Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 864

Chapter 864 Robbing The Ship

The Ghoul Tyrant, the Demigod Lich, and even the Undead King… were actually no more than high-level crew members of Specter Ship. They could at best be considered chief officers. Most terrifying was the ship itself…

Amid the thunder and the undead, Fang Yuan walked leisurely toward the hold of Specter Ship.

“So… what do I have to do to take control of Specter Ship and become its captain?”

This hold on Specter Ship was extremely dim, and green will-o-wisps covered the wooden walls.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that these flames sat on ornaments that looked like the bones of a clasped hand. The rug on the floor was very weird as well, seeming to be made of human hair.

In conclusion, an ordinary person would faint upon seeing this ghost ship.

Despite an Evil God crazily bombarding things outside, all was peaceful within the hold. There was an eerie serenity to the place.

“In terms of true power, my original body can only project some of its powers. Due to the limited faith, the channel is still very narrow… In contrast, the Raging Thunder God, despite being unable to leave the Hell of Lightning, can unseal part of his powers within it. He can then wield that terrifying power… The difference in power is immense.

“However… if it wasn’t for him delaying those three Demigods, I wouldn’t be able to make it here.”

Fang Yuan hastened his pace. His hand pressed something casually.

A headless knight that had appeared from the wall was pressed into the neighboring wall.

“However… even if I’m not as powerful as the Raging Thunder God, I’m not weak to the point of being unable to deal with these undead beings…”

He looked at his palm. A thick layer of radiance gathered and illuminated the surroundings like a diamond.

Behind Fang Yuan, a giant’s silhouette faded in and out of sight.

It was his original body, which had been expelled from the world.

Then, through the channel of faith and the special qualities of Specter Ship, a very special overlapping phenomenon occurred. The amount of power that Fang Yuan’s incarnation could borrow from his original body increased dramatically.

“Scram!” Fang Yuan boomed.

Suddenly, the Four Symbols of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water materialized behind him and fused together, seemingly having enough power to destroy everything.


The floor cracked open. Huge amounts of specters, zombies, mummies, banshees, and so on poured out from below.

However, their expressions were still lifeless, and they were quickly reduced to ashes in the face of the chaotic torrent.

Fang Yuan continued his journey downward and arrived at the Specter Ship’s core. There, he was met with a simple bronze door

It stood silently in the darkness. The silence was immense and possessed a calming power.

Vast amounts of specters surrounded it. Despite being illusions, they were nevertheless unnerving.

“Hmm?” Fang Yuan covered his heart with his hand. “Even my original body is issuing warnings… The danger could actually cause me to die!”

He laughed as he approached the door calmly.

“Oh… Supreme Lord of Specter Ship!

“Please honor your promise! Allow us to wade past the sea of suffering and attain reincarnation!

“You will bear the weight of all life and death in the world and give guidance to the specters!”

Numerous specters closed in as they chanted the holy words

A pressure that was steadily growing heavier landed on Fang Yuan.

“So it’s like that…”

As he looked at the specters turning into specks of light that clung on to him, Fang Yuan came to a realization while starting to feel strained. “This Specter Ship was supposed to connect the netherworld and the mortal world, to act as a bridge for specters… But for some unknown reason, it lost its captain one day and could no longer fulfill its obligations. The grievances of the specters fused into a curse!

“The ship’s crew and those three Demigods outside are all creations of the grievances!

“I must shoulder the grievances of this bunch of specters before becoming the Specter Ship’s captain…”

Naturally, a single Specter Ship could not be in charge of all life and death.

Fang Yuan suspected that the souls that awaited salvation were limited to the shipwrecked. There were definitely many other ‘bridges’ and ‘passageways’ in other places of this world

Of course, the number of shipwrecked in even a single region would amount to a horrifying number given enough time.

Even Demigods were unable to bear that much power.

As a result, Specter Ship grew more and more terrifying as it continued to absorb the souls of the dead without sending them to the netherworld. Instead, their souls lingered endlessly in the mortal world, causing the crew members to become evermore bloodthirsty and crazy. It was a vicious cycle.

“Regardless, even if a Demigod can’t do it, it doesn’t mean that I can’t!”

Fang Yuan held the insignia of the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao as a confident smile spread across his face.

Although he was merely a Magical Clone, his original body’s power rivaled that of a Demon God and had the intrinsic quality of indestructibility regardless of the extent of damage taken.

“I will shoulder the weight of the souls of the ocean!

“Even if I’m mistaken, I would lose a Magical Clone at worst.”

