Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 879

Chapter 879 King

Chapter 879: King

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“Kill all the merfolk except for the princess!” Aeoris ordered after his cold laugh. “The sea’s gifts must belong to the elves!”

Among the pirate governors, he was not the most powerful, nor did he have the biggest force under his command. The only thing he relied on was a legendary item, the Dagger of Escape!

It could be used for a one-time teleport and would activate automatically when he was in mortal danger, teleporting him to a safe place.

However, after one use, this legendary item would be ruined.

Even so, Aeoris did not regret it one bit. Compared to his life, a legendary item was not even worth mentioning.

Furthermore, the death of so many pirate governors presented a huge opportunity.

Even the legendary pirate ships that showed up now totaled to a solid four!

If he could obtain all of them, becoming the Pirate King would be a piece of cake. He could even make an ocean empire!

“Then, let us greet death together!”

As Aeoris advanced slowly, the mermaid princess’ face filled with resolution. “Great Tsunami!”

Bloop! Bloop!

The scene earlier reappeared. Ten million tons of seawater started to accumulate like a snow mountain that was about to collapse. It would sink both Sea God and Wind Chasing Leaf into hell.

“Haha… You won’t succeed. I still have… King’s Throne!” Aeoris laughed maniacally. He suddenly drew his sword and raised it high. “I, son of stars, the hero of elves, Pirate Governor Aeoris, will become the Pirate King of this generation! King’s Throne, you are my flagship! All sea monsters, stop fighting Specter and takedown Sea God for me!”


A tiger shark the size of a ship swam past. Without even looking at Aeoris, it raised its tail and splashed a large amount of seawater on to Aeoris, wetting him thoroughly. Aeoris now looked like a fool.

“Impossible… King’s Throne can’t break the vow it made! Why…” The elf was dumbfounded at what had transpired. “I am the only pirate governor that survived and the sole voter! Why has my proposal failed?”

Bloop! Bloop!

Suddenly, a huge volume of bubbles surfaced.

Under Sea God and Wind Chasing Leaf, the sea surface bulged before breaking apart to reveal Sun.

It came in at a critical angle, and a round of cannon fire destroyed large amounts of vines. The two ships separated at once.

“Fool… Who told you that sinking must mean death!” Edward shouted as he charged toward Aeoris.

Now, it was obvious why Aeoris had failed—another pirate governor remained.

“Mermaid princess?”

Without thinking, Fang Yuan jumped onto Sea God and rushed toward the mermaid princess.

After the big fights today, Sun’s energy reserves had reached rock bottom and had to be recharged before further use.

It might not survive another sink to the bottom of the ocean.

As such, he and Edward rushed onto Sea God to protect themselves.

“Edward, you’re still alive?” Aeoris turned his failure into fury. With an elven longsword in hand, he charged at Edward.

“Sorry, but as long as I’m alive, you can stop dreaming about becoming king!”

Edward laughed heartily and prepared to take on Aeoris with his cutlass.

They were both pirate governors. Equipment, martial arts, and extraordinary powers were all evenly matched, and neither could gain an advantage over the other.

Then Sun’s crew, including Butcher, Bill, and Edward’s subordinates, rushed over while roaring.

“Lass, this method of worship will eventually claim your life and your soul…” Fang Yuan looked calmly at the mermaid princess. “Give up… You’ve already summoned the powers of the sea too many times today. If you continue with this, death is the only outcome that awaits you!”

“Never! I will never surrender!” The mermaid princess steeled her resolve. “If you don’t back down, I’ll let Sea God rest forever at the bottom of the ocean!”

“As you wish!” Fang Yuan shrugged and put his hands into his trouser pockets. “At worst, I’ll just have to fish it up again… You know the consequences if you proceed with this!”

“…” The mermaid princess felt dizzy. Looking at the shell necklace in her hand, she gritted her teeth. “Sea Burial!”


The huge god on Sea God’s sail roared a few times, but it eventually dissipated unwillingly.

The sea wall suddenly crumbled.


The lass fell onto the ground, unconscious.

“Didn’t I tell you earlier… With your powers, controlling Sea God was a bit too much for you…”

Fang Yuan sped past numerous merfolk before stopping at the mermaid princess’s side. He nimbly picked her up by the waist and took the shell necklace as well.

“Damn… Put her down!”

Seeing what was happening, Aeoris eyes turned red. Abandoning all semblance of elegance, he forced Edward back with his sword and then charged at Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan suddenly raised the shell necklace he had taken.


The surrounding waves churned, and an incalculable amount of seawater gathered to form a blue hand that grabbed Aeoris.

