Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Strange

Chapter 882: Strange

World Calendar 668. The new Pirate King, Roche, emerged and would rule the four oceans.

This was also the year where the entire world would be caught in a mysterious shadow.


The sky had been gloomy recently, emitting an oppressive and fearful atmosphere.

“This… is such heart-palpitating weather…”

Donald got off his carriage and looked at the sky, remaining silent for a long time.

Pitter, patter.

Not long after, a drizzle began to fall gently, looking like it would get heavier by the second.

Donald pursed his lips. There was finally movement as he opened up a black, rubber umbrella and walked into the rain.

After entering an alley and taking a few steps, he arrived in front of a massive wooden house.

The outside of the wooden house was black, and it had a red roof. It was quite distinct compared to the other houses in the region.

“Mr. Donald… I’m really sorry. Besides you, I really can’t think of another person who can solve this problem.”

In front of the house, a brandy-nosed middle-aged man with red hair stood there, rubbing his hands anxiously.

Donald looked at this middle-aged man. “Since we’re all members of the church, your matters are also my matters. That’s why I have to be here! What happened, Ruxis?”

About a year ago, he had constructed the Dream and Armament Master’s church from scratch.

When someone joined initially, they were naturally only a believer. Shortly after, once money was involved, they would assume duty as a priest.

In every district, there was also a kshatriya, who was usually the person in charge of a city and had a status similar to a cardinal.

Naturally, Donald was the pope.

“The people living in this house are follower Parsi and his family! Parsi is a paleontologist who specializes in ocean organisms… But about a month ago, he hasn’t been right…” Ruxis muttered. “Ever since he came back from a research trip, he’s been acting weird. In the beginning, he locked himself in his laboratory without coming out… Afterward, it became worse, as he started acting in unimaginable ways more frequently!”

“For example…” Donald clenched his cane tightly.

“For example… he would cut his own wrist and use his blood to form some weird symbols in the laboratory. He started acting like a lunatic and even became slightly violent… His wife and two children have already gone back to their hometown to hide from him.”

Ruxis continued, “Of course, we looked for the police, but what we didn’t expect was that his rationality was still intact, as he could get through the interrogation successfully… Moreover, the police officer even told me that even if Parsi had some kind of illness, we should have brought him to see a psychiatrist and not trouble him…”

A lunatic was merely going crazy in his own trapped room. It was true that he did not disturb others, so there was no excuse to bring him in.

Furthermore, this person was still able to act clear-headed and normal?

“So what you’re trying to say is that… his rationality is still there, but he has been acting weird…” Donald nodded. “I can roughly understand why you guys looked for me…”

“We really had no other choice. We even found him a doctor, but after just one visit, something terrible happened to that doctor. This proved the rumors that Mr. Parsi was infected with some… dirty things.”

Ruxis quickly continued, “Therefore, we decided to find a few priests to pray for him… Obviously, as followers of the Dream and Armament Master, we wouldn’t seek help from other gods. However, ordinary priests were also helpless in this situation. To make matters worse, all the ones who came to help suffered similar tragedies when they returned…”

“I see!” Donald nodded as he combed his green hair before knocking on the door. “Mr. Parsi? Mr. Parsi?”

“He hasn’t responded since last night!” Ruxis exclaimed. “I’m afraid something might have happened to him.”

“Move aside!”

Following which, Donald gave the door a good kick.


The door fell apart following the loud noise.

The rotten smell inside the house was so strong that Donald had to use his handkerchief to cover his nose.

The house looked gloomy, and there was a lot of dust, scrap paper, and torn newspapers everywhere.

On top of a table, a large rat poked its head out of a box of papers and then scurried away.

“Damn it… What kind of place is this? Parsi? Parsi?”

Donald’s expression turned solemn as a stream of water gradually appeared on his wrist like a transparent bracelet.

When he arrived in the living room, his pupils immediately shrunk.

On one of the walls, there was a massive brown-colored symbol. From the level of dryness, it was clear that it had been there for a while now. Furthermore, the color of the symbol looked like dried blood.

A weird feeling suddenly raided Donald’s body, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

“He… is real…”

“He… is coming…”

Donald managed to discern the sentences as he frowned. “This… what is this?”

“I don’t know…” Ruxis shrugged. “Ever since Parsi started acting weird, he’s been saying this over and over.”

