Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 904

Chapter 904 Expounding The Dao

Chapter 904: Expounding the Dao

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The Mental Demon Realm was known for being a vicious, free-for-all place.

It had even invaded the Spiritual Realm once in the past. The Demon Gods that had appeared naturally all had tempers.

Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment had huge plans. He wanted to capture the Celestial Thearch and the other Immortals and Gods in one fell swoop. He might even have plans to break through the Netherheaven realm!

And after the Lord of the Void and Fang Yuan learned about the new changes, there was no way they would lay low.

For them, the Mental Demon Battlefield was a death ground. If they were not at their wits end, they would not choose to confront Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment head-on.

Even for the Lord of the Void, after he saved most of his true body, he did not bring up the matter of saving his old friends any longer.

In contrast, he was very enthusiastic about undermining the Spiritual Realm now.

With his support, the current mortal world was facing a huge tribulation. The demon children were probably also seizing the opportunity to mature quickly.

Fang Yuan had no intention of fighting against the Lord of the Void, so he came to collect everything he could from the immortal world.

The Spiritual Realm is vast and boundless. The world is very powerful as well If I can use the Immortal Dao to pry into the rules and obtain origin power, itll be worth the effort!

If I fail, at worst, Ill just leave the Spiritual Realm!

This time, even if Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment wins, its still worth a try.

Since he had made up his mind, he looked rather confident now.

Glancing at the Golden Immortals, Heaven Immortals, and the others, Fang Yuan continued, Feel free to enter. You can call me Teacher!

Teacher was a lighter word than master.

In the Spiritual Realm, there was this saying that once a person was your teacher, he would be your father for life. However, this only applied to people you were indebted to.

Being called teacher was something that was borrowed from Western culture. Even though it was a term of respect, it did not carry the same weight.

A person only had one real master in their life. On the other hand, they could have as many teachers as they liked.

Greetings, Teacher!

At this point, he could see the merits of the people who followed the Immortal Dao.

Without question, the one thousand Heaven Immortals and Golden Immortals bowed to him and called him teacher.

No matter what, having a relationship with a Zenith Heaven was beneficial to them.

A Golden Immortal stepped forth and paid his respects.

Teacher! May I ask where your esteemed homeland is? Do you have a relationship with the Immortal Daos Three Supremacies? For Teacher to hold a lecture like this, the three founders should have come to greet you beforehand!

How shameless!

The Infinity Mystic Sect Masters group of three shot warning looks at this Golden Immortal. In their hearts, they were cursing at him.

I have been cultivating in the mountains. I am a person who enjoys freedom, but the heavens and the earth have been changing lately. The Zenith Heavens and Divine Dao Emperors are trapped in the Mental Demon Battlefield. Not only that, evildoers are growing rampant in the mortal world. This is clearly the beginning of a great tribulation. I had no choice but to come!

Under the desperate eyes of the three sect masters, Fang Yuan exposed their secret and immediately caused a great commotion.

What? Another tribulation?

The three Dao patriarchs are trapped in the Mental Demon Battlefield?

Infinity Mystic Sect Master, Penglai Island Master, and Luoshen Palace Master how do you explain this?

The Golden Immortals and Heaven Immortals broke out into discussion, and many gazes fell onto the three.

This was the old patriarchs orders. I had no choice!

The Infinity Mystic Sects Master spread both hands, acting as if it was not his problem.

Another Heaven Immortal stepped forward and kowtowed deeply.

I beg for Teachers kindness. Please save the three old patriarchs as well as the Heavenly Courts Emperor. We will definitely acknowledge Teacher as our patriarch. In the future, you will be the Immortal Daos fourth patriarch!

Difficult! Too difficult!! Fang Yuan knit his brows. The three fellow Daoists being trapped was caused by the great tribulation. We cant change it either. Once changed, the energy will spread, and the poison will be endless.

Inside the Mental Demon Battlefield, there are Demon Gods that are as fierce as the heavens. With my skills, it would serve to be slightly troublesome to them This is why I have summoned all of you here to teach. As long as you can learn some of my abilities, you can be a helping hand for me as well.

Why should we believe you!

From the eyes of the three leading Golden Immortals, Fang Yuan sensed their distrust.

Even so, they bowed down. As you say, Teacher!

Currently, most of the Golden Immortals had guessed Fang Yuans origins. However, they continued to play along with his act.

Otherwise, if he decided to show his true colors, who would be able to survive?

Only some weak Heaven Immortals and those Fey nearby remained ignorant. They thought that they had really met their luck and found a way to learn some Dao patriarch techniques.

My Great Dao is called Creation! Fang Yuan announced confidently and began his lecture.

Buzz buzz!

Once he said this, it was like a heavenly voice. It left behind Dao Marks, condensing heaven and earth into reason.

Th-this is a true Great Dao!

Heavens Ive only heard of it!

Is a Great Dao something we can understand so easily? Teacher must be a great talent and even more so selfless to share his techniques with us!

Many Heaven Immortals and Fey listened blissfully, and they were so amazed that they all kowtowed.

In fact, some Golden Immortals reacted the same way. However, their expressions revealed a hint of reluctance.

