Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Great Dao

The Lord of the Void suddenly became quiet, but he soon said in a tempting voice, I can teach you more about the Demon God realm But for the Lower Realm Descending Technique, how about something else? For example, I can help your student defeat all the evil children and become the topmost figure in the mortal world!

That was only me enlightening a stupid being in passing, so how could that be attractive to me?

Fang Yuan smiled coldly. Furthermore, youre the one spreading the seed of evil. You dont have any good intentions. You merely want them to bring turmoil to the realm and decide a true king who will conquer the world, causing trouble for the Heavenly Court. This is just a way for you to delay the Celestial Thearch from refining the Demon Gods, and it doesnt even matter to you who becomes king in the end

Indeed, mortal world monarchs usually call themselves the Son of Heaven, as if they were truly related to the Celestial Thearch However, I didnt expect the Heavenly Court to completely ignore my actions of subverting the regimes of several countries

The Lord of the Void sighed. From this, we can see that the Celestial Thearch has reached an extremely important stage

Fang Yuan remained calm and silent no matter what he said.

Okay I can teach you how to send a clone to the lower realms and knowledge about the Demon God realm In return, you must do your best to help me rescue those Demon Gods! The Lord of the Void finally conceded. I can teach you knowledge about the Demon God realm right now. But for the Lower Realm Descending Technique, after we reach the Heavenly Court A contract will serve as proof.

All right! Fang Yuan agreed after thinking for a while.

There was no need for too much bargaining between two Demon Gods.

Ill wait for you!

After they signed the new contract, the Lord of the Void handed over a golden ball of light. My true body is currently in the country of Aolai You have seven days to find me, and then well head to the Heavenly Court once youre here!


The Lord of the Voids figure shattered after he finished speaking.

Fang Yuan was a little dumbfounded seeing this.

The Lord of the Void has nearly unequaled self-defense skills, so hes not worried about going to the Heavenly Court. But I have to do more preparations. Fortunately, there shouldnt be a second Demon God in the Heavenly Court at this moment!

Last time, the Celestial Thearch had set a trap, so Excellency Mount Mang and the Immortal Daos Three Supremecies were there at the same time.

This time, he was prepared to take all benefits for himself and even escape from the Spiritual Realms control. Therefore, he would naturally not leave behind these troubles.

Fang Yuan speculated that with his current ability, he could defend against the Celestial Thearch for a while. And with the Lord of the Void, it should not be too dangerous.

The key is to finish as soon as possible. Otherwise, reinforcements will come, and well be left with no chance

When he thought of this, he clenched his fist.

The light ball turned into a mass of memories that he read through quickly.

Originally, Demon God is divided into three realmsVoid Amalgamation, Myriad Transformations, and Netherheaven Upon becoming a Demon God, you start to embrace other Dao path rules to perfect your own Great Dao. This is Void Amalgamation! After your Great Dao sublimates, you are at the middle stage. Using one Great Dao, you can display thousands of magical powers from different Great Daos. This is Myriad Transformations! As for the final Netherheaven stage, Great Daos merge with one another, forming a single Great Dao that is similar to the Heavenly Dao.

If one could truly agglomerate a Heavenly Dao, then they would break through a Demon Gods highest realm.

Nether meant darkness. The so-called Netherheaven referred to the dark side of the Heavenly Dao.

The dark side of the Heavenly Dao was also the Heavenly Dao. If a Netherheaven Demon God were to enter other high dimension worlds, they could influence the rules of that world and maintain most of their power.

Once the dark side turned bright, it would become the true Heavenly Dao.

Speaking of which, I still have three opponents in the Mental Demon RealmShang Hous true body, Hades, and the one who swallowed the Dream Masters Dao path!

Shang Hou is certainly not doing well. Otherwise, he wouldnt have run away. Hes among the weakest Demon Gods. However, he knows the Lower Realm Descending Technique for clones!

Hades is probably middle-ranking, but theres too little information to confirm that. As for the one who swallowed the Dream Masters Dao path, he should at least be in Myriad Transformations, or possibly even higher, and in Netherheaven.

Regarding Fang Yuan, he could be considered to be at high-level Void Amalgamation. He still needed to comprehend more Great Dao rules and improve his Dao path.

My cultivation plan should be separated into two aspects. First, use the Creation Great Dao to devour the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao. Second, I should explore more worlds and plunder more Daos paths

Great Daos were similar to a condensed version of rules and authority. It was the enhanced version of both.

They were extremely hard to find even in other worlds.

For example, in the Great Voyage World, Fang Yuan was unable to get one complete Great Dao even after defeating a group of Deep-Sea Rulers. At best, he obtained some deep-sea rules, authority, and power.

Fortunately, he had created a Pseudo Dao, the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao, using all the treasures of the Divine Armament World.

