Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 891

Chapter 891 Agreement

“This is the Sun Crown?”

Wilson’s pupil shrank, clearly recognizing the crown as well.

“Yes, you do you believe that ancient legend? The person who possesses the Sun Crown shall have an army of loyal and tireless soldiers to help them conquer the lands?” Fang Yuan looked over at Wilson.

“If it were in the past, I wouldn’t have!” Wilson said. “But after all the incredible incidents I’ve witnessed after following you, there’s nothing I can’t believe anymore”

“In this world, strength surpassing the limit will never be allowed” Fang Yuan looked at the crown, his voice faintly discernible. “Even though the Sun Crown’s legend is true, I originally thought that this crown contained some massive enhancement or slavery technique Who knew that this item would be so interesting!”

“Interesting?” Wilson trembled slightly, feeling that hearing a word like this from Fang Yuan’s mouth would never be good.

“That’s right! Interesting! You would think it was a purely extraordinary creation, but who knew that its rules were more inclined toward reality”

Fang Yuan turned the crown, and under the light, he could see the golden lines and the ruby right in the middle of the crown. “How do I explain this this crown is sealing a type of bacteria, or rather disease, that can reproduce and multiply at an incredible rate. The only controlling equipment is this crown A perfect creation mixing reality and extraordinary rules”

After briefly explaining this, Fang Yuan could not help looking at Wilson’s and Butcher’s dazed expressions.

“All right, time to test it out!”

He used force to press on the ruby.

The radiance changed from the original bright red to a muddy green.


The crown released a faint sound as the green gem loosened, but Fang Yuan immediately caught it. “You guys should rejoice that it can only spread through direct contact and not through the air Otherwise, the Sun King wouldn’t have sealed it on an uninhabited island.”

Fang Yuan got a cup of water and then pointed at one of the tall and sturdy captive soldiers. He placed the green gem in the water, and seconds later, the water turned into an extremely disturbing green color.

“Drink it or die!”

He looked at the captive and shrugged.

Seeing the muddy green water, the captive was full of immense fear. “No! No!”

Fang Yuan immediately made the decision for him. “Make him drank it!”

Soon after, Wilson and the rest witnessed a grand show.

Under their observation, this originally muscular soldier grew even more. His muscles started bugling, and his clothes were ripping itself apart.

“Ahhh! Ahhh!”

This newly-transformed giant had green skin, and his muscles were entrenched by veins that looked like thick worms.

Suddenly, this giant roared. It immediately threw the two guards aside before grabbing at Fang Yuan.

The very next moment, it knelt on the ground with a painful expression.

“No, no! Chucks will never surrender! I am the kingdom’s best soldier” he said with bloodshot eyes.

“See? Soldiers infected by this disease will have improved physical strength and defense beyond ordinary humans. Of course the key is that they’re all controlled by the crown!

“Furthermore, this disease preserves their intellect, making them even more effective. If they became brainless idiots, they would be nothing more than just cannon fodder! Now”

Fang Yuan waved his hand.

Following which, Chucks roared and rushed into the crowd of captives. He began releasing the disease without restraint.

Desperate cries rang out while blood splashed everywhere.

It did not take long before the rest of the captives started transforming as Chucks had.

Soon afterward, thousands of giants knelt on the ground and swore loyalty to Fang Yuan.

“Great Master! Your army is reporting for duty, and we will abide by all your wishes. Even if you want us to attack the netherworld, we will do so without hesitation!”

This scene was rather stunning, and Fang Yuan suddenly thought about a bestial enchantment contamination in a certain game.

“This is incredible!” By the side, Wilson and Butcher were dumbfounded. “How strong are they individually and collectively? What about their lifespan?”

“The most ordinary little green man can defeat five fully equipped elite soldiers. If they’re well equipped, they should be able to defeat ten As for lifespan? It should be equivalent to the human lifespan as long as they don’t starve to death or get killed?” Fang Yuan scratched his head. “The key is the large scale Haha! With enough materials and logistics, we can kill as many as we want!”

The countries in this world undoubtedly still had their fate of a nation left.

But no matter how powerful a country’s fate of a nation was, it was still based on the extraordinary. Without breaking through certain restraints, it would not be able to defend against effects in reality, such as the spreading of diseases.

This was also what Fang Yuan was relying on to defeat Ettoman.

