Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 874

Chapter 874 Sun


A stream of burning light flashed in the air.

Blackbeard screamed and quickly backed off, but his hands were already burned into coke.

” Tsk tsk … Blackbeard, you were too hasty…” Fang Yuan slowly took out the treasure map. “I knew that you would betray us a long time ago, so how could I still show you all the secrets?”

“Damn it!”

Blackbeard rapidly chanted a few spells.

Several red meatballs that seemed to contain human bodies inside suddenly appeared.


All of a sudden, the membranes of those meatballs broke, and human-like monsters emerged.

” Ow! Ow !”

They roared. One of them ran toward the pillar of light to grab Sun’s key, and the rest ran toward Fang Yuan from all directions.


Light flashed in the air again, and the one that approached the pillar of light containing the key burned into coke.

Seeing this, Blackbeard was angrier. “Roche, you asshole!”

“What? You’re the one who cheated me!” Fang Yuan’s eyes widened, looking flabbergasted.

At the same time, he waved his hands, and his pirate bodyguards fended off the incoming human-like monsters.

“I’m really curious about how powerful the notorious Blackbeard is.” He laughed loudly, drew his cutlass, and approached Blackbeard.

“Arcane Trickster!!”

Blackbeard roared. Cold streams of light flashed in his hands, moving at astonishing speeds.


A rapier materialized in one hand while a shield protected Blackbeard’s other side, both sputtering sparks.

Almost immediately, Fang Yuan’s cutlass slashed at the rapier and cut off its tip.

“Blackbeard, you’ve revealed too many of your abilities along the way… But how much do you know about me? Do you know what other powers I have?”

Fang Yuan waved his cutlass as he leisurely walked forward.

Although Blackbeard was not as strong as the Demigod specters on Specter Ship, he was definitely one of the most powerful humans.

But under Fang Yuan’s psychological manipulation, he seemed at a loss.

The power of this incarnation of Fang Yuan had not yet reached the Demigod level.

Even with Fang Yuan’s main body sending power to it and Specter Ship’s support to further weaken the seal, it was still no more powerful than Blackbeard. In fact, it might actually be a bit weaker than Blackbeard.

However, since Blackbeard had already used up a lot of his energy opening up the path earlier, and Fang Yuan was already clear about Blackbeard’s abilities from the marks he left behind, it was currently fairly easy for Fang Yuan to fight against Blackbeard.

Once Fang Yuan attacked Blackbeard with all his might, Blackbeard immediately fell into a losing position.


Blackbeard looked in complete disbelief at the shield on Fang Yuan’s wrist. Fang Yuan was freely waving it about to block his attacks effortlessly.

He roared, and his rapier looked like a hundred flowers blooming as it tried to strike Fang Yuan continuously.

Ding! Ding! Dang! Dang!

Sparks appeared on the shield again and again as Fang Yuan twirled his wrist, fending off those attacks easily.

“How can you recognize my attack patterns?” Blackbeard said in shock. He jumped back, breathing heavily.

“Because you taught me!” Fang Yuan laughed loudly and struck with his cutlass.

Poof! Poof!

After a few attempts to attack, Blackbeard gave up on defense and pointed his rapier at Fang Yuan’s throat.

Fang Yuan did not evade, meeting the rapier thrust head-on.


Blood spewed everywhere.

Blackbeard’s eyes widened as a trail of blood flowed from his neck.

At this moment, his rapier was already touching Fang Yuan’s throat, almost killing Fang Yuan if his rapier could have only moved a little bit further.

However, his hands had no energy left.

“I… am not resigned…”

Blackbeard moaned and fell gently to the ground.

He was indeed unresigned. He would not have died if he had obtained the treasure map and if the tip of his rapier had not been cut off…

Unfortunately, there were no ‘ifs’ in this world.

Therefore, he could only accept it as his body fell to the ground.

Chi chi!

After his death, those summoned monsters turned into a pool of blood on the floor.

“He was also rather pitiful… He did not even look at the map carefully…”

Fang Yuan took out the treasure map and walked toward the pillar of light.

“To the glory of Solomon and the sorrow of the ancient goblins… All glory will become ordinary, and only the invincible steel fortress will continue sailing the ocean…”

He threw the treasure map away after chanting the spell.


Almost immediately, the treasure map turned into ashes and integrated into the pillar of light.

After some buzzing, the pillar of light scattered and disappeared. Fang Yuan caught the key as it fell from the air.


Fang Yuan felt as if he was connected to a vast being while holding on to Sun’s key.

This vast being did not have the same kind of intelligence as he did. Instead, it felt more like a high-performance computer, seeming able to adopt actions independently with just a few simple commands from him.

