Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Famous

In Fang Yuan’s previous life, there was a very famous book titled ‘The Wealth of Nations’. It was known as the pioneer of modern economics and had an extremely profound influence on the growth of capitalism.

Due to some historical constraints, there was an overemphasis on the control of the ‘invisible hand’. Nevertheless, everyone made mistakes. Regarding that period of time, the author had immediately become an influential figure in the field of economics thanks to this book and was revered by many capitalists.

Based on Fang Yuan’s recent investigations, although Ettoman had entered the Great Voyage Era and invested in the use of steam engines, the ideology of the upper levels was still in a state of disorder. In other words, there was no truly towering, monumental work in the field of economics to support the situation. Without a doubt, this was Donald’s opportunity.

As for the source of this monumental work?

In his previous life, he had flipped through this book once.

Of course, he had only briefly browsed through it and had forgotten everything afterward. However, it should not be forgotten that Fang Yuan was a Dream Master!

Ever since he became a Dream Master, he was able to consciously mobilize his memories and unlock a great deal of treasure that had been sealed for a long time. Even if he had only caught a glimpse back then, it was now vivid in his mind without missing a word.

It would naturally be idiotic to replicate the content word-for-word. However, after going through a series of amendments, it would definitely be more suitable for this era.

By relying on this, it would certainly enable Donald to spring into fame.

“Yes, my Lord. It’s just that…” A trace of hesitation appeared on Donald’s face. “I was only an apprentice for a period of time and thus learned to read and write… I’m afraid that nobody will believe me!”

He had a deep understanding of the upper class’s disdain.

“This is simple. You just have to say that you studied on your own since you enjoy reading economics-related books during your free time… If it really won’t do, you can even directly say that it was enlightenment by a god!”

Fang Yuan’s lips curled up slightly at the corners.

So what if someone discovered something fishy?

Donald himself was a huge flaw. With such a sharp contrast, the purpose was precisely to attract attention toward the issue of faith!

Anyway, the Dream and Armament Master was not some Evil God.

Moreover, he had a great deal of advanced knowledge and mysterious ceremonies that would enable people to obtain powers. As long as people gained a deeper understanding, they were most likely to waver.

What Fang Yuan was currently at a loss with was if he should get involved in the domains of steam machinery and economics?

In this period where the Great Voyage Era and the Industrial Revolution were progressing together, these two domains seemed to be more valuable than that of dreams and armaments.

It was another beautiful morning.

Thomas was leisurely having breakfast in his pajamas.

On top of the white tablecloth were fried eggs, bacon, bread, cheese, and the freshest fruits.

Beside him, his butler was carefully ironing newspapers for him.

After finishing his meal, he was leisurely drinking coffee while flipping through the newspaper whose ink no longer stained his hand.

“The Spice Archipelago experienced a violent storm, causing its output of spices to decrease drastically this year. The prices of spices are likely to see high inflation!

“The plantation situated at Black Horn Coast was attacked by the aboriginals and suffered heavy casualties!

“A huge silver mine was found on a large island located in the Nightmare Ocean… This is indeed good news!”

Thomas was a knight and currently employed by Viscount Floren, assuming the role of an advisor.

As the lowest grade among the nobility, it was not an embarrassing matter to be serving higher nobility and receiving remuneration.

However, what Thomas was most proud of was not this status nor post, but the fact that he was a scholar! A scholar that researched economics!

This was not self-proclaimed, but rather the reputation that he had slowly accumulated. Even the Ettoman Royal Academy had hired him as a guest professor for their Department of Economics.

With such honor, it was only natural that there was high demand for him in upper-class gatherings. For some high-ranking cultural salons, they would immediately lose their luster if he did not attend.

Of course, Thomas had his own air of arrogance. As he had reached old age, his energy gradually lessened, and he very rarely participated in those non-professional salons and gatherings.

“All right, butler, what’s my schedule today?” Thomas asked unhurriedly after drinking the last mouthful of coffee and slowly savoring the aftertaste of bitterness followed by sweetness.

“Today, you need to attend the opening ceremony of a shipyard. There’s also Lady Teresa, who has already sent you an invitation three times…”

The butler spoke meticulously.

“Teresa… That passionate young lady!

“If only I were thirty years younger…” Thomas muttered, as though he was a child who had stolen candy and was reflecting on the sweetness from before.

“In addition, you’ve received a letter from Donald!”

The butler finished his report.

“Donald…” Thomas was puzzled for a moment before tapping his head soon after. “I remember now… It’s that lucky little fellow?”