Otherwise, his brain had to be severely damaged to use a bunch of pirates to conquer Ettoman.

“Since it’s like this, I think Glass City will no longer pose any hindrance to us”

Butcher smiled cheekily. “Boss why don’t you let me also become infected so that I can become the leader of this squad!”

“Extraordinaries are immune to these kinds of infections” Fang Yuan shook his head. “Because of this reason, there are still a few points to touch up in my plan However, I appreciate your courage, so you can lead them to clear the road to Glass City first!”

“Understood!” Butcher smiled and then led the three thousand green giants away.

Looking at his attitude, Fang Yuan could not help but worry if he would go overboard. For example, who knew if he would immediately fight his way into Glass City and kidnap the country’s prime minister or queen.

“But this crown is far from being enough,” he muttered quietly while returning to his cabin.

It was true that the Sun Crown made use of the power of physics, but extraordinary powers would surely be able to restrain its usefulness.

Normal Extraordinaries would at most be able to protect themselves, but those Evil Gods were different.

On this thought, Fang Yuan immediately made his move.

He lit three white candles, a few flower petals, and perfumed oil. “Existences in the mysterious world Descend!”

If an ordinary person did this, a careless ceremony like this would either end up being futile or anger some Evil God.

But for Fang Yuan, it was this simple to summon them.

This was especially true since there were some existences already drawn in by the commotion at the port.


The candles’ flames trembled as a green smoke rose and transformed into a pale man’s face.

“Death, fear, chaos”

Fang Yuan shut his eyes and immediately received the terrifying message from the void:

“I am the master of the void, the King of Massacre Mambophischeris Outsider, you”

“Scram!!!” Fang Yuan glared at him coldly. “Maintaining the etiquette of the ceremony is the premise of our relationship! It seems like you and I have nothing to talk about”


In that instant, one of the candles’ flames extinguished, and that person’s face distorted while shouting desperately before turning into nothingness.

“I’m not your follower, so why did you act that way?!” Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. “Next!”

He lit the candle once more, and he did something that all believers would point their middle fingers at. He actually set up a ceremony to directly summon yet another Evil God!

There was no doubt that if an ordinary believer dared to do something like this, they would be courting death.

But for Fang Yuan, it was indeed effective.

Very soon, the candles’ flames surged, and smoke rose in spirals to form a massive bird spreading its wings.

“My name is Hermes, the heart-devouring bird!”

“Hermes?!” He looked at the smoke design in front of him. “What an interesting and nostalgic name!”

“I’ve told you my name, so please tell me your name as well”

The massive bird became blurry and then turned into a sharp human face, just like a mask.

“I am a Demon God from the Mental Demon Realm, wanderer of endless worlds, master of dreams and armament In this world, I am Pirate King Roche!” Fang Yuan nodded.

“Your Excellency Roche, ” said the human face, “may I ask why you summoned me?”

“You should be able to sense the blood sacrifices of this war and chaos, right?” Fang Yuan furrowed his brows. “I know that existences like you require large-scale unrest and turmoil to obtain power. Coincidentally, I’m preparing to start a great war here in Ettoman”

“Large-scale war” Hermes laughed. “It’s a real pity that Mambophischeris missed out on this opportunity. He’s an expert in extracting power from the dead, to the extent that he even created that terrifying influenza in Cecil. I wonder if he’ll roll around in the black smoke teapot after knowing what he missed out on.”

“What’s the black smoke teapot?” Fang Yuan asked with interest.

“A temporary dwelling He likes to stay there” Hermes quickly changed the topic. “But I’m different. What I want is devastating tears and not purely death”

“An honest existence is always more trustworthy” Fang Yuan clapped his hands. “I wish to form an agreement with you. You can obtain all the benefits from the destruction of Ettoman as your reward, but in return, you can’t meddle with my affairs!”

There were many Demon Gods in this world, but there were not many with uncompromisable conflicts with Fang Yuan.

Obviously, when he could not conquer the entire world, he should not make the whole world his enemy either.

Drawing in one faction while fighting against another was very important.

“From your body, I can see a lot of hatred from the Deep-Sea Rulers All I have to do is to not meddle with your affairs?” Hermes asked again.

“That’s all I ask!” Fang Yuan was certain.

“All right, you’ve got a deal!”

The human face exploded, and two flames intertwined in the air to form a completely new imprint

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