Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 828

Chapter 828 Repercussions

“Pirate System!”

After testing it in front of a few pirates guarding the ship, Orlando was sure of two things.

First, only he could see this light screen that had suddenly appeared.

Moreover, with practice, he could open or close it with ease.

“But… how did it appear? Why did it come to me?”

Orlando stared at the black pendant in his hand.

The Pirate System had to have appeared under its influence.

He opened his light screen and looked at it carefully. “Looks like it can express my state explicitly… Sorcerer? Am I gifted to become a sorcerer? But why does it feel so strange?”

He was apparently confused by the descriptions in the brackets, not knowing that these were only Fang Yuan’s jokes.

“And… what does experience and level mean?”

Without the knowledge of a traverser, Orlando was baffled, even frightened by this light screen, suspecting that he might have been cursed.

“Ding ! This system aims to help the host conquer the seas and become the Pirate King. This permanent quest is now released without a time limit!

“Permanent quest—Pirate King!

“Explanation: As the third officer of the Octopus Marauder Team, you are still a nobody. Young man, all my treasures are in the ocean. Strive to become the Pirate King! Conquer all other pirates and defeat all sea monsters, midgets, murlocs, elves, and Evil Gods from the past to become the indisputable king of pirates!

“Quest reward: 10,000,000 experience!”

“I’m the third officer of the infamous Octopus Marauder Team, and yet I’m a nobody?

“Become the Pirate King?”

Orlando wanted to ridicule it, but his breath became more intense as he read the last part. He then felt slighted bewildered. “What’s the use of experience?”

” Ding ! Experience is used to increase your level. Every time you level up, you will obtain one stat point and one specialization point, which can then be used to enhance your ability directly!

“Attention: the maximum level of a civilian is 5. Please complete your job placement as soon as possible!”

The Pirate System replied immediately.

Orlando was astonished by how the thoughts from the light screen automatically entered his sea of consciousness, allowing him to understand the meaning of the words.

For example, while the characters on the light screen were in a language unfamiliar to him, he could still comprehend them!

Together with the explanation by the system, he had a rough idea of what it was.

This was a miraculous system that could display his state and enhance his ability through completing quests, gaining experience, and advancing to new levels.

This was definitely tempting to Orlando.

He then felt extremely fearful.

“This kind of ability… far exceeds the team leader’s gift of summoning sea monsters!”

Orlando knew that mystical forces existed in the ocean.

The giant octopus manipulated by their team leader was merely the tip of the iceberg.

He had even been to some mysterious islands and continents, which were inhabited by unusual species such as midgets, elves, dwarfs, and even the legendary giant dragons!

But any legendary ability seemed to be no match for this miraculous Pirate System.

“But… I’m not sure whether it really works…”

Orlando was cautious about things that he encountered for the first time, but he had determined to keep this secret to himself, completely forgetting about the idea of consulting a witch.

At this moment, a commotion was heard in the port.

A few pirates ran toward him in a hurry. “Third Officer, there’s a conflict between our sailors and the port staff, and Old Single Eye has been detained in the bar.”

“They got into a fight because of gambling and women again?”

Orlando frowned.

Such things happened in almost every port.

Normally, it was not considered a big problem that had to be resolved by the captain or the chief officer.


At this moment, a distinct reminder sounded out.

Orlando glanced at the two pirates in front of him, finding that they were completely unaware of it and waiting for him to make a decision. He pretended to be thinking and clicked open the quest board:

“Temporary quest triggered—Rescue!

“Quest explanation: As the third officer of a pirate team, how can you let your own subordinate suffer? Rescue Old Single Eye!

“Quest reward: 100 experience (Reward is doubled for the first quest! You’re fortunate, lad. After completing this quest, you can advance to the next level! You will then discover a whole new world!)”

The quest content appeared together with Fang Yuan’s joke just like before.

An opportunity to test it? Just right!

A chilling glow flashed in Orlando’s eyes. “Where is he? Let’s go there immediately!”

“He’s swallowed the bait!”

Fang Yuan, as an observer in the empty space, smiled inscrutably.

When Orlando completed this quest and obtained the stat point and the specialization point, the surge in his power would absolutely make him rely on the system from then on.

This Pirate System was naturally Fang Yuan’s masterpiece.

At his level, he could start to study his stats window.

This Pirate System was a seed of power that he had created by referencing his stats window.

Of course, it was no match for his own. This crude imitation was short of many miraculous functions.

