Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 851

Chapter 851 Naval Battle

“Do you have a grudge against that slave trader?”

Fang Yuan took a glance at the Dark Elf before him.

Truth be told, despite the concealment, some marks on her body could not be eliminated. For example… the marks left behind by whips and searing iron.

“It seems like… you have a past that’s hard to talk about. May I know your name?” Fang Yuan inquired calmly.

“Dark Night Walker—Rolisa!” the Moon Elf lady said her name with a chanting tone.

“Very well. As long as you work for me, I promise you… you’ll have the chance to avenge yourself on Heathfrey!” Fang Yuan promised, glancing at the three high-level crew members and the other normal sailors with an inexplicable expression.

“Boss, it’s begun!”

In the moonlit night, Fang Yuan received Bill’s message.

“Formosa set sail secretly at night… After obtaining this information, Heathfrey and the Octopus Marauder Team both took action…”

Fang Yuan gulped a bottle of rum and said aloud. “Very good. Pass down my order! We’ll also set sail!”

Covered by the darkness of the night, Fiery Lotus left the dock silently like a ghost.

Chirp chirp!

An osprey spiraling in the sky suddenly landed on a pirate’s arm.

“Boss… My darling told me that there’s a naval battle ten nautical miles to the east!” the pirate immediately reported to Fang Yuan.

He was one of the special talents that Fang Yuan had recruited. Although his fighting and voyage skills were mediocre, he kept an exotic osprey. With the unusual ability to communicate with it, he could be a rare scout at sea.

“Great. Advance at full speed to the east!”

Of course, Fang Yuan would not believe everything he heard, but his extraordinary sense also told him that something was happening to the east. Therefore, he gave the order immediately.


As they continuously approached the battlefield, some flames suddenly appeared in front of them.

It was the burning wreckage of a few merchant ships on the sea.


Some pirates on Fiery Lotus looked excited, others solemn, as they slowly entered a battlefield at sea.


Guns roared and people shouted.

With the illumination from the flames and the moon, Fang Yuan could see that there were generally three parties involved in the naval battle right now.

The large group of merchant ships in Cecil style had to be Formosa’s ships.

On the other side, five or six armed merchant ships loaded with artillery charged at Formosa’s merchant ships ferociously.

Furthermore, at a corner of the battlefield, three pirate ships gradually emerged, and there seemed to be a monster hiding beneath the surface of the sea.

“The Octopus Marauder Team?!”

“Kill them all!”

“Prepare the boarding planks!”

At this point in time, the slave trader’s armed merchant ships and the Octopus Marauder Team reached a tacit agreement to deal with Formosa’s fleet together.

A few ships even approached them directly. Many pirates grinned hideously and climbed onto the enemy’s decks.

But their shocked roars were heard in the next moment.




A few giant sparks could be seen forming on the sea.

” Tsk tsk … Formosa is indeed a great merchant. To have such decisiveness and boldness… he’s really surprising!”

Seeing this scene, Fang Yuan could not help praising him.

Evidently, Formosa had filled a few merchant ships with gunpowder and turned them into traps.

Even his own sailors were unaware of that. At least four hundred lives, including enemies and his own people, were lost in the explosion. It was extremely ruthless.

Taking this opportunity, all of the remaining Cecil boats accelerated in an attempt to escape from the battlefield.

“Chase them!”

The sea breeze sent Heathfrey’s voice to Fang Yuan, making him pleased. “How stupid you are! You actually took the initiative to approach me!”

But at this moment, there was a turn of events.

The flagship of the Octopus Marauder Team, Giant Octopus, turned around and charged at Fiery Lotus.

“Arcane Trickster Roche, you shouldn’t have come here…” Orlando said in a loud and clear voice, apparently thinking that Fang Yuan was here to take advantage of the situation. “If you surrender to me and become my subordinate, handing in thirty percent of all your spoils in the future, I shall acknowledge your right to join the plunder!”

Obviously, Orlando thought Fang Yuan was a weakling he could pick on.

But Fang Yuan found Orlando’s words ironically funny. “This Orlando…”

Fang Yuan felt speechless about the fact that Orlando chose to deal with him rather than the merchant ships and Heathfrey.

Evidently, Orlando wanted to take over this newly emergent Purgatory Pirate Team, and perhaps Fiery Lotus.

“It’s a pity… Orlando, you made the wrong choice by wanting to deal with me!”

Fang Yuan snapped his fingers.


Three water spheres emerged from the huge splash on the sea and were flung at Orlando.

“You’re also a sorcerer?!”

Orlando’s pupils contracted as he summoned a few light shields.


The water spheres smashed onto the large shields and exploded into raindrops all over the sky.

Orlando’s expression was solemn. He whistled.

Bloop! Bloop!

Below Fiery Lotus, an enormous quantity of bubbles emerged as a giant silhouette appeared on the rough sea.

