Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 829

Chapter 829 Placement

“Praise the Lord!”

Although his hair had turned green, he was still exhilarated after testing his abilities.

He had now completed the ceremony successfully, becoming an Ocean Warlock who could breathe and manipulate water.

Walking barefoot on the fine sand, he used his will and made a blue fish fly out of the water and land in front of him.

“The key to an Ocean Warlock’s abilities is to feel the ocean and sense all sorts of ocean currents and hidden currents like a marine creature… As for the ability of manipulation, I can only manipulate ordinary fish for now, but I believe that with practice, I’ll manage to manipulate larger fish like sharks and whales, and finally sea monsters!”

Donald had a deep understanding of his abilities now.

Although he still did not have a penny to his name, he was absolutely confident in himself.

Even though all the goods on the merchant ship were lost this time, and he had to pay a large amount of compensation, it was no big deal.

Having become an Ocean Warlock, he was confident of earning hundreds of times his past income from the ocean.

Now that he could easily depart from this deserted island, he felt slightly reluctant to leave.

Before leaving, Donald knelt on the beach and started to pray piously.

“My Lord, I—your pious servant Donald—praise you with a humble attitude. You are the Master of Dreams and Armaments…”

He felt extremely grateful toward this deserted island. At this place, he had gained the Dream and Armament Master’s favor and become an Ocean Warlock who possessed mystical power. It was undoubtedly a precious treasure to him for the rest of his life.

Moreover, Donald would later learn that this was the place where the Dream and Armament Master responded to prayers for the first time in recent years. It could be classified as a holy ground of the religion.

“Very well, Donald! You shall return to the mortal world and recite my name to others! As the Master of Dreams and Armaments, I declare… that you are my earthly agent, my first preacher!”

Fang Yuan’s grand voice made Donald shiver in excitement. He kowtowed on the ground. “Yes, my Lord. Your will is my mission…”

“Time to leave!”

No matter how much he would miss this place, Donald resolutely left for home the next day.

A crude raft was all he needed to travel across the ocean.

In fact, Donald only bothered to make the raft because he did not want to be too shocking.

As an Ocean Warlock with the ability to breathe underwater and manipulate fish, he could readily extract drinkable water from seawater.

With all this, he could walk slowly at the bottom of the ocean and reach the closest port.

Furthermore, due to his surprisingly good sensitivity to hidden currents and sea monsters, he could avoid them. It was something he had never imagined as a navigator before.

With such abilities, wealth was as insignificant as cobwebs.

Actually, when Donald made the breakthrough last night, Fang Yuan had learned even more.

“I have no comment on his green hair, but this drawback can’t outweigh the benefits! Generally speaking, this promotion ceremony was successful. Just as I had expected, Donald mastered extraordinary power as an ordinary man!”

Fang Yuan was delighted when he looked at Donald.

Donald’s success let him comprehend more about the rules of this world. By applying the understanding to himself, he was about to make a breakthrough as well.

“Nevertheless, such promotions may still be risky… The sea monsters’ bloodline originates from past Evil Gods… When he swallowed these mystical factors, he could have possibly immediately formed a connection with them!”

Such Evil Gods were far more terrifying than those Fang Yuan had encountered before.

In other words, just like Mental Demon Demon Gods, they were indescribable.

Sometimes, even an indirect and partial observation of their message imprint could result in all kinds of insoluble disastrous consequences.

“It means that this world is definitely much more powerful than the world of Divine Armaments… There are numerous beings at the level of Demon Gods… However, they’re in the same situation as me, and theirs may even be less favorable.”

In fact, Donald did not get corrupted during the ceremony and become a sea monster only because Fang Yuan had helped him ward off the disaster.

Otherwise, an ordinary human would definitely go mad after interacting with such powerful beings.

“It’s extremely hard to communicate with the Evil Gods in this world… I can’t even find their original bodies…”

Although they were sealed and expelled as well, Fang Yuan did not manage to find any traces of an Evil God’s original body.

“But that’s expected. According to my deduction based on world theories, only less than 1% of this Great Voyage World is inhabitable, and the other 99% is full of strange spaces and regions…”

He could never be too cautious about Evil Gods.

Fang Yuan speculated that all the Evil Gods were detained separately.

After all, if all the Evil Gods were sealed together, they might devour and absorb one another, thereby giving birth to some extremely horrifying being.

