Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 863

Chapter 863 Thunder God

On Specter Ship.

The boundary between life and death had never been so blurred.

The strong power of death attacked Fang Yuan directly, penetrating his skin and making him look extremely pale.

An ordinary person would become a corpse as soon as they stepped onto the deck.

Even Extraordinaries would have to retreat when attacked by the power of death.

“If I don’t take any action, there’s a thirty-percent chance that I’ll lose my life and become an undead creature after three breaths…” Fang Yuan murmured as a small sun suddenly emerged before his chest.


The milky white light spread immediately, reacting violently with the fog around the pirate ship and making explosive sounds.

As white smoke rose, the undead creatures surrounding the light shrieked in agony and retreated.

The pure power of light and life could even heavily injure mid-level undead creatures.


As the plume of holy light emerged on the deck…

A shrill, weird laugh sounded, as if it were from hell.

A ghostly white claw extended out from nowhere, piercing space and reaching Fang Yuan. It then grabbed and crushed the plume of light.


The light plume exploded, but the pure power of light only deprived the ghost hand of a few patches of skin.

“Ghoul Tyrant?”

Fang Yuan stepped back and gazed at this powerful ghoul that had just appeared. The specter effect and light magic on his body suddenly vanished.

It was a giant figure with huge claws and teeth, and it had summoned a large number of ghouls and skeleton soldiers nearby to act as cannon fodder.

Bone spikes formed a crown on top of this tyrant’s head.

Clearly, this was one of the three masters on Specter Ship, the Ghoul Tyrant, who had the ability to summon an almost infinite amount of cannon fodder.

And behind the Ghoul Tyrant was another giant silhouette that was in a black cloak.

Under the cloak, there was a skeleton decorated with seven-colored gems. It was holding a demigod wand formed from nine snake heads intertwining with one another, and the Soul Flame burning in its skull was giving off the light of wisdom that common skeleton soldiers did not possess.

It was beyond doubt that this was a Demigod Lich, a wise and knowledgeable spell caster.

The last one, the Undead King, was only a vague shadow. It stood aloof in the air, overlooking the scene indifferently.

“Three beings at the Demigod level…”

The Great Voyage World was protected by powerful rules, whereby any beings that exceeded the limit would be expelled immediately, causing them to be unable to interfere with the main world.

Since these three could stay on Specter Ship until today, they had not reached the level of Fang Yuan’s original body.

Despite that, they were still very fearsome.

According to Fang Yuan’s estimates, they were equivalent to three Golden Immortals or Ancient Gods!

Although they were no match for his original body, it would not be too difficult for them to kill this incarnation.

“Specter Ship has the ability to travel across realms. If I can take full advantage of it, it may be the key to my original body’s breakthrough… Of course, before I can take control of Specter Ship, I have to deal with these three undead creatures at the Demigod level…”

Fang Yuan took a deep breath and suddenly gazed at the sky.

He had been preparing to hunt Specter Ship for a long time, but why did he choose the Hell of Lightning as the battlefield?

This was naturally because the geography here was advantageous to him. Moreover, he discovered last time that there was definitely some secret hidden in the Hell of Lightning.

This huge secret was most likely associated with a dangerous Evil God.

Right now, the aura leaking from his original body, together with Specter Ship, was sufficient to stimulate a sudden change in the entire Hell of Lightning!

Fang Yuan’s idea was simple. He would lure this dangerous hidden being that had alerted his original body to attack Specter Ship!

After all, he was on Specter Ship as well.

“When you stare at specters, specters stare back at you!”

The Demigod Lick gazed at Fang Yuan as its Nine Snake Wand emanated a mysterious light. “Decree: Shock! Decree: Death!!”

Two streaks of light fell on Fang Yuan’s body. He was almost unable to move and felt the conviction of death.

Fang Yuan laughed lightly and recited the name of his original body.

“Dream and Armament Master!”

A film of sinister crimson light emerged from his body and expanded to form sturdy armor with strong resistance.

The Demigod Lich retreated quickly, looking at Fang Yuan as if it had seen a ghost. “You’re… blessed by a god?!”

“Yes. The great Dream and Armament Master blesses me!” Fang Yuan nodded. “I’m willing to make an exchange with Specter Ship… If the three of you surrender and work for me using Specter Ship for three years, I will grant you freedom. How about it?”

“The sin of greed will certainly drag you into hell!” the Ghoul Tyrant roared loudly. “Your blood and flesh will be my sacrifice!”

