Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Immortal Sects

Chapter 902: Immortal Sects

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A certain peak in the mortal world.

Under the swords radiance, Fang Yuan transformed into his true body. He used the Heavenly Eye Seer Spell to observe the Heavenly Court.


His seer spell was a fusion of various fields he was adept at as his stats window upgraded, and his magical powers were shockingly strong. In an instant, he saw through the horizon.

However, dark energy surrounded the Heavenly Court. It looked as if it was the end of the world.

The blazing sun hung high in the sky. However, ominous energy circled it, as if it was slowly swallowing the sun.

That is the Mental Demon Battlefield is changing!

Seeing this, Fang Yuans eyes quivered.

Even though he already knew that Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment was strange and horrifying by nature, he did not expect him to have planned this far!

The current situation was terrifying.

On the Mental Demon Battlement, a startling change was taking place.

The Celestial Thearch has lost his position The realm has no master now, but unfortunately, theres still the Lord of the Void and his numerous evil children. The entire realm is going to face true trouble now

Fang Yuan could not help sighing heavily.

The Sons of Heaven were the sons of the Celestial Thearch. If it were in the past, without the Celestial Thearchs approval, they would not have been able to ascend their thrones.

Even if they did it by force, a horrible disaster would follow. This was the power of the chosen one.

However, this was truly the opportune moment.

Even the most devilish of demons had a chance to achieve their goals!

If we use this as a striking point, the Spiritual Realm will probably suffer But with such a good opportunity, the Lord of the Void is unlikely to open a Mental Demon channel and will prepare to do it alone

Fang Yuan was in deep thought.

The current situation was straightforward. That was, Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment had done something inside the Mental Demon Battlefield to hold back Excellency Mount Mang and the two Zenith Heavens.

Together with the Celestial Thearch and the two sealed Demon Gods, they were a total of seven Demon Gods! They were all trapped tightly.

Even though he did not know what would happen to Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment, he knew that it would not be good.

Perhaps, the entire Spiritual Realm would fall into shambles because of this.

Unfortunately, the two Demon Gods who had escaped were not from the Spiritual Realm, and meeting a situation like this only left them even more excited. They definitely did not care about resolving any problems.

The Lord of the Voids arrangements are mostly set up in the mortal world. Id better take a different approach

Fang Yuan had several ideas in mind. With a relaxed smile, he transformed into a streak of red light and disappeared.

The country of Ye, capital of Iron State.

The country of Ye was still small. It had only three states, and Iron State was one of them.

Currently, Lin Shoucheng and Jiang Wang were standing side-by-side outside the capital, watching a desperate siege for the capital from afar.

General, please rest assured. This time, weve stopped their reinforcements with our strategy. Furthermore, weve deployed spies into their camps. The capture of the city is secured!

Jiang Wang was in a blue robe, holding a feather fan and wearing a headdress. He looked like a scholar unfettered by the world.

Lin Shoucheng was wearing body armor. His mustache curled to two sides, emphasizing his mature and charismatic looks. He replied somewhat worriedly, I know, but were putting our lives on the line here. Weve always been abandoned by fate. No matter what we do, fate has always played with us. I cant help being cautious

I will never cower before fate!

Jiang Wangs knuckles turned white as he gripped his feather fan tightly.

Although he said that, he had been deepening his knowledge. With what he had absorbed, he felt even more awe for the vast heaven and earth.


Suddenly, a loud rumbling noise traveled from the city gates.

The city walls are broken!

The city walls are broken!

A series of cheers ensued as soldiers swarmed into the city like a flood.


Lin Shoucheng watched this scene unfold before him. However, his expression remained stoic and unchanging for a long time.

Jiang Wang said excitedly, General, our great undertaking is ready! The country of Ye only has three states. Now that General has secured one, you can attempt to aspire for the throne!

He paused for a moment, and his gaze remained steady as he quietly operated the technique to observe Qi.

This magical technique for observing Qi naturally did not originate from Daoists. He had cultivated Confucian techniques for a long time. In order to achieve this level, it had not been easy and required a considerable amount of effort.

As he was watching Lin Shoucheng, he saw a black dragon on the verge of appearing. His spirit roused. Congratulations, General. Being able to raise a black dragon like yours is definitely a blessing!

However, he was thoroughly puzzled.

People like them who were suppressed by fate and went against heavens will suffered ten times more than any other person.

Even Lin Shoucheng had crossed paths with deaths gate several times. Even if he was blessed by dragons, he had not been able to complete the transformation before.

How did the black python grow its horns and claws so effortlessly now?

Thinking up until this point, he had a sudden realization.

Jiang Wang looked up at the sky. Along the edges of the blazing sun, it seemed as though there were several more dark outlines. A strong chill attacked his heart.

Lin Shoucheng was holding his breath as well. At this moment, he finally let out a deep sigh. Yes, in order to become king, you have to worship the heavens. When I fully transform into a dragon, I will have to ask why we were treated like this

After hearing this, Jiang Wangs expression changed. The fact that General might turn into a dragon means that heavens will is already ignoring us, leaving us with a trace of hope. Why bother thinking about all of this?

Hehe I dont believe that the wicked heavens would have a change of heart like this! Lin Shoucheng laughed coldly. Unless the Celestial Thearch has changed!


