Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 826

Chapter 826 Believer

Bang bang!

The pirate ship attacked first. Flame and Beauty was heavily bombarded amid white smoke.

The deck cracked in the explosion, and a few unfortunate sailors were hit by solid shots and died miserably.

“Damn it!”

Donald gripped his musketeer tightly.

Facts proved that a merchant ship was completely no match for a pirate ship. In front of the aggressive pirates, Flame and Beauty was like a helpless girl assaulted by a strong, fierce man.


With another loud explosion, a chained shot was fired and hit the mainmast of Flame and Beauty accurately.

Donald saw the attack and jumped off the mast in advance, but he still sighed in grief when he saw the mast had been broken in two.

At this stage, Flame and Beauty had no hope of escaping the pirates, and close combat was unavoidable.

Aw! Aw!

The pirate ship quickly drew close and moved to the side of Flame and Beauty.

The pirates shouted and wielded flying claws. Climbing onto the deck of the merchant ship, they started to slaughter the crew of the ship.

“Charge with me!”

The assault leader on the merchant ship had to take responsibility now, bringing a large group of sailors and combatants to fight against the enemies.

Bang bang!

Donald’s palms were sweating. Hiding behind some cover, he shot a pirate’s head with his musket.

Fighting was a necessity in order to make a living on the sea. As an experienced voyager, he had fought pirates many times.

But after seeing the ferocity and the sheer number of pirates this time, Donald felt hopeless.

There are too many enemies, and all of them are highly skilled. This can’t be any ordinary pirate team!


At first, the sailors had occupied an advantageous position and fought under the captain’s leadership, blocking the pirates at the edge of the deck.

But the pirates soon became impatient.

Following the sound of a bugle, there was a huge splash as tentacles covered with suckers suddenly extended out of the ocean.

The tentacles that were as thick as a bucket wrapped around a few unlucky sailors and pulled them to the bottom of the ocean.

“Sea monster!”

The sailors cried out in shock, and the pirates immediately broke through their defense, steadily boarding the merchant ship.


Flame and Beauty swayed continuously, as if a gigantic beast hiding in the ocean kept striking the ship.

Bloop! Bloop!

Numerous bubbles rose, a vortex emerged, and an octopus as large as a hill came out of the water. It was nearly half as big as the ship, and its eight tentacles blocked the sun while slaughtering the crew like a demon’s hands.

“It’s the Octopus Marauder Team!”

Seeing this scene, Donald’s eyes were filled with desperation. “Aren’t they supposed to be on the Nightmare Ocean? Why did they come here?”

The next moment, a scary figure jumped from the pirate ship onto the deck directly. Wielding his dual cutlasses, he killed the captain of Flame and Beauty with ease.

Donald was overwhelmed by desperation.


Waves washed the beach, on which hermit crabs moved happily among the shells.

At times, the cries of seagulls rang out from on the coconut trees.

The sunlight was dazzling.

“Cough cough…”

Donald turned over and coughed violently.

He was in poor condition. He had lost almost all of his equipment and was covered in mud, sand, and seaweed.

“Thank you, Luck Goddess! Thank you, unknown being!”

Instead of complaining, he was extremely grateful.

After all, surviving such a pirate attack was more important than anything else.

At the end of the battle, he did not manage to get on a lifeboat because the blast from an explosion had thrown him directly into the ocean.

Fortunately, the Octopus Marauder Team was busy counting their gains and did not bother chasing after each one of them.

After all, he was as good as dead without a boat in the boundless ocean.

But undeniably, Donald was lucky. He had grabbed on to a wooden plank and drifted with the ocean current, which had sent him to this deserted island.

Anything was possible in the vast ocean, and he was lucky enough to survive.

“Huff huff!”

After resting for a while, Donald stood up and observed the island.

It was one of the many deserted islands commonly found in the ocean. He felt much more relaxed at the sight of the exuberant coconut trees.

But that was followed by sorrow.

The pirates had captured Flame and Beauty and plundered all the goods on the ship, making him suffer substantial losses. After all, he took on a few debts for the profits this time, and he would become bankrupt just by paying the penalty fees.

Of course, he might not even return to his homeland alive.

Donald could only pray sincerely that this deserted island was not too far from shipping routes, and that a merchant ship would pass by and save him.

