Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 861

Chapter 861 Bestow

Chapter 861: Bestow

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Fifteen days later.


Fiery Lotus was once again at full strength. All the pirates stood in a line with both hands behind their backs and their chests out.

“Butcher! Wilson! Bill!”

Fang Yuan was wearing a cape and a pirate captain hat, along with a golden-hilted cutlass on his waist. Rolisa and the newly joined witch, Cassenia, were standing behind him submissively, just like two maids.

As he called out each name, the corresponding pirate stepped forward with a solemn expression.

Fang Yuan looked around and asked loudly, “Do you know who they are?”

“Of course. They’re our gallant Butcher, an average chief officer, and a cowardly captain!”

A voice of ridicule rang out from among the pirates, and they soon burst into laughter.

Pirates were a group of difficult people and scum. Those who were active in the Nightmare Ocean and the Golden Ocean were the worst among them.

The pirates recruited in Hokululu Port were of a higher quality on average than before, but they were also more unruly.

They did not dare challenge Fang Yuan’s authority, as he was the captain, but they definitely did not have any respect for those that they disliked.

Butcher was still fine, but Wilson and Bill somewhat lacked in ability.

“Bill and Butcher have been following me since offshore Ettoman, and everyone knows about Wilson’s diligence… Me promoting them to higher positions is not only a reward but also a hope that they can play an important role.”

“Boss…” Bill said with a shaky voice. “I really can’t serve as a captain. Please let me return!”

Indeed, he did not have the ability. In particular, he was unable to suppress the pirates since his strength was too weak. If he continued to take charge, there was a fear that his subordinates might kill him during a rebellion.

“Bill, you’re good at handling odd jobs and also quickly complete my tasks every time. I haven’t forgotten.

“Wilson is a qualified chief officer with abilities in management!

“And Butcher is always right at the front during every assault… He’s also sustained the most injuries. All his scars are proof of his meritorious service!”

Fang Yuan’s voice was getting louder, and he looked into the eyes of each pirate. “I want all of you to know that if you follow me, offering your loyalty and your life, I will see everything and reward you as you deserve.”

“Boss, there’s no doubt that you’re generous with your rewards!”

Many pirates responded immediately.

“No! Just this isn’t enough!” Fang Yuan laughed heartily. “This time… I shall bestow the three of them with true extraordinary powers! I will let you possess strength above ordinary people.”


There was an uproar among the surrounding pirates.

In the Nightmare Ocean and the Golden Ocean, there were countless dangers, and strong people emerged one after another.

Perhaps an ordinary farmer living in the Opher Continent might never meet an Extraordinary in their whole life, but these pirates definitely had seen them before, having even fought them and felt the terror of extraordinary powers.

“Boss, are you serious?”

This caused an uproar among the pirates.

“I’m serious. I’m not just bestowing one or two extraordinary items but helping them become true Extraordinaries!” Fang Yuan nodded. “The three of them will advance to Extraordinary today!”


The three of them revealed excitement on their faces.

“In my name as Arcane Trickster Roche, you will possess the abilities of an Ocean Warlock. From now on, the ocean will be your domain, and you will possess the power of water!”

Fang Yuan snapped his fingers.

Cassenia immediately went forward, holding a gold cup that was fully embedded with gems in her hands.

Rolisa held up a waterskin and poured seawater inside.

Fang Yuan added seagull feathers, fresh sea monster blood, and other items in succession. He did not fear the pirates that were stretching their necks to look.

This ceremony was originally planned by him, and now he had also altered it. The crucial point was still his main body’s permission and powers participating.

Given its nature, the process and ceremony could naturally be more casual. If these pirates were to secretly learn it, ninety-nine percent of them would not have a good outcome.

Bloop! Bloop!

The seawater in the gold cup started to boil, and thick white smoke started to emit and overflow from the cup.

“Bill, drink this and you’ll become an Extraordinary!”

Fang Yuan drew his cutlass and placed it on Bill’s shoulder.

“Boss, I will be your most loyal subordinate for all eternity!”

Bill, this small pirate, was practically crying his eyes out. After he knelt down and vowed, he slowly drank from the gold cup in his hands.


His eyes were wide open while looking at himself.

A stream of water appeared before his eyes and started hovering around him. Of course, his hair did not turn green!

The side effect of changing hair color had been eliminated after Fang Yuan’s improvements. Currently, Bill’s appearance did not have the slightest difference from an ordinary person’s.

“What a fantastic feeling…”

Bill had an intoxicated look on his face. A water dragon continuously revolved around his body as his fingers danced.

