Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 878

Chapter 878 Betrayal


Undoubtedly, using Sun to charge into the enemy base alone was extremely dangerous. To put it bluntly, it was no different from suicide.

The Mermaid Pirates immediately responded by concentrating their firepower on Sun.

In an instant, over a hundred artillery shells hit the ship, exploding in bouts of flames.


This barrage of cannon fire did not even bring a slight vibration to ship.

Fang Yuan was calm, looking intently at the data window that was only visible to the commander.

Receiving bombardment, activating anti-matter forcefield!

Assessment for this bombardment intensity: 1! Evaluation: Even if no defensive measures are taken, this bombardment will require a full day to break through the ship’s armor!

Robot Engineers standby, be ready to move out to repair the ship!

Attack encountered, main and secondary cannons are ready. Commander, do we retaliate?

Despite the ferocity of the bombardment, even ordinary ironclads would survive, so it was a piece of cake for Sun’s defenses.

Fang Yuan looked at the pirate ship closeby and waved. “Counterattack!”

Secondary cannons standing by, targeting, fire!

Bang! Bang!

Amid the sound of machines, Sun’s secondary cannons started firing.

Two bouts of flame exploded on the sea.

Even Sun’s secondary cannons had a horrifying caliber size, and a single shot could level half a football field.

No wooden ship on the sea would be able to survive a shot from the secondary cannons.

That was also without taking into consideration that Sun’s cannons could be augmented, and no shots would miss. After a round of cannon fire, the ferocious pirates who believed that they had found themselves a bargain had lost ten ships.

” Tsk tsk … is this the power of a legendary pirate ship?” Even Pirate Prince Edward was dumbfounded. “This cannon fire must have sunk five of their first-level warships? Even if Kingsman didn’t die earlier, his heart would have been broken into pieces by this sight!”

“I think that Kingsman is dead. Otherwise, why would there no response from Sea God… It won’t do me any good worrying about him. As long as I can take control of the ship, there will be no more problems.”

The fleet’s core, Sea God, finally started to take action.

A grand prayer song resounded from its deck.

There was a vaguely visible young mermaid on the deck praying.

Along with her high-pitched voice, the illusion of a fiercely roaring god appeared on Sea God’s blue sail.


Clouds gathered and blocked the sun.

Endless waves surfaced on the sea. Coupled with the struggle of the Island Turtle King, it was though the end of the world had arrived.


The waves churned, as though a giant beast hidden beneath the sea was flipping about recklessly. The waves grew taller and taller.

“This is bad. It’s tsunamis and whirlpools!” Edward frowned as he looked at the forming giant whirlpool that separated Sea God and Sun. “Since that mermaid has this much control over Sea God, she must be a trusted aide of Kingsman!”

“It’s just a whirlpool. We’ll rush past it!” Fang Yuan ordered, “Open the anti-gravitational field, full power!”

Roger! Remaining energy at 20%!

Immediately, Sun dialed up its speed to the max. Like a speedboat, it sped past the whirlpool, leaving a white trail of waves, and arrived in front of Sea God.

Roar! Roar!

At the same time, the Island Turtle King finally awakened. Carrying a Pirate King City, it chased after Sun by paddling with all four legs.

Large amounts of sea monsters appeared near the Island Turtle King and surrounded a large ship with a blood-colored sail.

The large ship looked ferocious. Its ram and bow were all made in the image of ferocious beasts and fangs, and the ship’s hull was decorated with many sea monster patterns.

“Pirate King City’s guardian, King’s Throne!”

Edward could feel the hairs on his neck stand up upon seeing King’s Throne.

After all, this legendary pirate ship had protected Pirate King City for many years, and even the Ettoman navy found it extremely difficult to deal with.

If Fang Yuan was not at his side, he would have immediately returned to Wanderer and leave this region.

“Did it finally appear?”

Fang Yuan smiled coldly and sounded a pitch-black horn.

Whoo! Whoo!

With the desolate sound of the horn, a thick mist appeared.

A large, translucent ship seemed to appear from the netherworld.

“It’s Specter Ship!”

“That ghost ship!”

“It will kill any sailor! That ship is full of undead creatures!”

“We’re finished!”

Legends about Specter Ship were not to be taken lightly, especially for pirates.

The sight of Specter Ship paralyzed many ordinary pirates. They collapsed on the deck and were unable to move for a good while.

“Target… King’s Throne! Attack!”

The Demigod Lich stood at the prow. With his command, a black mist appeared from Specter Ship and floated toward King’s Throne.

