Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 899

Chapter 899 Entering The Battle

Chapter 899: Entering the Battle

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Im already dead everything that belongs to me is gone, and I cant exert my power in the physical world Ancient Netherworld Demon God said helplessly. So, you need information from me, right? I can tell you that there is only one Emperor in the Mental Demon Battlefield at the moment, the Celestial Thearch Excellency Mount Mang and the Immortal Daos Three Supremecies had some conflicts with the Celestial Thearch. They wont collaborate unless the realm is in danger.

Great! I also need the operation diagram of the Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array. And I need your subordinate to help me when necessary! the Lord of the Void said.

No problem!

Demon God Ancient Netherworld agreed immediately. He did not care about losing a subordinate like Heavenly Consort Yun Xiang because he still had many of them.

As soon as the Demon Gods reached an agreement, they directly signed a contract. Fang Yuan also got what he wantedthe Lower Realm Descending Technique for a clone.

The Lord of the Void isnt trustworthy Even though this magical technique looks fine from the surface, there might be some hidden traps within. But it doesnt matter. As long as I can find Shang Hous true body when I go to the Mental Demon Realm and double-check with him

Fang Yuans eyes gleamed for a second, and he memorized the magical technique. For Demon Gods like us, we will never die. Lord of the Void, youre too tense!

Do you really think the destruction of the Celestial Thearch and the Spiritual Realm is just a simple destruction? Demon God Ancient Netherworld rushed to say. Its a higher-level destruction! Even the Great Daos will be seized.

It is extremely hard to seize others Great Daos. For example, if a Demon God defeats me, I would only lose the power of my true body and part of my rules But the Celestial Thearch and the Spiritual Realm can actually snatch away Great Daos. Would a Demon God without a Dao path still be a Demon God? If the Celestial Thearch succeeds, the Infinite Devourer and the Demon God sealed in the Myriad Thunder Plain will thoroughly fall. Even if a Demon God with the Death Great Dao revives them, theyd only revive as Demon Masters

I see Fang Yuan nodded solemnly. The fight for Great Daos is actually so cruel!

Those Deep-Sea Rulers that he had defeated were not completely dead. They were only in a deep sleep and could always return after tens of thousands of years.

However, if Fang Yuan had taken their Dao paths away, it would take countless years for them to revive, and it would not be any different from true death.

With Ancient Netherworld and the Heavenly Consorts help, we can instantly break through the Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array But the crucial point is afterward! The Lord of the Voids voice was grave. We cant underestimate the Celestial Thearch. Once Demon Gods attack the Mental Demon Battlefield, it is the responsibility of Excellency Mount Mang and the Immortal Daos Three Supremecies to assist the Heavenly Court in the battle We will only have ten breaths of time before they arrive!

That means we have to find the Celestial Thearch, interfere with his refining, and break the seal within ten breaths It is indeed not easy Fang Yuan said thoughtfully.

You merely need to distract the Celestial Thearch and interrupt his refining As for breaking the seal, I only need one breath! the Lord of the Void said. Remember, most of my true body is also within the Mental Demon Battlefields seal

Strictly speaking, if the Lord of the Voids information is correct, our odds are good Demon God Ancient Netherworld interrupted. If the Celestial Thearch is truly disloyal and wants to obtain freedom, the Spiritual Realms Heavenly Dao will no longer continue to favor him, and he might lose his position and power

The reason why the Celestial Thearch was the most powerful figure in the Spiritual Realm was that he had the blessing of heaven, obtaining enhancements from the Spiritual Realm.

Without this, he was at most a Demon God in the Myriad Transformations realm.

After all, if he were a Netherheaven Demon God, he could rely on himself to break free from the heavens will of the Spiritual Realm.

Great! We shouldnt delay further. Lets start right away!

Demong God Ancient Netherworld and the Lord of the Void disappeared as they were talking, while Fang Yuan turned into an ordinary official of the Messenger Office.

Ive always been studying the Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array, and Ive finally solved part of it

Heavenly Consort Yun Xiang transmitted to Fang Yuan while they were heading for the Stellar Array.

She had no other choice since she was Demon God Ancient Netherworlds subordinate.

Although I dont understand its rules completely, Ive already analyzed how it attacks. It relies on three Stellar MastersStellar Lords Seven Killings, Destruction, and Greedy Wolf. The three of them are as powerful as Mental Demon Demon Masters! If we kill them, then half of the Stellar Array will be destroyed!

Heavenly Consort Yun Xiang arrived at the edge of the Stellar Array.

From hazy starlight, a heavenly voice appeared. The Celestial Thearch has commanded that anyone who dares to intrude into the Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array will be killed!

How dare you stop me? I have important information about the Demon Gods to report to the Celestial Thearch!

Heavenly Consort Yun Xiang took a deep breath and said imposingly, Move aside!

As a pawn, she had no choice but to head toward the array.


