Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 856

Chapter 856 Monster

“Enemy ships spotted behind us! There are five!”

Helga’s shout echoed on the deck.

“They’ve hoisted the Jolly Roger. It’s confirmed th-that they’re the Blackbeard Pirate Team!”

After seeing the black mustaches on the Jolly Rogers, Helga’s voice started to tremble.

After all, this was a pirate governor’s fleet! Moreover, Blackbeard was known for his powerful black magic and cruel means.

It was said that any pirate who offended him would either be skinned alive or turned into a corroded corpse, having both their soul and their body enslaved by Blackbeard forever.

“Command all the ships to accelerate and sail into the Hell of Lightning. We’ll fight the enemies there!”

Fang Yuan went to the helmsman and kicked him aside. Holding the helm with one hand, he gave it a sudden turn.

Fiery Lotus immediately swerved, plunging into the ocean of lightning and storm.

“All five are five-masted ships, and Monster isn’t among them. Although Blackbeard didn’t pursue us personally, he’s mobilized an admiral…”

While Fang Yuan also had four ships, he was not optimistic about his subordinates’ fighting capability at all.

Other things aside, Pixar’s and Robert’s three-masted ships would only become a pile of wreckage if they were to really battle with the opponent.


The sea was rough and the sky was dim. Lightning flashed in the dark clouds.

The Nightmare Ocean received its name because of its unpredictable climate and its complex, mysterious topography.

This Hell of Lightning was at the boundary between the Nightmare Ocean and the Golden Ocean. The cumulonimbus clouds here never dispersed, and lightning struck everywhere in this region.

There was a risk of encountering whirlpools and reefs in the strong wind and turbulent current, but this was negligible in comparison with the fearsome lightning from above. It could destroy a ship and kill its unfortunate crew within one strike.

The Blackbeard Pirate Team had forced the entire Purgatory Pirate Team to enter the Hell of Lightning.


A storm suddenly arrived in the roaring thunder.

The torrential downpour drenched everyone.


Following a loud voice, the rumble of cannons was heard.

A few sparks exploded on Slavery, which was following Fiery Lotus.

“Arcane Trickster Roche… I will make you realize that messing with the Blackbeard Pirate Team was the greatest mistake that you’ve made in your entire life!”

The loud voice sounded again from a ship behind. “I, the Skinner Blackrope, will skin you alive!”

“It’s Blackrope!” Wilson looked perturbed beside Fang Yuan. “He’s the top admiral among the five under Blackbeard’s command. He worships and imitates Blackbeard crazily and enjoys skinning captives alive!”

“He’s courageous, but unfortunately, he’s an idiot!”

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and indeed sensed a lot of extraordinary information from behind.

Obviously, there were many capable people in this troop giving chase. Not only did they possess sturdy ships and powerful artillery, but a large number of strong Extraordinaries were assisting them as well.

He was sure that if he left now, a single enemy ship could kill all of his subordinates on the spot.

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and commanded, “Escape to the Golden Ocean at full speed!”

Fiery Lotus and Slavery sped up immediately, but the two three-masted sailboats behind them were a bit hesitant.

There was even a commotion.

“It’s not good! Boss!” Helga yelled. “Riots erupted on Pixar’s and Robert’s ships, but they’ve been suppressed!”

Evidently, the two captains and their sailors had caused the riots.

They had shivered at the thought of making an enemy of Blackbeard.

If Fang Yuan had not delegated chief officers to supervise them and sent a few experts like Danogu, Youne, and Rolisa covertly, those two three-masted sailboats would have left him or surrendered to Blackbeard.

Do not think too highly of pirates. They were just this kind of people.

His original subordinates would even have the wild ambition to replace him as the captain if he encountered a fiasco.

“Let them catch up to us. Proceed onward!”

Fang Yuan held the helm steadily and steered Fiery Lotus through the Hell of Lightning.

But the riots had taken up too much time. Two five-masted large ships soon caught up with the sailboats, enclosing Pixar’s three-mast boat from both sides like a sandwich and revealing many cannons.


The ships on both sides opened fire at the same time, and the poor sailboat trapped in between them was instantly in shatters.


A chained shot accurately hit the other three-masted sailboat, reducing Fang Yuan’s ships to two in the blink of an eye.

Fang Yuan took a deep breath and ordered, “It’s about time… Turn around and confront the enemies!”

“Turn around and prepare the artillery!” Wilson shouted at the top of his lungs.

However, this scene made the many pirates under his command hesitate. “Boss, that’s an admiral under Blackbeard!!”