“However, while this world doesn’t allow interference from overly powerful forces, my plan may still work… I can still utilize the power of faith. When I have more believers in the future, I may even open a channel and let part of my will descend into the mortal world, hence obtaining a new body!”

Fang Yuan’s eyes lit up.

To him, it might be worthless to disrupt the entire world through manipulating his agents.

He himself had to descend into the world in order to truly harvest it.


The cutlass was unsheathed before slashing across a pirate’s neck.

His expression was cold and gloomy, and one of his eyes was covered by a black blindfold. A black iron hook was seen when he extended his right hand in vain.

This was the second officer of the Octopus Marauder Team, but now his lifeless corpse was becoming cold.

“So strong… Is this the power of the system?”

Orlando sheathed his cutlass, his face displaying his ecstasy as he watched his enemy die.

The Pirate System suddenly changed in front of him:

“Name: Orlando

“Level: 4

Strength: 3 (Your Qilin Arm has become even stronger.)

Speed: 3 (Cutlass techniques require agility. You have gained excellent balance from frequent practice on the sea.)

Physique: 1.5 (You have a powerful physique, but it can be improved.)

Psyche: 5 (Young man, you are gifted with your psyche. Have you considered becoming a sorcerer?)

Identity: Pirate (Third officer of the Octopus Marauder Team)

Specialization: Sailing (Normal), Musket Manipulation (Normal), Cutlass Techniques (Master)

Experience: 0 (Experience required before reaching the next level: 200)

After completing the quest of rescuing Old Single Eye, he had become a level 4 civilian and obtained one stat point and one specialization point.

The stat point was used on strength straight away, while the specialization point was used on Cutlass Techniques.

It turned out that the strength improvement due to this Pirate System was immediately visible.

After going through some trouble and danger, Orlando seized the opportunity to isolate the pirate team’s second officer and kill this man who used to be stronger than him.

” Ding ! Quest—Killing completed!”

The notification sound from the system was heard, indicating that he had gained another 200 experience.

“Level up!”

Orlando chose to level up immediately, every cell in his body cheering and celebrating. “Even if this Pirate System is an Evil God’s curse, I’ll take it!”

It had to be acknowledged that after enjoying the convenience that this system had brought to him, he became somewhat reliant on it.

The improvement in strength aside, when he upgraded Cutlass Techniques to the master level, he felt as if the cutlass had become an extension of his arm and a part of his life. It was truly intoxicating.

A notification from the system immediately emerged.

” Ding . You have leveled to Level 5, gaining one specialization point and one stat point!

“Attention: Your civilian level has reached the maximum. Please complete your job placement as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can not level up any further!”

“Can’t level up?” Of course, Orlando knew the severity of the issue. “Job placement? It seems that the system doesn’t consider my job to be a pirate, and it requires a more professional power system like a sorcerer? But… I have no idea where to learn magic!”

” Ding ! The host’s psyche is detected to be at the Extraordinary threshold. The civilian level is at the maximum. Job transfer requirement is triggered. Unlock job transfer quests!”

But the considerate system provided the choices soon. “… Detecting the host’s stats. You can now unlock the following job transfer quests: Sorcerer, Warlock, Mad Fighter, Sanguine Saber Wielder!”

Together with the choices, four corresponding symbols also emerged on the screen.

The Sorcerer had the symbol of a book, the Warlock an eye, the Mad Fighter an axe, and the Sanguine Saber Wielder a cutlass, each possessing some mystical power.

“The Extraordinary threshold!”

Orlando’s eyes glistened. Of course, he knew that mystical forces existed in this world.

But he did not expect to interact with them so soon. If he really mastered something on the mystical side, he could perhaps shorten his preparation time significantly before challenging the team leader.

That was because the team leader of the Octopus Marauder Team was an Extraordinary!

“Since that’s the case, five is the limit of an ordinary person’s stats?”

Orlando added a stat point to psyche directly.

He then heard frustrating feedback. ” Ding! As your psyche has reached the Extraordinary threshold, you can not make a breakthrough before job placement. Attention—you need to pay a higher price beyond the Extraordinary threshold. Improving your psyche by one point will require double stat points!”

“I knew it wouldn’t be so simple!”

Orlando sighed and focused on Specialization instead.

” Ding ! It takes three specialization points to promote Cutlass Techniques (Master) to Cutlass Techniques (Extraordinary). You do not have sufficient specialization points! Please press on!!!”

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