Nine swords, Creation condense!

Fang Yuan extended a finger. With the heavens and the earths power, the silhouettes of the nine swords emerged, and a Great Daos aura enveloped them.

Under his teachings, a large portion of the Golden Immortals could not resist the temptation and fell prey to it. the Creation Great Dao is the only true Great Dao of the heavens and the earth. It is first among the three thousand Dao paths


Only the Infinity Mystic Sect Masters group of three Golden Immortals, who were at peak Golden Immortal, resisted the temptation of the Creation Great Dao.

Although a Demon Gods Great Dao is indeed a rule and is also a truth, their Great Dao is theirs alone. Once someone has been influenced by anothers Great Dao, there is no hope of promotion ever again!

In the past, Fang Yuan had once met with such a temptation when he was a Demon Master.

However, his beliefs were strong. The most important thing was that the Demon God was not personally reinforcing it, so he was able to maintain his beliefs and remove his Mental Demons.

However, these Golden Immortals were not as lucky.

After his Creation Great Dao influenced them, they probably still had some time to increase their levels. However, they would soon realize that no matter what they did, they would never be able to break through to Zenith Heaven.

With so many Golden Immortals and Heaven Immortals here, isnt this a huge steal? Obviously, I have to take them in as my disciples!

Without holding back, Fang Yuan wanted to enslave them deeper.

Leave now! the Penglai Island Master hollered as he suddenly turned into a ray of light and flew toward the palace doors.

As soon as he left, the Infinity Mystic Sect Master similarly guided his Qi.

Only the Luoshen Palace Master was a little slow. In that one in a million moment, she was stopped by Fang Yuan.

My female disciple, do you think theres something wrong with your teachers words? Fang Yuan asked gently while devouring the Luoshen Palace Master with his Creation Great Dao.

No, Teachers Great Dao is amazing. Being able to learn is my greatest blessing

After a moment, the Great Dao faded away. The palace master knelt on the ground with tears streaming down her face.

Youre fated to learn my techniques. The two Golden Immortals over there, dont make mistakes!

Fang Yuan flicked his sleeve.

The Penglai Island Master and the Infinity Mystic Sect Master belatedly realized that the doors that were within reach had extended far beyond the horizon.

Not only that, a gentle breeze passed by them. In an instant, the palace doors closed shut, resounding loudly.

Seeing this, the two of them had no choice but to turn back. They knelt in despair. Your disciples have done wrong. Teacher, please punish us!

That was nothing more than a temporary misstep. How could I blame you for that? Come, how about you Golden Immortals and Heaven Immortals tell these two about the Creation Great Dao!

Fang Yuan smiled gently and supported the two Golden Immortals with hands.

Under the strong force, they had no choice but to stand up. The teachings about the Creation Great Dao were drilled them. In an instant, they lost all their senses and began crying. To think we were foolish enough to want to become Zenith Heavens. We didnt know Teachers Creation Great Dao thenit is above all Zenith Heavens. We have been far too greedy! We deserve death! Death!

Forget it!

Fang Yuan waved his hand.

For the current him, killing these Golden Immortals and Heaven Immortals would be effortless. However, convincing each and every one of them would be difficult.

His strategy this time was to imprint the Creation Great Dao into their hearts. In the future, he would be able to control them freely.

As for their personalities, they would not see too much of a change. At most, they would think of the Creation Great Dao as one of their goals in the future.

Those that wanted to use their ploys would do so; others that wanted to form alliances would do so.

However, their abilities would gradually be affected by the seeds that he had planted today, and they would lean toward the Mental Demon Realm.

However, even if these Golden Immortals knew this, they would not dare to risk their lives against Fang Yuan.

Some of them were probably even celebrating in their hearts.

After all, if the Spiritual Realm was truly in trouble and became a part of the Mental Demon Realm, they would naturally have to convert to the Mental Demon cultivation techniques if they wanted to live.

Seeing the situation unfold like this, their thoughts were still sharp, and they started considering changing sects.

After lecturing for three days and nights and ensuring that these Immortals, Gods, and Fey had no way of turning back, Fang Yuan waved his hands. My lecture has come to an end. You may leave now!

Thank you, Teacher!

Many Immortals bowed him, and then they turned into rays of light and left.

Seeing this scene, Fang Yuan fell into deep thought.

Come to think of it, in my previous lifes legends, didnt someone also do something like this? However, history has always been written by the winners, so it was beautified, wasnt it? If thats truly the case, his plan sounds similar to mine!

Fang Yuan stood up slowly and looked at the sky.

Under the hot sun, dark energy permeated to the extent that ordinary mortals could see it with their naked eyes.

At the side, the green star dimmed. It was nearly annihilated. Meanwhile, the purple star sparkled brightly, giving off an indescribable, ominous feeling.

Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment

Fang Yuan walked a few steps, but his expression remained uncertain.

To be frank, although they were both Mental Demon Demon Gods, they had not come to any alliance agreements.

In such situations, stabbing each other in the back when one was down was inevitable.

However, since he was insufficiently strong, he would not place himself in any unnecessary danger.

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