Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 819

Chapter 819 Chaos

Chapter 819: Chaos

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“Pseudo Dao—Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament…”

A tattoo-like symbol promptly emerged as Fang Yuan raised his right hand. It revealed a fearsome blade that seemed to resemble a saber and a sword, yet was not quite either. Its appearance was so extraordinary that traces of every armament that had existed in history could be found within.

“Essence, Spirit, and Magic—these three stats were merely yardsticks used in the lower realms. Now, everything has been erased… and this Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao…”

For a Demon Master to break through to Demon God, the key was to form their own Dao path.

In this aspect, Fang Yuan was completely confident. He had obtained the power of 10-Essence and had the Heavenly Eye Seer Spell to aid him.

The emergence of this Pseudo Dao was all the more a timely assistance to him.

Originally, he was already among the top Demon Masters, so obtaining the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao would totally allow him to be on the level of Demon Gods and Emperors.

Of course, relying on external aids would make him among the weakest ones, but bullying those Ancient Gods and Golden Immortals could not be any easier.

With this amulet in hand, as long as he did not behave recklessly or run into Emperors and Zenith Heavens, he could act freely without worries in this Spiritual Realm.


At this moment, a youth in green entered.

He had a well-built figure with long arms and legs. From his quick movements, it could be clearly seen that his martial arts were rather strong. Furthermore, he was wearing a military uniform, looking as though he was a general about to head into battle.

He placed down the gifts that he was carrying and bowed. “Lin Shoucheng greets Master.”

“Hmm, what’s the purpose of your visit today?”

Fang Yuan put aside his book and carefully observed his disciple.

With his teachings, the crucial point was to allow evil force into the body. Looking at Lin Shoucheng now, he had handsome features and indescribable charisma.

Of course, most important was the authoritative presence he had from holding power over life and death.

Ever since he finished his apprenticeship, he had left the scholarly martial arts path and joined the military, having now risen to a position leading a county’s garrison.

A law in the country of Ye stated that each county had to have a garrison. They were given authority over matters such as the recruitment of soldiers and the handling of bandits. Moreover, they were paid rather generously.

“Nothing important!” Lin Shoucheng smiled. “… When I passed by, I heard the students talking about how Master was living a poor life, so I especially came to visit.”


Fang Yuan took a quick glance at his disciple’s head without saying much.

Under his Heavenly Eye Seer Spell, nothing could be hidden from him.

He saw wisps of black Qi rising. Upon fusing with Lin Shoucheng’s destiny, it had formed a small snake that was moving around nimbly. It was quite a scene.

“Within the deep mountains, there are extraordinary beings… The world will soon plunge into chaos!”

Fang Yuan sighed in pity over the fate of mankind.


Lin Shoucheng’s smile dropped, and he appeared alert. Evidently, he had also figured out something.

However, he no longer hesitated and gritted his teeth. “To be honest… I’m currently in control of the soldiers in this county and would like to take action amid the unrest in the country of Ye. I know that Mister is an extraordinary person, and I’m willing to spend huge sums of money to hire Mister as my military adviser!”

He had been learning under Fang Yuan for many years, even becoming a disciple officially. Thus, he naturally knew that his Master was extremely knowledgeable across all fields and had immeasurable ability.

“I’m not going!”

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan’s reply was also very straightforward.

“Sorry to have bothered you. I shall take my leave!”

Lin Shoucheng’s face darkened and bowed again.

“Hmm? How about Jiang Wang?” Fang Yuan glanced at Lin Shoucheng. “With regards to giving advice, he’s able to come up with hundreds of strategies and can also be considered a talent. Hasn’t he always been assisting you?”

“Junior Brother is preoccupied with secular matters. Thus, he was unable to visit today and had me help him bring some gifts!”

Lin Shoucheng gave a vague reply, which made Fang Yuan know that perhaps there might be some unspeakable complications.

“Hmm, you can take your leave!”

He waved his hand, unconcerned about such trivial matters.

“Mister…” Lin Shoucheng turned and clenched his teeth. “The King of Ye is tyrannical. All these years, there have been grievances from people all around, along with unceasing natural calamities and man-made disasters. At this moment, the largest refugee army is only tens of kilometers away from our county. After today, my fate will be unpredictable. I hope you take care of yourself, Mister!”

Once done, he immediately turned around and walked away.

After a moment of silence, Fang Yuan suddenly asked, “What’s your opinion on this?”

Just like a fairy from a heavenly palace, a beautiful woman walked out. Shockingly, it was Zhi Hua from the Marvelous Immortal Sect.

“Well, he does have some capabilities and fate…”

Her voice was soft but also respectful before Fang Yuan.

Their little conflict from ten years ago was already history. Through some means in the dark by Fang Yuan, regardless of Qing He or Zhi Hua, and even the organizations behind them, they were all now submissive to him.

Zhi Hua said respectfully, “Since the black snake symbol has formed, it means that there’s value in participating.”

“Hmm, what you said makes sense. If you happen to come across this, you most likely won’t let it slip by.” Fang Yuan nodded. “Wars and unrests are indeed the trend now!”

Outside the county town.

In a campsite.

Sha Zhengran slowly opened his eyes.


In front of him were a few followers who were kneeling respectfully.

“Twenty-five kilometers to the east is Songxia County. Our rations can only last for another half a day, so we must take down this county in order to live!” Sha Zhengran said in a deep voice.

Many refugees as thin as bones were around them, and most were lying on the ground.

