Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 865

Chapter 865 Dramatic Change

Nightmare Ocean, Blackbeard’s territory.

At the center of this region was Blackbeard Island⁠—Blackbeard’s base.

After the military parade and review, Ettoman’s Invincible Steel Fleet had headed toward the Nightmare Ocean in a towering fashion.

At this time, Ettoman was the most powerful empire of the ocean. Relying solely on brute force, it wantonly eliminated the pirates in the Nightmare Ocean.

This Invincible Fleet’s primary firepower was the new ironclads, of which there were more than thirty. This fleet defeated the combined forces of the five admirals under Blackbeard’s command during an initial skirmish.

Three of Blackbeard’s five trusted subordinates were killed in that battle. His favorite—Black Lasso, who was fond of skinning—was blown to bits by the huge cannons on the spot.

After tallying, Ettoman’s fleet sank three first-level warships, seven second-level warships, sixteen third-level warships, and countless small vessels. It captured an incredible amount of prisoners as well.

The large ironclads used this shocking power to announce their presence to the world.

Any slightly intelligent sea merchant or country immediately understood that the situation at sea was about to undergo great change.

Even as Ettoman’s main fleet approached Blackbeard Island, it still had forces to spare. Under the command of the numerous Royal Pirates, the remaining forces regrouped into a number of massive fleets that headed straight for the pirate ports and free ports.

Although the main fleet was going to engage Blackbeard, the forces of Ettoman were so immense that every dispatched fleet had a first-level warship overseeing. Ordinary pirates were no match for them at all.

All of a sudden, fear enveloped the entire Nightmare Ocean. Countless famous pirates were captured and hanged to death on masts.

The pirate ports that once bustled with life suddenly became lifeless.

In the Nightmare Ocean, only Ettoman’s flags flew high.

Those lucky enough to survive either tried to head for Blackbeard’s main fleet to prepare for a final clash with Ettoman or were disheartened and prepared to leave the Nightmare Ocean and head into the depths of the Golden Sea Route.

“Hurry up! We need to be there before the battle begins!”

Atop a first-level warship, Orlando was in full dress uniform with a wig as he peered into the distance with a simple spyglass.

“Report! According to the latest news, Captain Huchak has defeated the Red Rose Pirates and hanged its captain!”

“Captain Dodoro has relayed news that he’s managed to take over Green Fragrance Island and has taken control of all its ports and shipyards…”

Behind him, news of all sorts arrived continuously.

“Map!” Orlando said and immediately spread open a map of the Nightmare Ocean. Pointing with his finger, he said, “This is Blackbeard Island. The main fleet has remained here all this time, tying down Blackbeard’s main fleet! Really outstanding move by Ettoman!”

In the time that the two main fleets were engaged with each other, Ettoman had used its overwhelming numbers and a batch of conquered pirates acting as vanguards to raid pirate forces all over the Nightmare Ocean.

After eliminating these pirates, the fleets would sail for the center and meet up with the main fleet at Blackbeard Island to form a giant net with one sole purpose—capturing the Nightmare Ocean’s pirate governor, Blackbeard!

Even if the pirates realized what Ettoman was trying to do, they would not be able to do anything about it. The difference in power was just too vast.

Ettoman was able to send out secondary forces to attack while the main fleets engaged each other, but Blackbeard was unable to.

After all, his greatest force besides his own fleet was that of the five admirals, who had been defeated at the start of this war.

He was as good as dead!

“A textbook war!”

Even Orlando could do nothing but admire Ettoman’s strategist after reviewing the situation.

“Of course… it’s only this time. After defeating or eliminating Blackbeard, the remaining pirate governors will definitely join forces. Maybe even elect a Pirate King to continue the fight with Ettoman!”

Orlando pondered in silence.

Admittedly, Blackbeard was unfortunate to have to face Ettoman’s new warships full force.

Prior to this, the pirate governors did not know the full extent of Ettoman’s power and could still sit on the sidelines and enjoy the show, perhaps wanting to use Blackbeard to test the waters as well.

This mentality had provided Ettoman with the initiative in this war.

Compared to the other sea regions that lacked any substantial targets, the Nightmare Ocean that Blackbeard resided in was the most worthy to start a war.

However, after this, there would never again be such an opportunity.

“Actually… the pirate governors should be reacting now. Regrettably, it’s too late… Pirate Prince Edward was prepared to help and was the only one who could make it before the final battle begins, but Ettoman managed to call forth Specter Ship… To resort to such cruelty means that it’s crucial for Ettoman to kill Blackbeard! Ettoman determined to use Blackbeard as a sacrifice to honor its flag!”