“We don’t have to kill each other. If you surrender… as the captain, I could remove all the curses on you and even… give you the chance to get rid of your bonds with the ship and step onto shore!”

In fact, these undead creatures on Specter Ship were very wretched existences.

They could only sail at sea like homeless ghosts, unable to step onto land at all.

“Impossible!” The Ghoul Tyrant disagreed immediately. “The captain of Specter Ship has to be undead!”

But the Demigod Lich seemed to be hesitant.

The reticent Undead King in the air suddenly sent out a thought. “Finish the battle quickly. A huge danger is approaching us!”

“It’s finally here!”

Fang Yuan heaved a long sigh.


The next moment, the Hell of Lightning, which had been peaceful due to the presence of Specter Ship, suddenly underwent a frightening transformation.

Strong winds howled, torrential rain poured, and waves beat continuously. The ocean seemed to have been enraged.

Most importantly, the lightning in the sky merged into a giant palm and pressed down.

What a giant hand!

It consisted entirely of lightning that had an inexplicable grand aura, blocking the sky and destroying everything, and the target was obviously Specter Ship!

“As expected, there’s a huge secret in the Hell of Lightning. Is this an Evil God? Not expelled, but sealed? Furthermore, he can break through the power of the seal temporarily?”

Fang Yuan’s eyes glistened.

At this point, the most mysterious Undead King suddenly started to chant. “The eternal death is the destination of all souls in the world… The undead fate possesses and surrounds the ship of specters…”

Chi chi!

With its chanting, Specter Ship went through a great change immediately.

Threads of dark fog emerged on the ship and spread continuously.

An enormous number of specters suddenly appeared in the fog.

They were translucent, mostly wearing white clothes, with lifeless expressions and an indescribable aura of death.

They said softly with a hoarse voice, “How sacred! The great ship of the netherworld… you are the bridge joining life and death!

“You transport souls and witness death!

“Your glory is superior to everything in the world!”

The specters murmured prayers like zealous believers, worshiping the ship as if it were a god!

In fact, given the long history of Specter Ship and its terrifying reputation, if it had been a person, it would have accumulated enough to become a god!

The Undead King triggered the foundation of Specter Ship resolutely. A giant black hand suddenly emerged and clashed forcefully against the lightning palm.

The two god-like giant hands pushed against each other in the sky, and the black palm of death was even slightly stronger.

Traces of the power of death directly diminished the size of the lightning palm.

“Ah… Who dares defy… the authority of the Raging Thunder God?”

Such a sudden change immediately caused chaos in the entire Hell of Lightning.

Bolts of lightning danced wildly like snakes in the dark clouds and formed a grand human face.

Its eyes seemed to contain the creation and destruction of lightning, giving off a bright light as it looked down.

“Raging Thunder God, Aida Huna Inchester Borgou…”

A stream of name sounded from the Undead King’s cloak.

Evidently, to Evil Gods like this, even a name could be the gate to sacrifice. Therefore, the Undead King in the black cloak omitted the second half. “We have no intention of being your enemy… But a thief coveting Specter Ship has to be punished!”

“Understandable!” The giant lightning face smiled, but in the next moment, frightening lightning struck down from all over the sky. “But… once I obtain Specter Ship, I can immediately break through the seal and leave this place!”

The Raging Thunder God’s situation was very similar to that of Fang Yuan’s original body.

Both were under some restriction, and both could partially overcome the limit and send down power.

The Raging Thunder God was obviously greedy now.

Countless bolts of lightning struck Specter Ship, reducing many low-level undead creatures into ashes.

Only Specter Ship could withstand such attacks. Despite its dilapidated state, it was protected by the concentrated power of death and faith. If it had been Fang Yuan’s Fiery Lotus, it would have become dust within a moment.

And even though Specter Ship was one of the legendary ships, it was having a hard time enduring the fury of a being whose ability exceeded the limit of the world.

Numerous sparks bounced everywhere, leaving behind holes on the deck and the sails as they exploded.

Other than the three Demigods, the other undead creatures turned into green smoke and dissipated immediately upon encountering the lightning.

This Thunder God… seems to have a strong desire for Specter Ship… Could he have thought about something like this before?

Fang Yuan was deep in thought as he watched this scene.

His speculation was rather close to the truth.

In the long river of history, there were records of Specter Ship entering the Hell of Lighting, but this Raging Thunder God had not broken through some parts of the seal at that time and could not send down much power, so he could only watch his target leave.

But this time, the stimulation from both Specter Ship and Fang Yuan made him attack recklessly.

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