Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 852

Chapter 852 Undercover Agent


What happened on Great Octopus appalled the Octopus Marauder Team’s two remaining ships. They no longer cared about looting and quickly left the battlefield after rescuing Orlando.

Fang Yuan returned to Fiery Lotus and waved his hand.

“Full speed ahead. The target… Heathfrey’s flagship!”

Bullying Orlando was just like an adult bullying a child. There was absolutely no sense of accomplishment.

In contrast, after his display of single-handedly wiping out a ship of pirates, especially one with Sorcerer Orlando and the gigantic octopus, the three hundred newly recruited pirates were left with only reverence in their eyes.

Following Fang Yuan bellow, Fiery Lotus immediately started to move at lightning speed.

“Open fire! Open fire!”

The opposing slave trader’s flagship was also a five-masted ship. Its numerous cannons were currently roaring and releasing deafening howls.


When it came to cannon fire, Fiery Lotus did not have the slightest fear. After all, it was originally a military warship created entirely for the purpose of naval battles.

Amid Fang Yuan’s shouts, a hundred cannons were similarly roaring to strike back.


Multiple explosions resounded on both Fiery Lotus’s and the opposing flagship’s hulls.


As the ships got closer, the musketeers from both parties aimed at one another and began a round of brutal shooting.

From time to time, pirates and sailors shrieked in misery, blood gushing out of their bodies as they fell into the ocean.

Fang Yuan’s expression was as cold as ice. When the two ships were parallel to each other, he immediately ordered, “Start boarding!”

The pirates tossed over iron hooks that were tied to mooring ropes one after another. Some climbed up the ropes; others directly grabbed a rope and swung across.

Butcher took the lead and landed on the deck. Roaring like a ferocious tiger, he slashed with his huge cutlass, instantly decapitating many pirates.

When the neighboring armed merchant ships belonging to Heathfrey saw this, they quickly rushed over to assist.

However, Fang Yuan chuckled and released a dense fog, thoroughly enveloping the two ships that were in the middle of a fight.

“Counterattack! Counterattack!”

Formosa definitely would not let this opportunity slip by, immediately changing his original order to escape.

Although his ship was a merchant ship, he had done several modifications to it to handle the situation in the Nightmare Ocean.

At this moment, numerous cannons fired simultaneously, immediately pinning down Heathfrey’s remaining armed merchant ships.

Fang Yuan came to the deck, looked at the slave trader in the center of the crowd opposite him, and laughed heartily. “Haha… Heathfrey, who would have thought that we’d meet again so soon!”

“Arcane Trickster Roche… Damn it, do you know what kind of enemy you’re messing with? I am affiliated with the great pirate governor Blackbeard…”

Heathfrey glared at Fang Yuan with eyes full of hatred.

This pirate had repeatedly destroyed his plans. He was practically wishing to eat Fang Yuan’s flesh right now.

“Kill them!” Fang Yuan sneered. “Reward five gold coins for every ordinary sailor killed and double for high-ranking sailors! That black fatty is worth one thousand gold coins!”

“Owoo! Owoo!”

The promise of handsome rewards immediately stimulated the pirates’ wolf-like nature.

Soon, the deck was in complete chaos.

Cutlasses, firearms, and bows and arrows were chaotically intertwined together.

Blood splattered everywhere, rapidly accumulating a thick layer on the deck.

“Damn it! Retreat to the ship’s hold!”

After all, Heathfrey was not a professional pirate. Furthermore, his forces were scattered and his reinforcements were held back by Formosa.

With a roar, he brought his last remaining elite troops and retreated into the ship’s hold.

“Haha… Boss, they’re doomed!”

When Bill saw this, he laughed out loud and looked toward Fang Yuan expectantly.

After all, the situation when they seized Fiery Lotus was still vivid in their minds.

“He isn’t an idiot… Besides, as a major slave trader that dominated the Nightmare Ocean, how could he not have any trump cards on hand?”

In contrast, Fang Yuan’s expression was solemn.

Suddenly, streaks of hazy light rays emerged from the ship’s hull.

The blood on the deck continually seeped downward, seemingly attracted to some array.


Soon, following the sounds of a charge, three knights in black armor dashed out from the hatch.

Resembling ghosts under the curtain of night, they were fully clad in black heavy armor and had black mounts as well. Only in their and their horses’ eyes were there still a glint of scarlet twinkling.

The horses galloped on the deck as though it was nothing. When firearms, swords, and sabers landed on them, they did not suffer from even the slightest damage. Yet when they waved their long swords, it often took the lives of numerous pirates.

“They’re Ghost Riders!” Rolisa’s expression changed. “One of Heathfrey’s subordinates is a necromancer who’s very proficient in summoning undead creatures for combat…”

She was enemies with him, so naturally she had inquired about his trump cards long ago.

These three Ghost Riders were equivalent to three Extraordinary creatures. They barged into the pirates and wantonly reaped their lives.

Butcher howled and dashed forward. His huge cutlass clashed with a long sword, and he was sent flying.

“Prepare a cannon!”

