Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 900

Chapter 900 The Three Supremacies

Dream Demon, its up to you!

From the mouths of many Stellar Lords came the Lord of the Voids voice.

The majority of his true body was sealed inside the Mental Demon Battlefield. As for Demon God Ancient Netherworld, he was long dead. The most he could hope to do was to summon an imprint to communicate with. It was fat hope to rely on his help.

Ill attempt to corrode as many Stellar Lords as possible. Since the Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array is incomplete without Killing Destruction Wolf, itll be able to stop the Heavenly Courts reinforcements We only have ten breaths!

The Lord of the Voids tone was extremely urgent.

Without a doubt, they had to make Fang Yuan the main force this time.

Otherwise, he would not have made so many concessions.

Ill do my best!

Fang Yuan crossed the giant gate and entered the Mental Demon Battlefield.

Splash Splash!

An endless torrent of elemental force hurtled toward him. It was as though loyal officials had finally met their king.

Among the three great perilous lands, both the Bottomless Blood Abyss and the Extreme East Dark Mystic Ocean have long been abandoned. The only place with a seal remaining is the Myriad Thunder Plain!

Fang Yuan moved instantly.

After just three breaths, he arrived above the Myriad Thunder Plain.

The Mental Demon channel had long since been sealed. There was a palace in the air, but there was no hint of any Heavenly Gods.

The Heavenly Courts Mental Demon Battlefield headquartersthe Heaven Palace!

However, this former military division gathering area was now completely empty.

All that was left was the palace guarding the seal.

Fang Yuan took a deep breath.

He knew all too well that even if only the Celestial Thearch was left, he was more powerful than any military division!

Chaos Sunder, Creation Divine Fist!

He attacked without hesitation. Two giant fists crashed down.


The wrath of a Demon God was absolutely terrifying.

The defenses of the Heaven Palace turned to ashes in an instant.

After most of the palace turned to ash, strange black chains became visible.

Theses black chains emanated a gloomy aura and were terrifying to the touch. They extended from the ground all the way up to the sky. It was as though a giant spiderweb was entrenched in the Myriad Thunder Plain.

Dao Marks? Fang Yuans eyes focused on the chains. Furthermore these marks are almost at the level of Heavenly Dao Dao Marks Coupled with this gloomy feeling Netherheaven realm? Not yet!

Youre here?

From the center of the black chains, a throne rose slowly. Black netherflames surrounded it.

The Celestial Thearch sat squarely on the throne, his purple eyes fixed on Fang Yuan.

His gaze was similar to a heavenly gaze, overlooking all things from high above. Even Fang Yuan slightly felt that he had been seen through.

However, what surprised Fang Yuan the most were the Celestial Thearchs clothes.

Although they were still the same style, the purple and gold had changed to black. There was a mysterious quality about it that was had to describe.

Celestial Thearch? Or should I call you Dark Thearch now? Do you wish to side yourself with our Mental Demon Realm?

Fang Yuan sneered.

The communication between existences at their level was incredibly fast.

They would not even expend a moment to exchange over several hundred words.

I am very grateful to the Mental Demon Realm. It has given me true freedom. However, that does not mean that I have to betray the Spiritual Realm the Celestial Thearch said indifferently. Do you still not understand? Although I am no longer under the control of the Spiritual Realm, I am still a member of it! I am the Celestial Thearch of this realm! As long as I do not abandon my position of my own accord, there is nothing that can force me to do so!

In contrast to being a puppet previously, he was now a Celestial Thearch with real power. Naturally, he was not interested in the Mental Demon Realm.

Furthermore, the Mental Demon Realms environment was notorious, and it could never compare to the entire Spiritual Realm.

Thats really regrettable!

Fang Yuan waved his hands. Nine Palace Sword Array, activate!

Chi chi!

Nine earthshaking sword pillars appeared and formed a sword array that enveloped the Celestial Thearchs entire throne.


Within the span of a single breath, the sword array shifted violently. Numerous divine swords shattered. Fang Yuans eyes twitched. Although this Dark Thearch isnt at Netherheaven Demon God, hes not too far off!

Netherheaven Demon Gods had an almost complete Great Dao that was comparable to the Heavenly Dao. One could say that it was the dark side of the Heavenly Dao.

Once this dark Heavenly Dao was promoted to the next level to become a real Heavenly Dao, one would break through beyond the Demon God realm.

The Celestial Thearch was now a peak Myriad Transformations Demon God!

It could even be said that he was halfway into the dark side of the Heavenly Dao realm.

After all, he was once a puppet of heavens will and had an advantage in this aspect.

My Nine Palace Sword Array can at most trap him for two breaths!

Fang Yuan was fighting for time. Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water turned into chaos and descended upon the Myriad Thunder Plain.

The ground and even some of the original seals disintegrated.

The Myriad Thunder Plain turned to dust, leaving only three huge balls of chains.

Black chains tightly bound each of them, connecting them to the spiderweb of chains under the Celestial Thearchs throne.

Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array, transform into me!

The Lord of the Void could standby watching no longer and made his move.

He was able to divide and conceal himself in others consciousness, and he now had half of the Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array under his control.

