Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 889

Chapter 889 Dream World

Chapter 889: Dream World

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Fang Yuan walked forward slowly.

The sky was dusky, and dense tree stumps and roots surrounded him, making it extremely hard to walk through.

It was hazy all around.

He could hear the faint whizzing of the ocean, and in that instant, a massive insignia appeared in the air.

From within, a long, scaly blue hand extended. Outsider!!!

Deep-Sea Stalker?! Fang Yuan sneered and raised his right hand.


An enormous explosion occurred in mid-air, sweeping through the air and breaking countless old tree branches.

The blue hand was instantly ruptured, and a large amount of muddy yellow liquid kept flowing out of the wound. It looked like seawater mixed with silt, and there were even many seashells, octopuses, and oysters along with it.

Damn it How dare you The eye insignia raged.

Crack! Crack!

All of a sudden, lightning bolts emerged, and a powerful hand extended from within it, reaching out toward Fang Yuan.

Raging Thunder God Aida?

Fang Yuan frowned. A massive green hand appeared behind him and welcomed the lightning palm.


Two massive hands wrestled in mid-air as electric sparks flew all around the area, setting the forest on fire.

The remaining few, come on out together! Past rulers of the world!

Fang Yuan opened up both hands while countless flames revolved around him, seeming to be restrained and incapable of spreading.

It was like a display of fireworks and lanterns, absolutely brilliant and glorious.

In such a backdrop, black shadows walked out from the flames.


Their bodies were brimming with energy similar to the Deep-Sea Stalker and the Raging Thunder God. There were actually now five of them staring at Fang Yuan with ill-intentions.

Welcome, everyone, the pets of the world! Fang Yuan smiled faintly. Under his Heavenly Eye Seer Spell, they would not be able to hide anything from him. I can sense the unstable rules in your bodies. You guys are very courageous to try and deal with me at this time!

These Demon Gods had been sealed for many years, which meant that there was a huge loss in vitality. Naturally, the first thing to do was to make up for these losses.

Fang Yuan could sense that they had yet to recover to their peaks. The fact that they rushed over meant that they were clearly driven anxious by him.

There were more than five Evil Gods in the world, but those who had conflicts with him were only Raging Thunder God Aida and these Deep-Sea Rulers.

What a pity I really thought that all the world rulers would become my enemies, but it seems like its only the five of you Fang Yuan sighed.

Are the five of us not enough for you? a hoarse voice resounded, and it felt like the entire forest was undulating with his tone of voice.

Raging Thunder God Aida!

Deep-Sea Stalker!

Seabed Wanderer!

Monster Ruler!

Eternal Nightmare!

Immeasurable amounts of energy and auras surged as the symbols representing each Evil God imprinted in the air.

At this stage, every single move could form Dao Marks in the void that were incredibly difficult to obliterate.

In fact, ordinary people who obtained these symbols could obtain strength from them and even offer sacrifices to acquire connections.

Fang Yuan looked at the one in a black robe, and without knowing why, he suddenly thought of Kings Throne.

Monster Ruler What is the relationship between you and Kings Throne?

My strongest horn was used as material for Kings Throne That damned pirate lied to me and snatched it from me! He even took away my authority and power to control sea monsters! Monster Ruler roared, and there seemed to be a lot of wild beasts hiding beneath his robe, desperate to burst into the scene.

I see! So this is old and new hatred! Fang Yuan shrugged. Regardless, I am the Pirate King now, and Kings Throne is in my hands

Kekeke! Youll never win The Deep-Sea Stalker let out peculiar laughter. Even if youre stronger than me or any one of us individually, youll never be a match for us in this place!


Once his voice rang out, the surrounding scenery changed.

A layer of seawater appeared, and the forest seemed like it was shifted to the bottom of the ocean.

An immeasurable amount of pressure acted on Fang Yuans body.

As for the five Evil Gods, their figures increased dramatically while emitting frightening and mysterious auras.

This is why I said that you guys were very courageous! Fang Yuan took a deep breath and smiled sinisterly. Who gave you the courage to even dare to play with a dream world in front of a Mental Demon Demon God?

Who dares to provoke my dignity a Demon Gods dignity!

Who is arrogant enough to dare to compete with me in dreams?

Buzz buzz!

Following his aggressive voice, the surrounding environment transformed.

The initially dark seabed filled with luminosity, and the heavy seawater instantly lost its weight.

The void started burning like paper, and soon after, only dust remained.


Chaos emerged and evolved into Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water.

Fang Yuan became an indomitable giant, and the five Evil Gods were like clowns in front of the mighty Fang Yuan.