The Dao of Creation, which can encompass everything, is the best foundation, and it can completely absorb the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao. I should be able to reach peak Void Amalgamation once I thoroughly refine this Pseudo Dao. When I can use the Creation Great Dao to fully display the power of the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao, I should be at Myriad Transformations!

Fang Yuans future Demon God path became clearer than ever to him.

Seven days later.

The Heavenly Court.

Rubble had turned back into jade palaces, and everything had recovered to its normal state.

It was as though the Mental Demon Battlefield being broken through and many Demon Gods and Demon Masters escaping had never happened.

Inside the Messenger Office.

Heavenly Consort Yun Xiang was sitting cross-legged gracefully, and it seemed like flowers were revolving around her and releasing pleasant scents.

She activated a Dharmic formulation. A translucent membrane immediately appeared and covered the entire palace. She looked solemnly at the void.

Master! Recently, the Celestial Thearch has been behaving strangely in the Mental Demon Battlefield. It seems that hes in the middle of refining the Demon Gods As of those Demon Masters and Demon Gods in the lower realm, I only found a few Demon Masters, but I couldnt find any Demon Gods at all!

From the void, Ancient Netherworlds voice came. There should be two Demon Gods in the lower realm One should be the Lord of the Void, who can make myriad incarnations and has incomparable self-defense skills My true body was annihilated, so in order for me to recover it as soon as possible, I must return to the Mental Demon Realm! Only Demon Gods can find suitable nodes outside the Mental Demon Realm and open the channel

Great Master I will complete your task whatever it takes.

Heavenly Consort Yun Xiang looked determined.

However, her face suddenly became alert. She looked at the door. Who is it?


With a slight smile, a heavenly official walked in slowly. The palaces restrictions and the Heavenly Consorts barrier seemed to have no effect on him at all.

You are not a Marquiss subordinate. Who are you?

Heavenly Consort Yun Xiangs eyes gleamed coldly.

Haha how could you forget a friend so quickly?

The heavenly official waved his right hand over his face, and he turned into a figure that made Heavenly Consort Yun Xiang fume with rage. The Major Chiliocosm Illusion Art You! Lord Mountain River!

You can all call me Dream Demon or Your Excellency Demon God!

Fang Yuan smiled slightly and released a trace of his aura.


Under the majesty of Fang Yuans Great Dao, Heavenly Consort Yun Xiangs legs weakened. She knelt ungraciously. Y-you broke through to Demon God?!

Last time, when Fang Yuan had tricked her, he was still a Demon Master. She would have never imagined that he could break through to Demon God in such a short while.

Even in the Mental Demon Realm, Demon Gods were each the rulers of a vast region and extremely terrifying.

Demon God Ancient Netherworld, come out!

Fang Yuan did not bother to deal with a Demon Gods subordinate. He only cared about those at the same level with him, such as Demon God Ancient Netherworld.

Even though I expected you to progress fast, your improvements are beyond my expectations

After a while of silence, a layer of blood bubbles emerged and turned into Demon God Ancient Netherworlds face.

How pitiful Ancient Netherworld Hehe

Another persons voice came out from Fang Yuans body.

With a soft breeze, the Lord of the Voids figure emerged.

Lord of the Void, dont you know that for existences like us, all we care about is continuously improving our Great Dao? Death is nothing!

Demon God Ancient Netherworld asked, Without experiencing death, how could we truly comprehend the Death Great Dao?

Fang Yuan clearly knew that the Death Great Dao was not simply about the rules of death. It was the essence of the condensation of its authority and rules.

The Death Gods and Death Godhoods in small worlds were only evolutions of a portion of the rules of death, and they were incomparable to the true Death Great Dao.

Meanwhile, Demon Gods could completely display the power of the Great Daos.

In other words, if Demon God Ancient Netherworld could comprehend the Death Great Dao, he would immediately revive and regain his peak strength.

You are really shameless Hehe You remind me of that lunatic in the Mental Demon Realm who challenged Demon Gods everywhere to comprehend the Death Great Dao. Its rumored that hes been killed more than ten thousand times already

When the Lord of the Void mentioned that lunatic, he seemed a bit fearful.

That guy has comprehended part of the Death Great Dao, and he can revive himself in a very short time. I cant be compared to him

Demon God Ancient Netherworld sighed.

The Death Great Dao?

Hearing their conversation, Fang Yuan became interested in this Dao path.

For Demon Gods like him who had already enhanced all of their intrinsic qualities and left a profound imprint in the world, there was no complete death even if both their divine spirit and their physical body perished.

In the river of time, there would always be an imprint of their true spirit, which would allow them to revive after a long time.

However, the time taken was usually in the tens of thousands of years.

However, with the Death Great Dao or Life Great Dao, they could revive immediately. It was needless to say how attractive this was.

Okay, why are the two of you here? It cant be just to give a greeting to my imprint.

Demon God Ancient Netherworld laughed.

Of course not. You should know why were here! the Lord of the Void said. As long as you help us, well help you send your imprint to the Mental Demon Realm to speed up your revival!

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