With a kick from Fang Yuan, a cannon that was originally aimed at Fiery Lotus suddenly had its muzzle turned around to target the two Ghost Riders that were charging toward him.

“In the name of the Holy Light…”

In his hands, a bright, milky-white light orb entered the cannon’s muzzle.


The cannon boomed. The shot flew out in a fan shape that was mixed with specks of holy light.

“Ow! Ow!”

The two Ghost Riders, who originally could immediately recover from any form of damage taken, collapsed onto the ground and let out inhuman growls.

Bits of armor flew in all directions, exposing their skin and flesh that were rapidly rotting at a speed visible to the naked eye and emitting a stench.


Fang Yuan once again threw out two light orbs, and they landed on the Ghost Riders’ bodies.

Suddenly, large amounts of black gas dissipated as streams of black water flowed out from the armor. The Ghost Riders and their black horses quickly disappeared without a trace.

Upon seeing this, the last Ghost Rider roared and jumped into the ocean, fleeing at lightning speed.

Evidently, the black horse that he rode had the bloodline of the legendary nightmare horse. Its hooves were burning in flames, its mouth and nose were emitting black smoke, and it was able to gallop on the ocean surface as if it were flat ground.

“Thinking of fleeing now…”

Fang Yuan opened up his senses, and his psyche pierced into the back of the Ghost Rider’s head like an arrow.


The last Ghost Rider pulled on his reins and let out a beast-like roar.

Below, in the ship’s hold.


A sorcerer clad in a black robe collapsed onto the floor and was holding his head, continuously shrieking in misery.

A moment later, his entire body was dripping with cold sweat, looking like he was just fished up from the ocean. “My Ghost Riders have been completely wiped out. Not only that, the other party is even manipulating one of them to attack the ship’s hold!”

“Master Jaffa, what should we do now?”

The great slave trader Heathfrey immediately had greasy sweat on his forehead.

He had paid a high price to hire this necromancer from a cannibal tribe and had always been using him as a trump card.

His abilities were indeed very sharp, and he had resolved many difficult problems.

However, he was so powerless when faced with the Purgatory Pirate Team’s attack.

He could not help feeling slight regret. If only he had known earlier, he would not have provoked that Arcane Trickster Roche.

“Damn it… Impossible, why… can he use both light magic and necromancy?”

The necromancer kept going in circles, his eyes full of doubts.


Unfortunately, there was already no time left for him to think any further.

Along with the huge horse’s neigh, it smashed open the wooden door and caused pieces of wood to fly in all directions. The Ghost Rider was in the lead, with numerous red-eyed pirates following behind…

“Long live the captain!”

On the deck, the pirates cheered after seeing Fang Yuan easily manipulate the originally hostile Ghost Rider and make it the vanguard.

It even gave rise to some thoughts that ‘the captain is omnipotent’.

Although it sounded foolish, it marked the beginning of loyalty, which was already pretty good for pirates.

“Captain!” Rolisa looked at Fang Yuan with earnest eyes.

“Mmm. Youne, lead a team with Rolisa and head down… It’s best to capture Heathfrey alive—I still have some matters to question him about!”

Fang Yuan nodded and said to Rolisa, “Rest assured. The final say on how to handle that slave trader is in your hands!”

“Thank you, Captain! If you assist me in completing my vengeance, I swear in the name of the Moon that my everything shall belong to you!” the Moon Elf said seriously. Then she jumped into the ship’s hold with a thin rapier in her hands that had appeared out of nowhere.

“Roar! Roar!”

The pirates flocked in, and the deck soon appeared somewhat deserted.

Apart from corpses with wounds turning white, there were only some old and weak people as well as Fang Yuan.

“Danogu!” He turned around and smiled faintly, staring at the only high-level crew member remaining. “So? Still not making a move? This is your best chance!”

“Boss, what do you mean?” Danogu’s expression changed. “Are you doubting my loyalty?”

“I’m not doubting. I’m already certain!”

No matter how a background was falsified, as a Dream Master, Fang Yuan was very sharp in detecting lies.

No matter what Danogu claimed, he was certain that this Rose Swordsman was an undercover agent that Heathfrey had placed at his side.

After all, Heathfrey had taken root in Bloody Mary Port for a long time and had some hidden relationships.

No matter how many precautions Fang Yuan took, it was still difficult to guarantee that all the newly recruited sailors were absolutely clean.

Seeing his determined look, Danogu laughed bitterly. “Indeed… people thought that I don’t know Heathfrey personally, but in reality, he’s my employer! He gave me a high price of five thousand gold coins to lay low on your ship and wait until a critical juncture to take action. However, I’ve changed my mind…”

Danogu knelt on one knee and said solemnly, “It’s difficult for me to attain your strength. Furthermore, you can summon ice and control spirits… Your greatness is already at the level of great pirates. I, Rose Swordsman Danogu, am willing to pledge my allegiance to you for all eternity!”

As for his performance, Fang Yuan was not in the least bit surprised.

This was precisely what pirates were like. Once you displayed insufficient control or were about to face defeat, they would ruthlessly abandon you!

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