Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Immortal Supremacy

Chapter 903: Immortal Supremacy

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Zenith Heaven!

This was above Golden Immortal, the cultivation level of the Immortal Daos founders!

Currently, without the Immortal Daos Three Supremacies, they could be considered the overlords of the Spiritual Realm.

If it was said that these Golden Immortals did not have an ounce of greed, that would be a complete joke.

Cough cough! The Infinity Mystic Sect Master suddenly said, Furthermore should we form an alliance to help each other out?

Right. There are still Demon Gods from the Mental Demon Realm running loose. We have to do this! The Luoshen Palace Master patted her chest, seeming anxious.

The might of a Mental Demon Demon God was not something they were familiar with, but a Zenith Heavens might was something they would never forget.

If a Demon God decided to attack their sects, there was not a single person who would be able to escape from their wrath.

Even for them, they could only rely on the sect defenses to hold out for a moment, and only a few would be able to escape even after they removed the restrictions.

Thats obvious But we have to think of a way to save our founders or maybe Island Master Zhang said hesitantly.

The three of us are already at the pinnacle of Golden Immortal. How about we discuss cultivation? Luoshen Palace Master smiled as she proposed this.

Heavens! Our sects techniques cant be revealed to outsiders!

The Infinity Mystic Sect Master and Island Master Zhang laughed aloud.

I am Supremacy Creation. Today, I will speak about cultivation at Sky Horizon Sea in the Spiritual Realm. I invite all Immortals in the Spiritual Realm to attend my lecture!

Suddenly, a voice traveled through the sky, resounding loudly in the three Golden Immortals ears.

The three Golden Immortals, who were still in the heat of their discussion, were stunned. The pavilion turned dead silent.


After a while, the Infinity Mystic Sect Masters and the Luoshen Palace Masters communication talismans and treasures began rumbling loudly.

Ah Island Master Zhang let out a long sigh. It looks like that wasnt an illusion! Supremacy Creation? Other than the Three Supremacies, theres another Zenith Heaven?

The fact that his voice was able to permeate throughout the Spiritual Realm means that hes definitely at Zenith Heaven! The Infinity Mystic Sect Master laughed bitterly. My sect is a complete mess now too.

What do you think? The Luoshen Palace Master fell silent for a moment before suddenly saying, After the three founders disappeared, this Zenith Heaven appears. Is it a senior in the Spiritual Realm who has been in secluded cultivation? Or a Mental Demon Demon God?

The other two Golden Immortals were dumbfounded.

Indeed, if this was a trap to attract enemies, then countless Immortals and Gods would be caught.

After a long time, Island Master Zhang spoke first. If our conjecture is right, then theres nothing we can do The fact that he dares to do something like this means that hes utterly fearless. How can we make a decision knowing this?

However, if it really is a senior, then this might be our only hope to save our lives from the Demon Gods!

These Golden Immortals were stuck in a conundrum.

As for methods like divinations, that was not something they considered.

With a Golden Immortals abilities, attempting to divine a Zenith Heaven was akin to seeking death.

Thats true. If we join hands and head to Sky Horizon Sea, wouldnt we find out immediately?

Finally, the three Golden Immortals came to a consensus.

After a while, all the restrictions on Penglai Island were released, and three streaks of golden light shot through the sky.

Sky Horizon Sea is near East Dragon Country. Its not far!

Golden Immortals were very fast. Soon, they arrived at a seaside district.

Furthermore, they spotted numerous other streaks of light, which was within their expectations.

Evidently, these lights appeared because of that voice from earlier.

The top 33 sects, the 72 immortal sects, and 1000 Golden Immortal and Heaven Immortals I cant believe that most of them are here!

Using his spiritual will, the Penglai Island Master conversed with other streaks of light. He could not hide the change in his expression. We cant take a Zenith Heavens prestige lightly!

Of course, if he was honest with himself, after his sects old patriarch was trapped, he did not have the courage to face another Zenith Heaven senior.

Island Master Zhang released his spiritual will and greeted several sect masters he was familiar with. After a few exchanges, all of them were curious about one thing: Who is Supremacy Creation?

Unfortunately, before watching the moment unfold, no one would be able to answer.


Streaks of light gathered.

Numerous Golden Immortals appeared, leaving a second-tier group with Heaven Immortals far behind.

That voice ordered us to come to Sky Horizon Sea. Now that were all hovering above the sea like this, theres a strange energy here!

In the Golden Immortals eyes, above the seemingly unremarkable sea, it seemed as though there were streaks of gold that formed the marks of a certain Dao path.

Only existences at the Zenith Heaven level would be able to leave behind imprints in the void. It looked like a guiding path.

Theres a patch of sea fog in front of us. Thats the heart of Sky Horizon Sea!

The Infinity Mystic Sect Master shot a look at his two companions. His streak of light rushed headfirst into the sea fog.

