Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 820

Chapter 820 Revelation

Chapter 820: Revelation

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“Supremacy, what do you think?”

In the town, a light mirror floating in front of Zhi Hua displayed the earlier scenes concerning Lin Shoucheng.

“It’s merely a small snake. What’s the big deal?”

Fang Yuan did not take it seriously.

He had undergone the Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation in the lower realms and knew how difficult it was.

Dragons battled in the wilderness and bled blackish-yellow blood. They had to overcome many obstacles in order to become a true dragon.

And this was the Spiritual Realm! Hundreds of countries battled in turmoil here, with the Heavenly Court and the Divine Dao interfering to prevent any large-scale unification.

“The snake has finally survived to become a python!”

Zhi Hua was smiling as she spoke.

She had her own understanding about the light from providence—it was simply a manifestation of one’s ability.

For example, Lin Shoucheng had ambushed the refugee army at night and beheaded their leader, making a great achievement by saving the town from disaster!

With this achievement, he would be promoted and receive the property of the refugee army. The large amount of resources could then accelerate his development.

The light from providence did not shine down for no reason. Even if it was due to heaven’s will, the heavens would pay the price in any case.

Moreover, the country of Ye was small and sparsely populated. So although its king might not possess the aura of a flood dragon or a giant python, it could support the first stage of his development.

“Hmm, that has to do with compatibility. The Marvelous Immortal Sect and the Sacred Brahman Sect wouldn’t be able to support him if his fate were any stronger!”

Fang Yuan smiled lightly, showing his deeper understanding about the light from providence.

In fact, a person born with an extremely exalted fate would most probably be a trouble to their family.

Why? That was because their growth would draw a lot of resources from the surroundings.

Therefore, in the cultivation realm, if a small sect accepted a disciple with unparalleled talent, it would not typically end up well. It would surely be annihilated, as its intrinsic light would be eroded and redirected to the talent.

Afterward, that disciple would definitely survive and progress at lightning speed. It would then be normal for them to avenge the sect.

But by that time, the sect would have been extinguished, and the talented disciple could naturally enter another sect.

Similarly, the Marvelous Immortal Sect and the Sacred Brahman Sect might not dare to invest in a true dragon even if they encountered one.

Otherwise, their entire foundation would be sucked away before the true dragon achieved his ambitions.

Lin Shoucheng, however, was just suitable for them.

“You’re right, Supremacy. The Marvelous Immortal Sect will bet on him then!”

Zhi Hua smiled, her eyes glistening.

“Up to you!”

Fang Yuan shook his head.

This was how a power struggle would normally be, but there was a huge difference this time.

When demon stars brought chaos to the world, evil Qi had entered Lin Shoucheng and intertwined with his intrinsic nature, becoming impossible to get rid of.

The same thing had happened to the commander of the refugee army.

Lin Shoucheng could not devour Jiang Wang’s light from providence, so he devoured an enemy’s. It was hard to tell how things would develop in the future.

The sun had already risen when he sent off Zhi Hua.

Fang Yuan sat cross-legged and thought silently. “The Lord of the Void must be one of the Demon Gods who escaped from the Heavenly Court, but I’m not sure about the rest. Demon Masters had to depend on their luck…”

Any one of these demons could stir up unrest in the entire world upon escaping.

“But right now, what’s most important to me is still to break into the Demon God realm!”

The origin power he had devoured on the Mental Demon Battlefield had already completed his foundation. Furthermore, with aid from the Heavenly Eye Seer Spell, he could observe the functioning of the Great Daos in the heavens and the earth, which was beneficial for concentrating his own Dao.

All these conditions gave Fang Yuan the confidence to concentrate his own Great Dao and break through to Demon God.

Currently, this was his most urgent task.

After all, not only had he offended a Demon God, but he also had quite a few enemies in the Spiritual Realm.

The Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao was only sufficient for protecting himself.

If he wanted to get involved in some major events, he had to become a Demon God first.

“With the help from the stats window, the Dao of Demon God should be everlasting once I acquire it. Perhaps I should try another world to make a breakthrough?” Fang Yuan pondered silently.

To him, the Dream Master Descending Technique and the stats window were a perfect combination.

When he was stuck, he could completely push his limits in another world where the rules were less restrictive and then make a breakthrough in the main world. He could evade countless obstacles by playing this trick.

“Even in a higher-level universe, different worlds have different rules. For instance, the previous world of Divine Armaments was suitable for the Divine Armament and Demonic Armament system… Now, I need to find a world that is friendly to gods and demons, or rather, one that manifests its rules with various western gods. Or perhaps a world relevant to dreams?

“In a world like that, it’s easier to break the boundary between reality and fantasy, so it’s more suitable for concentrating my Great Dao!”

“Greetings, Mister!”

The thatched hut had been expanded and renovated. The red bricks and the green moss on the tiles constituted a pleasant view.

Early in the morning, a dozen young children waited in their seats and immediately greeted Fang Yuan upon seeing him.

“Hmm, we shall learn the ‘Stories to Awaken the World’ today…”

Speaking in a distinct voice, Fang Yuan opened the book.

After a while, Lin Shoucheng and Jiang Wang arrived and stood outside the door.

“This morning’s lesson ends here. I want you to recite ‘An Encouragement of Learning’ in the afternoon!”

