Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Solomon

World Calendar 667. It was a year of many happenings all over the world.

The Ettoman Royal Navy had broken the the Nightmare Ocean’s pirate governor, Blackbeard, and began their monopoly at sea.

They based their monopoly around ‘The Influence of Sea Power’, which was written by a renowned economist and published in the same year.

This glorious victory spread the name of the economist Donald and the ironclads all across the land of Opher, gaining both immense fame.

Although both the Pirate Prince and Specter Ship had outstanding performances in that grand sea battle, the biggest winner was undoubtedly Ettoman.

Not only did they crush the main force of the Blackbeard Pirates with a single attack, but they had also managed to destroy all the pirate forces in the Nightmare Ocean.

The Nightmare Ocean’s pirates were history since then.

The few that managed to escape had to continue to avoid the navy’s pursuit, a task that grew increasingly difficult with each day.

Riding on this wave of success, not only did the island nation Ettoman take control of the Nightmare Ocean, they monopolized the entire Golden Sea Route. On top of that, the Ettoman Empire sent out many privateer captains to raid merchant ships from other countries, even attacking their lands. Ettoman did everything in their power to hinder the sea trade development of other countries.

There was even a saying that went—’Everything the sun touches is under Ettoman’s rule’. The Ettoman Empire was known as the strongest ocean empire.

After taking control of the Nightmare Ocean, Ettoman did not rest content. Instead, it set its sights on the neighboring Golden Ocean.

In contrast with the unpredictable weather of the Nightmare Ocean, the Golden Ocean was a utopia that overflowed with gold and spices. It housed many plantation colonies that produced wealth for their respective countries.

In particular, the Solomon Strait guarded the route that connected the East and the West, and it held the greatest Ettoman stronghold in the Golden Ocean.

The governor of Solomon Strait was an acquaintance of Fang Yuan and his beautiful prisoner’s father, Viscount Quaid.

“Sunshine, beaches, babes… pity there aren’t any bikinis…” Fang Yuan said with a smirk after ordering his subordinates to bring Elizabeth.


Elizabeth merely looked at him, too tired to say anything.

Spending a long time as a prisoner had long since erased any temperament and pride that she had as a noble.

“What’s wrong? Is Lady Elizabeth not the least bit excited? You should be… for you are going to regain your freedom at last…”

“Pirate… what are you trying to do? Gods… even if you auction me off again, I have nothing to say,” Elizabeth mumbled resignedly.

“Oh! I forgot to tell you. We’re now in the Golden Ocean. It will take us just a day to reach the Solomon Strait!” Fang Yuan said calmly.

Elizabeth’s eyes flashed with life. Apparently, she had not given up all hope, despite what her appearance might suggest.

“If there are no surprises, the governor will surely pay an immense sum to purchase your freedom! ”

“Rest assured. I have divined that Governor Quaid will agree for sure.” The black-teethed witch smiled flirtatiously.

Although she was not particularly beautiful, many pirates on board looked at her with lust in their eyes.

These pirates are indeed like wolves, constantly craving battle even after gaining so much.

A brilliance flashed across Fang Yuan’s eyes.

Fang Yuan was the biggest winner right after Ettoman in that war.

Just capturing Blackbeard was a great harvest.

There were no bounties on the pirate governors because no country dared to incur their wrath.

However, Ettoman had placed a bounty of a million gold coins and a viscount position on Blackbeard’s head, breaking the record for the biggest bounty ever put on a pirate.

Naturally, since Fang Yuan had participated in the battle with Specter Ship and saved Blackbeard, his bounty had also increased tremendously. It rose to a solid seven hundred thousand gold coins and made his name known all across the oceans.

Fang Yuan ordered Elizabeth to be sent back to her cell and ‘invited’ Blackbeard over.

“How is everything? Have your wounds healed?”

Truthfully speaking, Fang Yuan’s incarnation was also a mortal at this time, so he naturally preferred Fiery Lotus’s environment.

As for Blackbeard, placing him on Specter Ship when he was severely wounded was no different from killing him.

Although he was now the captain of Specter Ship, the ship had long since grown used to operating independently of its captain. Fang Yuan only had to communicate rough orders through the two Demigod specters from time to time.

Not long after, Blackbeard arrived with a cold demeanor.

His feelings toward Fang Yuan were rather complicated.

Technically speaking, Fang Yuan did indeed save his life. However, he was confined immediately after. Coupled with the fact that he had tried to hunt Fang Yuan before… it really was a complicated mess.