For some reason, once he said this, a loud rumble exploded between the heavens and the earth.

Jiang Wang trembled. Without saying anything further, he left immediately.

A certain island that was full of Immortal Qi.

All kinds of flowers were in bloom, and it was as warm as spring.

At a pavilion, the sound of water and nature merged harmoniously. Everything bloomed abundantly. It was truly a place one would call a wonderland in the mortal world.

This was the location of an acknowledged leader among the immortal sects, the Penglai 1 Palace.

Suddenly, two streaks of bright light pierced downward from the sky. A voice resounded throughout the island. Is Fellow Daoist Zhang of the Penglai Palace here? Infinity Mystic Sect Master and Luoshen Palace Master have paid a visit!

The island was dead silent. After a moment, a voice emerged. Welcome!

The restrictions covering the entire sky fell away, and a straight path appeared.

The Infinity Mystic Sect Master and the Luoshen Palace Master walked on it without hesitation.

There was a small pavilion at the heart of the island. Next to it, there was a clear pond with numerous red koi swimming about happily.

Welcome guests from afar. Excuse me for not going out to meet you. Please come in!

Inside the pavilion, an old man with strong Immortal Qi was sitting there. He stood up and greeted them politely.

Damn old man! You can stay sitting!

A beautiful woman who was slightly over thirty walked into the pavilion. With some resentment, she rolled her eyes at this person surnamed Zhang.

Weve lost contact with the three venerable founders. This isnt something we can hide for long. What should we do? the Infinity Mystic Sect Master said with the same level of resentment.

Just because weve lost contact with them, it doesnt mean that theyre in trouble Anyway, havent the three venerable founders informed us about their whereabouts? Zhang Island Master smiled warmly.

The three of them were Golden Immortals, and each led a large sect. They were the ones holding down the fort, the rulers and hegemons of the Immortal Dao!

But currently, two of them were no different from scrambling ants on a hot pan.

This was because the three Zenith Heavens had important roles to fulfill.

If any of the Zenith Heavens went missing, there was no way they could deal with such a situation relying on only themselves.

I know that youre the most sly, Island Master. If you have any news, hurry up and spit it out.

The Infinity Mystic Sect Master and Luoshen Palace Master were stimulated, and they nearly grabbed Island Master Zhangs collar.

Island Master Zhangs expression turned solemn. He coughed once loudly and then told them the truth, Earlier, Founder Supremacy Carefree used our unique portable communication talisman to exchange a few words According to him, the Celestial Thearch has betrayed the Spiritual Realm. Even they are in a dangerous situation, and theyre trapped in Mental Demon Battlefield. I didnt believe it either, but Ive ascertained that this is the truth.

As expected! The Infinity Mystic Sects Master added, If thats the case, what are we waiting for? Lets assemble all the Heaven Immortals, Golden Immortals, and the treasures in the sects to break into the Mental Demon Battlefield. Well rescue the old patriarchs!

Absolutely not! The Penglai Island Master shook his head worriedly. First, the seal on the Mental Demon Battlefield has changed. It was a ploy by the Demon Gods. Furthermore, the Celestial Thearchs magic is embedded within. Unless you are at Zenith Heaven, theres no way you can defeat it. And even if we manage to undo the seal, are we really going to join a battle with Zenith Heavens and Emperors? And there are still two Demon Gods running loose. This situation is a complete disaster!

Ive heard that Island Master is wise and all-knowing. I believe youve already come up with a strategy, havent you? the Luoshen Palace Master suddenly said this in a sweet, sparrow-like voice.

Hmm for a problem of this level, our priority is to protect our sects. For the two of you to come to me like this, it is truly a shame. However, now that youve come, this old man does have something to share The Penglai Island Master stroked his beard. The Zenith Heaven old patriarchs are currently engaged in a grand battle. In terms of power, were talking about levels affecting Heaven, Earth, and Man!

The Celestial Thearch is mad and even sealed the Zenith Heaven old patriarchs. He has betrayed the Spiritual Realm and lost his position However, the beliefs in the mortal world are still strong. Even if he has strayed from the heavens, he can still rely on that. The most we can do is to send out our disciples to various parts of the mortal world to destroy the Celestial Thearchs foundations


The two Golden Immortals exchanged glances.

In reality, the Celestial Thearchs power originated from heavens will. Regarding the worshippers in the mortal world, it was nothing more than a small portion of his power.

Furthermore, the Penglai Island Masters words did not seem like it only targeted the Celestial Thearch. Instead, it seemed to be directed at the Heavenly Court!

He should not have revealed his intention to reap benefits while the realm fell into chaos so blatantly.

However, they were from the Immortal Dao, so naturally they would not worry about the Divine Dao. But their instincts called out to them to dig up the Divine Daos foundations.

We will maintain our positions and send our disciples out. After the entire realm changes, we will make our move and attack the Heavenly Court. We will clear their roots out and then rescue the old patriarchs!

The Penglai Island Masters voice carried a hint of coldness.

This person seems like hes up to something and wants to take this opportunity to reach Zenith Heaven!

The Infinity Mystic Sect Master and the Luoshen Palace Master exchanged looks, thinking the same thing.


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