Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 901

Chapter 901 Dramatic Change

Auspicious auras and Dao Marks filled the area.

The combined power of three Zenith Heavens was no small matter.

From the Dao Marks of the three magical weapons, Fang Yuan instantly knew who he was up against.

Supremacy Carefree!

Supremacy Numinous Treasure!

Supremacy Wish Fulfillment!

These three Zenith Heavens were the leaders of the Immortal Dao, the source of Immortal Dao in this realm, and the founders of the immortal sects.

Any one of them could accomplish a great deal in the Great Voyage World.

The three magical weapons landed with power similar to three Great Daos combined. On top of that, there was the mountain barricade and the pursuit of the Dark Thearch.

In an instant, Fang Yuan felt absolutely helpless!

His eyes flashed brilliantly and shouted, Lord of the Void!

Their contract was not only limited to just restraining him, but they also had to help each other in times of need!

Bang! Bang!

The Lord of the Void emerged from the void. With a single point of his finger, the mountains exploded one after another.

What audacity!

Excellency Mount Mang was furious, and his robes flapped.

The royal robes he wore suddenly opened and blanketed an area of the sky.

The Lord of the Void, who was still trying to hide, gasped lightly. He was squeezed out of the void back into reality.

Creation Great Dao! Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao!

On another side, colorful clouds appeared above Fang Yuans head. Like two great rivers, two Great Daos appeared.

His Creation Great Dao was incredibly strong from the start. If he were to cultivate the Immortal Dao, he would surely receive the title of the Immortal King of Creation.

The Creation Great Dao sucked in the ruyi and the seal. Intense clashing sounds resounded from within.

As for the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao, it condensed into a blade and started fighting with the hossu.

Behind him, the Dark Thearch looked on quietly. For some unknown reason, he did not leave the Mental Demon Battlefield.

Furthermore, the black chains on his body were still connected to the two balls of chains that sealed the Demon Gods.

Wait a minuteFang Yuan suddenly realized something.The Dark Thearch he could have been just putting on an act earlier In fact, he has exhausted all his strength. Since he hasnt refined a Demon God, and hes still in the process of breaking away from the Spiritual Realms control, trying to refine the extracted intrinsic Demon God quality should have made his body wildly unstable!

Of course, realizing this fact did not help him now.

After all, Excellency Mount Mang and the Immortal Daos Three Supremacies had already arrived. There was nothing much Fang Yuan and the Lord of the Void could do.

Hurry! Run!

Ding ding!

The weapon that the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao had transformed into was still locked in combat with Supremacy Carefrees hossu. Powerful energies spilled out when they clashed.

Fang Yuan hid in the Creation Great Dao. Suddenly, he jumped out. The Pangu Chaos Giant roared and punched Supremacy Numinous Treasures seal.


The giant seal produced a loud clank and flew away after being stuck.

At the same time, the Creation Great Dao rumbled. The Nine Palace Sword Array appeared inside and whirled toward Supremacy Wish Fulfillments ruyi!

Buzz buzz!

The jade ruyi vibrated before exploding into light fragments.

Somethings wrong!

Fang Yuan withdrew his two Great Daos. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he charged outside the Mental Demon Battlefield. However, a curious sensation gripped him. That was too easy! Could the Lord of the Void have asked other helpers?

At the same time, the situation of the battlefield changed!

Supremacy Wish Fulfillment smiled grimly. The auspicious aura around him suddenly turned into a ferocious black aura that extended toward the other two Zenith Heavens like chains.

Supremacy Wish Fulfillment, what are you doing?

No He isnt Supremacy Wish Fulfillment!

Supremacy Carefree and Supremacy Numinous Treasure roared angrily and escaped in the blink of an eye. They also took back their weapons to protect themselves.


Supremacy Wish Fulfillment laughed strangely. His aura instantly changed, and it contained a hint of the Mental Demon Realm. It turned out that he was a Demon God as well!

Its you!

Lord of the Void could not help but exclaim in surprise.

A Zenith Heaven, truly tasty Wish Fulfillment Supremacy was acting extremely weird. He licked his lips. I wonder how the Celestial Thearch tastes?

You are the last Demon God that escaped on that day? No!

The Dark Thearch looked at Supremacy Wish Fulfillment with a strange expression. Youre not that Demon God, nor are you a Zenith Heaven!

Haha Thats right! Supremacy Wish Fulfillment laughed. That Demon God tried to devour Wish Fulfillment Supremacy, but they were evenly matched. In the end, the two Great Daos merged, and I was bornDemon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment!

In fact, this was a very rare situation.

After all, the conception of that Demon God had been very strange. It was born out of the condensed grievances of other Demon Gods, and it was adept at devouring other things.

As for Supremacy Wish Fulfillment, he was a Zenith Heaven who had powers rivaling Demon Gods.

For some unknown reason, the two Dao paths could complement each other.

As a result, when that Demon God ambushed Supremacy Wish Fulfillment, something irreversible happened.

Supremacy Wish Fulfillment of the Spiritual Realm had fused with a Mental Demon Demon God to produce a new existenceDemon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment!