If that did not happen, he would probably have to spend the rest of his life on this island.

“God… regardless of which one you are, I sincerely believe in you. Please save me from this place!”

Piety would definitely arise when desperation was mixed with a trace of hope.

Donald gripped the pendant on his neck, which was the only thing he had with him other than his clothes.

And he had a mysterious feeling that when he fell into the ocean, the pendant had protected him and let him grab on to the life-saving wooden plank.

Therefore, after cracking two coconuts and having some replenishment, he immediately tidied up his clothes and prayed with unprecedented piety.

His praying lasted for half an hour.

It continued until Donald felt dizzy, almost unable to hold on anymore, when a voice suddenly rang out in his mind, “You… call my name, and I will respond!

“I… am the master of dreams and controller of all armaments!

“My believers… will know my name—the Dream and Armament Master!”

The voice was so unexpected, but so real.

Donald was stunned, and then he burst into tears. “Ah… My God, I repent before you. I suspected the existence of gods previously… I’m a sinner!”

Having experienced such a mysterious event when his life was threatened, Donald was now a pious believer of the Dream and Armament Master.

” Phew … Finally done with one!”

Fang Yuan also heaved a sigh of relief at this moment.

He was now dream-traversing again, which had allowed him to descend into this world.

Moreover, while he was in the Great Voyage World, his state was different from Donald’s.

There seemed to be a natural shield that separated him from reality, making it hard for him to interfere with the real world.

“A pure observer? How can I do anything then? How can I harvest the world and comprehend a Great Dao?”

Fang Yuan was naturally unresigned, but he knew that it was the defense mechanism of this world.

In this higher dimension universe, the worlds were at a much higher level and much more capable of coping with invaders.

“Could this world have a restriction, expelling extraordinary forces like gods or powerful external beings?”

Fang Yuan could only make a guess.

Of course, being proficient in the Dao of Dream Master and the realm traversing technique, he was unwilling to retreat like this. After studying this world for a while, he finally managed to place a Faith Token in the real world.

It was a pity that the witch who had first obtained the Faith Token already had her own faith and some power. Therefore, Fang Yuan’s reckless injection drove her mad.

But this sailor named Donald was better.

Although he did not have much potential, he was becoming more pious.

“Of course, a mere believer can at most allow me to communicate, and that’s definitely insufficient to support my arrival in the world! The creation of Faith Tokens also takes a lot of time and effort. I need to cultivate him for now, at least developing his ability so that he can spread the belief back in the human world!”

Fang Yuan was profoundly interested in this Great Voyage World.

In fact, following the Great Geographical Discovery, humans had gradually realized that they were not the only intelligent life in the world.

Moreover, the mysterious forces in this world were beyond their imagination.

The gigantic monsters in the ocean were only the tip of the iceberg.

There were a plethora of gods and unknown beings outside the realm boundary!

Their state was similar to Fang Yuan’s now. They were expelled or sealed, but could influence the world through their believers.

“This is an interesting world full of mysterious forces, while technology is also developing rapidly. With the advent of the Great Voyage Era, everything will be attracted to the ocean, where they can interact and clash… And past rulers are coveting this world covertly…” Fang Yuan murmured.

Of course, he had obtained the coordinates of this world from the Lord of the Void.

After killing the thousand-footed dragon centipede in the Spiritual Realm and giving the benefits to his student, he bade farewell to Gongsun Kunlun and left the country of Ye. Secluding himself in a random wilderness, he started his second dream-traversing exploration in the Spiritual Realm.

As a precaution against the Lord of the Void, he did not go to the world recommended by him. Instead, he chose among the other coordinates.

It turned out that the Lord of the Void was not so kind to him.

Although he gave Fang Yuan the coordinates of the worlds, all of them were very hard to invade.

“But to me, this is beneficial!”

Fang Yuan was not really angry.

After all, the Lord of the Void could only play tricks under the restrictions of the contract.

Moreover, the difficulty in invading the worlds also meant that they had not been exploited before. It was incomparably profitable to harvest such untouched worlds.

“However… expel and seal? This is an interesting defense mechanism… I didn’t expect that in this world, I would enjoy the same treatment as those ancient Evil Gods and past rulers who used to rule this world!”

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