“Bill, someone tarnished your reputation earlier. Go take back your dignity!”

Fang Yuan waved his hand.

“Yes, Boss!”

Bill laughed sinisterly and waved his hand.

A turbulent stream of water directly dashed into the group of pirates and pulled out the pirates who had mocked him earlier.

“I’ll give all of you a chance. Either get rid of me, or I’ll get rid of you!”

Bill rubbed his knuckles.

“Let’s go all out!”


The pirates exchanged panicked glances, drew their weapons, and formed a circle.


A cutlass chopped down violently, but a stream of water stopped it.

One of the pirates had a bad feeling. However, just as he wanted to retreat, he was immediately captured by a tall blue figure. With one palm strike, his head was forcibly pushed into his chest.

“Who else?”

With punches and kicks, Bill cleanly disposed of the pirates who were attacking from all sides and then roared into the sky.

The surrounding pirates immediately cowered, and no one dared to step forward.

“Who… else…?”

Bill returned to his usual figure and had a terrifying aura as he scanned his surroundings.

*This is the perfect representation of how strength is usually accompanied by ambition… *

Upon seeing this, Fang Yuan fell into deep thought. *Previously, Bill didn’t have the strength to suppress the fierce pirates under him, so he was content with being below others. But now, it seems like there are some foreboding signs. *

More often than not, such people were likely to go to extremes.

However, he was confident that with his control over the overall situation, nothing much could happen.

“Butcher! Wilson!”

He then looked at the remaining two people.

“Thanks, Boss. In the name of our souls, we swear that we’ll definitely be loyal to you for all eternity!”

Wilson and Butcher immediately stepped forward emotionally and took the gold cup.

Practically all the pirates were enviously watching them do this.

After all, they were becoming true Extraordinaries!

For pirates, they were not afraid of giving their souls to the devil in exchange for power.

Even if it was only for a single extraordinary item, they would still recklessly tear each other apart like dogs, much less becoming true Extraordinaries.

It was possible to lose an item, but it would be very difficult to snatch away one’s powers.

“Hmm… Wilson will be Slavery’s captain, with Butcher as the chief officer, while Bill will be Fiery Lotus’s chief officer!”

After thinking about it, Fang Yuan revised their positions.

After all, it was already proven earlier that Bill was unsuitable to be in a position to make decisions even with sufficient strength.

Furthermore, his disposition was relatively weak, and he needed to be placed near him for further observation.

“Yes, Captain!”

The three saluted immediately. Of course, Bill’s expression revealed slight discontentment. Fang Yuan observed it but was unconcerned.

“Anyone who is loyal to me and does their utmost in battle will not shed blood in vain…”

In the end, Fang Yuan raised the gold cup. “In my name as Arcane Trickster Roche, I swear that all pirates who serve me will receive equal treatment! As long as you accumulate enough contributions, I’ll help you become an Extraordinary!”

“Long live the boss!”

“Long live the captain!”

All the pirates immediately cheered and were full of enthusiasm.

“Very good. Set sail for the Nightmare Ocean!” Fang Yuan waved his hand, and the sailors jumped into action, as though he had whipped them.

Even the original pirates did not have the slightest objection.

With three living examples among them, while feeling envious, they also made up their minds to follow Fang Yuan unhesitantly even if he intended to go to the netherworld.


Fang Yuan stood on the deck with the sea breeze blowing against him.

At some point, Cassenia and Rolisa arrived behind him with a worried look.

“I know… you’re worried that my ability will be leaked and be coveted…” Fang Yuan looked at his right palm. “The reason why I picked today and left right after the promotions was precisely to limit the effects as much as possible… After this time, the entire ocean’s pirate forces will experience a huge reshuffle. We either succeed and gain reputation or fail and be crushed into oblivion, so there’s no need to consider too much…”

Fang Yuan gazed toward the Nightmare Ocean, and his eyes glistened.

How could he be absent and miss the closure of an era and the beginning of a great era?

“Sea voyage is the theme of this world. If I want to reap the greatest benefits, I must constantly be at the head of the tide and influence it while evading the world’s counterattack…”

After reaping so many worlds during his dream-traversing, Fang Yuan was already highly experienced.

Furthermore, he had a premonition.

As his influence on this world deepened, perhaps when it reached a certain threshold, there would come a time when his main body could break into the real world and truly advance to Demon God!

“The ocean’s future will certainly be an era of steam cannons. If I want to have a footing in that era, I must have something to rely on…”

Fang Yuan sighed and took out the crystal ball.

The smoke inside the crystal ball suddenly moved. The originally upright pillar of smoke bent and pointed toward a certain direction.

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