Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 824

Chapter 824 Dragon Transformation

A thousand-footed dragon centipede!

The demon was over tens of meters long. It was covered in a golden outer shell and had legs similar to sabers. It was as though an evil dragon from the earth veins was causing a turbulence.

“Hmm? What a bastard. It already possesses a Golden Body?” Gongsun Kunlun was even more outraged after seeing this. “How many people have you harmed through such immoral practices?”

It was almost impossible for a demon to become a dragon. This was especially so for this centipede, as it was not under the family of snakes, pythons, nor carps. The only method was cultivating via false means with the aid of the Divine Dao.

Although this centipede was using the Divine Dao method, it continuously seized every opportunity. It constructed the golden pagoda, gathered virgin children, and engulfed the Dragon Qi of a country.

Such a demon would only bring disaster to the people. Any righteous person seeing this would certainly exterminate it.

“Seven swords, strike together!”

Gongsun Kunlun executed a sword technique, and the seven flying swords combined to form a huge sword in midair.

This sword seemed to be purely created from starlight. The seven stars formed by the flying swords were dazzling and flickering within it.


Accompanied by rumbling winds, the huge sword directly sliced down from midair.

Its torrent dashed down from a thousand meters high, as if the silver stream of a galaxy had plunged from the highest heaven. 1

Sword Qi poured down like a heavenly river sweeping everything away. It carried abundant momentum and was actually going to behead the dragon in one strike!


The huge sword fell and sliced the centipede’s back, producing a startling loud bang.

Within the explosion of golden light, the huge sword was jolted away. Its surface had hints of cracks appearing, and the seven flying swords were lamenting.

“On the seven stars, form the Big Dipper! Enhance my body with the power of the Stellar Lords!”

Gongsun Kunlun’s face turned dark red and shortly changed his motion.

The whole universe was crystal clear. Suddenly, in the middle of the day, there were seven stars burning brilliantly and casting down stellar power.

This was a godly technique that prayed to the Stellar Lords and the stars for power.

Under the enhancement of the seven stellar powers, the huge sword recovered and struck again.

Roar! Roar!

The thousand-footed dragon centipede looked toward the sky and roared, spitting out a golden inner core.


Golden light dashed across the sky like a shooting star and clashed with the huge sword.


Gongsun Kunlun’s expression changed multiple times. Then he opened his mouth and violently spurted out a large mouthful of blood.

This inner core was the essence of this centipede demon’s thousand years of tireless cultivation. Furthermore, it was mixed with Dragon Qi and energy from people’s beliefs, making it exceptionally violent.

With just one hit, the seven stars huge sword cracked, exploding in all directions and sending the flying swords into disorder.

“Junior, you destroyed my Dharma Body. Now, you’ll pay me back with all the flesh and blood from your body!”

The dragon centipede’s tail swung. Gongsun Kunlun was immediately sent flying away and crashed into some rubble.

” Sigh … Getting eliminated instead of eliminating the demon. Ending up in your situation is really pathetic.”

Gongsun Kunlun was unable to move at all, and his consciousness was dizzy, but he could still hear a voice ringing in his ears.

Shortly after, in front of him stood a hazy figure laughing mockingly.

“This… is the person who intruded into the monastery initially?”

Gongsun Kunlun recognized him after some difficulty and struggled to speak. “Quickly leave!”

“Real flying swords are not like how you used them!”

Fang Yuan shook his head. With a wave of his hand, the seven flying swords immediately arrived before him, as though there was an invisible pull.

“Hmm? Another person here to exterminate demons?”

The centipede demon was startled for a moment, but soon gave a sinister look. “I just found a small country to absorb some Qi for cultivation. The immortal sects and the Divine Dao aren’t all that concerned, yet you lowly beings actually dare to court death?”

“A mere small centipede…”

Fang Yuan sneered and snapped his fingers. “Dubhe!”

