Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 849

Chapter 849 Raising The Price

In the end, the Crimson Tear was sold for nine thousand gold coins. The pirates were apparently still rational, while the merchants got a good deal.

A diamond like this could readily be sold at double the price.

If it was cut and made into elegant jewelry, the profit could be as much as dozens of times the cost!

And only such huge profits could attract the merchants here despite the dangers on the way.

Bill and Wilson stared wide-eyed at the precious and rare commodities, each one sold at five thousand gold coins or more.

Of course, some peculiar items with no practical use remained unsold in the end.

“Next is lot number thirteen, the incomplete piece of a treasure map…”

The emcee tried to incite excitement using his voice. “As everyone knows, pirate teams like hiding their fortunes on deserted islands so that they can be unearthed in the future… And although only an incomplete piece of the treasure map is being sold at tonight’s auction, the seller disclosed that it’s from the Soro Pirate Team! The auction house can guarantee the authenticity of this information!”

“The Soro Pirate Team? Isn’t that the pirate team that used to dominate the Solomon Strait?” The great merchant Formosa stood up, looking excited.

“Oh my… The team leader of the Soro Pirate Team was known as the man most similar to an Evil God! His power horrified all the nations with strong naval forces, and he almost became the Pirate King!” An exclamation was also heard from the Trident Pirate Team.

” Cough cough … However, while the auction house can guarantee that this treasure map is from the Soro Pirate Team, we’re uncertain about the profits it can bring… Nevertheless, based on the extraordinary power on this piece, it shouldn’t be pointing to a small treasure trove…”

Having aroused everyone’s enthusiasm, the emcee was satisfied, but he immediately emphasized the risk. “… I only have an incomplete piece in my hand, which is about one-fourth or one-fifth of the original map. However, our appraiser said that the treasure map has the blessing of destiny, which will let its pieces reunite one day!”

He was the auctioneer of the auction house after all, so all his words served to maximize profit and minimize risk.

“All right, the incomplete piece of a mysterious treasure map. The starting price is one thousand gold coins, and at least one hundred gold coins must be added in every bid!”

The emcee waved his hand.

“Two thousand gold coins!”

As soon as the emcee finished his sentence, Formosa waved his hand.

“Twenty-one hundred!”

The Trident Pirate Team raised the price immediately.

“Twenty-two hundred!”

Fang Yuan watched the scene coldly, extending his hand into his coat and gripping the incomplete piece of a treasure map in front of his chest.

This piece he had picked up from inside a book cover had an aura extremely similar to that of the one being auctioned. He was sure that both pieces were from the same map.

“The Soro Pirate Team dominated the Solomon Strait… They were famous in history as well. Their leader was a godlike man and possessed a famous legendary ship…”

Having made sure that the treasure map before his chest was related to the Soro Pirate Team, Fang Yuan decided to do something.

In terms of financial capability, he would not be poorer than anyone at the scene, as he had just plundered a port.

The intense bidding subsided when the price was around five thousand gold coins.

Evidently, the pirates and merchants were not idiots. They all knew that this was already the maximum value for a piece of a treasure map.

Even though it was a treasure map from the Soro Pirate Team, it was only an incomplete piece, which significantly reduced its value. Moreover, there was a lot of uncertainty in the destination it pointed to. These two factors together meant that this treasure map fragment could not be auctioned at a high price.

“Fifty-three hundred gold coins going once! Any higher prices?”

The emcee pulled his collars in excitement, as the price had far exceeded his expectations.

“Fifty-three hundred gold coins going twice. It seems that this treasure map will soon belong to the great merchant from Cecil, Formosa…”

When he was about to pound the gavel, a voice intercepted him. “Wait a moment. I bid fifty-four hundred!”

“Hmm?” Formosa’s peaceful smile suddenly disappeared. He gritted his teeth as he looked at Heathfrey, who had just bid. “Six thousand gold coins!”

Heathfrey did not even blink and offered a higher price right away. “Seven thousand!”

Formosa was stunned.

After all, although he was rich, an incomplete piece of a treasure map was not worth so much money.

With that thought, Formosa raised the price again. “Seventy-one hundred gold coins! This is my final bid. I’m simply interested in everything related to Solomon. If you offer an even higher price, I’ll let you have it!”

“Since you’ve said that!” Heathfrey touched his trim mustaches. “Seventy-two hundred gold coins!!!”

Hearing this, Formosa sat down with an emotionless face.

“All right. Then this treasure map belongs to…”

The emcee coughed and was going to announce the final outcome, but Fang Yuan’s lazy voice sounded. “Ten thousand gold coins!”

