Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 833

Chapter 833 Ambush

There are already three scholars who have agreed to jointly publish the article with me. The newspaper office and publisher have also been contacted… That’s sufficient. Next, according to the Lord’s will, would be to immediately print and circulate ‘The Wealth of Nations’. At least all the cultured people in Ettoman should hear about it…

Silently thinking to himself, Donald alighted from the horse carriage.

Currently, he was very low-profile. He was dressed in black and had a tall-collar shirt covering half of his face.

According to the original plan, he was intending to decline any invitation and concentrate on maintaining his reputation by staying home.

The invitations from others were still easy to decline, but Sir Thomas was an authority figure in Malan Port with a vast network of connections. He had no choice but to come.

Moreover, the other party was also very sincere.

“Hmm? This place… doesn’t seem to be Sir Thomas’ villa… Mond, you…”

Donald turned his head and saw his driver’s lifeless expression suddenly slumping to the ground.

“You are Donald?” A gorgeous woman wearing a crimson dress walked out from the house in front. “Seems to be rather ordinary too? Follow me!”

“Why should I?”

Donald moved his lips slightly, but was shocked to discover two radiant light orbs being emitted from the woman’s pupils and going straight into his eyes.

If it were an ordinary person who encountered this, they might immediately be turned into a puppet and be freely manipulated.

After contemplating, Donald chose not to expose himself. He allowed the light rays to enter him, and his face promptly became expressionless.

“Hehe… Good boy, follow me!”

This woman was evidently highly confident in her methods and was proudly humming a folk song as she had Donald follow her into the wooden house.

“Haha… That was so simple!”

The woman brought Donald to a hidden chamber underground and lazily stretched her body. “Of course, even if it was very easy, the mission contribution can’t be any less…”

“No problem! Our ‘Nightingale’ has once again successfully used her charm to capture another servant…”

Two men draped in cloaks walked out from the shadows. “Is it confirmed to be the target?”

“Mmm. Donald, originally a sailor on Flame and Beauty. More than half a year ago, by a stroke of luck, he managed to escape with his life after an encounter with pirates and obtained a bag of pearls!” responded another member who had clearly done his research.

“Pirates and treasures aren’t the key here…”

The first man in black had a solemn expression. “What we need to figure out is how he wrote ‘The Wealth of Nations’, such a monumental work… My Lord—”

Halfway through, he suddenly stopped talking. His face looked cautious as he took a meaningful glance at Nightingale.

“Hehe… rest assured. No one can escape from my charm…” Miss Nightingale said confidently. She strutted forward with a cat-like gait and held up Donald’s face with her hands, causing their eyes to meet. Her red lips moved slightly, and with a dreamy voice, she spat out words as though they were snake venom, “Your name…”

“Donald!” answered Donald with a dazed voice, seemingly half-awake.

“Where’s your home?”

“Malan Port!”

“Who are your wife and son?”

After a few easy questions, Miss Nightingale’s eyes glistened. “What exactly happened that time you were out at sea? Also… why were you able to write ‘The Wealth of Nations’?”

“Because of… my Lord’s blessing!”

Suddenly, Donald’s voice became clear. His eyes under his green hair even had a look of mockery.

Not good!

Miss Nightingale quickly retreated, but at this moment, a steel-like fist punched into her lower abdomen.


She had never been good with physical strength. After receiving the blow, she immediately collapsed onto the ground, curled up like a huge prawn, and threw up stomach acid.

“What a pity… I was hoping to pry more intelligence!”

Donald loosened his joints and gazed at the two men in black. “So… who are you? Which organization are you a part of?”

“Mr. Donald, it seems that you’ve exceeded our expectations!”

A man in black spoke slowly and took out a firearm from within his robes.

Right at this moment, without saying a word, the man beside him swiftly pounced at Donald, just like a preying cheetah.

In view of this, Donald just softly shouted a word, “Water!”

A river-like curtain emerged around him in an instant, obstructing the man in black’s attack.


The leader of the men in black retreated rapidly while shooting his rotating firearm without thinking.

Bang! Bang!

There was a rising plume of white smoke, and the smell of gunpowder permeated the entire basement.

However, Donald was completely unharmed. The water screen in front of him had circles of ripples and squeezed out multiple lead bullets.

After seeing this, the leader of the men in black immediately questioned him.

“Mysterious being? Where did you get your promotion from? Is there any relationship with the recent sea perils?”

“Those are very ungentlemanly questions and goes against the tradition of exchange!”

Donald held out his hand, and a chain formed by two streams of water circled around his wrist endlessly. “Before that, shouldn’t you be telling me… which existence is backing you?”


The two men in black did not have the slightest hesitation as they chose to attack once again.

With a snarl of rage, one of the men’s muscles exploded, bursting open his clothes and transforming into a small black giant in an instant.

