Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 881

Chapter 881 Waking Up

As the Deep Sea Hades, Orlando was worried about the future.

Hell of Lightning.

The endless lightning formed the most peculiar scenery in this area.

At this time, the lightning was even more frequent than usual. Numerous purple-colored electric snakes were dancing wildly in the sky, which then converged to form an emaciated arm.

This was no illusion, but a real arm. It was covered in wrinkles and devoid of moisture, looking like it belonged to a dying man.

“I… Raging Thunder God!

“Aida Huna Inchester Borgou…

“The thunder ruler of old… will descend upon this world today…”

The arm was followed by a dried-out body that only had skin and bones remaining. However, the face was simple yet majestic. It was the same being who had troubled Specter Ship.

An obscure, low sound echoed within the ocean.

For Evil Gods and the unnameable things of old, their real names were a medium for sacrifice.

It could even be read aloud as a spell that had all kinds of fantastic effects.

Crack! Crack!

After the dry corpse said a few lines, thunder and lighting directly struck his body.

After basking in the shower of thunder and lightning, the originally gaunt body immediately filled up a little, like a doll that had some air blown into it.

“Ah… thunder, you are still under my rule…

“Even if the world isolated me, it could not rob me of all my authority and power…

“Electricity and light, as well as destructive thunder, are all sources of my power…”

The Raging Thunder God mumbled to himself. As he absorbed the power from the thunder and lightning, the Hell of Lightning continued to shrink.

Large volumes of cloud were compressed and devoured… There seemed to be a bottomless pit inside this ancient Evil God. All the thunder and lightning in the Hell of Lightning only managed to restore him a little, but he no longer looked like he was on the verge of death.

“Ah… How infuriating… If I had obtained Specter Ship, I could have restored to my prime…

“I’m positive that the Evil God who took it away… had the scent of another world on him.

“After I completely recover, Aida will find him and make him pay for his actions!”

The giant being roared and was about to vanish into the sky.


But at this moment, a low mumbling echoed from all directions. It appeared far and near at the same time, sending fear into anyone who heard it.

“Aida… Aida…”

On the sea surface, large volumes of bubbles surfaced. The white bubbles accumulated and formed a twisted face.

“It’s you…” Aida was a little dazed yet still alert. “Even you rulers of the deep sea, chaotic and twisted, wallowing in the darkness, enticers of souls… have come!”

“Both you and I feel it…” The foam face’s voice was hoarse, sending out a bone-chilling uneasiness to those who heard it. “This world… has been changed! A certain being has broken its seal… It is his actions and our efforts that have allowed us to break through our bindings and come to the real world…”

“That’s right… the real world…” Aida breathed in greedily. “I’m warning you all… don’t do anything that will disrupt the stability too much. If it affects me, I won’t hesitate to cleanse you with lightning!”

“This freedom did not come easy. We will naturally cherish it… Furthermore, many of my kind are in dire need of recovery currently…” The foam face laughed without a care. The bubbles burst one after another. “We have contacted you for one purpose alone… to join forces when facing the outsiders! Join forces!”

After the foam face disappeared, Aida smiled coldly. “Joining forces with you Children of Darkness? Dream On!”

In fact, benefits were just one aspect.

What Aida feared the most was the chaotic personalities of these Deep-Sea Rulers.

Their chaotic personalities could be said to surpass their rationality. It was an intrinsic part of them, unable to be removed.

They were just like the evil demons of hell, unable to rid themselves of their chaotic nature!

“Join forces against… that foreign Evil God?”

The thunder giant stood silently on the sea.

Originally, all beings beyond the limits of this world would be separated from the real world and imprisoned by different layers.

However, the actions of this harbinger, or foreign Evil God, had opened up a passage in the prison, which allowed the other prisoners to use it.

Actually, that was not exactly what happened.

In truth, it was Fang Yuan’s true body that had opened a hole in the originally secure barrier. This caused a domino-like effect that collapsed the entire defense system of the world, allowing a huge number of Evil Gods to escape.

“I can almost guarantee that the first one to escape was the one who acquired Specter Ship that time!”

Aida was extremely certain of this.

Although foreign Evil Gods were under greater surveillance, they did have their conveniences. At the very least, they were not bound by the world’s will.