Gongsun Kunlun stared with his eyes wide open. He realized that the flying sword that he had perfect command of had completely renounced him in an instant, throwing itself into the embrace of its new master.

The Dubhe Sword pierced through the sky, leaving a lightning-like trajectory and stabbing into the eye of the giant centipede.

“Merak!” Upon another shout, the Merak Sword pierced into the centipede’s mouth.






Accompanying Fang Yuan’s seven shouts, the seven flying swords promptly stabbed into the centipede’s seven orifices.

“Seven Swords Soul Lock!”

Fang Yuan himself was an expert at sword arrays. Using the flying swords, he had mixed in the true meaning of the Magus Dao, with a hint of Seven Arrows Nail Striking Witchcraft.

Not only did the seven flying swords pierce through its seven orifices, they even directly locked on to its Essence Soul and twisted it violently.


Above the inner core, a figure pierced with seven swords emerged and seemed to be still struggling.

But the next moment, the seven streaks of light united and its Essence Soul instantly disintegrated.

With the seven swords attacking together, the demon was exterminated!

Gongsun Kunlun was completely stunned as the giant centipede’s corpse fell to the ground.

His cultivation was outstanding, and his Sword Dao was profound. Naturally, he knew that the centipede’s strength was at Heaven Immortal. Moreover, it had absorbed the country of Ye’s fate and beliefs, so a common Heaven Immortal might not necessarily be able to defeat it.

However, when facing this youth, it took only one move to exterminate it?

Fang Yuan did not pay attention to this and grabbed the golden centipede’s corpse from a distance.

Wisps of mysterious Dragon Qi was drawn out by him, which transformed into a small flood dragon that was similar to both dragons and snakes. Its entire body was yellowish-brown, and it had two claws near its abdomen and a bald head, looking rather incongruous.

A large amount of energy from people’s beliefs followed and transformed into a multi-colored golden wheel of incense.

This was all of the benefits that the centipede demon had received from bewitching the King of Ye and gathering believers.


Fang Yuan lightly touched it. The Dragon Qi immediately soared into the sky, disappearing without a trace.

As for the golden wheel of incense, it returned to the heavens and the earth, not leaving a trace.

“This is a superior Immortal!”

Gongsun Kunlun got up with difficulty, but he was dumbfounded when he saw this. “If this Dragon Qi flies away and finds a new host, perhaps the country of Ye will change rulers!”

During chaos, many wild extraordinary beings often rose.

This Dragon Qi that Fang Yuan released originally came from the country of Ye. By nature, it was fated with this land. Wherever it went, that place would certainly have a formidable person springing up.

“Given the country of Ye’s current situation, it’s too difficult to overcome the old customs already, so it might be better to take decisive action and establish a new country!”

Fang Yuan was not as concerned, as though he had simply done a small passing matter. “So? Are you still able to walk?”

“Still all right!”

Looking at his surroundings, there were already many believers who were kneeling down and shouting for immortals. Gongsun Kunlun laughed bitterly. “Anyway, there’s no choice but to leave now.”

Evidently, the commotion here had alarmed the capital.

There was already a large number of troops rushing over from the palace.

As extraordinary people practicing cultivation, there would always be some trouble when they were involved in secular matters of royalty. Thus, it would be better to return.

Songxia County.

“Congratulations, Lieutenant!”

Inside a hall, there were two lines of soldiers saluting simultaneously.

“Everyone, please rise. It’s thanks to everyone’s support that I’m able to reach where I am today. As the saying goes, don’t forget your friends when you become rich. I, Lin Shoucheng, will definitely not treat everyone unfairly!”

Lin Shoucheng sat upright in the master seat and bowed in return.

A few days ago, the official edict had come. As he had meritorious service for appeasing chaos, he was promoted to lieutenant.

In the country of Ye, a lieutenant was already a mid-ranking military officer that could command several thousand people. More importantly, with this title, he was no longer limited by region and could leave the county to eradicate bandits at will, greatly increasing his flexibility.

