Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 877

Chapter 877 Attack

“Roar! Roar!”

All of Pirate King City seemed to come alive in an instant.

The ground trembled, cracking layer upon layer. From within, a roar that sounded as though it came from ancient times boomed.

Countless pirates and merchants were seized with panic while trying to escape, but they had no idea where to go.

This was because the tremors were affecting the entire island.

Even the port had an enormous whirlpool emerge. It was like a black hole that was engulfing large amounts of seawater and ships.

Edward seemed to recall something. “Looks like… the rumors are true. Pirate King City is built on the body of an immensely enormous sea monster…”

“Heh… That’s indeed the case. All of Pirate King City is built on an island turtle. An ordinary island turtle already has an enormous body, but this Island Turtle King is like a gigantic island and sleeps for over a hundred years each time… After making a contract with King’s Throne, it became the cornerstone of Pirate King City!”

The old pirate, who was the commander of the guards, sneered. “You’re currently on our territory… and still dared to wantonly trample the rules. We guardians will let you know the wrath of pirates!”

“Hehe…” Fang Yuan remained calm amid the tremors and had a mocking look on his face when he looked at the old pirate. “A bunch of retired old fogeys who still want to be at the front of the stage. Do you think being a pirate is like a child playing pretend? Dream on!”

The old pirate’s expression turned cold. “When the Island Turtle King completely awakens and reinforcements arrive, I hope you’re still able to laugh…”

At that moment, the gem on the necklace in front of his chest twinkled. Suddenly, it projected a screen that showed a few old pirates around a round table.

“Golden Ocean’s Pirate Governor Edward and Arcane Trickster Roche… Due to your actions, you shall face the wrath of the entire Pirate King City… in the name of the Pirate Alliance and Pirate King City’s guardians!”


Fang Yuan pounced forward and stretched out his hand, immediately grabbing the necklace.

The commander of the old pirates retreated into the crowd and roared, “Kill them!”


The ground shook even more violently.

Amid the loud bangs, the ground split open, and a couple of enormous creatures climbed out.

They were creatures that lived on the Island Turtle King’s body, and they had a relationship that was similar to hippopotamuses and Egyptian plovers. Because they felt the Island Turtle King’s wrath, they immediately appeared and attacked Fang Yuan.

At the same time, in a secret room…

Like old wolves gathering together, a few old pirates with a glint of cunningness in their eyes sat in a circle.

“Those pirate governors were too careless! To think they actually fell prey to Edward and Roche’s plot!”

“I sensed ripples in space. It shouldn’t be complete annihilation. There should be a few who slipped through the net…”

“That doesn’t matter. We must immediately deal with Edward and Roche to uphold the dignity of our Pirate King City…”

“We’ve already woken up the Island Turtle King, and the ships docked at the port are unable to move, aside from legendary pirate ships of course… If by any chance Kingsman is still alive and he returns to Sea God, that will be greatly troublesome!”

“So what if it’s troublesome? We must deal with it! Pirates can’t be in disunity, and the ultimate decision-maker must be us!”

“Yes, first kill Edward and that Roche, then snatch and take possession of all of the legendary pirate ships!”

“Immediately activate King’s Throne. Even if we only have partial control over it, we can still order the sea monsters to crush these audacious pirates…”

Numerous resolutions were formed and sent out through various channels.

They were the behind-the-scenes masters of Pirate King City, the five elders who truly had supreme authority over the Pirate Alliance.

Some of them were even retired pirate governors.

They did not have good impressions of Edward and Fang Yuan, these two youngsters who were in a rush to seize power.

So naturally, they had to muster all strength to eliminate them.

Some of their eyes were even emitting flames.

The loyalty of pirates was a joke.

Edward was confident he could take over the pirate governors’ remaining forces, and of course, so were they.

As long as they got rid of Edward and Fang Yuan, these two last unstable factors, and subdued the pirates that had luckily escaped, Pirate King City could immediately unify the oceans and become the true king of pirates!

On this thought, even for them, they could not help having their eyes turn red and their breaths become heavy.

At this moment, a crystal on the wooden table in the meeting room suddenly shattered.

They were in the dark about the situation on the battlefield.

“They think that by destroying a surveillance eye that we would have no other means?”

One of the old pirates had a gloomy expression and pressed a mechanism on one of his crutches.

Immediately, an even clearer screen emerged in front of the old men.

“This is…”

On the screen, Arcane Trickster Roche was strolling confidently with a necklace in his hands while sea monsters attacked him from all sides. He looked over with delight as though he had seen his prey. “Found it!”

“Found… what?”

The five pirate elders exchanged glances, their hearts palpitating with uneasiness.


The next moment, an enormous steel foot stomped on the roof, and the roof came crashing down.