In fact, energy was needed to enhance Orlando’s abilities every time!

And where did the energy come from? It had to come from Fang Yuan!

In other words, Fang Yuan injected his own power into Orlando under the guise of a system where experience gains could result in an enhancement of power.

Of course, given his capacity now, it was a piece of cake for him to enhance a pirate’s abilities.

More importantly, even after death, Orlando would be unable to get rid of his deep-seated imprint.

He could withdraw what he had given to Orlando at any crucial moment!

Obviously, poor Orlando was even more similar to a lab rat than Donald.

“Furthermore… the world will see him as a pain in the neck because he’s received my external power. He’ll probably be unlucky in the future… Orlando is doomed to live a life full of trouble and turmoil, and all kinds of danger will force him to rely on the power from the Pirate System, thereby forming a vicious cycle!”

To put it simply, since Fang Yuan was a powerful external being, the world would instinctively expel any of his imprints.

Donald was less affected because most of his abilities resulted from his own training. Even the ceremony drew power from inside the world.

But Fang Yuan injected power into Orlando directly, which was quite awful.

For instance, Orlando would definitely be obstructed when he rescued Old Single Eye. Even if he succeeded in the end, he would offend someone and cause a whole lot of new problems.

This was the evil of this world, and something a lab rat had to endure!

On the deserted island.

Donald crouched down at the top of a coconut tree. Gazing at the nearby beach, he could not help swallowing his saliva.

A giant green-haired turtle was resting there, its shell covered with moss and seaweed just like a green hill.

“Is this a joke?”

Having witnessed the sheer size of the giant turtle, Donald almost felt desperate. “Even if it stays still for me to slash, I won’t even be able to cut open its skin…”

However, where there was a will, there was a way. After observing it for a long time, he discovered something. “This giant sea turtle is laying eggs!!!”

The magic of the ceremony only required sea monster blood, and it did not stipulate that the sea monster had to be an adult!

Furthermore, he could try using the egg white as well!

“My Lord… please bless me!”

Donald waited patiently, praying toward Fang Yuan every day.

Nevertheless, the giant turtle was also very patient. It stayed in the nest after laying its eggs and did not leave at all. Donald suspected that it would stay there until the little turtles were hatched.

A few months elapsed quickly.

Other than hunting and eating, Donald spent all his time staring at the giant green-haired turtle and listening to its movements.


Finally, on a stormy night.

Wuthering winds blew in heavy rain.

Roaring waves surged upon the stormy seas, just like a dark hell.

A pair of eyes as bright as searchlights emerged from the deep ocean and stared at the giant turtle.


With a splash, a monster covered with black scales crawled onto the beach.

It was like a giant crocodile that had eight short legs. Its huge mouth, which contained many sharp teeth inside, took up almost half of its body.

The two giant beasts confronted each other for a moment before suddenly slamming together ferociously.


The violent sound rang out like an earthquake, making Donald exhilarated. “Thank you for giving me this chance, my Lord!”

As soon as he saw the two giant beasts rolling into the sea in a fight, he directly ran toward the battlefield without any hesitation, his eyes bright like flames.

Without the giant turtle guarding the place, he quickly reached the giant eggs that were as tall as him.

Other than the eggs, there were giant scales, which looked just like many small shields, left on the nearby ground.

Some of the scales were bathed in crimson blood, appearing sinister in the glaring white light from the lightning.

“Sea monster blood!” Donald’s eyes glistened. “Praise the Lord!”

Since he had the sea monster blood, it was unnecessary to steal an egg and have the giant turtle hold a grudge against him.

After collecting sufficient blood, Donald immediately retreated into a well-hidden cave.

“Three demon algae, a seagull feather, boiled in seawater…”

All the other materials had been prepared and stored here.

A strange, foul smell was emanating from a crude clay pot.

Donald took off his worn-out clothes, dipped a sharpened wooden stick into clay pot containing the magic potion, and started to inscribe a few strange talismans on his arm.

After finishing all of this, he held up a scale, drinking and licking all the blood on it.

Suddenly, a strong current of heat gushed out, striking him into unconsciousness.


“Haha… I made it!”

Donald woke up and felt exhilarated as he sensed the mystic power in his body, but was shocked when he saw his hair. “My hair!”

He found a pond and observed himself for a while, only to admit in frustration that despite the success of the ceremony, there were repercussions—his blond hair had turned green…

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