“Impossible… This is the power of the sea!”

“Doesn’t the Child of the Sea need to be of Kingsman’s bloodline?”

The other merfolk wavered upon seeing Fang Yuan control seawater. It was as though their faith had suffered a blow. Some of the dull-witted merfolk even knelt on the ground.


Edward also rushed over. Seeing what was happening, he and his subordinates were left speechless.

Obviously, this Arcane Trickster Roche had already taken control of a third legendary pirate ship.

With this amount of power, he could do almost anything he wanted in the ocean. With the exception of the Ettoman family, none could hope to stand up to him.

Bloop! Bloop!

Under Fang Yuan’s control, the seawater formed a big sphere with Aeoris at the center.

There was no way to move or breath. Seconds later, pain filled the elf’s face.

“I’ll give you a chance!”

Fang Yuan waved his hand, and Aeoris’ head appeared out of the water sphere. He breathed in the air greedily.

“Along with Edward, you shall recognize me as the Pirate King. Then, I’ll spare you,” Fang Yuan said calmly.

While his plan looked like a cut to the Gordian knot, it was actually an immense loss to the pirate elites.

He even suspected that the pirates would split apart after this, and then he would be hard-pressed to find any qualified legendary pirate ship captains.

As such, letting this pirate governor live was still necessary.

Aeoris saw the coldness in Fang Yuan’s eyes and responded immediately. “I-I bow before you, great Pirate King Roche!”

In fact, he was left with no choice. He understood that even if he resisted with his life, Fang Yuan could kill him and let Edward nominate instead. He would still be able to become the Pirate King.

Fang Yuan kept silent for a while, his eyes fixed on Edward.

Edward gritted his teeth before kneeling in front of Fang Yuan and presenting his cutlass.

“I, son of the Golden Ocean, Edward, also nominate you, Arcane Trickster Roche, to become our Pirate King!”

Buzz buzz!

Instantly, it was as if something had taken shape, but it was as if nothing had happened at all.

Fang Yuan took the blade nimbly and gave it a casual wave.

Bloop! Bloop!

The water surface parted. Sea monster after sea monster surfaced. Not only was there the tiger shark that was the size of a ship, but there were also octopuses, whales, turtles, and other unknown monsters.

They were the strongest sea monsters contracted to King’s Throne throughout the years. The strongest few had strength that rivaled Demigods.

However, they now hung their heads low, as though they were pledging loyalty to this new Pirate King.

Fang Yuan boarded Sun, and his voice spread throughout the battlefield. “As the Pirate King, Pirate King City must obey me! The same goes for the governors of the four oceans!”

Almost instantly, Specter Ship and King’s Throne, who were locked in a battle to the death, separated. They approached Sun’s sides.

The Island Turtle King also slowly calmed down. Pulling its head and limbs back into its shell, it assumed the appearance of a giant island once again.

“Edward! Butcher, Bill, Cassenia, Rolisa…” Without any hesitation, Fang Yuan issued his order. “You will lead sailors to recruit the pirates, especially those of the pirate governors! Aeoris, help out with the reorganization if you don’t wish to die!”

With four legendary pirate ships under his command, the pirates could not escape even if they wanted to.

“Also… after we gather the ships, we will shift Pirate King City! A pirate event of such scale is sure to reach the ears of the Ettoman Royal Navy. They might even try to hunt us down!”

Luckily, Pirate King City could move, and they could choose to run instead of defending.

After sending out his orders, Fang Yuan grabbed the ship’s railing and stood in silence for a long time.

His subordinates assumed that their leader was savoring the joy of becoming the Pirate King, but what they did not know was that the entire world was undergoing a terrifying change at the same time.

Fang Yuan had come to this world via dream-traversing, so the majority of his powers were sealed, and he could only wield a small portion that leaked through.

Donald and Sorcerer Orlando were pieces on his board, and his goal was to send the world into turmoil.

He had then entered the fray personally and taken control of a pirate ship, taking the first step toward unsealing his main body.

Now that he became the Pirate King, he put his all into stirring the World Thread.

As the world was in turmoil, Fang Yuan’s main body was finally unsealed. The final step of the plan was complete!

“Demon God!

“Demon God!

“The Dao of Dream Master has finally agglomerated. The distinction between reality and fantasy is no more!”

Fang Yuan sighed. Something seemed different about him, yet nothing seemed to have happened at all.

However, Fang Yuan knew that from this moment on, he was absolutely different.

With Demon God-level power and control of two Great Daos, he would be able to secure a place for himself even in the Mental Demon Realm, and he would not need to fear that black hand’s revenge!

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