Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 823

Chapter 823 Monastery

Chapter 823: Monastery

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Capital of Ye.

Although the country of Ye was small, its capital was constructed rather majestically.

Presently, the markets were desolate, and the pedestrians were malnourished and living in fear, giving off the impression of a doomsday scene.

*According to that tiger, a Heaven Immortal centipede demon has bewitched the King of Ye to become obsessed over cultivation. He didn’t even hesitate to prey on virgin children to refine the Seven Orifices Exquisite Pill… *

Fang Yuan was walking along the streets while dressed as a scholar.

The markets that were originally bustling with noise had few pedestrians now. Nevertheless, from time to time, there were soldiers on horses passing by, giving off a sense of chaos.

*The King of Ye is tyrannical. On top of that, there are natural calamities and man-made disasters. Thus, it’s understandable that the country is in complete disorder. As for that centipede demon, it’s really quite fortunate… *

With strength comparable to a Heaven Immortal, it would be among the top in the 72 sects and was not just some average demon.

It was probably because the neighboring Gods and Immortals were unable to take it down that the centipede demon was able to get away scot-free.

Furthermore, it knew its limits and only harmed this remote and insignificant small country. It was difficult for the Heavenly Court to pay attention to it, or have the energy to care, even if it took notice of the situation.

After all, the escape of the Demon Gods and the chaos across the world were more important matters for the Heavenly Court.

Comparatively, a mere centipede was indeed nothing much.

“Sambhogakaya Monastery?”

Fang Yuan walked along the streets for half a day and arrived at a grand monastery.

The monastery was constructed with red bricks and golden roof tiles. The corners of the building were glazed, and the walls were decorated with gold leaves. The architecture was grand and extremely extravagant.

A gust of strong sandalwood scent assaulted the senses by merely standing outside the huge mahogany door. In the plaza in front of the main hall, there was red sandalwood burning inside a large copper furnace.

Despite some of them appearing malnourished and sickly with emaciated bodies, there were still countless believers contributing gold, silver, and rice.

In contrast to the believers, the monks inside the monastery were all plump and well-fed, having glowing faces.

“The name, Sambhogakaya, was actually very particularly chosen…”

Fang Yuan was in deep thought.

There were the Three Bodies of Buddha in Buddhism and the Three Pure Ones in Daoism, all of whom had exceedingly great magical powers.

It was audacious of the centipede to choose this as its monastery’s name. 1

“Stop!” He reached the main hall and wanted to walk further in, but two monks immediately blocked his path. “Our monastery’s back court only receives high officials and nobles. Mister, please remain here!”

“Since the door is conveniently wide open, why keep people away?”

Fang Yuan faintly smiled.

“Hmph!” After hearing what he said, a monk immediately held up his rod. “The Sambhogakaya Monastery belongs to the king. How can it be considered ordinary? Quickly leave, or else we’ll beat you and drive you out!”

“Merely an ordinary person!”

Fang Yuan surveyed the area.

This Sambhogakaya Monastery naturally did not have any aura of Buddha’s teachings. On the contrary, the area was covered with karma and even had a faint hint of demonic energy.

Under his gaze, the monks in front of the hall were actually ordinary people, but they had grave karma. Evidently, they were usually committing quite a few evil deeds.

So much so that even the Buddha statue in the middle of the hall was shrouded in a layer of reddish-black light and did not seem like a righteous god.

“What a guy… This is the Divine Dao’s approach of having others offer sacrifices to oneself and gathering believers…” It only took a moment for Fang Yuan to see through the centipede demon’s scheme. “It plans to make a breakthrough using the Divine Dao to form a dragon body? Seems like it also intends to absorb the country of Ye’s luck.”

“Courting death!”

Seeing Fang Yuan not leaving, the two monks guarding the entrance were enraged and swung their wooden rods to smash his head.

Bang! Bang!

After two loud bangs, the two monks flew backward. They were like paintings hanging on a wall and slowly sliding down.

“Oh gosh… These two masters, why were you so careless?”

Beside Fang Yuan was a sloppy Daoist priest who came over while laughing mockingly. “You even hung yourself on the wall. Buddha’s teachings are indeed profound. We admire you!”

Fang Yuan expressionlessly glanced at him.

A moment ago, it was this sloppy Daoist priest who had interfered and taught these two monks a lesson. In reality, however, he had actually saved their lives. Had it been Fang Yuan who made a move, they would not have been let off so simply.

“Who are you?”

The remaining monks were indignant. They surrounded the area while carrying weapons such as wooden rods and vajra scepters, each and every one of them looking tough.

They only belonged to the outermost of the monastery and were just gangsters originally. There was still a group of senior monks who had true magical powers supporting them at the back, so they naturally did not have any qualms.

The sloppy Daoist priest had a full beard and looked as though he was in his forties or fifties. However, he had a youthful voice and seemed to be just a youth. His neither new nor old robe was in tatters, and his hair was so greasy, it was unknown how long it had been since he had last bathed.

Swinging both his hands, his sleeves generated a strong gust of wind, and all the monks that were rushing in collapsed. His strength was not to be underestimated. “I am an itinerant cultivator, Gongsun Kunlun, and I wish to consult the royal preceptor!”

When it came to proper matters, his eyes instantly glistened.

Sword Immortal?

Fang Yuan was hiding at one side and enjoying the show.

“Move aside!”

Gongsun Kunlun took a large stride forward and intruded into the Sambhogakaya Monastery’s back court.

Behind the Sambhogakaya Monastery was a forest of pagodas.

Right in the middle stood a golden pagoda. It was said to have been bestowed by the King of Ye, and just its construction budget was already half of the country’s taxes that year.

