Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Prince

Fang Yuan’s original body, which was isolated and sealed, had combat strength at the Demon God level.

In other words, it was essentially identical to those powerful Evil Gods discussed in the real world.

Only beings at his level could alert him!

“Perhaps… when my original body breaks through the restriction and descends into the real world, it will be the moment when he can break through to the Dao of Demon God!”

A strong premonition suddenly rose in Fang Yuan’s mind.

His Dao path was the Dao of Dream Master and at the boundary between fantasy and reality. It could be used to break through the restriction in the real world and overcome the last barrier.

He would then be a powerful Demon God with two Dao paths, respected even in the Mental Demon Realm.

Of course, it was still too early to think about all of this.

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth as he gazed at Monster, which was chasing him.

This ship called Monster was not only surprisingly fast, but it appeared to possess its own life, pouncing at Fang Yuan ferociously like a giant living beast.

Furthermore, this ship had an incomparable driving force.

Neither the earlier whirlpool nor the ice wall and the fire ocean that Fang Yuan was currently summoning could slow down its motion at all.


Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck Monster.

This giant ship became even more ferocious as the entire lightning-shrouded ship glistened everywhere.

Creak! Creak!

Monster opened its huge mouth and revealed two giant teeth, seeming like it could not wait to devour its prey.

Fang Yuan grabbed the helm firmly and commanded, “Wind! Onward at full speed!”

The two five-masted ships rode the wind, sailed through the waves, and pierced the dark clouds before they finally reached a vast expanse of sea.

The ocean was bluish-green under the azure sky and the white clouds.

The dark sky and the lightning were suddenly replaced by bright sunshine and a nearby beach.

“The Golden Ocean!”

“We’ve arrived!”

Pirates on both ships burst into cheers.

Pirates were fundamentally adventurous. Despite the enemies chasing them, they still cheered in exhilaration for their achievement at this moment.

The Golden Ocean, as its name suggested, was virtually full of treasure.

There were plenty of untouched gold and silver mines as well as all sorts of pearls and precious stones at the bottom of the ocean.

Anyone who searched carefully here could definitely get rich within a few years… Of course, there were ways to get rich faster, such as transporting goods on the sea route to the East or becoming a pirate.

Creak! Creak!

While the sailors on Fang Yuan’s ships were greedily breathing in the fresh air of richness and freedom on the Golden Ocean, an ear-piercing noise resounded.

Lightning danced wildly in the sky and struck down at times.

Like a bottomless fortress, Monster approached them quickly, disregarding all of the lightning above it.

“Get ready for a boarding battle!”

Fang Yuan took a deep breath. Currents surged on the sea and suddenly transformed into three water spears in the shape of giant snakes with long horns that shot at Monster’s deck forcefully.

Ding ding!

Unfortunately, some intangible force on the deck seemed to block the three water spears seemed and they broke down immediately.

“Arcane Trickster Roche…” A pair of eyes as sinister as a viper looked at Fang Yuan from Monster. “As a newcomer, you have the privilege of choosing how you prefer to be killed!”

“I choose to kill you!”

Fang Yuan turned around and smiled brightly.

“An interesting newcomer. I hope you can hold on longer under Monster’s attack…” Blackbeard’s voice sounded.

Roar roar!

Suddenly, a loud roar rang out from Monster’s bow.

Black hair flowed out from its mouth into the ocean and suddenly became thousands of times thicker, transforming into black pythons to besiege the two ships.

“Sorcery… Black Snake Kill?!”

Fang Yuan had learned a lot since he first arrived here, even studying things like black magic and ghost spells.

Hiss hiss!

Seeing the black pythons creeping continuously along the ships, Jaffa took responsibility and stepped forward. “Summon… Dark Knights!”


A few knights roared as they spearheaded the assault, wielding giant swords and slashing off the pythons’ heads.

A thick fog immediately overflowed from the pythons’ bodies, spreading with a strong corrosive smell.

“Be careful! Things created by this kind of black magic carry terrifying poisons and curses in them!”

Jaffa was experienced in dealing with such things. He commanded undead creatures such as ghost riders to fight in the front and used archers and musketeers to consume the enemy’s life force.

Hiss hiss!

But his response was obviously a little too late.

Although more than half of the black pythons were slashed, a dozen of them still hung on to the mooring ropes.

The sailors fearfully watched a few black pythons intertwining with the mooring ropes.

All of the black pythons immediately merged with the mooring ropes into a whole entity.

“This is the second part of this black magic… Activating Mooring Ropes.” Jaffa’s head was covered with cold sweat. “The opponent must be at a higher level than me, especially in terms of black magic…”


Fang Yuan rolled his eyes.