Eternal Nightmare! The giants voice was thunderous, and his massive hand reached out to grab the hand of one of the black shadows. You are one of the Deep-Sea Rulers, and you also control the rules of dream worlds. Therefore, you must have the greatest enmity with me, which means that you must have orchestrated this!

But you are extremely unfortunate to have met me!

Regarding the control of dream worlds and hearts, nobody can compete with a Mental Demon Demon God!

You will soon realize that rashly barging into my dream world was the greatest mistake of your life!

Chaos Divine Fist!

The next moment, Fang Yuan lightly swung his fist.

Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water descended, transforming chaos and turning the entire void into a complete mess.

At that moment, the four Evil Gods turned into dust and disappeared without a trace.

We will be back!

When you are at your weakest!

Your actions will suffer the consequences of a frightening backlash!

In the name of the Deep-Sea Rulers, we wont let you off!

The four voices converged and turned into Dao Marks imprinted in the void.

Those four are really good at running. Of course, they will inevitably suffer some damage. However, thats still much better when compared to you, right?

Fang Yuan stared at Eternal Nightmare in his hand.

The four Evil Gods who escaped had no grasp of the rules of dream worlds, which meant that he could do nothing to keep them here.

However, it was different with Eternal Nightmare.

He was the main instigator of this plan. Moreover, he was the one who brought the four other Evil Gods into Fang Yuans dream world to defeat Fang Yuan.

The other Evil Gods could come as clones, but Eternal Nightmare had to be here physically.

When you were plotting against others in a dream world, others could also be plotting against you.

This Eternal Nightmare was really unfortunate to have picked a fight with Fang Yuan in his most proficient domain.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Fang Yuan opened his eyes, and he could hear the sounds of waves.

He observed his surroundings.

This was his captains cabin, and the ship at night was extremely quiet. Occasionally, waves slapped against the ships hull.

Boss, what happened? Outside the door, he heard Witch Cassenias voice. I sensed the arrival of a formidable adversity

Fang Yuan did not even open the door and simply shouted, Nothing Nothing happened. You can head back down!

The footsteps gradually went further away.

Fang Yuan looked at his situation again.

He was sitting on a chair, and in front of him was a rosewood table embedded with golden leaves.

Of course, the key was that he was holding on to what seemed like a black octopus in his right hand.

The octopus looked slightly rotten but still retained its ability to move. It was twisting its tentacles around his hand, looking like it was trying to get away.

Eternal Nightmare represents the dream world of all those who drowned, and its a gathering of nightmares. Your original body is as ugly as your inner heart!

After hearing this, the rotten octopus started struggling even more vigorously, as if it were protesting.

During its struggles, its faint voice rang out. You will regret this! The nightmares of the drowned will bestow me with strength

Sorry! As the captain of Specter Ship, I will be taking care of all the souls of the drowned! Fang Yuan smiled wickedly. Maybe I should add an additional rule on my Specter ShipAll drowned the are not to have any dreams. Otherwise, I wont send them to the netherworld

The frightened rotten octopus started shouting, No! You cant do that!!!

However, Fang Yuan did not pay attention to it, and his hand exerted even more force.

Traces of black mists were extracted from the octopus and entered his body.

I take on the path of a Dream Master, and your dream world rules will supplement my Dao of Dream Master

This was also the reason why he chose to keep Eternal Nightmare here.

The opponents strength had yet to fully recover, and he was defeated in Fang Yuans dream world. Presently, he could no longer cause any trouble, and his rules even complemented Fang Yuans.

If any other Mental Demon Demon God met such a situation, they would undoubtedly swallow the other party without hesitation.

Morning the next day, Fang Yuans hand no longer had any traces of the octopus.

Great! Of those five Evil Gods, there are only four left that will look for trouble with me Even if theyre Evil Gods, they will have to abide to the rules of the main world. They wont dare to fight me or my crew in the ocean so their only opportunity is Ettomans counterattack!

Ettoman and Cecil were about to form an anti-pirate alliance. With Donald as his spy, Fang Yuan knew everything.

Moreover, he also knew that even if this alliance was established, it would be impossible for all those countries to unite immediately.

But because of their immense hatred for pirates, they will still form a strong enough fleet.

If Fang Yuan pressed on with his plan, both sides would certainly participate in a grand war to determine the future supremacy of the ocean.

At that time, it would be the best opportunity for those Evil Gods who were against him to take their revenge!

Because of this, maybe I shouldnt give them this opportunity.

Fang Yuan did not have the strange hobby of nurturing his opponents to become stronger so that they could come back to have a fair fight with him.

Striking the fatal blow when the opponent was at their weakest was the correct way to settle disputes.

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