Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 827

Chapter 827 Experiment

Chapter 827: Experiment

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This Dream and Armament Master was absolutely a generous and merciful god!

Donald, who was stranded on the deserted island, was certain about this.

The god responded to his prayers every day, even teaching him mystical knowledge and martial arts, which significantly enhanced his ability to survive.

Donald had already forgotten everything about the Luck Goddess and started to serve the Dream and Armament Master wholeheartedly.

Humans are different in different worlds. In order to become extraordinary, I can’t follow any fixed method. The fastest and easiest choice is to adapt to the worlds.

Donald practiced using a wooden sword, not realizing that his god was watching his performance as an ‘absolute observer’. From the outcome of his practice, Fang Yuan could even analyze the rules governing this world, thereby probing deeper into the secrets of the world.

In the first stage, I need to enhance his martial arts and enable him to survive on this deserted island! The second stage is to inject extraordinary power into him, and the power is preferably related to water so that he can travel across the ocean even if no one comes to save him. After all, this world is all about the ocean!

Little did Donald know that he was only a lab rat to Fang Yuan.

Summarizing the observations made over this period of time, Fang Yuan also reached some conclusions.

In general, this world allows changes that take place on the mystical side… but the changes can’t be so dramatic that they exceed a certain limit. Otherwise, they’ll be expelled by the world. Moreover, some physics and chemistry principles still apply here!

In this case, it was fundamentally impossible to teach Donald the Dream Master Dao or other paths of cultivation.

Other than the basics, those things from external realms had to be altered here.

But Fang Yuan was a grandmaster in terms of descending into different worlds. He had encountered numerous situations like this and had developed his own set of solutions.

And after experimenting on Donald and collecting some important data, Fang Yuan was even more confident.

I must start immediately… Can’t wait any longer…

He did not want to experience the Adventures of Robinson Crusoe with a middle-aged man, so it was better to solve the problem as soon as possible.

If I accidentally get him killed, I can find another one. The new Faith Token is about to be condensed anyway… Fang Yuan thought indifferently.

Donald would have just been a floating corpse without him. Furthermore, based on his deduction, the probability of success was quite high this time.

Therefore, while Donald was practicing swordsmanship, a stately voice was heard in his mind. “My believer!”

“My Lord!”

As faith was gradually inculcated in Donald, he could hear the god’s voice without praying and knelt immediately.

“I’m satisfied with your belief!” Fang Yuan’s voice sounded elusive. “This world has forgotten the name of the Dream and Armament Master for too many years. Therefore, I need you to spread my name in the mortal world!”

“God, I will faithfully follow your order!”

Donald felt every cell in his body become excited.

The god told him to spread the belief in the mortal world, and what did this mean? It meant that he could go home! As for the method used to achieve this, he had no doubt at all because it was the promise from a god!

“… I’ve chosen you to be my agent, so you will share my glory and obtain part of my mystical powers!”

Evidently, Fang Yuan wanted to give Donald a big surprise.

Before Donald had any time to decline, a magic ceremony was deeply ingrained into Donald’s sea of consciousness, such that he would be unable to ever forget it.

“Three demon algae and a feather from a seagull… Add them into boiling seawater. Use it to sear three symbols on your body. Lastly, drink sea monster blood! Once you complete all of this, you’ll become a warlock with mystical powers!”

The ceremony was very complete, with every step explained in detail.

Donald’s breathing intensified since he knew its value.

According to the explanation, after successfully completing the ceremony, he would become an Ocean Warlock with the gift of breathing underwater and manipulating water currents and some small fish.

In the end, he could even summon a vortex and conquer sea monsters!

The Ocean Warlock was the king of the ocean!

Having lived on the sea for so many years, he could not resist such temptation at all.

And he had to do it if he wanted to return home.

Unless he would rather continue staying on this deserted island and spending decades waiting for rescue!

“I praise you, My Lord!”

Donald finished his prayer. He had made the choice.

However, the recipe presented another big problem. “Demon algae and a seagull feather are easy to find, but sea monster blood is the issue!”

As soon as he thought of the problem, information about the sea monster in the vicinity emerged in his brain.

Since Fang Yuan wanted Donald to be his lab rat, he had surely taken everything into consideration.

The magic potion recipe required for the ceremony consisted of materials that Donald could obtain on the island straightaway.

