Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 834

Chapter 834 Pirates

With the support of Lady Moon, the publishing and circulation of ‘The Wealth of Nations’ instantly became smooth-sailing.

Of course, if a work only relied on the early stages of a campaign but did not have any special value nor meaningful ideas itself, then the end result would only be sensationalism and ultimately being lost among the mundane.

However, ‘The Wealth of Nations’ was different!

It was a monumental work in the field of economics. For a society whose economy had developed to a certain stage, it would even be a long-awaited remedy!

It was famous!

After ‘The Wealth of Nations’ was published throughout the kingdom, it became thoroughly famous!

Not only did numerous economists comment that it was the greatest work in the century of sea voyage, but it was even chosen by the Royal Academy’s Department of Economics as a must-read book. There were even rumors that it might be turned into a textbook.

So much so that all the major bookstores were sold out, and they had no choice but to immediately pick up more from the printing company. But even then, the supply still could not meet the demand.

The book was also translated into multiple foreign languages, which were sold on the mainland secretly.

His fame was rising thick and fast.

The author of ‘The Wealth of Nations’, Donald, became a scholar who was famous far and wide. There were countless invitations for him to give lectures.

Of course, as his entire life was unearthed bit by bit, the voices of suspicion ran rife, causing a massive clamor.

“My Lord controls dreams and armaments…

“He was born above the chaos and sliced open the sky with a sharp, pitch-black weapon in his hand…”

Inside his villa at Malan Port, Donald was piously introducing his belief to the guests at his gathering.

Not only were there nobles dressed in gorgeous gowns with platinum hair curls, but there were also noble ladies waving various kinds of small fans currently encircling him. The people’s statuses were entirely different from before.

“Mr. Donald, may I make a request?”

A young man who was still a child raised his hand.

He had very handsome features and was tightly holding on to a newly printed copy of ‘The Wealth of Nations’.

“Of course you can, young mister!”

Donald gestured for him to proceed.

“I’m your loyal reader. I want to ask—how did you come to write this monumental work? Also, can I have your autograph?”

The young man’s face was flushed as he handed his book over.

“Of course you can!” Donald happily took the book and signed it with a quill pen. “I was previously a sailor and traveled across many countries. Furthermore, in order to earn money, I had also delved into numerous business opportunities. ‘The Wealth of Nations’ was precisely the conclusion I made based on some business activities and studying of various countries’ economies. Of course, my Lord had also given me some enlightenment in this aspect!”


The people around him were astonished.

“My Lord is an erudite existence. He enlightened me through my dreams…” Donald was completely like a religious fanatic as he continued speaking, “Dreams… represent unlimited possibilities and can even foresee the future!”


This caused quite a commotion among the people. A noble lady instantly asked, “Mr. Donald… you’re saying that this monumental work was jointly written by the god and you?”

“All the honor belongs to the Lord!”

Donald made a gesture and held up the pendant on his neck.

“Thank you, mister!”

The young man took back the autographed book and bowed, but he was somewhat in a daze while looking at the pendant.

The host and guests had a great time, and the dinner party ended.

Donald went to his study and knelt down to pray. “My Lord, with the courtesy of your grace, the growth in believers has been rapidly increasing. However, recently there have been all kinds of suspicions coming one after another…”

“Donald, my servant, you do not have to worry!” Fang Yuan replied. “Let all the honor be attributed to me, and then all the doubts from the secular world will be as light as spider silk and inconsequential… Moreover, the best way to respond to these doubts is to continue revealing your strength!”

He still had a few monumental works in economics that he had read before, and he could absolutely bring them over and amaze this world once again.

Of course, the most important thing was that Fang Yuan could feel that his interference on the entire world was continuously strengthening along with his increase in believers.

In particular, after ‘The Wealth of Nations’ was published, a boundless force was constantly hovering around him.

This was the flood of energy from people’s beliefs, and it also represented a part of the world’s intrinsic quality.

“It’s reached a certain limit…”

After sensing this, Fang Yuan immediately ended his response and returned all his energy back to himself.

The rules in this Great Voyage World were very strict. Any existence surpassing the limit was banished and faced difficulties in having their true body descend into the world.

However, after all the time he had spent on cracking and accumulating power, Fang Yuan finally succeeded today.

“This small amount of energy collected from people’s beliefs is still insufficient to rescue my main body, but it’s enough to separate out a Magical Clone,” Fang Yuan muttered. Separating from his body, a shooting star wrapped in energy from people’s beliefs made an opening and entered the real world.


Around his main body, space was trembling as though a black hole had collapsed, presenting a scene of complete upheaval.

“Hehe… Discovered? Furious? Unfortunately… what can you do about it?”

Fang Yuan laughed coldly.

He was now gradually aware that the more advanced a world was, the closer heaven’s will was to the ‘Dao’!

What was the Dao?

It was high up above and operated based on rules without having the slightest personality.