I am the fusion of righteousness and demonism, and I am well aware of your pain Allow me to give you relief

Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment laughed. A seven-jeweled jade ruyi appeared above the Celestial Thearchs head.

Bang! Bang!

The jewels embedded on the ruyi began exploding one after another. Rich origin power radiated from each explosion and flowed downward.

Trifling matter

The Dark Thearch raised his right palm. But for some unknown reason, he seemed to be struggling. Without doing a thing, he let the origin power flow all over his body.

Bloop! Bloop!

In a split second, the Dark Thearch absorbed the river. It was almost like the Dark Thearch did it out of instinct.


After he finished absorbing it, the Dark Thearch covered his head with his hands and roared toward the sky.

A layer of blood emerged in his eyes.

I understand now The Dark Thearch was at the end of his rope. This Supremacy Wish Fulfillment then tricked him If it were destructive energy, the Dark Thearch would have blocked it. Therefore, he sent out his own intrinsic quality!

The Dark Thearch had been trying to refine the natural source of Demon Gods. This influx of intrinsic Demon God quality should have only helped him.

However, the internal balance of the Dark Thearch had already reached a critical point. When such a huge amount gushed in, it broke the balance.

It was no easy task to digest the intrinsic quality of a Demon God.

One could get an idea of how difficult the process was by simply taking a look at Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment.

The Celestial Thearch has been turned to the dark side No, he chose the dark side from the start. Now, hes descended into madness If hes unable to quell the conflict between his intrinsic quality and his Dao path, the best would be becoming another Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment.

On the other hand, Fang Yuan escaped without hesitation upon seeing what happened.

It did not matter one bit to him what the Celestial Thearch turned into.

If the Celestial Thearch was excluded at this moment, it would be three Demon Gods against two Zenith Heavens and an Emperor. However, he did not dare take the risk.

After all, he found it very hard to trust this new Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment Demon.

Nine swords merge. Omnidirectional Demon God, Go!

He pointed, and the nine swords merged into one. The Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao then covered it and unleashed an unparalleled brilliance, merging with the sword and disappearing into the void.

Tsk tsk! Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment, you really are something!

The Lord of the Void did not trust this new existence either. He attacked while grimacing.

A light sword appeared and cut through the seal that Excellency Mount Mang had created with his robe. His phantasmal silhouette then exploded and vanished without a trace.

Excellency Mount Mangs eyes were filled with thought, so he did not give chase. Instead, he joined forces with the two Zenith Heavens and surrounded Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment.

Tsk tsk Those two Demon Gods are treacherous! To think I went through the trouble of showing my true form and saving them! Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment said with a sigh. However, he did not seem panicked at all.

Demon God, you killed the Spiritual Supremacy and attacked the Celestial Thearch. We will not tolerate this! Excellency Mang Mountain said righteously.

He was the only Emperor who was still clear-headed. It was the only option left for the Spiritual Realm.

A grand but mysterious energy was surrounding him. However, there seemed to be some resistance as well.

After all, every Divine Dao Emperor wanted true freedom and did not wish to be controlled like puppets.

As such, Excellency Mount Mang had yet to completely accept the blessing of the Heavenly Dao.

Otherwise, the Lord of the Void would not have been able to escape.

You think your opponent is me? Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment smiled mockingly. Do you really think that Im kind enough to give my natural source to the Celestial Thearch for nothing?


The Mental Demon Battlefield suddenly changed.

One black chain after another sealed the space and pulled the four beings inside.

Excellency Mount Mang found himself looking at the blood-red eyes of the Dark Thearch.

Not good!

Supremacy Carefree and Supremacy Numinous Treasure were extremely shocked as well. The Celestial Thearch has gone mad! Not only has he gone mad, but part of his intrinsic quality has been tainted by the Mental Demon as well. It will be hard to control

Most importantly, he has Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillments intrinsic quality planted inside him, drawing them closer. Even if he isnt able to control him, hes the least likely to be treated as an enemy among all of us!

As expected, you Zenith Heavens arent too stupid, are you?

Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment laughed and pounced toward the location sealing the two Demon Gods.

He was once the sum of many Demon Gods grievances after their deaths. When it came to dealing with Demon Gods, he enjoyed some conveniences that were hard to describe.

His true intention was revealed at that moment as well.

By having the Celestial Thearch and Excellency Mount Mang fight, he would take the opportunity to absorb the intrinsic quality to ascend to the next level.

Haha Theres nothing more to this world other than the law of the jungle! Once the Mental Demon Battlefield opens again, who knows what kinds of existences will be born? It sure makes me excited!

He laughed maniacally. The other two Zenith Heavens faces turned pale. Lunatic!

Undoubtedly, there was little difference between Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment and the crazed Celestial Ruler.

Theres no choice! Excellency Mount Mang gritted his teeth and bowed toward the heavens and the earth. The Celestial Thearch is no longer qualified, and the demons are flaunting their power. May the heavens and the earth help me!

Compared to dying, being temporarily controlled and losing part of his freedom no longer seemed too much to accept!

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