Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 895

Chapter 895 Decisive Battle

Chapter 895: Decisive Battle

After unleashing the stroke, Fang Yuan divided the Deep-Sea Stalker into two.


All of a sudden, he unleashed a piercing sound, and both halves sprayed a thick, black liquid that was infused with an unknown amount of sea monster scales and flesh.

A monster that was thousands of times larger than the original descended, bearing an enormous battle scar across its body.

The battle scar, which had been inflicted by Fang Yuan, had surfaced on the Deep-Sea Stalkers true body. Despite the change in physical form, it was still embedded in his body.

Upon entering the outer realm of this world, even though it did not affect the real world, it had limited the abilities of all Evil Gods and Demon Gods.

You will soon realize that your actions were absolute mistakes!

The Seabed Wanderer and Monster Ruler roared ferociously, and their black robes exploded.

The Monster Ruler was a massive sea monster that looked similar to a bat. His huge wings were full of sea monster faces, and his back had a line of horns. The longest and thickest one had obviously disappeared.

The Seabed Wanderer was shrouded in darkness, and no spiritual will could penetrate it to figure out what was happening inside.

I know You are the rulers of the past, grasping authority and power Fang Yuans expression was indifferent. Even within the Spiritual Realm, you would be on the level of Zenith Heavens and Emperors However, I am much more powerful than you can imagine!

In the past, he could already go toe-to-toe against Demon Gods with the help of the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao.

With the Dream Masters Dao of Creation agglomerated, he was now in control of two Great Daos and could even reign over certain areas in the Mental Demon Realm!

Outsider! The Deep-Sea Stalker and Monster Ruler yelled in unison and lunged forth violently.

Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament! Fang Yuan waved his right arm, and the giant blade immediately transformed into a thick, black shield that completely covered the Chaos Giant.



Two loud crashes resounded. The giant shield withstood the attacks of the two behemoths without a scratch.

Standing behind the shield, Fang Yuan seemed to realize something.

The Immortal Dao consists of Heaven Immortal, Golden Immortal, and Zenith Heaven. The Divine Dao is Marquis, Duke and King, and Emperor. And the Mental Demon Realm is Demon General, Demon Master, and Demon God!

Despite having different names, they all eventually return to the same path, even if they are suppressed in Great Voyage World!

A Demon Master can convert origin power and last eternally. A Demon God constructs a Great Dao and changes the rules!

Naturally, a Demon Masters strength was far inferior to this world, which suppressed them into oblivion if they were to enter. Only Demon Gods were able to retain some of their strength.

However, even if the Dao of Demon God could steamroll the Heavenly Dao of lower dimension worlds, it would never win against the Heavenly Dao of the worlds in this dimension!

When he was in Da Qian, even Dream Master Sages were able to manipulate the world to their will. However, such powers were greatly limited in the Spiritual Realm.

The Dao of Demon God is to align ones heart with heaven. Eventually, it will come to a point where it will be able to embed itself into the Heavenly Dao of any world. Its powers would then be unrestricted by the Heavenly Dao, possibly even overriding the Heavenly Dao! It would become the master of any realm it visits, automatically taking over the authority and power of the Heavenly Dao

Fang Yuans eyes glimmered, seeming to have an idea of how to achieve his goal.

The past rulers of the sea were able to do as they pleased by just having a small amount of power. Even though they also achieved the Dao, it was not the Dao of Demon God. Its more similar to the Divine Daos Emperor Their accomplishments relied heavily on the powers bestowed to them by the world. Since the powers can be bestowed, they can be taken away!

The agglomeration of their Daos is completely different from mine. Any Demon God could contend against these past rulers. As for me, I have constructed two Great Daos, and their combined strength is greater than simply adding one on top of another!

Fang Yuan completed this complicated train of thought in the blink of an eye.

His eyes flashed, and the shield immediately shattered. A floating six-pointed circular shield emerged and landed behind the giant.


As though choreographed, three sections of claw-like blades appeared behind him and smashed right into the circular shield.

Fools who only know how to rely on brute force even after being separated from the real world Fang Yuan laughed mockingly, allow me to demonstrate the power of my Great Dao! Create!

The Dao of Dream Master was the Dao of Creation!

Creators were able to do anything!

Not to mention, his Dao of Creation had absorbed that unlucky Eternal Nightmare, further perfecting and agglomerating its rules.


In the blink of an eye, the surroundings changed.

Volcanoes surfaced and erupted. Terrifying rivers of lava flowed and pulsated on dark red rocks like blood vessels.

The volcanoes surrounded them, and the ground was hot enough to singe all ordinary life forms.

Everything was created with a mere thought!

Is this the full extent of your power? Merely a volcanic environment?

The Deep-Sea Stalker roared.

