Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Victory

Even if the lieutenant slashed by Butcher was not the captain of the ship, he was definitely an important person.

After seeing him being cut in two, the naval soldiers screamed and retreated into the cabins, their defense crumbling like flowing sand.


Butcher knelt on one knee as Fang Yuan approached him.

“Hmm, well done!”

Witnessing the mess on the deck, Fang Yuan took a deep breath.

This warship was a typical large five-mast ship, and it had numerous ropes connecting the tall masts, looking just like a giant spiderweb.

The ship was more than fifty meters long and over six meters wide, much larger than Mockingbird.

Right now, blood flowed everywhere on the deck. There were over a hundred naval soldier corpses, and most of their stomachs had been slashed open by ice blades. Furthermore, there were also a dozen pirate corpses.

Bang bang!

Continuous gunfire was heard from inside the cabins. Bill ran out in a hurry with blood on his head. “Those bastards are resisting stubbornly down there, and their firepower is strong!”

A boarding battle was the most costly battle method in plunder, but once they succeeded, they would obtain the maximum amount of spoils.

And in a boarding battle, it was the nightmare of all pirates to clear cabins like these.

After all, this was a naval battle rather than a land battle. Surrounded by the vast ocean, the losers had no way to escape!

Even with Fang Yuan’s sorcery, the pirates from Mockingbird had only managed to occupy the warship’s deck, while the naval soldiers took an advantageous position in the cabins, prepared to fight any of the pirates that came in.

Normal pirates could only resolve this situation by sacrificing more lives, and even a single merchant ship could cause a large number of casualties among the pirates.

Furthermore, the opponents this time were a group of well-trained naval soldiers that outnumbered the pirates, so this method would definitely not work.

“Hmm, they’re persistent, probably having the extravagant hope that they’ll be rescued after a while…”

Fang Yuan knew exactly what those soldiers were thinking down there. “That’s better… At least, they won’t think of sinking the ship and leaving us with nothing…”

Having just achieved a significant victory, the pirates should retreat if they could not take over the ship and were at risk of being besieged.

When there was a large chance of survival, they would not choose to kill the sailors by sacrificing their own lives.

After all, the pirates could retreat to Mockingbird, but they would definitely die if the sailors sank the ship!

However, these naval soldiers did not know that Fang Yuan was determined to plunder this large ship and make it his flagship ever since the beginning of the battle!

Fang Yuan was too clever to directly attack the deathtrap below the deck.


As soon as he shouted, Wilson carried a few bags of materials onto the deck. “Captain, the things you wanted!”

Wilson had displayed his capabilities and gained Fang Yuan’s acknowledgment through this battle.

And he was now looking at Fang Yuan respectfully.

This was a sorcerer who could summon fog and manipulate water!

Such an Extraordinary would definitely become a well-known pirate in the future as long as he stayed alive!

A thousand gold coins seemed attainable if he worked for a captain with such a promising future.


Fang Yuan grabbed a handful of poisonous salt and sprinkled it on the naval soldiers’ corpses.

Chi! Chi!

The sound of corrosion was heard as he added the materials continuously. A large volume of greenish-yellow fog that had a strange, foul odor emerged.

“This is… poisonous fog!”

Wilson and the other pirates took a few steps back immediately. The smart ones already had a guess of what Fang Yuan was about to do, looking at him with respect and fear.

The greenish-yellow poisonous gas did not disperse, but it moved as if it were alive and formed a large poisonous cloud under Fang Yuan’s manipulation.

“Go, Corroded Corpse Poisonous Cloud!”

The next moment, Fang Yuan pointed with his finger and the large poisonous cloud immediately poured through the cabin doors.

Cough cough!

The nearby naval soldiers started coughing and covered their mouths and noses. They tried to rush out, but Bill led a group of musketeers to shoot them dead, turning their bodies into honeycombs.

“Go down there after ten minutes and clear the battlefield. All of them should be dead by then!” Fang Yuan said calmly while sending the last poisonous cloud into the cabins.

“Long live the captain!”

The pirates were all pale-faced and knelt. “Boss, you can manipulate fog and ice, your potions can give us life, and you can summon poisonous clouds. You are the Arcane Trickster! Our eternal master!”

Sorcery was not sufficient to explain the miracles that Fang Yuan had created.

After all, not only did he possess the strong physique of an extraordinary warrior, but he could also cure and bless like a pastor as well as summon fog, ice, and poisonous gas.