“Be careful. Don’t look at the symbol on the wall!”

Donald’s expression turned grave.

Through this difficult period, he had seen more than just sailors.

“Some Evil God symbols possess tremendous effectiveness and can allow you to communicate with a certain existence… Of course, given the massive disparity between us and those existences, a slight thought from them is enough to make us get caught in a terrifying predicament…”

Donald shook his head as he tried to distract himself forcefully.

Even so, the massive blood symbol in the middle of the wall was just like a stigma in his heart that could not be erased.

“My Lord… the existence that controls dreams and armaments, please forgive my weak self!”

He immediately clenched his emblem tightly, which made him feel much better.

He no longer dared to look at the symbol and simply shifted his gaze to a corner of the room.

On a blackboard, there were many loose pieces of newspaper reports stuck on it. Some of these pieces were turning yellow, and there were even fresh blood marks on them.

“Sailor Rode caught a gigantic sea monster!”

“Prehistory ten thousand years, who were the ones that dominated the ocean…”

The ones in front were evidently research materials that focused on ocean organisms.

After that, the contents of the various reports changed drastically.

“Coal explosion in Warm Level Town, hundreds dead!”

“Shocking! Clashes of the gangsters? Or the collective uproar of the lunatics? The truth concealed by the kingdom!”

“Massive influenza break out in Cecil! Over ten thousand deaths to date! Ettoman announces an indefinite blockade on Cecil and the rejection of any goods and people into the country…”

“Phenomenon across wheat fields in the country!”

Seeing all these reports, Donald could not help but sigh. When he found out all the tragedies that were happening across the world recently, even his hair started to turn white.


Upon closer inspection, he discovered something distinctive.

Among these black and white photos, there were always circles marked out by a red marker.

Donald took a closer look and found a symbol within an inverted triangle—an eye! It was the same as the blood symbol!

It appeared on a ruined wall left behind in the coal explosion and also on the bodies of those lunatics. During the wheat field phenomenon, it was also clearly displayed.

The wheat field phenomenon’s sign was extremely large, and Donald could not help taking another look at it.

It felt almost like an illusion when the eyes in the photos seemed to blink at the same time.


Donald shuddered as he took a step back, and goosebumps started appearing on his body.

“This symbol… Evil God?”

He focused on his task as he looked at the very last symbol on the board—’This symbol belongs to the Deep-Sea Stalker <


“Deep-Sea Stalker?”

Donald rubbed his chin.


A sound rang out from an adjacent bedroom.


Ruxis rushed into the room and saw a semi-deranged Parsi.

The previously elegant and graceful scholar currently looked like a skeleton with close to no hair and sunken cheeks. There were also many large scars on his arms.

“Ahh… stay away from me!”

Presently, his eyeballs were bulging violently as he desperately shrank into his wardrobe.

“What happened?”

The moment Donald entered the room, he furrowed his brows.

This was because, within the bedroom, the symbols were everywhere. It was smeared in blood all over the four walls, ceiling, floor, and almost everything else.

“No… He’s here and he’s watching me!”

Parsi was going crazy in the wardrobe and constantly pushing Ruxis’ hand away.


No longer concealing himself, Donald stepped forward with a ring of water surrounding his body.

“Stalker of the deep sea! An existence with a twisted soul… He is one of the ancient rulers of the ocean, and now he is back… with his brothers! They are causing massacres, spreading despair, and fermenting suffering… Because this is what makes them happy, and they can even draw strength from it!” Parsi shouted in tears. “All of you will die!!!”


At this moment, Donald felt a burning sensation from the emblem in his hands, and he subconsciously took a few steps back.


All the blood eyes in the room blinked at the same time.

The indescribable darkness descended, and it felt as though the entire room was being dragged into the deep sea.

“Ah… Ah…”

Donald’s clothes became drenched, and water dripped from his hair. He took a deep breath and even licked the water by the side of his lips.

The salty taste made him realize that this was undoubtedly seawater.

“Ruxis? Ruxis?”

He looked around and found that there was one less person in the room!

Ruxis had actually disappeared. Only Parsi was still trembling in the wardrobe and using his clothes to shield himself like a massive rat.

Donald grabbed him by the neck and dragged him out as he shouted, “Since these eyes are watching you… Why did you still draw them… Tell me!!!”

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