“We will lay down our lives for you, Sir!”

The other followers also fell onto their knees one after another.

This superior had outstanding martial prowess, made clear distinction between reward and punishment, and was courageous and unwavering. During troubled times, this kind of leader who could continuously lead them toward victories was the commander that they truly needed!

“Haha… Good. Let the feast begin!”

Lin Shoucheng was elated and organized a celebratory feast with his subordinates.

Right at this moment, the sky darkened and muffled thunder came.

A roar similar to dragons and tigers could be vaguely heard rushing into the hall.


Lin Shoucheng had extraordinary martial arts. Even if there were ten continuous thunderclaps on a day of drought, he would regard it as nonsense from the heavens.

But now, his entire body shuddered, and his chopsticks fell to the ground when his hands trembled.


His subordinates all looked toward him. Suddenly, they were dazzled by him, only thinking that he was even more dignified than before.

“It’s fine. I was momentarily lost in thought when I heard the thunderclap!”

Lin Shoucheng remained calm and collected. However, he knew that there was certainly something different about him.

When the feast ended, he immediately summoned Jiang Wang.

“Congratulations, Lieutenant!”

Jiang Wang entered with joy written all over his face. “General Ping Man has already accepted our gifts. He issued a document that states that henceforth Lieutenant can recruit soldiers and eradicate bandits without facing any limitations and can do as you please. Moreover, rich families from several counties can no longer bear the bandits’ disturbances. After knowing about Lieutenant’s fame, they took the initiative to dispatch people to deliver gifts and ask us to provide assistance by sending troops. They promised that once the matter is resolved, they’ll certainly reward us heavily.”

“This is all good news indeed!”

Lin Shoucheng was also elated after hearing the news.

These were all matters for establishing a strong foundation. Continuing steadily, it would not take many years before they achieved great accomplishments.

“Also… today, I keep feeling that something isn’t right!”

After thinking about it, he shared the events that had occurred during the feast.

“Unusual phenomenon from the heavens?” Jiang Wang pondered for a moment before slowly shaking his head. ” I think… this matter is simply insignificant. After all, we’re only tiny individuals with no power in the eyes of the heavens. If there really was defiance, then a single lightning strike would settle it. Why bother giving a warning? Perhaps… this omen represents good fortune and not misfortune!”

” Sigh … I won’t keep you in the dark. Ever since the day Mister was frank with me, my heart has been practically in a total mess!”

Lin Shoucheng bitterly laughed.

He and Jiang Wang were both on the same boat, so they had a close relationship and would also discuss matters that were unsuitable to share with their parents.

“I still believe in what Master said. So what about evil Qi⁠—its good when used for good, and evil when used for evil. We just need to follow our hearts and benefit the common people. If someday, we truly obtain a huge opportunity and destiny, we’ll have to ask the heavens!”

Jiang Wang clenched his fists.

“Right. This aspiration is also what I desire!” Lin Shoucheng laughed heartily. They firmly grasped each other’s hand. “In that case, we’ll defy the heavens together!”


Inside a courtyard located in Songxia County.

Zhi Hua raised her head suddenly, gazing in the direction of where Lin Shoucheng was.

There was a turbulent and mysterious spiritual aura coming from her body. Shockingly, she had already advanced to the next state.

Her progress was so rapid that her heart was palpitating.

“That’s odd… why did Lin Shoucheng’s fate rise so much, even enabling my powers to break through?”

She was not delighted, but startled.

After laying the bet, both of their spiritual auras were connected. This enabled her to see through illusions and view his fate.

She saw a black python with a waist as thick as a bowl amid clouds of mist. It looked extraordinary and created quite a scene.

Most importantly, its abdomen had grown two protrusions and another one on its head. This was the sign of dragon transformation!

“Impossible. What happened to cause it to grow so rapidly?”

Zhi Hua was both astonished and delighted, yet in her mind emerged a silhouette.

In her opinion, only that unfathomable lord could achieve this.

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