The Golden Immortals who had come were all intimidated by the Zenith Heaven. They knew that even if they hid within their sects, there was no way they could hide from a Zenith Heavens rage. Some even carried hopes and delusions, not as conflicted as the three great Golden Immortals. Instead, they were somewhat eager.

After he got through the sea fog, it was as if he had traveled through a different dimension.

The Infinity Mystic Sect Master touched his forehead before looking up into the sky.

In the middle of the sky, a modest palace floated peacefully. It shot out nine different colors of light while emanating grandiose energy.

Thats definitely where the Zenith Heaven lives. Its the place for the lecture!

This was not the only person who thought this.

All of a sudden, several streaks of light surged forward. However, the harder they tried, the further they got from the palace. Even though they could see it, they were never able to reach it.

This is a space-shifting technique. The entire palace is an array!

After the Infinity Mystic Sect Master understood this, he slowed down the intensity of his movement technique. It was neither too fast nor too slow and contained a profundity.


The palace was getting closer. Releasing his light form, he stepped onto the solid stone ground.

Heaven Beyond Heaven?

The Infinity Mystic Sect Master looked up and saw these three large characters engraved on the palace, excluding a strange atmosphere. He could not help feeling stunned.

Haha as expected. Your sects movement techniques are better than ours! We can only concede defeat!

After a while, the Luoshen Palace Master and the Penglai Island Master rushed over to this place. While observing the palace, all of them sighed in astonishment.

This palace is designed simply, and its restrictions are strange. It doesnt look like its from our realm! the Penglai Island Master said, and the two Golden Immortals expressions turned grave.

The name Heaven Beyond Heaven, as well as the unfamiliar materials and construction, seemed foreboding.

Haha the three of you arrived quickly!

A faintly discernible voice trailed as a golden light landed and transformed into a Golden Immortal who was dressed luxuriously.

Brother Jin, its been a long time!

The Luoshen Palace Master forced a smile and greeted him.

The dark clouds have blotted out the sun, and the world is in chaos Even someone as useless as me has been forced out. May I know if the three Zenith Heaven old patriarchs have any instructions for the lowly me? Also what kind of sage is this Supremacy Creation? Golden Immortal Jin asked curiously.

For such a huge event to have happened and for the three Zenith Heaven old patriarchs not to have said anything, it truly left the other sects puzzled.

Island Master Penglais group of three Golden Immortals exchanged looks with each other. However, they did not want to reveal that the three old patriarchs who were the cornerstones for their sects were trapped, finding it embarrassing to mention.

Eh? Suddenly, the number of Golden Immortals arriving increased. There were quite a number of Heaven Immortals as well.

The Luoshen Palace Master stared at the various Fey that had also shown up. She exclaimed, Can these beasts enter this place too?

Hehe This immortal doesnt know. According to my observations, this Sky Horizon Sea fog array tests only one criterionones nature. Golden Immortals and Heaven Immortals can all pass. For the others, if theyre lucky, they can arrive here too! The Golden Immortal surnamed Jin explained cheerfully.

Unfortunately, these pitiful Fey were surrounded by a thousand Golden Immortals and Heaven Immortals, obviously scared out of their wits.

In fact, if the Golden Immortals and Heaven Immortals were not afraid of offending this Supremacy Creation, they would have already eliminated these Fey.


Suddenly, three chirping noises traveled from the Heaven Beyond Heaven Palace.

With a bright flash, the doors opened wide.

The Infinity Mystic Sect Masters group of three Golden Immortals exchanged glances before leading the way to enter first. The other Heaven Immortals and Golden Immortals trailed behind, their expressions revealing various forms of confusion.

All of them were intelligent. After observing for a while, they could make educated guesses.

The Immortal Daos Three Supremancies must have had a change of heart. Otherwise, there was no way they would have allowed Supremacy Creation to act this way.

No matter what, a new Zenith Heaven was not someone they could afford to offend.

Thus, every Golden Immortal and Heaven Immortal that could come had come. It could be called an Immortal Dao grand assembly.

Behind the Immortals, there were several Gods. Their expressions did not change, and the strongest was nothing more than a Marquis.

In the Divine Dao, they naturally did not stand out. Most of them were merely small characters.

Now that they heard that the master of Heaven Beyond Heaven was going to teach everyone, they would go to see what they could get.

The Fey next to the Gods thought the same.

Various Immortals, Gods, and Fey walked into Heaven Beyond Heaven and arrived at the main hall.

This was a strange space. All around, Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water wafted about, forming a stream that evolved into chaos.

In the center, a twelve-petaled platform rose slowly, and a young man was sitting on it. His immortal energy permeated his bones. Seeing all the Immortals before him, he smiled gently and rubbed his temple.


A Grand Dao opened, stopping Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water and began arranging chaos.

I am Supremacy Creation. Since all of you have come before me, we must be fated. Allow me to explain the Creation Great Dao!

Supremacy Creation was none other than Fang Yuan.

Since the Lord of the Void had directed his attention to the battles in the mortal world, he was going to collect all the Immortal Daos resources and land!

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