Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 897

Chapter 897 Negotiations

Chapter 897: Negotiations

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Somewhere in the deep mountains of the Spiritual Realm.

Only I will know who the true master of this dream is

Fang Yuan stood up and stretched. Though the start wasnt that great, it was indeed a good dream!

He still preferred the current Spiritual Realm.

At least he could use all of his Demon God power here. Though it was not as smooth as the Mental Demon Realm, it was still much better than the Great Voyage World.

Is it because the nature of the Spiritual Realm is similar to the Mental Demon Realms, or the fact that my stats window has already broken through its restrictions since Ive been here so long, or is it because of both?

Fang Yuan thought idly, and then he looked at his stats window.

The lights had changed a bit, and a lot of the data was different:

Name: Fang Yuan

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: Demon God

Dao Path: Creation Great Dao, Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao

Technique: Pangu Eagle Body [Strengthen Witch Bloodline (1st Tier)], Creation Sword Array [Ninth Sword (100%)]

Specialization: Botany [Level 6] (Maximum), Heavenly Eye Seer Spell, Body of Origin Power

The Demon God realm is actually the condensation of ones Dao path There seem to be some minor realms at this level. But for more details, I can only get them from the Lord of the Void Speaking of which, even though there was a promise of two hundred years, he must have been even more impatient than I was!

With that thought, he turned his gaze to the sky.

In the Spiritual Realms sky, the green star suddenly shined more brightly, and the purple one became paler.

After the battle in the Mental Demon Battlefield, the three Demon GodsLi Hen, Ancient Netherworld, and the Lord of the Voidhad all escaped. Of course, for the Lord of the Void, only half of him escaped. Most of his true body is still on that star together with the Infinite Devourer and the other sealed Demon God, which have all become food for the Celestial Thearch The rate at which the Celestial Thearch is absorbing the Demon Gods is much faster than the Spiritual Realm.

Even though Fang Yuan had reached Demon God, and he had a slight guess about his future Dao path, he still wanted to obtain the orthodox knowledge of the Mental Demon Realm to perfect his Creation Great Dao.

Also it looks that the Mental Demon Battlefield wont last long

Fang Yuan raised his right hand. The pattern of the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao on his hand was shining slightly and looking mysterious.

The Lord of the Void is indeed in a hurry

At their level, a single symbol left behind was a unique faith token that could be used to contact their main body.

If someone in Da Qian activated the arrays that Fang Yuan had left behind, he would easily sense it, and he could possibly even grant them some power.

However, far more difficult than transmitting power was to let his true body descend. The distance was too far, and it would consume an inestimable amount of energy.

Thus, Fang Yuan was very interested in the way Demon Gods descended to a lower dimension world.

Because he had used the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao symbol to make a contract with the Dao of the Void, when the Lord of the Void contacted him, that symbol would receive the notice first.

Thinking of this, he quickly drew a symbol in the air.

This symbol belonged solely to the Lord of the Void, and he had remembered it since their transaction.

Of course, activating this symbol was just an attempt to contact the Lord of the Void. Whether or not he was successful depended on if the other side would respond.

Why does it feel like Im returning missed calls after coming back from a business trip

Fang Yuan felt a bit speechless. After a while, the symbol responded.

Buzz buzz!

A stream of white light exploded and turned to a blurry image. Dream Demon your dream-traversing time Ah? The figure was at first unsatisfied, but it suddenly stopped, utterly surprised. Y-youve become a Demon God?

It was truly shocking!

Even though this Demon Master had revealed much of his talents, even agglomerating a Pseudo Dao to have a quasi-Demon Gods combat strength, it was still shocking that he could break through in such a short time. In the long history of the Mental Demon Realm, though there had been many geniuses, none of them could compare to Fang Yuan.

It was definitely not easy to agglomerate a Great Dao and break through to Demon God.

This short amount of time was only enough to traverse to one realm, but he had broken through in one try.

Good! Very good! Since youve become a Demon God, you have the same rights as us now

The Lord of the Void genuinely pleased.

It seems that Your Excellency, you didnt treat me as a partner before this Fang Yuan shrugged, and his face remained expressionless.

For the Dao of Demon God, even being a single step away means a lot, so of course it would be different! the Lord of the Void said frankly. But since youve become a Demon God, it will be greatly beneficial to our goal!

Even so, we still cant beat the Celestial Thearch, not to mention that theres still Excellency Mount Mang and the Immortal Daos Three Supremacies on their side! Fang Yuan shook his head.

Excellency Mount Mang was a Divine Dao Emperor, and Immortal Daos Three Supremacies were Zenith Heavens, and each of them was as powerful as a Demon God!

Not to mention, there was still the Celestial Thearch, who was the most powerful person in the Spiritual Realm.

