Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 905

Chapter 905 Reincarnation

Chapter 905: Reincarnation

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The sun hung high in the sky.

The purple star glowed brightly, as if it were going to dye the sun the same color.

Compared to one month ago, it looks even more severe now!

Fang Yuan retracted his seer spell and sighed. It looks like Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment might be able to complete his arrangements within the year! When that time comes, heaven and earth will change. Ill have to capture some chess pieces and authority so I can participate calmly.

When it came to accumulating strength, the Dream Masters Realm Traversing Technique was obviously more than a little useful.

After we concluded our contract, Ive only used one of the world coordinates that I exchanged with the Lord of the Void

He had a feeling that if he allowed Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillments plan to proceed, the entire Spiritual Realms future would be overturned.

Even as a Demon God, he had to prepare more abilities and hidden cards in order to deal with it safely.

Out of the Demon Gods three realms, Im still at Void Amalgamation. I need to consume even more rules, followed by the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Great Dao before I can break through to Myriad Transformations!

As for the Netherheaven realm, this was the pinnacle of Demon God. Fang Yuan did not expect to be able to reach this realm quickly.

The dark side of the Heavenly Dao was not that simple to condense.

As long as I reach Myriad Transformations, I can evolve one Great Dao into thousands of Great Dao powers. Even if I entered the Mental Demon Realm then, Id be able to move unhindered

The Spiritual Realm was about to transform dramatically, and the future would be spinning into a complex web. Fang Yuan could not help considering his escape route as well.

Although the Mental Demon Realm was rumored to be terrifying, it was still tightly linked with Dream Masters. He felt that he had to make a trip there no matter what, even if he had several enemies in the Mental Demon Realm.

In Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillments arrangement, I might have an opportunity.

Fang Yuan moved quickly, leaving Sky Horizon Sea. He arrived at the deep ocean.

In the deep ocean, the weather was never constant. There were also various whales and giant beasts here, making it a dangerous place.

Of course, for the current Fang Yuan, it was no different from his back garden.

In fact, he even felt a warm feeling of comfort.

This was because he had made his breakthrough in the Great Voyage World, as well as the influence from part of the ocean rules and authority that he had seized from the Deep-Sea Rulers.

Hopefully, the next world Im heading to has lots of Dao paths, rules, and authority for me to plunder

Fang Yuan waved his hands as particles of light appeared.

With his current cultivation, he was strong enough to distinguish the information within these coordinates.

In terms of the density of the power of rules, this world is the densest. However, it also looks very dangerous Even I might be wrapped up in a mess

A greyish-white glow emerged on his hands, giving off an eerie glow.

His Dream Master technique, dream-traversing to other worlds, were considered the safest.

However, it was different in this world, leaving him feeling very insecure. In fact, he had a premonition that everything that happened in this world would affect his true body.

As for asking the Lord of the Void about it, he did not even consider it.

If he asked that so casually, it was equivalent to sending himself to a wolfs jaws, and he would fall into great danger.


Suddenly, the surface of the sea split into two as an island-like giant whale appeared.

It spit out a large amount of seawater from its blowhole, covering the sky. In an instant, it seemed as if it were raining.

Good beast!

Seeing this, Fang Yuans eyes lit up. His body flashed, turning into a rainbow streak that entered the beast via its blowhole.

There was a lot of space inside this strange whale. There were even several strange lifeforms living inside, creating a certain harmonious system inside the whale.

Secluding myself here might not be too bad!

Fang Yuan went to a corner and opened up a cave abode before setting multiple restrictions.

His position changed constantly as the whale moved about in the deep sea. Even a Demon God would find it hard to locate him.

Even though it was a little troublesome, and the Lord of the Void was the only one in the mortal world, he could not help moving carefully. He did plan on betting his safety on his enemies carelessness.

Within this whales body, he arranged his own haven. He had the space of a small province to himself, and there was a lot of moss and vegetation around as well.

Fang Yuan positioned his cave abode on a small hill amid a forest of rocks.

After he finished arranging everything, he sat cross-legged in his cave abode. The earlier world coordinates floated out.

Dream! Fang Yuan muttered in a low voice while his hands formed several seals.


Light shot out, shining on the greyish-white light spots. A mysterious transformation immediately took place.

The marks from the arrays wafted up gradually, shifting continuously before forming a bright door.

The void trembled, and a large hole opened, revealing jet-black chaos.

Dream Master technique, Dream-Traversing Three Thousand Realms, go! he declared softly. His True Spirit appeared between his eyebrows and quickly flew straight into the black hole.


Numerous arrays glowed brightly at once. And then the original hole shattered, disappearing immediately.

He was on a magnificent river.