Upon closer inspection, one would see that the black mist was full of wraiths, specters, banshees, etc.

“As another legendary ship, even if Specter Ship can’t claim victory over King’s Throne, it should at least buy some time… Furthermore, King’s Throne doesn’t have any sailors on board at the moment. It’s moving purely on instinct…”

Only Sea God was of concern to Fang Yuan at the moment.

It gave him a really peculiar feeling.

It looked like that unlucky Sea God whose body was thoroughly scavenged was on the same level as his main body.

Regretfully, why he fell remained a mystery under the suppression of this world.

Even after falling, materials from his body were still able to forge this terrifying Sea God.

“King’s Throne is just moving based on instinct, like a specific program… As for Sea God, there’s still a mermaid that has partial control over the ship. I can’t let her get away!”

With Fang Yuan’s order, Sun’s speed increased again, and it arrived next to Sea God.

Compared to Sun’s towering size, Sea God almost looked like a toy. However, its presence was no lesser for it.

“Oh sea… Answer my call, attack my enemy!” the mermaid sang.

Splash Splash!

There was a disturbance on the sea surface. Then a wall of water rose from the sea. Sprays continued to climb well over a hundred meters high.

While Sun was a giant among ships, compared to the size of the sea, it was just an ant.

The situation was horrifying.

The water continued to climb, as though it were shackled by an invisible force that would only release it after reaching the peak.

Ten million tons of seawater blocked out the sun like a mountain. Its shadow covered Sun, looking like a snowy mountain that was about to avalanche.

“Great Tsunami! Sea Burial!”

Finally, with the mermaid’s hysterical screams, the tsunami fell.

Ten million tons of seawater was enough to send Sun to the bottom of the ocean.

The giant waves also caused the surrounding pirate ships to suffer collateral damage. Countless ships were overturned.

In this sea peril, only Sea God was surrounded by a layer of luminous blue light that protected it from the waves.

“Are… we victorious?”

On the deck of Sea God, the mermaid’s face was pale as she looked at her wrist.

A few bloody cuts could be seen.

How was it possible to control Sea God and cause such a terrifying sea peril without repercussions?

“Gather the merfolk sailors at once and anchor at the nearest island. After the Great Turtle calms down, I will enter Pirate King City!”

The mermaid bit off her clothes to bandage her wrist, her delicate face full of perseverance. “My father is the king of the kingdom. I don’t believe that he’d die so easily!”

“Yes! Great Sea Princess!”

The surrounding merfolk bowed humbly.

After all, this young mermaid was the daughter of Kingsman, Merfolk Kingdom’s princess.

In addition, the ability to control Sea God was akin to the power of the gods.

“It looks like… Kingsman is really dead!”

The surface of the sea suddenly split apart, and a jade-green ship jumped out.

It looked like a barracuda. It had a smooth and slender hull, and its mooring rope was made of thick tree vines with leaves still attached.

“Wind Chasing Leaf?” The teenage mermaid shouted, “Elf Pirate Governor Aeoris… you wish to be our enemy?”

“No! I merely seek your Sea God!”

Aeoris was an Extraordinary himself, and his voice was clearly audible in the giant waves.

Wind Chasing Leaf approached swiftly and arrived at Sea God’s side.


Vines reached out as though they had lives of their own. Tightening their grip around Sea God, the two ships became one.


“Capture Sea God!”

“The most powerful aspect of Sea God is its ability to control the sea… But now, unless it sinks itself as well, it can’t do anything to us!”

“We elves will ultimately become the kings of the ocean! Sea God… is ours!”

With Aeoris’s roar, huge amounts of elf pirates and other races jumped over to battle.

Looking at this, the mermaid princess’s limbs went cold. “Damn…”

Controlling the sea was Sea God’s only legend ability. However, the two ships were now one.

Regardless of the size of the tsunami she could summon, she could do nothing to the enemy unless she was willing to sink Sea God as well.

As for a boarding battle?

Although merfolk warriors never feared battle, the opponents this time were the elites of a pirate governor.

Seconds later, blood and gore flew everywhere, and the Mermaid Pirates lost.

“Surrender and give me Sea God. I swear I will take you as my wife!” His eyes filled with greed, Aeoris approached the mermaid princess. “Your father has died… only I can protect you!”

“Dream on!” The mermaid princess was furious. “You broke the promise with my father!”

“Promise? Was there one?” Aeoris smirked. “A pirate’s promise? Haha…”

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