Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Harvest

“Pirate King? I oppose!” Balmain slammed the table furiously. “I won’t allow you to have control over Pirate King City and King’s Throne!”

Pirate King City and the nearby sea region was the most prosperous place in the world, but no pirate governor ruled it.

Instead, a group of retired pirates called the Pirate Alliance governed it. According to the ancient contract, only a true Pirate King could fully control King’s Throne.

Otherwise, this legendary pirate ship would only protect Pirate King City and destroy all intruders.

“Why not?” Edward smiled. “We’ve already witnessed Ettoman’s Invincible Steel Fleet. To defeat it, we have to combine the powers of at least three legendary ships, as well as other extraordinary warships!”

“Extraordinary warships are relatively easy to get. Any famous pirate would be able to get one. Do you want to create an extraordinary warship army to beat Ettoman’s Invincible Steel Fleet?” Aeoris laughed.

“That was indeed my thought… Don’t tell me you guys never sent any spies to Ettoman’s factories to check on their situation! I believe that all of you should know that as time passes, even if we can build ironclads ourselves, it will be too late. By then, for every ship we build, Ettoman would have three out already!”

Edward put his hands on the table and said solemnly, “Sirs, we don’t have much time left to hesitate!”

“Three legendary ships… you make it sound so easy…” Balmain shrugged. “Between all of us here, I think only Kingsman’s Sea God is worthy of being called legendary! My flagship is not worth mentioning. As for the rest, Edward, your Wanderer, Wang Zhi’s Five Mountains, and Aeoris’s Wind Chasing Leaf can only be considered second-rate…”

” Cough cough …”

Kingsman coughed lightly.

His power was the greatest among the pirate governors. Once he started speaking, the rest became quiet and listened to him carefully.

“For our freedom and our goals, I can contribute my Sea God for a while. However, even if we have King’s Throne, it’s still not strong enough to fight against Ettoman!”

“Therefore, we need an ally…” Edward’s voice was serious. “… Arcane Trickster Roche!”

“Arcane Trickster Roche?”

All the governors in the conference hall frowned.

Of course, everyone had heard of this notorious pirate.

Roche’s most astonishing feat was managing to become Specter Ship’s captain.

Furthermore, he had appeared in the fight that ruined Blackbeard and was rumored to have rescued him.

“There’s a vacancy for governor of Nightmare Ocean, and I believe that Roche will be interested. If we can elect a Pirate King and get King’s Throne under control, we’ll be strong enough to fight against Ettoman!” Edward said passionately, his eyes burning with fire.

“The Arcane Trickster is a renowned pirate, but becoming the pirate governor of Nightmare Ocean is not something that we can decide. He has to seize the Nightmare Ocean himself!” Kingsman said loudly. Many agreed with him immediately.

He possessed the legendary Sea God, Balmain had the most steam-modified ships, Aeoris represented the interests of the minority races, and Wang Zhi had the most professional fleet.

“Absolutely not!”

“You want to win over the Arcane Trickster by having him become a pirate governor and then getting him to recommend you for Pirate King. There’s no such a good thing in this world!”

Obviously, the other governors were not stupid. They immediately thought of the possibility that Pirate Prince Edward had secretly partnered with Arcane Trickster Roche. Thus, they strongly rejected.

“I told you before, Edward… Don’t think that you can persuade them! They’re all stupid and selfish people who only care about rum and women!”

Fang Yuan sighed and slowly walked into the conference hall.

“Arcane Trickster Roche?!” Balmain immediately stood up and pointed his flintlock and cutlass at Fang Yuan. “A newly-risen pirate… I could kill you in a second and send your dead body to feed the sharks!”

“Indeed… Regarding these colleagues, I also feel very desperate…” Edward shook his head helplessly. “Ettoman’s fleet has completely occupied the Nightmare Ocean and is attacking my Golden Ocean right now. They could attack my capital at any moment! But you guys are still… so selfish, only caring about your own interests at such a critical moment!”

“Oh, oh!” Wang Zhi shouted in some eastern language.

“Wang Zhi says that he thought of a solution!” Wang Zhi’s translator raised the glasses on his nose. “As long as we can take down Roche and take away his control of Spector Ship, we will have three legendary ships!”