With this in mind, he took a deep breath and walked forward.

“Holy! Our captain is a marvel that conquers the seas, sailing at the ends of night and day!

“Our captain will send the specters of the sea to their destined resting place!

“Holy, our captain, your name will become sacred!”

Many specters sang as they entered Fang Yuan’s body.

This horrifying transformation was immediately reflected in Specter Ship itself.

“This is… Specter’s Hymn?” The Demigod Lich was terrified. “That arrogant kid is commencing the inheritance of the captain!”

“We must not let him… succeed. Otherwise… we… die!” Ghoul Tyrant roared as he sounded each word loudly


“Ah! That damn bastard”

In front, the face made of raging lightning was furious. “He who dares to use Raging Thunder God Aida must be turned into ashes by countless lightning strikes.”

Unfortunately, when he tried to board the ship in a mixture of fluster and exasperation, the Ghoul Tyrant and the Demigod Lich blocked his advance with large amounts of high-level undead creatures.

“Damn it…” Aida flew into a rage. “Would you rather bow before that shameless thief, that despicable burglar, over me… the great Raging Thunder God?”

“The captain of Specter Ship can only come from the ship’s crew. That was our agreement!”

The Ghoul Tyrant and the Demigod Lich joined forces and blocked Aida’s advance once again. “The Undead King is going to settle it personally… That human won’t succeed!”

“You fools!” Raging Thunder God Aida shouted at them. “Do you really think he’s an ordinary human? Would an ordinary human dare to sail to the famous Specter Ship and declare war? Would an ordinary human dare to jump onto Specter Ship and manage to survive until now? Would an ordinary human dare to venture deep into the specter region and uncover its secrets?”


The Ghoul Tyrant and the Demigod Lich exchanged glances, fear flashing across their faces

“That bastard isn’t someone blessed by a god. He’s actually the incarnation of a god!” Aida transmitted hastily. “If you don’t wish to be enslaved by that man, your only option is to help me!”


At the same time, Fang Yuan reached a bronze door and pressed his hands on both sides of it.

Countless ant-sized specters were covering his body, as though he was wearing thick armor. Nothing could penetrate it.

Upon closer inspection, the specters seemed to be screaming something, and their hands were clutching Fang Yuan tightly.

Even Blackbeard would not be able to save his own soul from destruction under such circumstances!

However, Fang Yuan tightened his lips and steeled his nerves. With his will that was as cold as ice and as tough as steel, he pushed at the door nonchalantly.

Crack! Crack!

The simple bronze door grew warm at the touch of his hands and opened slowly.

Fang Yuan found a great hall beyond the door. It had the structure of the conference room of a king, and black flags and insignias decorated the surrounding pillars.

Right in the center of the room, there was an ashen-white throne made of bones!

“The Specter Ship’s previous captain… no one knows who he was or what had happened to him…”

Fang Yuan stepped forward and reached the throne of bones.

“One must bear the burden of the crown before wearing it!”

Suddenly, something flashed across the room, and a black silhouette appeared above the hall. It was none other than the Demigod, the Undead King.

Among the three ruling cores, it was the most eccentric.

It floated in the air while repeating the same line over and over.

“You… Are you prepared?”

“Of course… I founded the Purgatory Pirates in order to purge the world with the flames of the Fiery Lotus!”

Fang Yuan laughed heartily and sat down on the throne of bones.

It was an extremely unsettling sight.

The surface of the throne was made of numerous open-mouthed skulls.

While sitting on the throne, he felt as though countless beasts were biting him. It was an extreme psychological test.


The Undead King did not speak but instead slowly descended.

The black fog that had been surrounding it suddenly exploded and revealed its true form—a black cloak!


As soon as the black cloak landed on Fang Yuan, another intense transformation began.

Bright green flames burst out spontaneously all over Fang Yuan’s body. Many specters shrieked, cursing Fang Yuan and the world before they perished.

“The final test? It’s really something to be reckoned with!”

Fang Yuan mumbled something and waved his hand. A layer of Fiery Lotus flames immediately appeared and devoured the specters and green flames on his body.

“My grand goal is to use the Fiery Lotus to purge the world!

“My grand goal is to become the captain of Specter Ship and bring order to the netherworld and the mortal world!

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Let specters rest in peace!”

The originally intense Fiery Lotus flames turned absolutely gentle.

A white silhouette being purified was vaguely visible. Its anger had subsided, and it was now qualified to enter the netherworld and begin a new cycle.

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