Naturally, Ettoman did not have an effective way of controlling Specter Ship.

The method it used to control the ship was extremely primitive and cruel.

As the largest island kingdom in the world, the number of merchant ships and transit hubs that Ettoman had was first in the world as well.

Occasionally, there would be leads to Specter Ship.

In order to steer Specter Ship, there naturally had to be blood sacrifices. Merchant ships full of sacrifices that could fulfill the bloodthirst of the specters were used to lead Specter Ship to where it wanted.

As far as Orlando knew, Ettoman had sacrificed no less than one hundred merchant ships to lure Specter Ship to the Golden Ocean. Nearly ten thousand slaves and sailors had been sacrificed!

Unquestionably, even some countries would be unable to realize an operation of such magnitude.

However, this great sacrifice had also managed to reap great rewards.

Specter Ship sent terror all over the Golden Ocean. Even the Pirate Prince was no match, and he had had to abandon his plan to assist Blackbeard.

There was no one left in the entire Nightmare Ocean that could help Blackbeard. The pirate governor of the Nightmare Ocean, the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates, seemed to be finally meeting his end.

Of course, it would not be too hard for Blackbeard to escape by himself and even take Monster with him.

But if he were to leave the Nightmare Ocean, he would have to forsake his roots, territory, military power, and so on… He would fall from being a pirate governor to a pirate captain with a soiled reputation.

For some pirates, this was a fate worse than death.

Furthermore, anything could happen in battle. Blackbeard was willing to put it all on the line.

“I’ve heard that… all pirates in the Nightmare Ocean who still want to fight are heading for Blackbeard Island… Arcane Trickster Roche escaped quickly and should already be in the Golden Ocean by now. Rest assured… Even if the Royal Pirates were to rest, we privateer captains will surely be ordered to clear the way. There’ll be an opportunity eventually!”

Orlando stomped the deck a few times, looking pleased with himself.

The ship that he was on was the absolute main force in the days of wind-powered sailing ships. It was a first-level warship with three decks, more than two hundred cannons, a displacement of three thousand tons, and a crew of more than a thousand, and it could reach a maximum of twenty knots carrying all of that. It was absolutely a fortress at sea.

If the past Octopus Marauder Team had such a flagship, it would have been over the moon.

But now, Orlando had bought it from the navy for a low price using the wealth that he had accumulated over a few successful pillages.

“By following the royal navy, I’ve gained a great deal… Next step, although an ironclad is out of the question, it’s time to think about getting an extraordinary ship for myself!”

Orlando pondered in silence.

Ironclads were truly a formidable national-level weapon. However, it was too bulky for private use.

Most importantly, even if the navy were to gift him one, he did not have enough trained sailors nor a new shipyard.

In other words, even with a steam-powered ship, ordinary pirates might not be able to use it. Furthermore, he would be tied to Ettoman forever because the logistics were entirely under Ettoman’s control! Only if… he built an entire supporting industrial system to accommodate the steam technology.

The clever Orlando realized early on that, despite its merits, ironclads were simply too expensive to even consider.

The kind of ship that he was suited for was still the first choice for all major pirates.

“It’s a pity… I didn’t run into Cecil’s great merchant, Formosa. I really did take a liking to that Mermaid of his…”

Perhaps having caught on to his thoughts, the Pirate System broke its silence and displayed a quest.

” Ding ! Quest triggered: Great Pirate!

“Quest explanation: How could you who aspires to become a great pirate not have an extraordinary ship that is compatible with your status? Take over Mermaid within three months! That’s right, that ship that can go underwater! Capture a giant octopus on top of that, and the system will reward you additionally with the title ‘Deep Sea Hades’!

“Quest reward: 2000 experience!”

“Why does it have to be Mermaid?”

Orlando would naturally not understand the system’s profound evil intentions. Instead, he was puzzled. “On top of that… I need to capture a giant octopus…

“Is… this Pirate System customizing quests according to my thoughts? What does all of this have to do with the Dream and Armament Master?”

He was utterly confused as he looked at his stats:

“Name: Orlando

Level: Civilian Level 5, Sorcerer Level 3

Strength: 3

Speed: 3

Physique: 2.5

Psyche: 6

Identity: Privateer Captain (Under Ettoman’s command)

Specialization: Sailing (Proficient), Firearm Manipulation (Proficient), Cutlass Techniques (Master), Battle Casting (Basic), Sorcery (Basic)

Experience: 100 (Experience required before reaching the next level: 4000)”

“Boss! We’ve reached the target location. Blackbeard’s territory lies just ahead!” shouted the pirate on the observation tower.

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