Fang Yuan’s lesson proceeded until noon. He waved his hand and dismissed the students.


Lin Shoucheng and Jiang Wang entered and greeted him respectfully.

“Hmm, you defeated the refugee army last night and saved the entire town. Well done!”

Fang Yuan stroked his beard.

“Mister… I really thought that I would die last night…”

Lin Shoucheng touched his nose, seeming slightly embarrassed.

But Fang Yuan’s eyes glistened as he glanced at the top of Lin Shoucheng’s head.

“I never dared to forget about your lessons, Mister!” Jiang Wang’s expression was solemn as he bowed. “We came here with a question this time… Brother Lin won a decisive victory this time, and the county magistrate has reported his achievement to the higher-ups. He’ll definitely be promoted, but he’s unsure about whether to become a civil official or a military officer.”

“Are you really unsure?”

Fang Yuan glanced at Lin Shoucheng.

If he chose to be a civil official, he could at most be promoted to a vice-magistrate before becoming a county magistrate after another three years. As a vice-magistrate, he would have to avoid causing suspicion, so he would have even less power than he did now. More importantly, a vice-magistrate had no military authority!

Based on Lin Shoucheng’s wild ambition, he had to have already made the decision.

“You really know me well, Mister!”

Lin Shoucheng looked around and told Fang Yuan in a soft voice about what had happened the previous night, especially his feeling when he killed Sha Zhengran. “… Why did I feel unusually connected with this person, to the extent that after killing him, I… I…”

He looked at Jiang Wang beside him, too embarrassed to mention it.

Fang Yuan waved his sleeves and shut all the doors and windows. He smiled as he said, “You felt greatly satisfied and delighted, as if you had discovered something new, and you desired more of it, right?”

“That’s right…” Lin Shoucheng was stunned. “You indeed know about it…”

“After all, I’m an extraordinary person!” Fang Yuan mocked him. “Have you heard about the tremendous turmoil that took place eighteen years ago?”

“We certainly have!”

Both Lin Shoucheng’s and Jiang Wang’s expressions changed at the mention of it. “The king ordered the death of all infants born within seven days of the event. It was blatant tyranny!”

“Actually, while the King of Ye is muddleheaded, he made the right decision at that time. The infants were very likely affected by the turmoil, and the demonic nature and evil Qi in them were hard to cure.”

Fang Yuan shook his head.

“Moreover, there’s a special connection among them. They can become stronger by killing and devouring one another…”


Lin Shoucheng and Jiang Wang exchanged glances, both feeling somewhat alarmed and uneasy.

Fang Yuan did not care about the shock he would cause and directly said, “And both of you are among them!”

Lin Shoucheng and Jiang Wang were not ordinary people after all. They soon calmed down and asked doubtfully, “R-Really?! Why did you accept us as your students then?”

“Immortals and Gods believe in things like demonic nature and evil Qi, but I think that the outcome will ultimately depend on how the power is used!”

Fang Yuan said casually, “It’s a pity… that this isn’t the belief upheld by many sects, Immortals, and Gods. Your future achievements will depend on your luck.”

“Mister… please save me!”

Lin Shoucheng’s expression suddenly changed, and he immediately knelt.

Of course, they knew that they were somewhat abnormal, and Fang Yuan revealed that evil Qi had entered their bodies. In that case, they would be as good as dead if they were discovered.

“Don’t worry. Your powers are well-concealed, and you have the ability to protect yourselves. Others can hardly notice your abnormality except those similar… Otherwise, why didn’t Qing He arrest the both of you?”

Fang Yuan comforted them.

“Thank you for the guidance!” Jiang Wang was pale. He gritted his teeth and bowed. “But instead of doing harm, I protect my home and guard my country. May I ask how I could be convicted of any crime?”

“You shouldn’t ask me about that. You should ask the king and those superior Immortals and Gods.”

Fang Yuan laughed.

“Someday… Someday…”

Lin Shoucheng and Jiang Wang clenched their fists, their eyes gleaming.

“Thank you for your guidance and lessons! We’ll definitely return the favor in the future!”

They remained silent for a while before bowing again and leaving the classroom.

Tsk tsk… It seems that even Jiang Wang’s thoughts have changed slightly. After all, the most unpredictable thing in the world is the human heart…”

Fang Yuan looked at the scene and appeared emotional.

Jiang Wang’s response might still be moderate, but Lin Shoucheng—given his defiant personality—would probably change for the worse after hearing this shocking news.

Of course, Fang Yuan was indifferent toward all of this.

“Having spent eighteen years here, it’s time to leave now.”

He took a look at the classroom, every part of which he was very familiar with.

Furthermore, this was the place where he had made huge progress in his comprehension of the Dao. Now, he was only a single step away from a Great Dao.

“Unfortunately… I can’t wait anymore!”

No matter how incapable the Heavenly Court was, they should be able to find him soon.

Furthermore, those Demon Gods and Demon Masters might also cause some trouble. Although Fang Yuan was not afraid of them, it was always better to stay out of trouble.

Therefore, he had to move.

As for the fate of the residents in Songxia County and the outcome of Lin Shoucheng and Jiang Wang’s rebellion against the heavens, what did all of this have to do with him?

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