Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 875

Chapter 875 Royal City

“No… You can’t do this!”

Blackbeard’s soul remnant was on the verge of collapse after being attacked by the diamond golems.

“If you kill me, there won’t be any pirate governors willing to nominate you for Pirate King! Do you still want to be the Pirate King?” Blackbeard shouted, his face ferocious and his eyes red.

“Idiot! Did you forget that the top rule among pirates is that there are no rules?!”

Fang Yuan laughed lightly and waved his hand.

He did not expect that this ambitious and ruthless pirate’s last words to be so weak and full of fear.

Under Fang Yuan’s instruction, the three diamond golems no longer hesitated. They marched forward, grabbed Blackbeard’s soul, and tore it apart using their energy hands.


With a loud scream, he disappeared from this world.


After dealing with Blackbeard, Fang Yuan finally had time to closely examine the structure of this warship.

Its details were completely illustrated in the model, and it showed that the Soro Pirates had chosen a few cabins to store their treasures. There were so many treasures that even Fang Yuan was surprised by it.

However, considering the Soro Pirates were powerful enough to easily conquer the world with just a single warship, Sun, it made sense that they were extremely wealthy.

Thinking of this, another question popped into his mind.

What caused such a powerful pirate team to fall in the end?

If they had only wanted to get enough treasures and then retire, they definitely would not have left such a huge amount of treasures behind.

Unfortunately, there was no information on this, so Fang Yuan could only infer from what evidence he had at hand.


Butcher and the rest were staring at the diamond golems beside Fang Yuan in shock.

“Our exploration this time was quite successful… The treasures left by the Soro Pirates are now all ours!” Fang Yuan laughed loudly. “As well as Sun!”

“Woo, woo!”

Bill and his subordinates waved their cutlasses and cheered.

To them, Fang Yuan was an almost omnipotent boss.

At first, it was Specter Ship; now, it was Sun and defeating Blackbeard.

All of these successes made them feel that Fang Yuan was going to rise as a new pirate governor.

However, Fang Yuan felt slightly alarmed and alert.

As great as the Soro Pirates were, even possessing Sun, they still ultimately vanished from this world, much less him, who was still so weak.

After obtaining Specter Ship, the speed of my main body breaking through has become much faster. If I can become the Pirate King and disrupt the World Thread, I’ll definitely be able to break through the restrictions and come to the real world!

However, even if I’m able to achieve this, I shouldn’t be too complacent… If not, I’ll end up as the next ‘Sea God’!

There were many Demon Gods in this world, but no matter how strong one was, there was still the possibility of death. The Sea God was an example. Even though he was so powerful, he was still killed and made into ‘Sea God’.

Even at the Demon God level, it’s still not safe. This is due to the limits of this world…

Every being had different power in different worlds, even Demon Gods.

And in this Great Voyage World, extraordinary powers were unable to solve everything.

In other words, extraordinary powers would fail when outnumbered, just like how if there were enough ants, they could kill an elephant.

“This world…”

Fang Yuan sighed while gazing at the sea in the distance.

Pirate King City.

It was the brightest pearl on the Golden Sea Route and one of the most famous free ports.

It was rumored that one could easily sell a crown from Opher, even if it belonged to the Queen of Ettoman.

There were huge amounts of pirates, merchants, and naval scouts arriving every day, bringing about the city’s prosperity.

Such a prosperous city was, of course, a thorn in the side to the royal navy. However, even the mighty Ettoman, who had the Invincible Steel Fleet, was not confident in attacking this city.

The reason was that, in this city, there were not only a large number of pirates but also quite a few retired pirate governors that were still very powerful.

Furthermore, this city was protected by a legendary ship, King’s Throne.

King’s Throne was as famous as Sea God and Specter Ship, and it was also the flagship of the previous Pirate King.

Its only legend ability was ‘Sea Contract’, allowing it to form contracts with an infinite amount of sea monsters.

The ocean was boundless compared to land.

And the sea monsters were the owners of the dangerous deep sea.

It was unknown what existences there were in the deep sea. It was entirely possible for children contaminated by the blood of Evil Gods and demons that could rival gods to be inside.

Under King’s Throne’s Sea Contract, even sea monsters as strong as Evil Gods had to surrender.