Blackbeard was the governor of the Nightmare Ocean.

If he could not even cope with a sorcerer, then he might as well renounce his position.

At this moment, Monster targeted the slightly slower Slavery. It moved forward quickly and enclosed the bow and the hull of the ship, its giant mouthpart rubbing continuously in an attempt to devour everything in front of it.

This shocking scene resembled a snake opening up its mouth to swallow a big rat.


At this time, a few golden shots struck Monster.

After the shots exploded, plumes of condensed holy light burst out. This was clearly something unusual.

“Aw aw!”

Suffering this heavy damage, Monster had a few big holes on its body and let out a low and furious roar.

This legendary pirate ship was actually like a creature with its own life.

“So fast…”

The pirates on Fiery Lotus saw even more.

A white thread sailed toward them from afar at an astonishing speed.

After it was closer, they found that it was a huge ship with the streamlined shape of a thin arrow. A white sail was hoisted fully, giving the ship strong wind power.

Behind it, the ocean was split by three long white lines that formed a triangle.

“The speed is at least twenty-five knots, and that’s not its real capability…” Seeing this, Fang Yuan’s eyes glistened. “It’s Pirate Prince Edward’s flagship—Wanderer!”

Captain Edward was an anomaly among pirates. He adhered to ancient gentlemanly manners, and people in the entire Golden Ocean looked up to his reputation and his charm.

Countless ladies thought of him as their ideal lover.

Even the protagonists of many bestsellers on the continent were based on Edward.

Seeing the Pirate Prince’s Jolly Roger, which had a symbolic crown on the skull, Monster paused in its motion.

Traces of light emerged on its body and mended the ship.


A pirate wearing a formal suit appeared on Monster’s deck.

He was wearing a gentleman’s white-blonde wig. He was lame in one leg, which had been replaced by an iron leg, and every step was accompanied by an unsettling thump and a scratch on the deck.

Of course, the most unforgettable things were his conflicting temperament, which was both brutish and sinisterly quiet, and his thick mustache.

“Pirate Prince Edward… Do you have to be my enemy?” Blackbeard said in a depressed voice, gazing at Wanderer, which was practically flying toward him.

“My apologies, Mr. Blackbeard! But this place is already within the Golden Ocean… As the pirate governor of this ocean, I believe it’s my duty to maintain order among pirates to some extent.”

A person was standing at the top of the mast of the famous Wanderer.

He had a handsome countenance, healthy wheat-colored skin, delicate facial features, and an unruly smile, possessing the temperament of a playboy.

It had to be acknowledged that his appearance, clothing, and aura could almost definitely attract those noble madams and ladies.

“Good! Very good!”

Blackbeard had a sullen expression.

At this point, the big holes on Monster were already completely mended.

As soon as Blackbeard finished his sentence, Monster opened its huge mouth and shrieked.

The power of the entire ship seemed to be concentrated on Blackbeard’s right hand.

He lifted his right hand and sparks flashed by. He then gripped the air and struck at Edward with his fist.


Wanderer suddenly sped up, breaking the limit of some extreme like a speedboat, and evaded the air bomb.


The surface of the sea exploded, revealing a huge hole, which was soon filled with seawater once again.

“Ah… What a warm welcome! Sir, if I were you, I would be so touched, I’d burst into tears!”

While depending on his fast speed to deal with Blackbeard, Edward gave a thumbs-up to Fang Yuan and the others.

This battle between the two pirate governors was definitely the top fight in this ocean.

Fang Yuan’s subordinates, including those who had lost their limbs, crowded the deck and gazed at the battle while red-faced.

If they were to give up watching such a fight, they would regret it for a hundred years.

“This is really boring… Blackbeard!”

While Edward was fighting against Monster, everyone could still hear his attractive voice.

“We’re both pirate governors. Are we going to kill each other and benefit others?”

His words suggested that he was alert to what Ettoman was doing.

“True. Looks like we need to have a discussion indeed!”

Blackbeard stopped first. Wanderer immediately slowed down and stopped bombarding Monster.

This disastrous battle stopped. If the prey had been a group of merchants or a port, they would have cheered in exhilaration.

To an ambitious person like Blackbeard, a mere Arcane Trickster Roche was nothing significant.

“Yes. The threat from Ettoman is drawing near, but we free pirates… shall never surrender!”

Pirate Prince Edward stated his point in one sentence. “My opinion is that we should immediately convene the other governors to meet the enemy head-on. How about it?”

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