These Stellar Gods and Stellar Lords did not dare to kill a Heavenly Consort, so they opened the gate and let her in.

Heavenly Consort!

Starlight converged into a kind-looking old man with white hair and a white beard. Opening the outer array is the most that we can do. Please do not make our life difficult! Regarding the information about the Demon Gods, you can tell me everything, and I will help you inform the Celestial Thearch!

This matter is very important! Demon Gods have infiltrated the Heavenly Court, and I wont trust anyone other than the Celestial Thearch!

Yun Xiang took a deep breath and walked toward the arrays center. I must meet the Celestial Thearch and tell him personally!

How dare you! The old mans expression changed. I have long suspected you, and now you even dare to intrude into the core of the array without permission. The Celestial Thearch will not blame me even if I kill you! Venus!

As he shouted, a stream of starlight fell and turned into a Ge Metal sword.

Despite his words, his attack was not lethal and used merely to block.

However, as a Stellar Lord, and within the Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array, its might was no small matter.

Chi chi!

Yun Xiang fell back. Her clothes and her hair were in disorder, making her look pitiful.

How dare you attack a Heavenly Consort, Stellar Lord Venus! Youre crazy take him down!

She shouted and spread her hands.

A domain containing a pleasant scent spread. Instantly, hundreds of flowers blossomed and surrounded Stellar Lord Venus.

Hehe calm down, Heavenly Consort. Im merely obeying the Celestial Thearchs order!

Stellar Lord Venus was not afraid at all.

He was confident that he could fight anyone who entered the array, even if it was a Duke or King.

Obviously, he was unaware that it was not a mere messenger official who was watching, but two Demon Gods.


The heavenly official that Fang Yuan had disguised as raised his hand and patted gently.


To the old mans surprise, such a seemingly simple technique shattered the Ge Metal sword into pieces.

Not only that, but the messenger official went forward and lightly reached out with his right hand. Thousands of stellar screens broke. He grabbed Stellar Lord Venus directly and forced him to kneel on the ground. I have taken him down! What should I do next, Heavenly Consort?

How dare you!

Courting death!

Kill the Heavenly Consort as well!

The Stellar Lords were all enraged and immediately attacked.

They were the trusted aides of the Celestial Thearch, and many of them had Duke and King Deity Positions.

Seeing the Heavenly Consort and Fang Yuan insulting Stellar Lord Venus, it was like they were being humiliated, so how could they not be angry?

The Celestial Thearch has commanded that all trespassers are to be killed! three cold voices sounded.

The vault of heaven opened, and three huge stars appeared.

Full of the power of war and killing, starlight landed and turned into the shape of a hook, a spear, and a saber before finally combining into a strange blade of starlight.

It was the Killing Destruction Wolf that Stellar Lords Seven Killings, Destruction, and Greedy Wolf formed when acting together!

These three Stellar Lords were in charge of killing, and they were also Ancient Gods comparable to Golden Immortals. Their collective strength could easily defeat any Demon Master.

Weve been waiting for you!

Fang Yuan laughed cheerfully.

What they did earlier was only to force these three Stellar Lords to appear and expose their flaws.

Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao!

As he waved his hands, his Demon God aura was fully revealed, causing the surrounding starlight to tremble. The illusion of a Great Dao emerged.

The Killing Destruction Wolf blade stagnated. Shortly after, it disappeared into the Great Dao.

All armaments come under the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao. Do you really think that you are Demon Gods?

Fang Yuan laughed loudly and transformed into the indomitable Pangu Giant. Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water evolved.

Chaos Sunder, Creation Divine Fist!

With the enhancements of two Great Daos, he attacked with all of his might.

He was currently a high-order Void Amalgamation Demon God, and he had stayed for prolonged periods in the Spiritual Realm. With the help of the stats window, he had long overcome the realms suppression. Therefore, how terrifying would he be when using his full power?


Almost instantly, the Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array was forcibly stopped.

A great amount of starlight shattered, and three Stellar Lords finally appeared.

However, the three Stellar Lords all looked shocked and alarmed.


The next moment, a fist swept across. In the void, there remained a huge fist imprint, which was surrounded by the power of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water.

The three Stellar Lords had disappeared with a trace remaining.

With a Demon God attacking at full power while inside the array and the flaws that Yun Xiang had provided, it would be surprising if three Stellar Gods at the Demon Master level could still survive.

With the death of the three Stellar Lords, the Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array half-collapsed.

Many arrays broke, and numerous Stellar Lords came out panicked.

They looked terrified and wanted to run away.

However, with a soft breeze blowing across, their eyes became blurred, and they had the trace of a grin at the corner of their mouths. The Lord of the Void had possessed all of them. Stellar Gate Open!

In the center of the Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array, a magnificent, giant gate emerged.

Thousands of streams of starlight fell and opened the gate by a bit

Strange and terrifying Mental Demon elemental force leaked out from the inside immediately.

It was the Mental Demon Battlefield!

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