As he activated the array, a layer of starlight converged on top of the skies of the Myriad Thunder Plain. It turned into the figure of a dignified emperor wearing a star robe.

Heavenly Cycle Stellar Thearch, Myriad Meteor Destruction Divine Art!

The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Thearch was the most powerful form of the Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array.

The Lord of the Void could only activate this form by using his intrinsic Demon God quality to fill the gap left by Stellar Lords Killing Destruction Wolf and controlling the other Stellar Gods at the expense of their own vitality.

After all, he was a Demon God and cared little for Stellar Lords.

After sacrificing so much, the heavens shook and a giant scar appeared.

One star after another came crashing down, turning into balls of fire midair. The potential for annihilation was incredible.

Myriad Meteor Destruction Divine Art?

In the blink of an eye, Fang Yuan figured out the details of this move. It used Stellar Gods as sacrifices to activate. Each meteor was a Stellar God of at least Marquis-level. They were sacrificing themselves to destroy the enemy!

If it had been anyone else, including the Celestial Thearch, they would have never asked them to throw away their lives so brazenly.

However, the Lord of the Void was different!

These Stellar Lords and Stellar Gods were nothing but puppets after he possessed them. He naturally no sense of pity.

Myriad Meteor, converge to me!

At this time, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Thearch extended its right palm and guided the meteors to converge onto one of its fingers.

Dream Demon, what are you waiting for? Help me!

Finger of Heavens Element!

The Lord of the Void roared. A huge finger tore through the sky and landed on one of the balls of chains.

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Creation Divine Fist!

Fang Yuans eyes flickered and unleashed a blow, sandwiching the ball of chains between his fist and the finger.



Under an attack of this degree, the black chains finally cracked.

Fang Yuans eyes flashed at this sight.

So I was right If it really had been Dao Marks of the dark side of Heavenly Dao, then even our combined might would have done nothing to the chains. The Dark Thearch still isnt at that level If he truly hasnt refined those Demon Gods, then theres still something we can do!


A chain reaction seemed to happen. After the first black chain cracked, the rest of the chains cracked as well and revealed a ball of light.

There were countless phantasmal faces in the ball of light. They assembled into a slightly transparent silhouette of a man.


Immediately after the silhouette appeared, it flew into the air as though pulled by a great force.

From the inside of the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Thearch, another illusion flew toward the silhouette in the same fashion. The two combined and turned into nothingness.

The Lord of the Void has finally recovered the majority of his strength!

Seeing this, Fang Yuan felt a burden off his chest. He knew that he had fulfilled the contract. Even if he were to retreat now, he would no longer be restrained by the Lord of the Void.

Void, save me!

Intense psychic vibrations transmitted from the other two balls of chains.

I can only try my best!

The Lord of the Void sighed. The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Thearch, which was already starting to turn phantasmal, crashed its body into the two chains, trying to break them.


At this moment, a great explosion resounded from within the Nine Palace Sword Array.

Fang Yuans face turned pale and took a step back.

Expressionless, the Dark Thearch stepped out from the void. Since you released a Demon God, then you two shall fill its place!

Then he spread his hand.

It was as though a black hole had appeared in the void, devouring the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Thearch illusion instantly.

Hurry up and leave. Its been ten breath!

The Lord of the Void had already escaped. But before he left, he transmitted his voice to Fang Yuan in a hurry.

I know!

Fang Yuan stole a glance at the Celestial Thearch and then turned into a blood-colored rainbow that dashed toward the sky.

The Massive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array was the key to sealing the Mental Demon Battlefield.

However, many Stellar Gods of the Heavenly Cycle had died, so it was natural that the seal began breaking apart.

He was now a Demon God. It would be foolish of him to go to the entrance and wait to be caught, so of course he would find another path to escape.

Summon Mountains!

However, Fang Yuan had still underestimated the Demon God level existences of the Spiritual Realm.

Although they were few in numbers, they had a wealth of battle experience. They had comprehended a Great Dao and were leagues above the Evil Gods of the Great Voyage World.

Outside the purple star, Excellency Mount Mangs figure suddenly appeared and waved his hands.

A myriad of mountain illusions emerged, forming a barrier surrounding the Mental Demon Battlefield.

To think that the Demon God who escaped before dares to come back!

Accompanied by music, petals fell from the sky, and a golden lotus sprouted on the ground. Three majestic figured appeared. Although their appearances were vastly different, all three had a celestial look and a carefree aura.

The Immortal Daos Three Supremecies, Zenith Heavens!

Why has the Celestial Thearch turned into this?

These Demon God level existences concentrated their spiritual will. An impressive battlefield came into view.

He must have refined the Demon Gods and obtained blessings from the Mental Demon Realm!

This is a betrayal of the Spiritual Realm Even if he doesnt lose his position, he will lose heavens blessing!

But another uncontrollable Emperor has been released. What should we do?

The three Zenith Heavens exchanged glances and saw their shock and determination reflected in each others faces. They shouted in unison, How dare you, demon? To dare to break into the Mental Demon Battlefield, do you take the members of the Spiritual Realm as nothing?

Amid a grand celestial sound, a hossu, a ruyi, and a seal landed at the same time. Each emitted a radiance that seemed to encompass all the truths in heaven and earth.

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