Of course, sea monster blood was the most important part, as it was irreplaceable.

In order to become a warlock, he had to first acquire some factors of mysterious forces.

Sea monsters also differed in strength. The sea monster living closeby was only a giant sea turtle and much less powerful than the octopus he had encountered.

Donald had improved his physique, martial arts, and mystical knowledge under Fang Yuan’s guidance, so he should be able to complete the task.

But even if he failed, that would not be an issue.

Fang Yuan could simply find another person to restart the attempt.

As someone at the same level as the Evil Gods and other sources of evil in this world, Fang Yuan had plenty of patience.

Although he knew the whereabouts of that sea monster, Donald was not an impulsive person and would not act immediately.

Making some necessary preparations, collecting information, and setting a trap would all take some time.

And in this period of time, Fang Yuan finally condensed the second Faith Token.

“I’ll let Donald progress using the indigenous power system. He’s a native, so he’ll suffer minimal backlash and his destiny won’t be twisted too dramatically… That’s why I didn’t inject power into him, but let him look for the sea monster instead!

“But this time, I’d like to bet big on this one!”

It was natural for an indigenous person to acquire indigenous power.

But what if they acquired external power? That would obstruct the smooth World Thread and lead to all kinds of consequences.

But to traversers, any change would be better than none. Therefore, even if nothing was happening, they would create some upheaval.

Orlando was the third officer of the ‘Giant Octopus’.

He looked pretty young, about twenty years old. He had a red headcloth on his forehead and a cutlass at his waist.

As the third officer of the infamous ‘Octopus Marauder Team’, he had the necessary aptitude. In terms of cutlass techniques, he was better than anyone else in the entire pirate team.

Giant Octopus was anchored at a pirate port. Most of the team members took the fortune they had plundered previously and squandered it on drinking and playing.

At the thought of what they had just gained, he could not help smiling.

Flame and Beauty was indeed like a fat lamb. Not only were the goods valuable, but the ship was also sold at a satisfactory price.

The gold coins should have comforted the sailors and helped them recover from the previous fiasco?

Orlando’s expression turned solemn.

The Octopus Marauder Team used to be active in the Nightmare Ocean, but they had lost many people in a previous fiasco and had to retreat from the area to recover their power along the shipping routes outside.

“I won’t stop here forever. I shall conquer all the seas and become the Pirate King!”

Wild ambition could be seen in the young man’s eyes.

Because of this goal, he was much more ‘disciplined’ than other pirates.


Orlando thought for a while and unsheathed his cutlass. Streaks of light flowed in the air as he wielded the cutlass.

“My martial arts are too weak even when compared to the Team Leader’s, and I can’t realize my dreams like this… I’ll set myself a small goal first, which is to become the Team Leader of the Octopus Marauder Team!”

There was always an ambition deep in his mind, but he was short of an opportunity.

But tonight, the Goddess of Destiny, or rather someone in the Evil Abyss, noticed him.


A ray of light flashed in the sky, and something accurately struck Orlando’s forehead.

“Damn it! What is this?”

He cursed in a daze and found that it was a strange pendant.

The black pendant was neither a saber nor a sword but looked similar to both, as if it consisted of all armaments in the world.

“So strange… It seems to have dropped from the sky!”

Orlando felt upset and confused at the same time.

He was so skilled in cutlass techniques that he could slash the wings off a fly that happened to pass by, so how could he miss this pendant?

“This is something mystical. Perhaps I should ask a witch to identify it?”

The young man thought silently, but he was suddenly stunned.

A light screen emerged in front of him:

“Name: Orlando

Level: 3

Strength: 2 (You are stronger than most people due to prolonged practice.)

Speed: 3 (Cutlass techniques require agility. You have gained excellent balance from frequent practice on the sea.)

Physique: 1.5 (You have a powerful physique, but it can be improved.)

Psyche: 5 (Young man, you are gifted with your psyche. Have you considered becoming a sorcerer?)

Identity: Pirate (Third officer of the Octopus Marauder Team)

Specialization: Sailing (Normal), Musket Manipulation (Normal), Cutlass Techniques (Proficient)

Experience: 0 (Experience required before reaching the next level: 100)

“What… is this?”

Orlando was dumbfounded, feeling as if his world view was shattered.

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