There were still marks on his body caused by the blade and shield from earlier, making him look terrible.

Of course not! A mere environment is just a welcoming gift!

Fang Yuan shook his head. He made a claw with his fingers and waved like he was strumming the strings of an instrument.


A number of enormous swords that reached into the sky appeared.

Heaven, Earth, Mountain, Lake, Water, Fire, Wind, Thunder!

There was also one last translucent, phantasmal sword, which was also known as the Heart Sword!

The Eight Gates Sword Array that once dominated Da Qian reappeared in the upper realms!

The Eight Gates has been surpassed. Now, my array is the swords of the Nine Palaces. Go!


The swords landed and appeared to act as the key points of the array.

Sword Qi appeared, stripping the flesh off the bodies of the Deep-Sea Stalker and the giant Monster Ruler.

The foundation of Nine Palace Sword Array lay in the Dao of Dream Master, and the damage caused by its Sword Qi could not be recovered from.

Nine Palace Sword Array, rise!

With a single thought from Fang Yuan, a giant maze appeared and trapped the two Evil Gods of old within.

The Nine Palace Sword Array contains a limitless space within. In addition to the essence of the agglomeration of my reality-bending rules even Zenith Heavens and Emperors would be helpless against it

This array was able to the trap Demon Gods, and each would be trapped separately.

With the assistance of the Nine Swords, coupled with the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao, I can strike them down one by one. No single Evil God can stand in my way!

Even ordinary Demon Gods did not fear fighting Evil Gods one on one. They were even less of a threat to the obscenely powerful Fang Yuan.

The original intention behind the Nine Palace Sword Array was to separate and trap enemies.

Fang Yuan turned into a ray of light and flew into the sword array.

Outside the sword array, a black mist approached. The sharp claws within the mist clawed viscously at the walls of the sword array.


Nine shining Sword Qis appeared in response. With just a single swipe, they shattered the claws into dust.

Not only was the Nine Palace Sword Array able to separate and trap enemies, but its defensive capabilities were impressive as well.

This time, it actually damaged all the Evil Gods!


Near the coastal waters of Ettoman.


Edward stood on Kings Throne, surrounded by a ring of sea monsters.

At his sides were Sun, led by Will, and Specter Ship, controlled by the Ghoul Tyrant and the Demigod Lich.

Nymphadoras Sea God summoned giant waves to crash against the opposing steel fleet.

Countless pirate ships attacked without hesitation after hearing the command.

I would have never guessed that His Excellency would give me command of this battle.

Pirate Prince Edward stood on the deck of Kings Throne, still finding it difficult to believe the situation he was in.

The boss just has more powerful enemies to deal with. So, have you figured out how to deal with the enemy? This Union Navy is even more massive than the invincible fleet! Butcher was wiping his giant cutlass on the side. The torpedo tactic wont work anymore since theyre surely prepared for it!

In the battle in the Cornelian Ocean, Fang Yuan had used Kings Throne to recruit the king of the longnose gudgeons. He then used the most common longnose gudgeons to create a huge batch of torpedoes, causing great losses to Ettoman.

The Union Navy would certainly learn from that experience.

Im well aware My plan is simple. Since its a union of navies, then there are definitely some problems when it comes to communicating and carrying out orders. What we have to do is to divide and conquer Edward said with a smile. Exhibit our strengths, the strength of pirates! Nymphadora, are the preparations complete?

Theyre completed. As you wish, a sea mist of gigantic proportions will arrive! Nymphadoras slightly exhausted voice came from a shell.

Immediately afterward, a layer of white mist rose with Sea God at the center and spread throughout the battlefield.

Excellent! Edwards eyes flashed after seeing this.

However, the next moment


Thunder crackled.

A giant, fuzzy silhouette appeared in the sky, and its eyes looked at Sea God full of anger. Sea God oh how low you have sunk. Your power has been borrowed by these lowly mortals. I have to correct this! Correct this mistake!

Purple lightning danced wildly. It tore apart the thick mist and then swung at Sea God.

Chirp chirp!

But at that moment, the cry of a bird rang out.

A certain black wing suddenly appeared in the air and shielded Sea God from the blow. Huge amounts of feathers fell like a mellow rain before turning into nothing.

Hermes, you promised me that you would remain neutral! Aida yelled angrily.

I only happened to be stretching my wings. But you, Aida, why are you attacking me? A giant bird showed its head in the air. I am a polite gentleman and will not fuss over this, but I cant say the same for my comrades!


Suddenly, a few huge hands appeared and tried to grab the giant.

The Evil Gods above started fighting and had no time to care about what was happening on the sea.

The thick mist rose again, and it soon became very hard to see anything at all.

Attack! Attack all fronts! Attack at will!

Only Edwards excited voice echoed in the mist.

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