Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 822

Chapter 822 Contract

Although the Celestial Thearch was an Emperor and the strongest in the Spiritual Realm, he still had to obey heaven’s will.

Even with the ability to refine origin power and not become corrupted, the Mental Demon Battlefield was still sealed away for the Spiritual Realm to slowly feed on.

However, the circumstances were clearly different now.

The seal on Mental Demon Battlefield had been broken, and Demon Gods were appearing. To the Celestial Thearch, this was both a risk and an opportunity.

This was because the Spiritual Realm was unable to immediately absorb the Mental Demon Battlefield. As such, he was able to provide assistance and enjoy a share of the resources.

This was similar to the proverb: “A general in the field is not bound by the orders from his sovereign.”

“Reaching Demon God is not the end point for us. Besides, those on the same level as us in other worlds will also not give up on the hope of making a breakthrough…” said the Lord of the Void with hidden meaning behind his words. “We have what the Celestial Ruler needs the most—freedom!”

The Divine Dao titles conferred were mostly based on the Spiritual Realm’s heaven’s will.

Compared to Zenith Heavens, the Celestial Thearch faced many more restrictions.

It was the trade-off for being the strongest in the Spiritual Realm.

On the other hand, Demon Gods came from foreign realms and were thus absolutely unrestrained and unscrupulous.

What would happen if the Celestial Thearch knew a bit about the Demon Gods’ intrinsic nature?

“The worst possible scenario is that he falls and becomes a Demon God? The best possible scenario is that he gains partial freedom and breaks away from most of his restrictions. This will enable him to be just like a Zenith Heaven while remaining the strongest in the Spiritual Realm!”

Fang Yuan pondered and said, “The key here depends on the extent of corruption by the Mental Demon origin power and the Celestial Ruler’s own choice.”

“Keke… I can guarantee you that no one is able to resist the temptations from the Mental Demons.”

The tiger youth possessed by the Lord of the Void laughed strangely.

“However, even if the Celestial Thearch falls, we won’t gain much from it if all the Demon Gods are exterminated. Hence, you need my help…”

Fang Yuan had already grasped some of the details of what the Lord of the Void wanted.

“That’s right!” After a period of silence, the Lord of the Void continued, “Helping me is actually helping yourself as well. As long as we rescue those Demon Gods, we can take over the Spiritual Realm and obtain absolutely incomparable benefits!”

“I’m not silly enough to wage a war against the Spiritual Realm just because of an illusory promise!” Fang Yuan shook his head. “I can help you, but on two conditions! First, I want to advance to Demon God! Any agreement made is based on this premise, or else I dare not collaborate with you. Second, which I require you to pay first⁠, the Mental Demon lower realm descending technique and the coordinates of multiple worlds in this universe!”

Previously, when he had made a deal with Demon God Ancient Netherworld, he had only received the Mental Demon realm traversing technique and was not told how to get past the dimensional limitation.

“The lower realm descending technique? This magical technique is rather profound, so much so that not all Demon Gods are able to grasp it… The most I can provide you with is information on a few of the neighboring worlds…”

The Lord of the Void haggled out of habit.

In view of this, Fang Yuan sneered in his heart.

If other Demon Gods did not have it, so be it. But how could the Lord of the Void, who was known for having billions of incarnations and being the best at concealing his realm traversing, not have it?

After a moment of confrontation, the Lord of the Void was the first to start speaking. “Your strength has already reached 10-Essence Demon Master and is now at the stage of finding your own Dao path. You are only one step away from forming your own Great Dao and becoming a Demon God…

“Although I’m not able to give you the lower realm descending technique, I can provide you with the coordinates to a few worlds. Since your Dao path has some similarities with my Dao of the Void, I’m certain that one of the worlds is highly suitable for you! However, you must first sign a contract with me!”

The Lord of the Void demand for a binding was expected.

He did not know that Fang Yuan had Dream Master techniques and could traverse between realms effortlessly. Moreover, even if he were to suffer damage, it would be no big deal.

The Mental Demon realm traversing technique required others to cross over themselves; thus, they would lose everything if they died.

What Fang Yuan currently used was naturally the Dream Master techniques that he had improved upon himself, and it was best at plundering across thousands of worlds safely. However, the Lord of the Void was unaware of this, fearing that Fang Yuan would be gone for good.

“Oh? A world that especially suits my advancement?”

Fang Yuan’s eyes gleamed.

The Lord of the Void was after all a Demon God. If he made such a judgment, then the benefits of that world would certainly be great.

“If that’s really the case, I can consider signing the contract. However, the most I can promise is to participate in the war, and that is also after my breakthrough!”

In this respect, Fang Yuan would not yield an inch.

He previously did not sign a contract with Demon God Ancient Netherworld precisely because he was afraid of being duped.

However, things were different now. With the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao, he was almost on the same level as a Demon God. Thus, the possibility of him being fooled was almost non-existent.

Despite this, the conditions that he was fighting for were also exceptionally relaxed.

“Not possible… Although you’re only a fine line away from reaching Demon God, even having your own Great Dao, not a single Demon Master will dare guarantee their advancement to Demon God. There must be a time limit—at most a hundred years!”

As expected, the Lord of the Void immediately raged back.

