Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 818

Chapter 818 Return

Chapter 818: Return

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“Essence Soul?!”

A bright gleam flashed in Fang Yuan’s eyes. With the aid from the Heavenly Eye Seer Spell, he immediately recognized the nature of this translucent figure.

Martial artists in this world who cultivated to a profound realm could let their souls leave their bodies, so they knew of terms like Yang Soul and Essence Soul.

Of course, the most straightforward example would be the Great Sanguine Demon’s Essence Soul, which could still struggle to create a buzz long after his death.

However, in comparison to powerful worlds such as the Spiritual Realm and the Mental Demon Realm, the Essence Soul of a martial artist was far more fragile due to the different rules in this world.

In Shi Lei’s reckless attack, he solidified his own Essence Soul, palpably ready for a lose-lose situation.

“A benevolent person loves everybody!

“The greatest love is unbounded; the greatest benevolence is tender.

“A benevolent person with a laudable ambition will not survive at the expense of benevolence, but will die for the sake of benevolence!”

The translucent Essence Soul shattered space, ignored all defenses, and conveyed benevolent thoughts into Fang Yuan’s sea of consciousness.

Instead of killing the enemies, the Heaven and Earth Unity Style was used to reform them!

With his life and his understanding of benevolence, Shi Lei risked all he had to reform this demon!

He had bet everything on this last move by letting his Essence Soul leave his body and enter his opponent’s sea of consciousness.

He would definitely lose everything if he failed, but even if he succeeded, he would no longer exist in this world either.

This was purely a sacrifice because of his love for the world.

Like the Son of God, he sacrificed himself to reform this demon and save the world!

The support from the Celestial Thearch Sword and the determination to sacrifice himself were an incredibly formidable combination.

Shock waves vibrated in the air.

Sanguine Tusu standing at a distance suddenly knelt and cried. “I’m guilty! I deserve to die!”

“Ah! We’re ashamed to be alive!” A few other Demon Sect elders burst into tears and seemed to be enlightened. “From now on, we will forsake evil and become righteous, kind people!”

Insane! All of them have gone insane! Tang Shushu resisted this influential power with all his might. Unifying all people in the world? It’s really…

This abstruse move embodied all the mysteries of the Human Dao, depriving him of his will to fight against it.

Even those at a distance were influenced to this extent, so what about Fang Yuan confronting it directly?

“I don’t have much time. I have to influence his True Spirit and succeed in one attack.”

Shi Lei dispersed the fog and arrived deep inside Fang Yuan’s sea of consciousness. “Nangong Wuang, even after my death, you will carry on my mission and work hard for the happiness of all people in the world… Uh…”

He was stunned by a giant figure that emerged before him after the fog was dispersed.

Fang Yuan revealed his true body, the Pangu Giant, in his sea of consciousness. His prominent muscles were like a coiled dragon, on which purple patterns formed grand armor.

“Ah… You… You’re not from this world!”

Having discovered Fang Yuan’s identity as a 10-Essence Demon Master, Shi Lei felt the unfathomable darkness of the truth and the horrors of Fang Yuan’s original body.

“You’ve thrown yourself into the trap!”

The Pangu Giant’s voice was as loud as thunder. His huge hand smashed down, blocking the sun and creating chaos.

When it came to fighting with True Spirits in the sea of consciousness, Mental Demon Demon Masters would not fear anyone.

Shi Lei thought that he could reform Fang Yuan with his benevolence and love, but he had not expected that Fang Yuan’s will was as hard and as immutable as cold iron.


In the grip of the huge hand, Shi Lei’s Essence Soul was destroyed.

But the illusion of a long sword emerged from where he had been.

The sword was not made of gold or jade but looked similar to both. It had the scenery of mountains and rivers inscribed on one side of the blade and the picture of the sun, the moon, and the stars on the other, giving out brilliant light.

The Celestial Thearch Sword!

Fang Yuan’s expression suddenly changed as he saw the Celestial Thearch Sword enlarging thousands of times in size and slashing at him.

In the venue!

Buzz buzz!

Tang Shushu suddenly felt relaxed, as if he was released from the constant stress he had been struggling with for years.

But he did not appear joyful at all when he looked at the two people locked in battle.

Shi Lei’s body stood still with an expressionless face, as if he was in a daze.

However, the Celestial Thearch Sword in his hand seemed to be manipulated by an illusion, slowly floating up and ‘stabbing’ at Fang Yuan.

While the sword was extremely slow, Fang Yuan’s vacant stare seemed like he was waiting to be killed.

What’s happening? Why are they like this…

Tang Shushu wanted to take a few steps forward, but found the space split. He was always distanced from everything in front of him no matter how hard he tried.

He was desperate in the end, watching the sword advancing inch-by-inch and touching Fang Yuan’s forehead.


At this crucial moment, the Perfect Sacred Armament in Fang Yuan’s hand suddenly moved.

It seemed to have its own consciousness, moving up to push the sword away.

It was definitely not Fang Yuan’s movement; instead, the Sacred Armament led his hand when it moved.