“Be careful! It’s that giant octopus!”

On Fiery Lotus, Wilson shouted loudly and prepared tools like harpoons and guns.


The water surface was suddenly torn apart. A few giant tentacles extended out like the Ocean Demon King’s palm and tried to pull Fiery Lotus to the bottom of the sea.

“A mere large sea monster!”

Fang Yuan’s hand turned azure, emitting chillingly cold air.

An ice spear suddenly emerged in his hand, and he hurled it out like a bolt of lightning.


The ice spear penetrated the giant octopus. It curled up in agony and sank into the stormy sea.

“Sorcerer Orlando? Today, I’ll let you know that… you’re as ridiculous as a clown in front of me, the Arcane Trickster…”

Fang Yuan leaped down and walked on the surface of the sea.

The water under his feet immediately froze, making him appear as if he was walking on level ground.

“Prepare for a boarding battle! Against… one person!”

Orlando gave the order with immense difficulty. He had the ominous feeling that he might have gotten the Octopus Marauder Team into trouble by offending an extremely powerful enemy.

The very silence of the Pirate System was the best proof of that!

The sound of steps was heard!

While he was sunk in thought, Fang Yuan had arrived onto the deck and drew out his cutlass.


Fang Yuan’s ability to manipulate water astonished the pirates of the Octopus Marauder Team, but they still shouted and charged at him to get him into close combat.

After all, an Extraordinary adept at sorcery had to be less capable at close combat.


Fang Yuan moved agilely, evading two enemies and slashing gently with his cutlass. Blood immediately spewed out in the air.

“Cutlass—Slanted Slash!”

His figure transformed into an illusion. The cutlass in his hand seemed to possess its own life, taking away a pirate’s life every time it was wielded.

“This is… extraordinary cutlass techniques!”

Orlando’s pupils contracted as he gripped his cutlass more tightly.

His cutlass techniques were at master level, so he knew the power of extraordinary cutlass techniques even better. It was a whole new level compared to other cutlass wielders.

“Arcane Trickster… How can there be such a person in the world? He seems to disregard all the principles, mastering such powerful sorcery and such surprising martial arts at the same time.”

He did not know that Fang Yuan felt completely composed at this moment.

After all, Orlando’s stats and weaknesses were all exposed to Fang Yuan.

He felt really bored dealing with this sorcerer.

With that thought, Fang Yuan grabbed another cutlass from a pirate. Holding double cutlasses in his hands, he moved into the crowd of pirates like a whirlwind sweeping by.

On Fiery Lotus.

The pirates of the Purgatory Pirate Team were stunned by this scene.

“Is this a delusion? Did Boss suppress an entire pirate team on his own? His opponent is Sorcerer Orlando!” Bill murmured.

“Moreover, there’s that giant octopus!” Butcher added coldly.

“In that case, could our boss be the top pirate in the Nightmare Ocean?” Bill sounded astonished.


The two cutlasses clashed. Orlando’s cutlass was thrown high up into the air before falling into the sea.


He wanted to cast a spell, but he suddenly saw a silvery glow. The back of a cutlass smashed onto his face, interrupting his words and beating him onto the deck.

“Too weak! Too weak!”

Fang Yuan stood amid many pirates’ corpses, his right foot treading on Orlando’s face. “How could a mere pirate think of controlling me?”

“Ah… You dare!”

Orlando’s bloodshot eyes looked extremely frightening.

He was one who harbored grudges. After the Octopus Marauder Team was expelled, he had become a sorcerer and immediately strengthened his power and took revenge.

But now, he encountered a disaster even more terrifying than the one caused by the Fierce Shark Pirate Team!

“What? You’re unresigned and want to take revenge on me?”

Fang Yuan thought for a while, and then a glow suddenly flashed on the cutlass in his right hand.


Orlando screamed in agony, feeling a burning pain on his right cheek.

From Fang Yuan’s perspective, a cross was scratched into the youth’s right face. He would definitely bear a scar in the future, so his appearance had been ruined.

“I’ll give you a chance. Don’t disappoint me!”

Amid his loud laughter, Fang Yuan ignited the arsenal on Giant Octopus.

Giant Octopus blew up into pieces in the deafening explosion.

Other than Fang Yuan and the thrown out Orlando, no one else survived.

“Ahhh! Arcane Trickster Roche… I will get my revenge on you! I swear!”

Orlando’s eyes were bloodshot.


At this point in time, a notice suddenly showed up in the silent Pirate System. “Large quest chain triggered: Revenge!

“Quest explanation: After the fiasco, you have to stand up again and challenge Arcane Trickster Roche… In order to defeat him, you need stronger capabilities. Go and take a look at the royal port of Ettoman! Complete the first step of this quest chain by joining Ettoman and becoming a privateer captain. You will receive the reward of this phase!”

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