be alive in Fang Yuan’s hand, functioning as saber, spear, sword, halberd, axe, tomahawk, hook, or trident at will, as if he had practiced each type of armament for decades. It was truly incredible.

On the other hand, every sword attack by Shi Lei was slower than the previous, ending up as slow as a turtle creeping around. However, he managed to protect himself flawlessly, as if his attacks were needles hidden in soft silk.

Experts could naturally see that it was because both of them constrained their forces perfectly, with every move carrying indescribable features of the Dao. The onlookers were absorbed in this skillful but seemingly clumsy battle.

After a while, the two figures suddenly separated.

“If this is all you’re capable of, I’ll be taking your Celestial Thearch Sword!” Fang Yuan’s clear and energetic voice clearly revealed that he was definitely not the one injured.

Cough cough!

Shi Lei flushed and spat a mouthful of blood, laughing bitterly. “In fact… I’d always wished to live with Junior Sister on the mountain for a lifetime and never thought of saving the world…”

Fang Yuan knew from his blank look that he was speaking truthfully.

Unfortunately, there was no other choice as no one could resist destiny.

“Actually, while the Celestial Thearch Sword Formulation is complex, I’ve only comprehended a single style from it!” Shi Lei said in a deep voice, his temperament suddenly changing.

Fang Yuan’s expression turned slightly solemn.

In fact, his armament was only one of the reasons why he could prevail. Another reason was the influence from the God Pan Catalog.

The Celestial Thearch Sword Formulation had evolved from the God Pan Catalog, and having acquired God Pan’s heritage in advance, he was naturally confident when confronting the Celestial Thearch Sword.

But Shi Lei’s expression at this moment made him feel slightly uneasy.

“I call this sword move—Heaven and Earth Unity Style!” Shi Lei said gently and struck with the sword.


With the will to sacrifice himself for humanity, a translucent figure emerged and pounced forward like lightning.

Fang Yuan’s expression suddenly became solemn!

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