Although the armament controlled its owner, it made a perfect move.

A dull thud was heard.

This time, the Celestial Thearch Sword was held back firmly by the barbs on the Perfect Sacred Armament, no longer able to move.

Phew…” After a short while, Fang Yuan became conscious again and let out a long breath. “That was close…”

His life would really have been threatened without the inchoate Perfect Sacred Armament.

Nevertheless, the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao had proved worthy of his huge investment. Despite its inchoate form, it was still up to the standard it should have.

“Celestial Thearch Sword… You’re indispensable to my Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao!”

He grabbed the handle of the Celestial Thearch Sword.

Zap! Zap!

His palm immediately gave off a large amount of white smoke.

But Fang Yuan did not even frown. Suddenly, he struck the two armaments against each other with his full strength.


A loud and clear sound rang out. There was an opening as small as a grain of rice on the Celestial Thearch Sword.

Crack! Crack!

Cracks spread continuously like a spiderweb around the opening, like a dam collapsing due to a hole dug by ants.

Streams of colorful light penetrated through the cracks and were immediately devoured by the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao.

It took place so fast that the Celestial Thearch Sword was shattered in the blink of an eye, turning into green stones and falling to the ground.

The Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao rumbled, and complex and mysterious patterns emerged on its blade, no longer looking crude like before.

“Building Master…”

Tang Shushu could finally move forward now, but he was unsure of what to say.

Rumble! Crack!

Blood-red clouds congregated in the sky. The unexpected lightning and rainstorm suggested the presence of abnormal phenomena.

Fang Yuan suddenly detected extreme danger.

“The counterattack of this world… Too late!” He smiled subtly and looked at Tang Shushu. “From today onward, you will manage the Armament Repository!”

“What?” Tang Shushu was dumbfounded by this astoundingly good news.

Although Tang Shushu had made the resolution to dedicate himself to the Armament Repository, the Building Master had just conquered the Pugilistic World, defeated the Celestial Thearch Sword owner, and become the top martial artist. Why would he say such words?

He actually meant it.

Fang Yuan was composed, and the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao transformed into a tattoo on his arm.

He then transformed into a pillar of light shooting into the sky and shattering space.

Crack! Crack!

Purple bolts of lightning struck the light pillar.

Unfortunately, by the time the light pillar dispersed, the figure inside had already disappeared.

The many martial artists left behind were all dumbfounded when they witnessed this. “So there’s this final move at the peak of the Martial Dao, where the martial artist ascends into the sky?”

Spiritual Realm, Iron State, Songxia County.

Moonlight gleamed deep in the night.

The teacher, Fang Yuan, was studying in the lamplight. His expression suddenly blanked for a moment.

Then his eyes glistened.

“The Heavenly Eye Seer Spell… is finally mine!”

He sensed the return of his incarnation.

He now looked like a middle-aged man, and a few gray hairs in his dark and lustrous beard gave him a mature temperament.

“Ten years have passed in the Spiritual Realm during the realm traversing this time?” Fang Yuan made a simple calculation and then found it pretty normal. “After all, the world I went to wasn’t in the lower realms, but a world at the same level…”

His original body hid well this decade and was not involved in any major issues.

As time went by, some students gained numerous achievements and expressed their gratitude to him, forming a virtuous cycle.

Lin Shoucheng and Jiang Wang, the two disciples closest to him, were particularly distinguished.

Lin Shoucheng had learned Fang Yuan’s martial arts and progressed extremely fast partly due to his unparalleled aptitude, and he had started to comprehend the Dao through martial arts.

Jiang Wang’s extraordinary disposition and righteous demeanor surprised many renowned intellectuals, who expected him to become an established scholar.

“But this world has become more chaotic!”

Besides Fang Yuan, many other Demon Masters and Demon Gods had snuck into the lower realm and hid here after the battle in the Heavenly Court, causing turbulence in the world.

Even the country of Ye was affected now.

“However, why should I care about it at all?”

Fang Yuan glanced at his stats window:

“Name: Fang Yuan

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: Demon Master (10-Essence)

Technique: Pangu Eagle Body [Strengthened Witch bloodline (1st Tier)], Creation Sword Array [Ninth Sword (100%)]

Specialization: Botany [Level Six] (Maximum), Heavenly Eye Seer Spell, Body of Origin Power, Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao”

“The realm traversing by incarnation this time was not only successful but fruitful as well!”

Becoming a 10-Essence Demon Master was only a trifle.

What delighted Fang Yuan even more was the solidification of the Heavenly Eye Seer Spell.

This specialization was based on his Fiery Golden Eyes and combined with the Heaven Earth Man Providence Mirror, allowing him to see through the Great Daos. Given his current realm, the result was far more potent than a mere addition of the effects.

“Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao!”

Finally, Fang Yuan looked at the last item under Specialization.

That was his greatest treasure, an Armament Pseudo Dao!

It enabled him to fight with the power of a Demon God right now.

Furthermore, after he became a Demon God, he would immediately master two Great Daos without having to spend years accumulating experience.

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