He was indeed very lucky to have survived an encounter with pirates, even making a profit from it. However, that was his entire impression of Donald.

“That’s right!” The butler took out a thick stack of papers. “These papers have already been inspected. There are no problems!”

There was a letter and a manuscript inside.

After hearing this, Thomas took out the letter.

“A draft?”

Thomas was baffled as he read the letter. Donald humbly greeted him and mentioned that he had been reading books in the field of economics recently. As he had gained some inspiration, he especially wrote down some items and would like to ask for comments.

“Oh? Is this a joke from the Goddess? A sailor telling me that he has written a thesis on economics?” Thomas mumbled to himself with a look of disdain in his eyes. “Throw it away… A futile attempt by a clown trying to force himself into the upper class. He must have gone insane thinking about becoming famous?”


The butler was about to step forward when suddenly he saw Thomas wave his hand. “Wait a moment…”

At the end of the letter, Donald admitted that this draft was sent not only to him, but also to a few other well-known scholars, and even to the Royal Academy and newspaper publishers. It was obvious that he desired to promote it at all costs.

If a parvenu was willing to spend money, there would still be some results in the end.

Thus, after pondering for awhile, Thomas picked up the manuscript. “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations? What a huge topic, haha…”

However, after reading for a few minutes, his expression turned grave.

“… The premise to studying the market economy is people’s self-interests during economic activities…

“Relying on the market’s ‘invisible hand’ to manage the economy…”

The more Thomas read, the more his eyes brightened. His palms were even starting to tremble slightly. “This… Impossible… How can a sailor be able to write such content?”

This thesis had truly accurately put forward some of the hazy discourses he had in his head and some of the viewpoints that he was uncertain of, giving him a feeling of having read to his heart’s content.

“Donald, huh?”

After rereading it three times, Thomas even cast aside the opening ceremony and Lady Teresa to the back of his mind. He began to carefully consider Donald as a person.

“It’s really… a pity…”

He sighed after a long while.

Given his foresight, he could naturally see what kind of earthquake this would trigger in the field of economics research once this article was released.

Speaking unceremoniously, praise, reputation, and status would all come one after another, and the author himself would definitely spring into fame.

It was even sufficient for him to earn a title as a professor at the Royal Academy.

This made Thomas deeply envious.

After all, although he was already a guest professor, he really did not have much research and many theses that he could bring to the table. Had this paper been written by him, it would have certainly risen his reputation to an unprecedented level!

For a moment, there was a thought entrenching itself into his mind like a viper.

Unfortunately, while looking at the letter, Thomas bitterly laughed. “It won’t work…”

The other party had already declared that he was not the only ‘reviewer’. If he tried to be the first to publish, these letters would be the best proof.

Of course, if this was the only reason, Thomas was confident that he could keep it under control.

After all, how could a parvenu fight against the connections he had? If the other party did not budge, he could totally mess with the other party and ruin his reputation.

However, the thesis that Donald had given was only half of it!

This was a very crucial factor, sufficient to dispel all thoughts of coveting.

After thinking for a while, Thomas made a decision.

“Donald, huh? Have him come see me! This thesis is very well-written. However, some of the wording and professional terminologies still need to be amended…”

Even if he was unable to become the first author, it would still be pretty good to leech a position as a secondary author.

At this point, he gained a strong interest in this rumored parvenu.

After all, no matter how one looked at it, it was abnormal for a sailor who was regularly out at sea to actually be capable of writing such a monumental work in economics!

What he did not know was that this scene was repeated across the homes of various well-known scholars in Ettoman and the Royal Academy.

Donald’s name became thoroughly popular in an instant.

“My Lord…”

Donald, who was originally treated coldly by the true nobility, had a bitter expression when he saw the invitations to dinner parties coming one after another.

These were all invitations from the true upper class, which was equivalent to being admitted into the circle.

However, he really could not split himself and attend to everything at the same time.

Besides, he was also very afraid.

After all, Donald clearly aware of his own background. It was not much of an issue if he was made to calculate a navigation route and record a ship’s log.

But if there was any mention of economic terminologies and even complex models, there was a ninety percent chance that he would be caught unprepared.

“Do not worry, my agent. What you need to do now is to continuously raise your fame!”

Ever since he had released ‘The Wealth of Nations’, Fang Yuan had a strange feeling.

There was some kind of major trend that was influenced by him, and it even began to affect his surroundings.

Originally, Donald’s fate would not have many twists and turns.

However, the countrywide sensation this time had immediately attracted some undercurrents.

Nevertheless, Donald was an Extraordinary himself, so there should not be many problems when handling them, and it might even be an opportunity.

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