This kind of being, coupled with Specter Ship’s help, could definitely escape from the world’s isolation.

“However, these Deep-Sea Rulers did have one thing right. I have to find him to settle our scores… Of course, I must return to my prime before that!” Aida mumbled before vanishing from the sea surface.

After being sealed for so many years, he required time to recover after being suddenly unsealed.

“Foreign god! Although your destiny is shrouded in mist, your death star has begun to rise!”

After chanting a curse, Aida’s figure exploded into nothingness in a cluster of thunder and lightning…

As the target of the Raging Thunder God’s curse, Fang Yuan was currently looking at the flashing of a star while holding the prow’s railing.

“Your Excellency respected Pirate King!”

Behind him stood three pirate governors and his subordinates, including Butcher.

“Pirate King City has settled in at its new location. But without the income from trade, the savings won’t last long…”

“We’ve changed the route after all. Should we notify the merchants?”

“How is that any different from telling the navy our location? You fool, do you want the navy to hunt us down?”

Too many cooks spoil the soup. The same went for subordinates.

Soon, the crew was arguing about all kinds of things.

Fang Yuan looked on coldly. Some of them were fighting for their own interests, while some were fighting for the big picture.


After silently observing for a while, Fang Yuan had to admit that absolute loyalty, unless enforced by some sort of spiritual techniques that controlled the soul, was just a dream.

“All right, I want to know how much power we can amass now.” Fang Yuan pointed casually. “Edward!”

“Your Excellency respected Pirate King!” Edward bowed slightly. “Our main forces at this time include four legendary pirate ships, twelve extraordinary ships…”

This alone was a terrifying force.

Before the steam engine emerged, this was enough to pummel any kingdom into submission.

“On top of that, there are Pirate Governor Balmain’s seven ironclads, twelve first-level battleships, and a total of fifty second and third-level battleships. This is the sum of all the pirate governors’ remaining forces, and this doesn’t include small vessels. We also have another problem: the extreme shortage of sailors. However, respected oriental Pirate Governor Wang Zhi is willing to solve that problem for us!”

“That’s right. Your Excellency respected Pirate King, we orientals are short of everything but men! The shortage of sailors can be immediately filled at your notice!”

Wang Zhi walked forward, bowed slightly, and smiled humbly.

“Very good. I will leave the task of recruiting new pirates to you…”

Fang Yuan immediately relinquished this aspect of his authority without any worry.

In fact, as long as he controlled the four legendary pirate ships, he was in charge of at least half of this pirate fleet’s power. Thus, he did not need to worry about anything.

“Your Excellency, there’s still another urgent matter waiting to be resolved—the mermaid princess prisoner. The Mermaid Pirates have already negotiated with us many times. Furthermore, this princess’s attitude is troublesome!” Bill said softly.

“I’ll try to persuade that mermaid lass later!” Fang Yuan waved his hand dismissively. “Give her some time, then reiterate the current situation to her. She’ll submit eventually, unless she doesn’t want to live anymore.”

“All right, you wicked fellows, prepare for big action!”

After assigning the tasks, Fang Yuan clapped his hands and ended the meeting.

Right at this moment, he felt a strange sensation coming from afar.

Suddenly, it seemed like a thin layer of something was removed from Fang Yuan, making the world appear clearer.

Face solemn, he looked at his right hand. “Hell of Lightning… Thunder God… and this sensation…”


Suddenly, Witch Cassenia screamed, and the crystal ball in her hands fell to the floor, shattering into pieces.

Most importantly, the reflections of many black-colored eyes could be seen in the shards. They were filled with evil intent and seemed to spy greedily on what was happening.

“I see death… and darkness!

“Those Evil Gods from ancient times… and the world rulers of old… They will return one after another to reclaim what is theirs!

“The entire world will be bathed in blood and fire…”

The witch’s eyes were white as she spoke with the tone of a prophet.

“Boss… I…” Shortly after, Cassenia returned to her usual appearance. She had a complicated expression as she asked, “What did I just say?”

“You foresaw a great catastrophe. Ancient dangers will arrive soon!” Fang Yuan crossed his arms as he looked at the waves in the distance. A cold smile broke on his face. “However… that won’t be much trouble.”

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