Of course, it was all hearsay that sea monsters of such a level existed.

However, there were definitely Demigod-level sea monsters contracted to Throne.

If not, Pirate King City would not have remained safe until now.


A stream of white quickly approached a huge island—it was the Wanderer.

Pirate Prince Edward stood on the deck and looked at the enormous city on the island. He was filled with emotion. “We meet again, Pirate King City.”

Pirate King City spread throughout the entire island. Ports at the boundary of the island had an endless number of ships passing through every day, making the city flourish.

In addition, the location of these ports would change at specific times every day.

They could relocate to completely different directions or sea regions.

Such special features were a good method to help pirates and merchants who did not wish to expose themselves hide their activities.

Edward did not pay attention to this at all.

He berthed his ship at a port and went to a conference hall with his subordinates.

It was a mess inside.

Various pirates of different races in torn clothes were waving their cutlasses and flintlocks and fighting each other.

There was a round table at the center of the hall.

Edward slowly sat down. Immediately, everyone in the room turned toward him respectfully.

A merman even smiled and greeted him. “Good day, Your Excellency Pirate Prince of the Golden Ocean!”

Merfolk lived in the ocean. They had human-like limbs, but their bodies were covered with fish-like scales and fins.

Those with purer bloodlines looked more human, but those with complex bloodlines simply had fish heads, making them look ugly and scary.

The merman who greeted Edward did not look much different from a human.

If not for the faint scales scattered on his cheek, one could not even tell that he was merfolk. He looked like a graceful middle-aged human.

Edward bowed slightly. “Greetings, Your Excellency Kingsman of the Coral Ocean!”

This merman was clearly the Merfolk King, Kingsman, the Coral Ocean’s governor, king of Merfolk Kingdom, and the pirate who possessed Sea God.

“And of course, Governor Balmain of the Devil Ocean…”

Prince Edward greeted them one by one.

The Devil Ocean’s governor was a human pirate. It was said that his research on ironclads was as deep as Ettoman’s and that he had already started modifying his fleet.

Star Clusters Archipelago’s governor was a graceful and noble elf with a giant green bow on his back.

He was the ‘Wind Catcher’ Aeoris, an elf pirate who was renowned even among humans.

And the last one was a governor from the East, Wang Zhi.

They were all influential and powerful pirate governors from different regions.

They had gathered because of the threat from Ettoman.

As expected, no proper discussion could happen between them. Once they came together, they would definitely start fighting one another.

“Ettoman’s ambition has to be stopped. If not, we will lose our ocean and our freedom!”

Merfolk King Kingsman started the conversation, setting the tone for the conference.

“Yes! We have to resolve the threat from Ettoman!” Balmain said coldly. “However, we need a bit more time. It’s not easy to defeat that Steel Fleet.”

“Don’t worry, Your Excellency. You’ve already obtained the techniques for steel ships…” Aeoris did not want to keep this secret for Balmain. “The longer we drag this out, the more beneficial it is to you, right?”

“Rubbish!” Balmain’s eyes turned red. “Everyone knows that Pirate Prince Edward knows the most about steam-powered ships… Not only does he have detailed specifications on them, but he also witnessed the battle that ruined Blackbeard…”

The other pirates instantly became cautious of Edward.

“Ettoman has approached, but what are we doing here?” Edward was disappointed seeing this. “I did find a goblin vestige, but there was very little information on steel ships. Even though I’ve already invested a lot into the research on them, it will still take quite some time to design a steam-powered ship based on the little amount of information I’ve obtained. By the time I design a warship, Ettoman could have already chased us out of the ocean… So tell me, do you want this to happen?”

Edward tore his clothes and jumped onto the table. His face was flushed with agitation, totally different from his usual self.

“Of course I’m unwilling!”

“Let’s destroy them together!”

The pirates in this conference hall were not ordinary. Once they heard Edward’s words, they all agreed excitedly.

However, a few governors exchanged looks and remained quiet.

Nevertheless, they could not change the common goal of all pirates.

“Including me, there are a total of five pirate governors here. We should first decide on who will be the Pirate King!” Edward said. “We shouldn’t fight alone, and we need a unified commander. If a king emerges, I’m willing to share all my research resources!”

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