“What else do you want from me?” Upon seeing Fang Yuan, Blackbeard’s eyes darkened. He said solemnly, “Her father will probably agree to your terms and hand over the Sea God’s skin. Furthermore, he’ll probably let us through the Solomon Strait as well!”

As Ettoman’s most important stronghold in the Golden Ocean, the defense of Solomon Strait was not weak by any means.

Not only were there permanent defensive structures and cannon towers atop all the peaks, but a fleet of over ten ironclads guarded the area as well, and the one leading the fleet was a rear admiral.

This setup would prove difficult to take down for even the Pirate Prince.

“That’s right… we must pass through the Solomon Strait before embarking on the route in the treasure map…” Fang Yuan nodded. “As for you… rest assured, you are very useful to me. For now, what do you say to becoming a pirate captain under me? Ninety percent of what you pillage will be yours!”

“Not interested!” Blackbeard’s complexion was dark as he rejected the offer.

What a joke!

As the former governor of the Nightmare Ocean, he would be the laughing stock of all pirates if he were to work under someone else!

“Spit it out… You wouldn’t be so naive to think that I’d agree. Why did you save me?” Blackbeard asked without beating around the bush. “The treasures of the treasure map don’t seem reason enough for you to wage war against the royal navy.”

“After obtaining the riches of the Soro Pirates, I will head straight for Pirate King City!” Fang Yuan paused for a while before continuing, “The rise of Ettoman has raised fear in the hearts of all pirates, so the next Pirate Conference will be held there! We need a leader to lead us, an assertive leader that will allow pirates to fight against Ettoman!”

“You want to become the Pirate King?” Blackbeard exclaimed.

The Pirate King was not someone who existed in every generation. On the contrary, a Pirate King was extremely rare.

After all, it was difficult enough to earn the respect of the common lawless pirates, and it was even harder to earn the respect of the pirate governors.

“That’s right. As a pirate, how could one not yearn for the position at the top!” Fang Yuan bluffed. “To become the Pirate King, one has to be first nominated by a pirate governor. Naturally, you have nominated yourselves in the past…”

“So, you want to bring me to the Pirate Conference and have me nominate you?” Blackbeard smiled wryly and shrugged. “Then you might be disappointed. I’m no longer the Nightmare Ocean’s pirate governor! The pirates might not recognize what I have to say now that I’ve lost my territory!”

“Haha… The top rule among pirates is that there are no rules! I’m not as naive as you!” Fang Yuan waved his hand. “I only want your nomination in name!”

“Nomination in name… Hiss …” After understanding what Fang Yuan meant, even someone as daring as Blackbeard gasped. “You couldn’t possibly want to…”

“Hush! Don’t say it! Don’t say it!”

Fang Yuan had a bone-chilling smile.

Beneath the moonlight.

A few naval ships sailed silently toward a deserted island before lowering some small boats.

“Those damned pirates… how dare they kidnap my Elizabeth…”

Viscount Quaid was a respected gentleman and a qualified politician who did not show his emotions on his face. However, he was rather at a loss today.

Ever since he got word of his daughter running into pirates, he had been worried about Elizabeth’s safety.

However, the pirates had only let him know that his daughter was still alive.

He looked at the naval officer beside him.

“Rear Admiral Jackson, I leave everything to you!”

“Rest assured, Governor. After confirming the young lady’s safety, I will hang every last one of those pirates!”

Rear Admiral Jackson was a handsome young man in his thirties. Upon hearing the governor’s request, he immediately patted his chest in guarantee.

“No! What I meant was that we don’t need to capture the pirates. I’m only worried about our safety. According to previous reports, the last time Elizabeth appeared was in the hands of the great slave trader Heathfrey. It’s possible that she’s in the hands of the Purgatory Pirates now…”

Viscount Quaid wiped his sweat with a clean white handkerchief.

“You’re saying… that the witch we encountered earlier is from the Purgatory Pirates?”

Rear Admiral Jackson flashed a cold smile. “Then I’m all the more interested… surely a mere Purgatory Pirates can’t stand up to our ironclads?”

“No! You don’t understand…”

Before Viscount Quaid could finish, the boat reached shore.

They alighted from the boat and went to the center of the island. They immediately saw Fang Yuan and his group with Elizabeth in the middle.

“My daughter…”

Regardless of how skilled Quaid was at keeping his emotions in check, he cried out in excitement upon seeing his daughter.

On the other hand, Rear Admiral Jackson cried out in shock.

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