Although it was difficult to invade this kind of world, it could all the more be deceived by finding the right methods.

A salty sea breeze and a sturdy floor…

Fang Yuan spread his arms, as though he was embracing the world.

After being excluded for so long, his abrupt descent into the real world filled him with emotion, which was quite a novel experience.

As the number of worlds Fang Yuan traversed to increased, he realized that his interest grew stronger and stronger. He was fond of such experiences and hoped to experience even more.

In his vision, there was a soft and slender palm that was also as fair and exquisite as a youth’s hand.

“Roche?” he mumbled. A string of memories from the host poured into his mind.

Roche, seventeen years old, from Fatiq Archipelago.

Two days ago, he had gone out to sea to fish alone, but was captured by pirates and became a slave on their ship.

Pirates also needed to replenish new blood.

Of course, for someone like him, there was a ninety percent chance that he would be locked up in the completely dark ship hold and end up in the lowest rung of galley slaves.

And when he died, he would once again be treated like trash and thrown into the ocean.

” Whew …”

Fang Yuan deeply exhaled, knowing that it was almost time to lay his cards on the table.

“I’m only a Magical Clone without the main body’s strength, so at a crucial moment, I’ll still need to request help from the main body.”

Fang Yuan glanced at his stats window:

“Name: Roche (Fang Yuan)

Strength: 0.9

Speed: 1.1

Physique: 0.8

Psyche: 2

State: Weak, Starving

Specialization: Sailing (Normal), Angling (Normal), Boxing Basics (Normal)”

“As expected, it’s really a blank state…”

Fang Yuan was speechless, but shortly after his face was grave. “The stats window formed is indeed different from the main body’s when operating in reality…”

Shockingly, his main body had prepared for him the same system as Orlando.

Of course, some privileges were definitely greater.

“Furthermore… I myself am a mutant! Although I’ll be targeted, my fate was originally extremely bumpy, so there’s actually nothing to be concerned about. I can just pray to my main body and obtain powers…”

“Dream and Armament Master, Fang Yuan!”

With this thought, Fang Yuan immediately sent a signal to his main body.

The feedback came quickly. Traces of powers were converging and forming inside his body, carrying a bit of extraordinary powers.

Although it was minute, it was his assurance for breaking through his current predicament.


The room’s door was violently pushed opened, and a few pirates with evil grins walked in. “Kid, are you done considering?”

“I’m done. I will join the pirates!” Fang Yuan calmly replied.

Presently, it was naturally better not to get into conflict if possible.

If it were the young man from before, he would simply be wailing to go home. But for Fang Yuan, becoming a pirate was the beginning stages of his plan.


However, the three pirates were evidently rather astonished.

” Keke … Just like I said, an ordinary kid will yield right away once you starve them for a couple of days!”

One of the pirates laughed heartily, revealing his sparse and yellow teeth.

“Great. Kid, what’s your name?” asked the leader of the three.

This pirate’s figure was on the thinner side. He had a pair of viper-like triangular eyes and a pale face. But currently, his gaze made Fang Yuan feel rather uncomfortable.


“Right now, you can only be in the lowest rung of galley slaves, but that doesn’t matter. As long as you’re hardworking, I’ll promote you to combat personnel. If you kill someone in the next pillage, you can become an official member!”

Triangular Eyes took a few steps forward, but there was something increasingly amiss about the atmosphere.

“It doesn’t matter if you aren’t good at combat since I’ll protect you! As you know, our crew has rather… bad tempers. For instance, Butcher is really fond of biting children’s fingers…”

It seemed like Triangular Eyes considered Fang Yuan to be under his control, and thus his words became increasingly explicit. “Of course… if you receive something, you must pay something in return…”


Discovering that he had an increasingly evil and lewd glint in his eyes, Fang Yuan immediately burst into vulgarities. “I should have already known that the majority of the pioneers in the Great Voyage Era are a bunch of scum! The dregs of society!”

“Kid, you’re asking for trouble!”

Triangular Eyes was rather furious and shot a meaningful glance at the two behind him. “Take him down, but take care not to hurt his face…”

“Boss, I think we can pull out his teeth!” The two pirates behind him stepped forward and evilly grinned. “This way, it’ll be even easier for us to love and care for him…”


Just as he finished speaking, the pirate was ruthlessly flung into the air as though he were struck by a train, spitting out a mouthful of blood-stained teeth.


Triangular Eyes was shocked to discover that the pirate’s neck was twisted 180 degrees and could see his own back. Obviously, he was not going to survive.

Crack! Crack!

Fang Yuan was rubbing his fists, his knuckles producing explosive sounds. With an icy voice, he said, “Trash indeed ought to be thrown into the trash can!”

Although he himself was practically the mold for a good-for-nothing, he had his main body backing him.

The usage of extraordinary powers caused his stats to be in a state of comprehensive growth. In addition, with his experience from countless battles, killing a few pirates was naturally a piece of cake.

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