“Let everyone have a good meal for tomorrow’s breakfast. Then we’ll head out to take down the town!”


These few followers obeyed the chief’s commands.

After the arrangements were done, Chief Sha looked up toward the sky, but he was at a loss.

“In the saying ‘natural calamities and man-made disasters’, natural calamities come first. I was originally from a good family, but then came the unexpected three years of drought followed by three years of flood. No matter how well-off my family was, it wasn’t possible to get through it.

“The King of Ye is tyrannical and incapable of governing the country. Government officials chased away refugees and didn’t give us any means to survive. Naturally, the only choice left was to rebel!

“Following the Great Master through fire and water has at least given me a position as a chief. It’s a pity that the Great Master was killed by the royal court… There was no choice but to bring the remaining survivors here. After this, I can only take things one step at a time and see how it goes.

“On the contrary, recently I seem to have abundant physical strength and boundless energy. My martial prowess has also made rapid progress, which is indeed rather odd. Is it due to the heavenly manual that Great Master taught me?”


Outside the campsite, a patch of grass swayed slightly.

A scout slowly crawled backward and stealthily went toward a troop of soldiers. “I have investigated thoroughly. In front of us is a refugee camp with tens of thousands of refugees, over a hundred core members, and the leader is Sha Zhengran…”

He clearly had everything investigated, even marking out the exact location on the map.

“All right!”

Previously rejected by Fang Yuan, Lin Shoucheng was now clad in armor and silently staring into the darkness ahead.

“Even though Mister was unwilling to help me, I should also take the initiative to attack. If I can defeat the refugees and capture the head of the rebels, that will definitely be a great merit!”

“This plan seems too risky!” said Jiang Wang worryingly.

He was dressed like a refined scholar and had the disposition of an experienced strategist.

“No risk, no reward! Furthermore…” Lin Shoucheng gazed at the moonlight, and his face suddenly turned sour. “Immediately attack! The enemy has discovered us!”

There was no basis for this. It was just his sharp intuition.



The county soldiers that he brought were the elites among the elites. Furthermore, they came under the cover of night. With thorough arrangements made, they immediately attacked from two directions.

Lin Shoucheng took the lead with his long saber in hand. He pounced out like a tiger and disposed of two guards in an instant.


This boosted the morale of the soldiers that were following behind, and they were all roaring to kill.

Meanwhile, the other team was led by Jiang Wang to raid the refugees from the rear and to set fires to cause a commotion, thereby throwing the refugee army into disorder.


This commotion caused the entire refugee camp to panic.

Countless people were shocked awake from sleep and fearfully waved their sabers at the soldiers around them in a hysterical manner.

It was chaos in camp!

Faced with a sudden night attack, even disciplined armed forces might not be able to avoid chaos, let alone a bunch of inexperienced refugees.

Even if their numbers were ten times or a hundred times that of the intruders, they were all stunned at this moment. They could not think of counterattacking at all and were instead like frightened birds. Some were hysterically attacking their fellow mates, while others were fleeing in all directions.

Suddenly, a loud roar was heard from the campsite. “Everyone, calm down right now! All those fleeing or killing indiscriminately will be killed!”

A party of dozens ran out. They were all clad in armor with long sabers in hand and were clearly elite.

In particular, right in the middle was Sha Zhengran, who was full of valor and vigor. With a few strikes, he easily beheaded a few people in front of him, taking decisive action with a clear head on the current situation.

“Kill him! He’s the head of the rebels!”

Without hesitation, Lin Shoucheng immediately locked onto his target as his blood raced.

It was to the extent that he could faintly sense as though his body had a gush of energy containing an inexplicable feeling of thirst bursting out.

This feeling, why is it so similar to Jiang Wang… Earlier, it wasn’t because the enemy had found traces of our army, but it was this mysterious sensation that gave it away!

While Lin Shoucheng was puzzled, his attacks became even more ruthless, heading straight for Sha Zhengran as his target.

“Hmm? Kill the soldiers!”

Sha Zhengran had a well-built figure and a bald head. Bold and powerful, he lunged toward Lin Shoucheng while brandishing a long saber.

Under the moonlight, this soldier and rebel soon clashed like lightning and fire. It was as though they had forgotten everything around them and were yearning to kill the other at all costs.

“Songxia County had such a talented person?”

The more Sha Zhengran fought, the more apprehensive he became, especially when he saw that his trusted aide and followers were being annihilated by the soldiers.

Jiang Wang was well-versed in the art of war. By attacking from different directions and causing disorder, the soldiers were ultimately able to gain a slight advantage and surround the central site.


Sha Zhengran was distracted for a moment, and Lin Shoucheng seized this chance to behead him in one strike.


Blood splattered in all directions, and the head tumbled down.

Lin Shoucheng sheathed his saber and took a deep breath. His mind felt a sense of great satisfaction and delight.

“This is really weird…. After killing this person, why do I actually feel so satisfied?”

His mind was full of doubts, but he did not realize that he was emanating a turbulent and mysterious spiritual aura.

In the void where the naked eye could not see, a black snake emerged. It wandered around the body of Sha Zhengran on the ground and seemed to be swallowing something, causing it to grow larger.

Not only that, the snake had golden rays shimmering on it, and its forehead had grown a small protrusion.

Nevertheless, this black snake was still a snake. But at this moment, there seemed to be hints of it turning into a python and even potentially transforming into a dragon!

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