Like the Great Dao, it was wide and generous, crossing the past, the present, and the future.

The River of Time? No! It seems more terrifying!

His True Spirit was riding in the river. Reincarnation? Or something else?

Fang Yuans True Spirit was a little confused.

Together with the flow of the river, his True Spirit continually dimmed and became confused. He even began to forget some important things.

As for his original magical powers, they dissipated like snow meeting the sun.

After a moment, a characteristic glow surrounded his True Spirit. His stats window, together with Creation and the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao, the traces of these three persisted with all their might. The rest dissipated into nothingness.

What kind of Great Dao possesses such power?

Fang Yuan lost all senses for a moment, as if he were about to fall into eternal darkness. Suddenly, he realized something. This isnt right this is this worlds defense mechanism. This I must cross through this worlds Heavenly Dao!

Instantly, it was as if he had torn through the fog and saw the green sky.

The radiance of his True Spirits glow spread, emanating a beautiful light.

Even so, without waiting for Fang Yuan to fully experience this worlds Heavenly Dao, a black hole surfaced before him. It immediately swallowed him, devouring his True Spirit!

Amid the darkness and emptiness, he could not feel the passage of time at all.

Without knowing how much time had passed, Fang Yuan suddenly felt something.

Even though he was still in the same darkness, he could feel the light and the warmth from the outside world.

Of course, his True Spirit could attach to a physical body.

Hmm, it seems like that black hole was indeed the reincarnation of this world. Have I crossed time and turned into a fetus? Hold on, whats on its butt?

After using his spiritual will, Fang Yuan suddenly felt that there was something wrong with his current state.

It was indeed a fetus. It had a head and four limbs. However, behind its butt, there was a long tail. It seemed at least half as long as the body.

This definitely isnt a human fetus Im not sure what I turned into either

Fang Yuan was depressed.

If he still had the same level of cultivation, he would not be as frustrated.

Even if he had resurrected wrongly, he could simply seize another body.

However, he did not have many choices left. He could only hope to get out of this womb as soon as possible.

I cant tell what its going to be like yet. The fetus is too small

Fang Yuan thought about this lazily. Suddenly, he felt warm energy gush forth from the outside world, accelerating his growth.

As the days passed, he was finally able to observe himself on the thirtieth day.

He had a slender, long head, limbs that had sharp claws, scales all over his body, and a tail that was nearly twice the length of his body

This appearance, it seems like Im a lizard Am I that unlucky? At the very least, I should be a dragon Fang Yuan quietly reassured himself.

In his previous life, there were lizard-type beasts in novels. However, most of them were dragon-types like black dragons, white dragons, or red dragons.

Since this world was a high level one, the appearance of Western dragons would be perfectly normal.

Unfortunately, when he inspected his entire body, especially his back, he did not find any signs of dragon wings. In his sea of consciousness, he could not find any ancestral memories either.

Everything seemed to be pointing toward the fact that he was nothing more than a normal llizard!

All right if Im a lizard, so be it. I wonder what this worlds external environment is like If a predator comes along and destroys my egg on a whim, Id really die before I can hatch Fang Yuan muttered quietly.

Luckily, the worst-case scenario did not happen.

On a bright and warm afternoon, Fang Yuan finally made it to the day he was going to hatch.

Along with a numb feeling, his well-prepared self immediately attacked his eggshell.

Crack! Crack!

After a loud crack, he entered the warm sunlight, into the world.

On a patch of sand, spiderweb-like cracks appeared on the surface of several lizard eggs. Several young lizards crawled out from their eggs, basking in the warm sunlight. The scales on their bodies hardened quickly.

Damn, it looks like I really am a lizard. However, it seems like my body is a little longer

Fang Yuan went to the small lake at the side and stared at his reflection.

What surfaced was naturally a young lizard. However, the length of its body was at least twenty centimeters, and its teeth and claws looked ferocious.

All of this seemed different from his previous guesses.

I dont get it at all!

Fang Yuan paused for a moment. Suddenly, he felt a vicious breeze on his face.

Along with the sound of footsteps, a large lizards figure appeared from the bushes, emerging before his eyes.

This large lizard was at least two meters long. Its body was covered with bright green scales, and its eyes seemed to have a cold, heartless glint to it.

It appeared before a group of baby lizards. Opening its large jaws, it dropped a piece of bloody flesh.

Amid the commotion, a message came out of nowhere. Eat!

What what kind of world is this?!

Fang Yuan did not have any interest in snatching food from a group of lizards. Instead, he fell into deep thought at the side. Then he smiled bitterly. Earlier, I was a Dao patriarch. This time, Im a four-legged lizard sigh

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