“Which evildoer dares to intrude into the Merit and Virtue Forest?”

Within the forest of pagodas came multiple cold voices.

With greedy and bloodthirsty looks in their eyes, many gloomy-looking monks clad in black kasayas walked out from the Merit and Virtue Forest.

“Descendants of demons?” Gongsun Kunlun was infuriated at the sight of these monks. “In broad daylight, you demons actually dare to bewitch the king and gather believers. You’re practically committing the most heinous crime!”

He seemed extremely outraged and struck out his palm. “Heaven’s Will Five Lightning technique!”


There was a white flash.

Fang Yuan heard a series of mournful shrieks around him.

The senior monks were originally maintaining their image. But now, each and every one of them had fear written all over their faces as black vapor dispelled from their bodies. They were in complete disarray amid the thunderbolts.

Lightning was the toughest and most positive power in the world. Thus, it was best at exterminating evil spirits.


Gongsun Kunlun strode forward, stepping on the kasayas on the ground. Shaking a kasaya, a large red centipede fell out from inside.

This centipede was unbelievably huge. It was as thick as a child’s fist, over half a meter long, and looked absolutely terrifying. Its outer shell was covered with red strands of blood, and many of its legs were still struggling and trembling.


“Why did all the masters turn into demons?”

When some of the believers saw this scene, their eyes turned white and fainted from the shock.

“The royal preceptor is a demon. Today, I, Gongsun Kunlun, shall enforce justice on behalf of heaven!”

The sloppy Daoist with his stern righteousness was like a thunder god and struck first.

He did not need any other magical powers or secret techniques. With just one technique, he was already invincible. He headed straight into the Merit and Virtue Forest and arrived at the golden pagoda.

“Daoist priest… Our patriarch is coming and he won’t let you off!”

The two demons guarding the golden pagoda were clearly significantly stronger than those earlier.

As they stared at Gongsun Kunlun, fear showed in their eyes. “Our patriarch has gone to give a sermon for the king. By now, he should have received the news and will soon return.”

“I’m waiting for him to return to dispose of all of you together!”

Gongsun Kunlun laughed heartily. For the first time, he tore off the cloth bag on his back and unveiled a sword case.


Multiple streaks of sharp Sword Qi pierced toward the sky in a towering rage.

The sound of the sword was so astonishing, it was as though a dragon’s roar spread across the high heavens.

Impressively, Gongsun Kunlun was a sword cultivator!

Just from looking at the unusual phenomenon from his sword case, it could be seen that his intrinsic spiritual sword had to be exceptionally terrifying.

“In my whole life of cultivation, I have refined seven swords which specialize in chopping down wrongdoings!”

Gongsun Kunlun seemingly sighed. “Dubhe Sword, unsheathe!”


A streak of radiant light shot out from the sword case. In a split second, it broke through the golden pagoda’s defense and impaled the two demons.

The sword had flown over a hundred steps and easily beheaded someone!

He’s indeed a Sword Immortal!

Seeing this, Fang Yuan nodded to himself.

Among all Immortals, Sword Immortals could be considered first in terms of combat power, and their methods were not to be underestimated.

In particular, their characters were such that they would rather break than bend. Once they got angry at matters of injustice, they would not waver in the slightest, even if they were to fight until the heavens fell and the earth cracked.

At this moment, Gongsun Kunlun possessed the demeanor of one who would continue going forward despite having millions of people in his way.


As he shouted, thunderbolts swept across the sky and broke the entrance of the golden pagoda into pieces.

Whoosh whoosh!

After a short while, the flying sand settled down and revealed the full view of the golden pagoda’s interior.

On the walls were countless depressions, forming a densely packed checkered pattern.

In every square was a virgin child clad in a kasaya, each executing a technique with a lifelike appearance.

“Ah! Demon, I must kill you today!”

Gongsun Kunlun was enraged. With a brush of his sleeves, thunderbolts extended from above.


Right at this time, the golden pagoda shook slightly. A golden curtain of light emerged from the pagoda’s roof and cascaded down like a screen of water.

“Which junior dares to break into my pagoda?”

A hoarse voice was heard from the silhouette that had flown over from the direction of the Ye palace and was standing on the pagoda’s roof.

“Die, demon!” Gongsun Kunlun’s eyes reddened and revealed his sword case. “Dubhe, Merak, Phecda, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar, Alkaid!” 1


The seven spiritual flying swords formed a fatal network of swords and enveloped the entire golden pagoda.


Gongsun Kunlun recited a magical technique, and Sword Qi burst out, instantly overturning the pagoda’s ceiling and revealing a monk clad in a crimson kasaya.


Two flying swords launched, impaling both of the monk’s hands.


Another two swords nailed down both legs.

Shortly after, the remaining three swords took care of the face.

“Seven swords in one, exterminate!” Gongsun Kunlun exclaimed. The flying swords pierced through the air and heavily damaged the royal preceptor’s body.

After seeing many believers closing in, Gongsun Kunlun immediately shouted with a loud voice, “This demon wrecked the country and brought suffering to the people. Today, I am acting on behalf of heaven. The King of Ye is tyrannical and demons come to this country. Don’t tell me that all of you still don’t understand the situation even now? This royal preceptor is a demon!”


At this moment, the ground quivered, and the golden pagoda collapsed loudly.

A huge earthquake struck and the ground cracked.

An enormous figure suddenly appeared from the earth veins. It was a centipede with an unimaginably massive body. “Junior, how dare you damage my Dharma body! You’re courting death!!!”


Ch 823 Footnote 1

Sambhogakaya is one of the Three Bodies of Buddha

Ch 823 Footnote 2

These are the names of the seven stars in the Big Dipper.

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