Dont tell me that youre going to breach our contract?! The Lord of the Void turned angry. Even if youre a Demon God, you will still face dire consequences!

No, no Fang Yuan shook his hands. Its only been a few years in the two hundred years. How is this breaching the contract?

The Celestial Thearch surpassed my expectations. Hes sticking to the Mental Demon Battlefield and focusing on his refinement even though Im causing chaos in the mortal world. Im afraid my previous estimate was wrong. Were running out of time! The Lord of the Void felt anxious and had to reveal some information.

Thats quite regrettable! Fang Yuan remained composed. Why dont you open the Mental Demon channel and have Demon Gods evade again?

You think its easy to connect the two realms and form a stable channel? That is completely wrong! The best coordinate is in the Mental Demon Battlefield! the Lord of the Void said, exasperated. Furthermore, even if I can connect with the Mental Demon Realm, we probably wont get an immediate response from the Demon Gods Over there, each Demon God has their own region. If not for the fact that the Mental Demon Battlefields channel connected to our region last time, how else would reinforcements come so fast?

What a pity

Fang Yuan still did not respond to him directly.

He was sure that this cunning Demon God had contacted the Mental Demon Realm secretly and found another suitable spot to open a Mental Demon channel.

It was just that he had something to ask him for, so he was willing to play around with him.

After a long period of silence, the Lord of the Void finally could not hold it in anymore. So tell me what do you want from me?

He had no other choice because he needed Fang Yuans help.

Very simple the Lower Realm Descending Technique! Also Im still a bit unsure about the Demon God realm, so I need more information about it Fang Yuan said directly.

The Lower Realm Descending Technique? I thought we discussed that last time? the Lord of the Void turned stagnant for a second. Im pretty sure I told you before

As he was speaking, his body was turning transparent.

The concept of the void suddenly invaded.

Fang Yuan felt his eyes become heavy, and he started to feel empty. A sense of hopelessness occupied his mind.

Enough! he shouted, and the sound waves created ripples in the illusion.

Lord of the Void, how dare you attack me Are you testing my patience! he shouted coldly and released his Great Dao.

It was not the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao, but another, more magnificent, all-encompassing Great Dao that appeared.


Sea waves engulfed the surroundings, and it was as if they had suddenly arrived at the deep sea.

Under the dense darkness and the heavy pressure, the illusion of the Lord of the Void congealed and became real.

Seawater pressed the void, making the originally abstract tentacles became solid.

Fang Yuan sneered and flicked his finger lightly.

Streams of Sword Qi appeared and slid through the tentacles, slashing them into pieces immediately.

What Dao path is this? How can you break my Void Tentacles? the Lord of the Void exclaimed in surprise.

This is my Dao Creation!

Fang Yuans eyes were cold. I cant see any sincerity from you, so Im afraid that Ill have to give up on our collaboration However, dont worry. I will still fulfill the contract.

As long as he could have helped rescue the Demon Gods within two hundred years, he would have fulfilled the contract.

In fact, if he was shameless enough, he could have just sent a clone to the Heavenly Court, and it would have fulfilled the terms of the contract.

After all, he was a Demon God. How could a mere contract restrict him?

Ahhhhhh no you cant do this It was only an accident just now. I expanded my power field unconsciously, just like human breathing The Lord of the Void started panicking. Besides, the Lower Realm Descending Technique isnt easy How magnificent is the power of the dimension, and how could it allow a Demon Gods true body to descend? Even if its a clone, its still extremely difficult If we only transmit some power and objects through the void, then its relatively easier

Why does the Lower Realm Descending Technique receive so much importance? Isnt it just to get to some small worlds to plunder suitable Dao paths?

Fang Yuan laughed mockingly.

Even if this Lord of the Void went to the Great Voyage World, with the Evil Gods watching, it would not be easy for him to defeat the Deep-Sea Rulers and seize their rules and authority to complement his Dao path, not to mention obtaining a complete Great Dao.

Fang Yuans Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao had taken away all the accumulations of the Divine Armament World from past to present.

However, in the lower realms, there might be some unique and mysterious Dao paths as well.

Even though their level might not be high, their nature was still the same. As long as someone could take them to the higher realm and cultivate it, it could become a brand new Great Daos power.

Therefore, Demon Gods paid a lot of attention to the Lower Realm Descending Technique.

Honestly, theyre just cowards in essence. A Demon Gods Dao is strong enough to influence the Heavenly Dao in the lower realms and allow them to use most of their clones power, but in a higher dimension world, their power is restricted all the time

Fang Yuan sneered. He looked at the Lord of the Void and said slowly, Ive decided. I need both the Lower Realm Descending Technique and general information about the Demon God realm. Without either, I wont help you!

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