If he were to really slowly wait for Fang Yuan to break through, even the Infinite Devourer would be gone by then.

“A hundred years? Not enough, at least five hundred!”

“Are you joking? If so, I’ll have to reduce the number of coordinates and give you at most two!”

“That’s not possible. At the very least, I want ten of them! Otherwise, how would I know if this wasn’t a trap? Furthermore, the world you mentioned that was especially suitable for my breakthrough must be the first one in our deal!”

With regards to the contract, both parties were haggling over every single detail, completely not possessing the demeanor of a Demon God and a Demon Master.

When it came to matters that were of great concern to their own interests, only idiots would let go of profits without careful consideration.

Finally, the Lord of the Void put forth his bottom line.

“Two hundred years and the coordinates of five worlds! That’s my bottom line! After you agree, you will gain my friendship!”

“Friendship from a group of Demon Gods in imminent crisis?” Fang Yuan sneered, but still nodded his head after pondering for a moment. “Fine… Considering that this is our first deal, I’ll suffer some losses.”


The Lord of the Void was dumbfounded and did not say anything further. White mist emerged around him and transformed into characters of the Mental Demon language to form a contract.

Fang Yuan read the contract character by character. Fortunately, he had diligently studied beforehand and the effort had not been wasted.

“I agree to this in my name as Dream Demon!”

As he spoke indifferently, his right hand tapped the empty space, and the symbol of the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao appeared on the contract.

“Very good. I’ll give you my summoning ceremony. Once you’ve broken through or hit the deadline of two hundred years, you just need to initiate the ceremony to contact me!”

With a swing of his arms, the Lord of the Void sent a few sparkling light orbs flying toward Fang Yuan. “As promised, these are the coordinates of the five worlds.”

Once all of this was completed, the tiger youth suddenly stagnated. The white in its pupils quickly faded away and turned clear.

This tiger was simply one of the hosts that the Lord of the Void had selected.

Previously, he had only showed himself after detecting Fang Yuan’s presence.

Once the Lord of the Void separated from it, what was left was simply an Earth Immortal-level demon.


The tiger looked at Fang Yuan in great fear.

“This tiger is also rather pitiful!”

Fang Yuan could not be bothered to say anything to it. It was already a puppet now, destined to become nourishment for the Lord of the Void in the future.

Even if he were to slay this tiger, it would at most cause the Lord of the Void to merely grumble.

After all, the world was so vast, so what kind of host could not be found?

“As you have offended me, you must compensate me!”

Fang Yuan thought for a while and waved his hand. “Your punishment is merely to be my mount and to carry me to the capital of Ye!”

“Thank you, Sir! Thank you!”

The tiger youth promptly stooped down and turn into a giant tiger. It then ran as fast as lightning after Fang Yuan got on its back.

“The Lord of the Void’s Myriad Division Technique is indeed terrifying…”

The sound of the wind could be heard from both sides, yet Fang Yuan sat leisurely, as though he was on the ground, and started to ponder about the Lord of the Void.

This Demon God’s Myriad Division Technique allowed demonic thoughts to be hosted in billions of living beings.

Moreover, such a magical technique was not only applicable to a single world.

Fang Yuan reckoned that this Demon God’s demonic thoughts were lying low in other worlds as well. Otherwise, how could he be known as undying?

“Nevertheless, he was probably genuine and sincere in collaborating this time.”

Previously, this Demon God had taken him to be a misbehaving Demon Master and thus treated him as though he was a nobody who could be easily crushed.

After he found out that Fang Yuan had the combat power of a Demon God, he immediately conversed on equal footing. Strength determined the attitude received! This instead made the Lord of the Void seem very trustworthy.

“It seems like the Lord of the Void had found a few of the Demon Masters who happened to luckily escape that time and knew about my abnormal actions… Of course, these are all just trivial matters.”

The major event that Fang Yuan really cared about was still his advancement to Demon God.

With his Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao as a foundation, he would instantly grasp two Great Dao once he became a Demon God. By then, he would be among the stronger Demon Gods.

Only with such confidence could he then act freely in the Spiritual Realm and tackle matters such as plotting to stop the Celestial Thearch or rescuing the Demon Gods.

“According to Demon God Ancient Netherworld, Demon Gods like the Infinite Devourer and Lord of the Void are obviously one small team. Perhaps I can really join them, or at least maintain a friendly relationship…”

Fang Yuan counted. It seemed that ever since he made contact with the Mental Demon Realm, all those he had offended were higher beings and not on good terms with him.

It was probably time for him to look for some reinforcements.

Other things aside, when the Demon God who had deprived Dream Masters of their Dao path came, it would be pretty good to have others supporting him even if they were unable to fight alongside him.

“Of course… the Lord of the Void may not necessarily be reliable. These world coordinates still have to be tested one by one!”

As he thought to himself, Fang Yuan suddenly patted the tiger below. “You don’t happen to be the demon that the King of Ye dotes on, right?”

“I wouldn’t dare!” The tiger denied at once. “That demon has astonishing magical powers and is on par with Heaven Immortals. I’m definitely not a match for it!”

“Oh? That’s interesting then. What’s its background?”

Fang Yuan’s interest was piqued.

“It seems to be a thousand-footed dragon centipede!”

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