These old fellows dodged too late and instantly became a pile of mincemeat.

But even if they survived, they would still be buried alive in the wreckage.

Bang! Bang!

An enormous steel fist landed right after. It was like a pile driver, smashing the original secret room into a huge hole in an instant.

The five pirate elders definitely had their skeletons turn into dust and their flesh into pulp.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The enormous fist moved away.

Only now could it be seen that it was from a steel giant that was several hundred meters tall.

The giant took a step, and with a jump, it crossed over Pirate King City’s city walls. The crowd was seized with panic, as if they were experiencing a natural disaster.

Although there were still guards that kept to their duty, ordinary cannons and firearms could not even leave a mark on the steel giant.

Sun’s legend ability—Diamond!

This ability allowed the Sun to transform into a steel giant that could fight on land.

After defeating the five pirate elders in one move, the Sun Giant headed toward the governors’ conference hall and pressed down with its hands.


It grabbed a sea monster’s neck and twisted it, leaving a huge corpse lying on the ground.

“It’s done?!”

It did a sweep across all directions and then extended a palm to bring Fang Yuan and Edward onto its shoulders.


Butcher and his other loyal subordinates were already waiting there, and they broke into a grin. “We found the Pirate Alliance and wiped them out.”

“Well done!” Fang Yuan nodded but also felt some regret. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in the Creator Space. Otherwise, with the governors’ deaths earlier, there would have definitely been large amounts of accomplishments and rewards given… and at the same time, it might have even changed the storyline…

“This is Sun’s transformation ability?” Upon seeing this, Edward could not hide his astonishment. “With two legendary pirate ships in your hands, King’s Throne won’t be able to cause any trouble at all.”

“This legend ability can only last five minutes at most…”

Fang Yuan’s eyes gleamed, and the steel Sun Giant quickly ran toward the sea.

Bang! Bang!

With its astonishing weight, even though it had a customized structure to reduce it, every step it took still resulted in a huge hole and even generated metallic clashing sounds.

It stepped on the turtle’s shell? Fang Yuan was not concerned in the slightest. The Burning Sun shot earlier was equivalent to making a large hole in this huge turtle, and even its shell was smashed. With so much blood lost, no matter how temperate it is, it would go mad…

From afar, he could already see that some huge rocks had fallen at the edge of Pirate King City, revealing dark-yellow scales and the thick outermost layer of skin behind it.

The cliffs had shattered into small pieces, and an enormous foot was revealed.

The Island Turtle King was finally going to fully awaken!


At this moment, the steel giant had reached the edge of the island and suddenly jumped.

Crack! Crack!

In midair, it underwent a bizarre transformation, turned back into Sun, and fell violently into the ocean.

Activating reverse gravitational field! Remaining energy at 25%!

Fang Yuan heard the mechanical voice of a goblin.

“Launch at full speed! Leave this place! Head to where Sea God is docked!”


Sun went below the sea surface for a moment and then quickly reemerged with streams of water coming out of its cannons like a brook.

After hearing Fang Yuan’s orders, it immediately dashed at full force toward Sea God.

At the port, due to the radical events that had happened in Pirate King City, the pirates on land were naturally in chaos. As for the pirates that stayed on their ships, they left the port one after another.

Although there were unfortunate people who were affected by the movements of the awakening Island Turtle King, with their ships being destroyed and people being annihilated, there were also fortunate people who managed to escape.

Among them, the pirate governors had brought the most people and ships, so their commotion was also the fiercest.

Mermaid Pirates.

This pirate team was entirely made up of merfolk. Although it had the fewest ships among the pirate governors, none of the other governors would dare make light of them.

After all, escorted by numerous warships around it was the legendary warship Sea God!

During the time when numerous legendary pirate ships had vanished without a trace, Sea God even had the reputation of being the first.

Of course, in Kingsman’s point of view, even King’s Throne might not be capable of going up against Sea God.

However, Sun was currently boldly dashing forward with an exceptionally terrifying aura, rushing straight into the Mermaid Pirates’ area.

Ding ding!

Below the hull, rustling sounds coming from the section that was submerged in seawater rang out.

These sounds were made by the merfolk pirates from the Mermaid Pirates trying to attack the bottom of Sun’s hull.

This tactic would have been a nightmare for any ship in the era of wooden sailing ships. Unfortunately, the entirety of Sun was built using metal. In terms of the thickness of its steel plates, it was even thicker than those used in Ettoman’s ironclads. Thus, the dirty tricks that were occurring underwater were simply disregarded. It dashed toward the center, and the famous Sea God appeared in sight.

It looked like an ordinary three-masted ship with a huge blue sail. In terms of its external appearance, it was not much different from an ordinary ship.

However, as soon as he got closer, Fang Yuan’s eyes glistened.

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