He had all kinds of bizarre tricks and deserved the name Arcane Trickster.

Truly great pirates all had their own special aliases.

For example, people all over the world knew Blackbeard, who was in the Nightmare Ocean, by his alias rather than his real name.

“Arcane Trickster Roche? This alias isn’t bad!”

Fang Yuan laughed. After waiting ten minutes, he ordered the sailors to bring the corpses out from the cabins below and throw them into the sea.

Looking at the stiff and distorted muscles on the faces of the naval soldiers, the pirates involuntarily shivered.

There was only a single thought in their minds as they threw the last corpse into the sea—to never betray the captain!


Bill presented an officer’s sword to Fang Yuan obsequiously.

This should be a treasured possession of the previous captain. The end of the silver sword handle was inlaid with a huge ruby.

Of course, that unlucky captain had been killed by the poisonous gas, and his corpse was currently sinking in the sea.

With a sullen expression, Wilson brought a document to Fang Yuan. “A document was found in the captain’s room. The name of this ship is Hope, and Dearborn Port has betrayed us!”


Fang Yuan had already speculated this and appeared composed.

“But from now on, this is my flagship, the symbol of the Purgatory Pirate Team—Fiery Lotus!”

Butcher pulled down the original royal navy flag straight away and replaced it with the Purgatory Pirate Team’s Jolly Roger decorated with flames of negative karma. The pirates cheered together.

“Boss, we’ve gained a great deal this time!” Bill laughed in exhilaration.

Although there were not many gold and silver coins on the ship, the hundred cannons and the piles of gunpowder, guns, swords, and cutlasses were worth the cost that they had incurred.

It was impossible for common pirates to purchase a large quantity of high-quality munitions even if they had gold coins!

Moreover, this Fiery Lotus was worth more than thirty thousand gold coins. It was virtually a treasure hill.

“Have we? You’re satisfied with this?!” A dangerous glow flashed in Fang Yuan’s eyes. “Dearborn Port breached the rules and betrayed us. Aren’t we going to make them pay the price?”

“Boss, do you mean…?”

Wilson was astonished by Fang Yuan’s huge appetite.

“I’ve read their liaison documents. The navy’s force is very weak in this vicinity, and Hope is already their main force. The other ships are all single-mast vertical-sail fast boats, and if we fire the hundred cannons at the same time, we can blast them into pieces from a few hundred yards away!”

Fang Yuan laughed coldly and said, “Since that’s the case, why don’t we plunder Dearborn Port and slay that disloyal family?”

“Attack the port? What about our reputation?” Bill was pale, but his eyes were full of passion. “If we do that, I’m afraid only genuine pirate ports will accept us in the future!”

There were generally three kinds of ports in this world: pirate ports that only accepted pirates, private free ports like Dearborn Port, and large commercial ports that were protected by navies and banned the presence of pirates.

All pirates coveted the commercial ports in the last category and would normally not attack the first two kinds of ports.

“Haha…” Fang Yuan laughed out loud as if he had heard a funny joke. “Who are we? We are free pirates… What can’t we plunder? As long as there’s sufficient gain, we can even plunder Pirate King City!”

“…” Bill was speechless in front of such a captain.

“All right. Let our people change into the naval soldiers’ clothes. We’ll take them by surprise!”

Fang Yuan showed absolute confidence.

The methods of communication at this time were still underdeveloped, and this naval battle took place at night and ended fast. Therefore, the news might not reach Dearborn Port in time, so they could totally disguise themselves and launch a sudden attack.

“And… send another two people to the port to spread the message that Viscount Dearborn has contacted the navy to capture all pirates at once. Together with our action, there’ll definitely be chaos among those pirates when they hear the sound of the cannons… Even if the pirates are clever, they won’t be able to resist the temptation to plunder something in the chaos!”

“Then… we’ll take this opportunity to slay everyone in Viscount Dearborn’s mansion and plunder all their fortune!”

Whoosh whoosh!

Almost all of the pirates started to breathe more intensely.

How much fortune would have been accumulated in a free port that had run for so many years?

Even though the Dearborn family needed to spend a lot on red tape, such a well-established noble family should still have overflowing wealth.

Even Wilson’s eyes reddened as he thought about the tremendous fortune.

This was because he found that that unattainable dream seemed to have become more realistic after he joined this pirate team!

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