“What?” The emcee almost choked on his own saliva. “Sir, are you sure your bid is ten thousand gold coins?”

Fang Yuan glanced at Heathfrey and said in a contemptuous tone, “That’s right… I’m not like some miserly people!”

The slave trader’s entire fat body was shaking in anger.

“Good, very good!” Heathfrey cursed and continued bidding. “Eleven thousand gold coins!”

“Twelve thousand!” Fang Yuan followed up directly.

Formosa and the other initial bidders now realized in surprise that there were still people truly interested in this fragment. Their expressions were complex at the thought.

“Fifteen thousand gold coins!” Heathfrey uttered a number in a rage, staring at Fang Yuan with bloodshot eyes.

“Since you’re looking at me so sincerely, well…” Fang Yuan spread his arms and shrugged, sitting back into his chair. “I’ll let you have it then! Come, cheers for the generous slave trader, Heathfrey!”

Pirates were all people who liked chaos, and many of them started whistling in a funny manner.

In their minds, the Arcane Trickster had a grudge against Heathfrey and had played verbal tricks on this slave trader.

Forcing him to purchase this seemingly worthless treasure map fragment at a higher price was indeed a splendid scene to behold.

“Good, very good!”

If the slave trader had been looking at Fang Yuan with bloodshot eyes earlier, then his eyes were like knives now, as if he wanted to cut Fang Yuan’s flesh directly by staring at him.

” Cough cough …” The emcee tried to make peace in a hurry. “Everybody… Next up is the routine program of our auction house—the slave auction. The first set is plantation slaves, one hundred slaves per group. Each of them is good at planting crops, and they’re all docile and won’t resist. They’re definitely the top choice for plantation owners. There are ten groups in total, and they’ll be auctioned separately. The base price is one thousand gold coins!”

Slave trading was strictly forbidden in Ettoman, where people considered themselves to be civilized.

More than a decade ago, the king had signed the law to absolve all the local slaves and grant freedom to them.

Of course, the workers being exploited in the factories might get worse treatment than slaves in plantations, but that did not matter too much.

However, although Ettoman banned the use of slaves in its territories, there was always a strong demand for slaves in tropical plantations and the factories of foreign countries.

Blackbeard took up the largest market share in this aspect and was the infamous leader among slave traders

In his territories, slaves could be sold openly.

For example, the slaves were all docile and specialized in some skills, and the prices were favorable as well. The ship owners soon bought them up.

After the slave batches were sold out, it was time to auction the high-level slaves. Helga was among them, and of course, there were a few extremely beautiful women slaves as well.

“This high-level slave, Helga, has mastered voyage skills and is an excellent voyager. The starting price is one thousand gold coins!”

The emcee waved his hand, signaling two strong men to bring a slave onto the stage.

Fang Yuan fixed his eyes on him. Helga was less than thirty years old. He had wheat-colored skin and a sturdy chest. Together with his small mustache, pronounced facial features, and cynical smile, he indeed had some charm.

“Helga!” Wilson shouted loudly at the side, as though he would dash onto the exhibition stage at the next moment.

“Damn it! Butcher!”

Fang Yuan covered his face and made a gesture.

Wilson felt as if a dark shadow as heavy as a mountain fell upon him, making him unable to move.

“Eleven hundred!”

The bidding continued. Within a short time, the price had reached fifteen hundred gold coins.

“I bid… three thousand gold coins!” Fang Yuan suddenly said, doubling the price and looking at Heathfrey provocatively.

The slave trader breathed heavily and was prepared to raise the price again, but he suddenly thought of what happened previously.

After all, this slave was only a friend of the third officer, not a friend of the captain himself. Helga might not be very important to him, or else he would have ransomed the slave earlier.

What if this was a trap again?

Why would he raise the price and buy his own slave? Just to let the auction house earn the commission twice?

He hesitated immediately.

And to the other ship owners, three thousand gold coins far exceeded the real value of this slave, so they would not bid a higher price. Moreover, everyone thought that it was Fang Yuan’s trap, and they did not want to fall into it foolishly.

After the gavel hit and the auctioneer announced the outcome, Wilson looked at Fang Yuan in deep gratitude.

“Boss, many thanks!”

“You’re welcome…”

Fang Yuan waved his hand and stared at the auction stage. The auction of slaves had reached the final climax, and the lot he had entrusted them with was on the stage as well.

“Next is the climax of our slave auction this time. This is a noble’s daughter, Miss Elizabeth from Ettoman!” the emcee shouted at the top of his voice.

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