As for the leader who was speaking, he took out another silver firearm. With a shot, a frighteningly huge hole emerged on the water screen.

“Hmm? This sort of attack? Breaking magic?”

At this moment, Donald knew that he was not unparalleled. In fact, even when he was pretending to be controlled, it was also to secretly make arrangements to summon water streams and obtain a favorable location.

With a single thought, a great amount of water streams extended to completely fill up the gap in his defense.

“Aw! Aw!”

Right at this moment, the black giant’s punch also arrived.


As he howled, his fist smashed onto the water screen, causing it to tremble continuously.

“Extraordinary powers!”

Donald’s heart tensed up. Evidently, this group of mysterious people attacking him had Extraordinaries to rely on.

However, he was still fearless.

Although he was only an Ocean Warlock that had just been promoted and was even fighting against two opponents now, it was nothing much.

This was because he had a god backing him!

After silently praying in his heart, Donald roared as azure scales appeared on his body.


He ferociously dashed forward and went head-on with the black giant.


After a loud bang, the black giant was knocked into the wall, causing the walls on all sides to crack open and dust to fall everywhere.

The leader held a firearm and was taking aim for quite some time. However, he was afraid of causing accidental injury and did not dare to recklessly pull the trigger.

“Not shooting anymore?”

Donald had water flowing on him from head to toe, and with the azure scales, he had two layers of protection. He had absolutely no reason to fear ordinary bullets. Even for breaking magic bullets, he was also eager to give it a try.

“There’s no need. Your strength is already sufficient to gain our respect!” The black man slightly bowed. “Let me introduce myself. I am Hai Nie from the Silver Star Cross.”

Silver Star Cross was an ancient organization that believed in Lady Moon. It was a formidable existence whose activities were at night and had a silver moon as its insignia.

“Oh? Such a quick change in attitude?”

Donald was rather surprised.

“Because I just received the goddess’ directive! We shouldn’t become enemies!” said Hai Nie, with hidden meaning in his words.


Donald was bewildered and doubtful.

He started to pray to Fang Yuan in his heart. My Lord… your devout believer, Donald, seeks your aid!

In reality, he had no need to pray since Fang Yuan had already followed him into the villa and was spectating the whole time.

In particular, Donald’s explosion at the end was actually all from Fang Yuan’s powers. However, he mistook it to be a gift from the Dream and Armament Master, which made Fang Yuan unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

The foundation of Donald’s mysterious powers were actually all from this world. He simply provided a train of thought for the ceremony.

It was not that he could not be like Orlando and be directly injected with powers or even bestowed a system. However, this way, they would be imprinted with the mark of his powers and would certainly face backlash from the world.

Originally, writing ‘The Wealth of Nations’ and publishing it throughout the whole kingdom was already conspicuous. If he continued, Donald would surely be pushed to the cusp of public opinion and be unable to keep his life even after becoming a mysterious being.

If such an extraordinary chess piece were damaged, it would be quite a pity.

“But… Lady Moon is a god or some other existence?”

Fang Yuan carefully observed the surroundings.

Unfortunately, even if the other party’s believer admitted that he was communicating with Lady Moon, he still could not find the slightest trace.

It was similar to how he was currently speaking directly to Donald’s mind, and the other party also did not have the slightest realization.

“If two evils gods or existences that transcend limitations want to communicate, apart from going through channels such as their believers, the only way is for both to descend into the real world?”

Fang Yuan made a deduction in his mind.

Donald trembled for a moment and then shot a profound glance at the man in black. “My Lord’s name is Dream and Armament Master, controlling the domains of dreams and armaments. He just gave me an oracle saying that he’s willing to join hands and collaborate with you.”

“Dream and Armament Master?!”

The man in black muttered the name repeatedly, appearing to be sensing the power in this title.

After a long while, he nodded. “Lady Moon has sensed this existence’s outstanding powers. We can join hands and collaborate. Also, we have some compensation as an apology for earlier!

“Within Ettoman, we’re able to influence quite a number of scholars. They’ll all back you and promote your book, ‘The Wealth of Nations’, allowing it to spread across the entire kingdom in just one night!”

“In that case… thanks a lot!”

Donald’s still had a look of caution in his eyes.

The other party had evidently started developing much earlier than him. Moreover, it was significantly earlier, having already formed a deeply-rooted relationship network within the kingdom a long time ago.

The Dream and Armament Master’s current group of believers would not be able to resist this level of strength.

Thus, resolving the conflict was naturally the best choice.

“Of course, I’m not sure if you’re willing to give up the titles for secondary author and tertiary author?”

The leader’s eyes gleamed.

After all, the benefits that ‘The Wealth of Nations’ represented were too great, or else it would not have attracted them to come.

Regarding this, Donald only thought for a moment and gladly extended his right hand.

“It would be my pleasure. May we have a pleasant cooperation!”

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