“I agree!” Balmain shouted, looking at Fang Yuan maliciously.

“I second it!” The graceful elf Aeoris also nodded.

“If this is everyone’s decision, then I agree as well!” Kingsman shrugged and looked at Edward, ill-humored. “Our dear Pirate Prince Edward, what about you? Will you choose to stand on the same side as us, or help this pirate fight against us?”

“My decision, of course…” But before Edward finished speaking, he suddenly backed off quickly and jumped out the window.

Positioning complete. Burning Sun charged. Target locked. Firing!

‘Fang Yuan’ suddenly changed into liquid metal as Edward laughed loudly. Impressively, it was actually a puppet.

“%#! It was a trap!”

The governors shouted and wanted to escape.

Unfortunately, it was too late.


The next moment…


A terrible stream of white light swept through the sky and instantly fell into the conference hall.

Silver light flashed.

Immediately after that, a mushroom cloud billowed upward.

Sun’s main cannon—legend ability Burning Sun!

The most powerful single-target attack had suddenly arrived at this place.

“Burning Sun is quite formidable. It can even aim at a specific location and accurately attack the target!”

From outside the venue, the real Fang Yuan walked over while sweeping the dust off his shoulders, and then he pulled Edward out from the debris. “Are you okay?”

“I won’t die!” Edward’s face was full of dust, and he was coughing slightly. “If you didn’t have Sun, I definitely wouldn’t have chosen to cooperate with you!”

“Both you and I don’t wish to see the glory of pirates vanish in history. To achieve this, the only way is to have a leader and for everyone to have a common goal!” Fang Yuan was solemn. “Other than that, there’s no other choice! Furthermore, after we’re done here, we will possess Sea God and even the King’s Throne! That’s more than enough for you to complete your plan!”


Edward stared at the debris and started questioning himself.

At this moment, the enormous pirate conference hall had disappeared. What was left was only a deep and giant hole in the ground. It was so deep, it was as if it could reach the center of the world.

“In this situation, can they survive?”

Edward’s expression was wooden.

“Of course… The world always likes to play with us, and we have to take all possible situations into account.” Fang Yuan laughed loudly. “But… I think our most important issue right now is to think about how to deal with Pirate King City’s anger!”

Pirate King City forbade internal strife and large-scale attacks.

Otherwise, the Pirate Alliance would issue punishments.

This was a strong deterrence to the governors because the Pirate Alliance had partial control over King’s Throne.

“If there are some governors still alive, it will be difficult for us to deal with…” Edward frowned. “Pirates without a leader are a pile of loose sand. I’m confident that I can take over their fleets, but if there’s someone competing with me, it’ll be a different story…”

“Pirate Prince, do you want to explain yourself?”

Finally, the explosion subsided, and a large number of pirates arrived.

Compared to ordinary pirates, they looked more professional, even having unified weapons and clothes.

“Pirates are pirates. They can never form a true army!”

Seeing this, Edward’s face changed. “They’re the protectors of Pirate King City and can’t be underestimated! But my people will soon come to help us! We need to be careful about those older pirates hiding in the back. They’re very strong, especially when they work together. There are even some retired pirate governors who might want to take this opportunity to stage a comeback!”

“Don’t worry… They have no chance at all! This Pirate King City has been at peace for too long, and it’s too dependent on the protection of a legendary pirate ship,” Fang Yuan said scornfully.

Speaking of this, those pirate governors and their henchmen were really unlucky.

They died simply because they trusted the security of Pirate King City too much.

It was indeed detrimental when rebellious pirates suddenly started to obey rules.

These guards in black looked gloomy. The old pirate in front lifted his hood and smirked. “How dare you break the rules of Pirate King City! Your eyes and hearts will be dug out, your souls will be cursed to stay in your rotten bodies forever, and your bodies will be hung on the walls of Pirate King City to feed the crows!”

“Wow… I’m so scared!”

Fang Yuan shrugged.

At that moment, the Pirate Prince and his subordinates went forward and stood directly opposite the guards.

“Quickly head to the port! Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for us to escape once King’s Throne comes!”

Edward looked anxious.

“No one will be able to escape… and King’s Throne has already been dispatched!”

The old pirate looked malicious and mysterious.

The next moment…


The ground quaked. A fountain of blood erupted into the sky.

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