Moreover, it seemed that there was a huge database within his access privileges.

Though Fang Yuan ignored the rest, he managed to learn the goblin language.

“My respected commander, Sun is at your service!”

Fang Yuan heard the mechanical voice of a goblin in his ear.

“Sun?” Fang Yuan’s lips curled up slightly at the corners. “I need to know all your details!”

Suddenly, a data screen formed in front of him. At the top of the screen, there was a small model of Sun, and below that was all of its detailed information:


Length: 32 meters, Width: 30 meters

Displacement: 50,000 tons

Status of Fusion Reactor: Good (maintaining 60% charge)

Status of Main Cannon: 87%! Status of Secondary Cannons: 55%! Status of Hull Armor: 91%!

Additional Battle Units: Goblin Rippers (27), Diamond Golems (3), Machine Engineers…

Legend Ability—Eternity: This warship does not rely on other energy sources because the fusion reactor provides energy. The machine engineers will automatically perform ship maintenance, and there will always be freshwater in the water storage tank.

Legend Ability—Burning Sun: Sun can release 50% of all the energy stored in its fusion reactor at once to release an extremely powerful attack with its main cannon that can destroy an island. Attention: This attack will damage the warship’s hull. After each attack, the fusion reactor will enter rest mode for three hours to restore its energy. If the total energy of the warship drops below 20% during this time, the performance of the warship will decrease. If it drops below 3%, the warship will enter sleep mode directly.

Legend Ability—Diamond: Sun represents the pinnacle of machinery magic and can transform into a land-combat form. Attention: This mode consumes 10% of the energy reserves every minute.”

“No wonder why it’s a legendary warship…”

Fang Yuan nodded in satisfaction after seeing this.

‘Burning Sun’ should be undoubtedly the most powerful single-target attack.

And ‘Diamond’ should be the crux to how the ship was moved onto this island.

“Summon the diamond golems!”

Those traps and tests that the Soro Pirates had set up made use of only the lowest-level metal golems, and they did not even have many rippers.

However, diamond golems were at a much higher level, similar to the fighter planes on an aircraft carrier.

Under Fang Yuan’s command, a few shadows with exhaust flames behind them quickly descended.

They were three warrior golems.

Each of them was as tall as three meters. They did not look human nor goblin. Rather, they seemed to combine all the advantages of various body shapes and were designed into the most suitable structure for killing.

Just by standing there, they released a formidable pressure.

“Such power, although still a bit below a Demigod’s intrinsic quality, is absolutely lethal enough. But I’m not sure whether such purely physical attacks are effective against specters…”


Before he finished, a diamond golem with translucent armor turned its hand into a sharp dagger and attacked in Fang Yuan’s direction.


The sharp dagger stabbed through the black mist behind Fang Yuan.


The black mist dispersed and then condensed again—it was actually Blackbeard!

“As expected… how could a pirate proficient in black magic die so easily?”

Fang Yuan shrugged his shoulders and turned to Blackbeard’s dead body on the ground. “Did you abandon your body and transform into a spirit?”

“Roche!” Blackbeard stared at Fang Yuan hatefully. “No matter how powerful Sun is, it’s only a product of technology. How can physical attacks hurt specters? It’s the same logic as to how ironclads are unable to hurt Specter Ship! Even though I’ve discarded my physical body, I will eventually make you pay for what you’ve done to me!”

Toot! Toot!

At the same time, glowing red light emitted from the eyes of the diamond golem, and a mechanical voice sounded, “DIE…”

A few strange sounds echoed in the air. Butcher and the pirates, of course, did not understand anything. However, Fang Yuan was able to comprehend the meaning of those sounds.

“Intruder alert!”

“Attack attempt on the commander. Enemy recognized. Danger level: Three!”


“Target is a spirit! Fulfills operation rule number three! Follow attack plan number nine-nine-six!”

“Activating life energy field!”


The diamond golems attacked once again. While their fists flew at Blackbeard, a few distorted light rays appeared.

“Ahh!!!” Blackbeard’s vengeful soul screamed in agony.

A huge hole appeared on his translucent chest. Black mist flew around the hole and tried to repair it, but it was a futile effort.

“Idiot!” Fang Yuan laughed mockingly. “All substances in the world have the same essence. When pure physical attacks reach the limit, they can even destroy the entire world. How could they not destroy a spirit?”

The ironclads were unable to damage Specter Ship simply because they were not powerful enough.

Steam power was just an outdated technology to the ancient Goblin Empire. Sun was completely different—it was the product of high technology!

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