Wilson took a glance and immediately slashed with his cutlass.


This pirate’s head was chopped off and rolled onto the deck. Fresh blood was spurting out like a fountain.

“Whoever dares to question the captain’s order shall die right now, understood?”

Wilson’s face was stained with blood as he gave the order with a fierce expression.

Fiery Lotus and Slavery soon turned around and faced the five scary large ships that were besieging them.

Blackbeard Jolly Rogers hung on all the ships. The black ships looked like death knights harvesting lives at sea.

Fang Yuan had bought himself more time because the power transfer from his original body required time and he needed to prepare his sorcery. Furthermore, he could sieve out those who were not steadfast enough.

Of course, given the size of the Purgatory Pirate Team at this moment, they would be courting death if they were to fight head-on against the Blackbeard Pirate Team.

If he really tested their loyalty until the very last moment, everyone would definitely betray him in the end.

Therefore, Fang Yuan decided that it was enough to stay loyal until this stage.

A film of light rose from the black warship in front, revealing the figure of a black and skinny pirate. His voice sounded from over the long distance. “Arcane Trickster Roche… I will take your skin!”

“He has no idea what he’s talking about!”

Seeing this, Fang Yuan sneered and flicked his finger.

Bloop! Bloop!!

Waves suddenly swept across the rough sea, and a large number of bubbles emerged.

A dreadful whirlpool formed in the middle of the two parties like a depression on the sea, pulling them in with strong forces.

“Oh my… Prayer to the Sea God!”

Seeing this scene, Wilson could not help making a gesture of prayer.

“A giant whirlpool!!!”

Helga’s voice was also trembling.


Fang Yuan nodded and flicked his finger.

A strong pulling force was suddenly exerted on the five giant warships on the opposite side.

The ocean roared like a demon that could devour everything.

No matter how hard the five ships struggled, they were dragged firmly to the center of the whirlpool.

The pirates were astonished that Fiery Lotus and Slavery remained steady, as if the whirlpool did not affect them at all, and saved the pirates that had fallen into the sea earlier.

“Was this whirlpool… also summoned by the boss?”

Wilson’s eyes glistened as he gazed at this scene. “Could the legendary Sea God be the boss’s trump card? Rumor has it that this legendary pirate ship can readily manipulate the sea to summon tsunamis and whirlpools because its keel is made from the Sea God’s spine! But shouldn’t it belong to Kingsman, the pirate governor of the Coral Ocean”

“Long live the captain!”

Unlike Wilson, the pirates below did not think so much. They immediately cheered in excitement when they saw this scene.

Clearly, their boss had led them to defeat yet another seemingly unfathomable enemy, just like before.

The so-called authority was based on victories like this.

Eventually, these pirates might be fearless even if Fang Yuan led them to challenge Blackbeard.

“Something’s wrong!”

But Fang Yuan frowned at this scene.

His original body suddenly passed on an inexplicable sense of danger to this incarnation, which sent a chill down his spine.

Having sensed this kind of danger, he ordered immediately, “Hurry! Quickly leave this place!”


The entire world suddenly turned white.

A huge bolt of lightning fell from the sky and struck vertically at the center of the whirlpool.


It seemed as if a giant bubble had burst, and a cyclone engulfed the place.

In this disastrous phenomenon, the giant whirlpool gradually disappeared.

A scary, dark silhouette suddenly emerged from the glaring white.

It was entirely black and made of a kind of ironwood that was as hard as steel and iron. The ship was three hundred meters long and exerted even more pressure than a steam-powered ironclad.

There were some unusual, decorative patterns on the bow, just like a monster opening up its mouth!

“Monster!” Fang Yuan heaved a long sigh. “This is Blackbeard’s flagship. He’s come to chase us!”

Behind them, Monster moved forward like an unstoppable and invincible fortress.

Creak! Creak!

This giant monster of the sea went to the three-masted sailboat with the broken masts. It opened its mouth and swallowed this boat, munching on it slowly.

An ear-piercing screech was immediately heard.

Monster was like a magnified longhorn beetle. Its two iron clamps moved quickly, and the sailboat was soon masticated into pieces.

Light flashed all over the ship, mending all the tiny scratches on the surface of its hull caused by the collisions during its voyage. It then chased after Fiery Lotus and Slavery at double its previous speed.

“Is Blackbeard causing this kind of danger?” Fang Yuan stood at the stern of the ship with a cold expression. Suddenly, he looked at the sky. “It doesn’t seem like him… There must be some shocking secret hidden in the Hell of Lightning that has even surprised my original body…”

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