Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 906

Chapter 906 Scholar

Chapter 906: Scholar

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The sun shone brightly while a refreshing breeze blew.

In the forest, a mole scampered across the ground. All of a sudden, the bush nearby rustled ominously.

Sha! Sha!

A series of wild screaming ensued as a black shadow spanning several meters long shot out from the bushes. The scales on its body spread from head to tail, and its eyes reflected a predators icy heartlessness.

Its purple split-tongue that curled slightly swallowed the mole.

Hiss hiss

After swallowing its wriggling prey, the large python lay lazily on the ground, not moving for a long time.

Whoosh whoosh!

At this moment, the scent of blood drifted by.

The forests trees collapsed, and a ferocious beasts dark shadow emerged, carrying the aura of a top-tier predator.


The large python sensed the incoming danger and curled its body up vigilantly.

The next moment, a sharp claw pounced forth.

Blood and flesh splattered everywhere. The large python was instantly cut in two.

Hiss hiss

It struggled desperately while its murderer mutilated the rest of its body. Unfortunately, its struggles were completely futile.

The murderer opened its jaws wide and swallowed the giant python, its three-meter long body somehow managing to consume so much food.

Tsk! Ive hunted for a hundred days I wonder when these days will finally end

Now that he was full and satisfied, Fang Yuan lay on a large stone and basked in the warm sunlight.

With his current body that was over three meters long, he was the top predator in this region. No beast would dare to test their prowess against his.

Three months have already unknowingly passed!

He could not help but feel surprised over this.

Next to the large rock, there was a puddle of water. Fang Yuan took a glance at his reflection.

His body was over three meters long. He had dark-green scales and ferocious spikes behind his back, and his sharp claws truly reflected his position as a top-tier predator.

Even if he had turned into a lizard, Fang Yuan was not any ordinary lizard.

He had laid around leisurely for a few days before leaving his family to hunt alone.

At this moment, his body had already surpassed the mother lizard, and his abilities grew by the day.

Ive completed most of my analysis of this worlds rules. My stats window will be unlocked soon too

When he had first arrived, it was his weakest period as a Mental Demon Demon God.

Thankfully, with the assistance of his stats window, Fang Yuans time in this weak phase would be short-lived.

Before this, he could only live while hiding his tail between his legs. Not even as a human, but as a beast! The most he could do was to use demon cultivation techniques to accelerate the growth of this physical body.

Up until this point, he was clearly aware of his circumstances.

This is a region known for a humid rainforest. On top of that, it must be a large island without any humans Does this world not have any intelligent lifeforms?

Fang Yuan was still very vigilant about this particular world.

After all, he had sensed a huge threat from the coordinates.

Of course, the larger the threat was, the greater the benefits were.

He felt immense power and a great number of rules from the coordinates earlier. In other words, reaping in this world would be very simple.

Much less rules, there was even a possibility of acquiring a Great Dao!

A Great Dao was not something he could find so easily. Fang Yuan did not get one out of the Great Voyage World either.

However, in this world, it seemed like he had an inkling of hope.

He stuck his purple tongue out to sense the information in the air. Theres a somewhat strange structure This world isnt very stable either. Its as if its a warped creation that can be reconstructed at any time. What is this feeling?

Unfortunately in my current state, I cant head to civilization to look for any information

Fang Yuan felt a deep sense of disappointment.

Forget it. If I can endure this for another month, Ill unlock my stats window. When that time comes, I can recover part of my Demon God abilities. Ill have more opportunities then!

Time passed in a flash, and it was several days later.

Fang Yuan was sick of the animals in the forest. He wanted to change his diet, so he went to the coast and caught a fish.

All of a sudden, his eyes flickered. He looked up, staring at the surface of the sea.

A lizards vision was different from a humans, and there was nothing great to look at. His priority was to observe his surroundings, so he used his spiritual will.

Using his spiritual will, he spotted a black dot on the surface of the sea.

This black dot gradually increased in size. Soon, it materialized as a boat. Its propeller spun continuously, accelerating the boat through the sea.

It arrived nearby and lowered two lifeboats. The humans rowed the boat excitedly while approaching the small island.


Fang Yuan was obviously not going to be mistaken about that.

Fortunately it isnt a giant creature civilization!

Fang Yuan nodded quietly. Swinging his tail, he returned to the forest.

On the boat.

A golden-haired, middle-aged man lowered his binoculars and said excitedly, Its here this is our research goal: giant lizards. Do you see it? That one is clearly a mutant. Its already three-meters long!

We see it Professor! the students nearby replied nervously.

Anyone who was about to enter a deserted island would be afraid of interacting with such a terrifying giant lizard.

At this moment, the teacher looked increasingly excited. In fact, he was practically in tears.

Unfortunately, for students that followed their teachers like this, their futures lay in the hands of their teachers. No matter how afraid they were, they could only grit their teeth and step onto the island.

Ill be troubling you again, Mr. Xinge!

Thankfully, this man also knew that his students were unreliable, so he had hired two bodyguards as guides.

En Professor Xifan, dont worry. Protecting you is my job. I have plenty of experience with surviving in the wilderness

Xinge adjusted the assault rifle in his hands. His expression was solemn but warm. However that giant lizard earlier looks larger than what I expected. If we want to capture it, well have to use a tranquilizer, a customized one.

Of course, youre the expert here. Well listen to you!

Xifan adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses and smiled cheekily at his students. Students, well be setting up a campground here today, and then we will be investigating this island for ten days. This will be your final assignment!

After they heard this, what else could they say?

The students could only roll their eyes and turn into coolies, heading out to set up the tents.

By nighttime, a simple campground and campfire were set up.

Various instant foods and seasonings were tossed into a soup that gave off a thick fragrance.

The aroma attracted many small animals. However, they sat far away, afraid to approach any closer.

Professor Xifan, I think we can grill two more fish for dinner!

Suddenly, Xinges assistant, Snow, ran over. He was a youngster with wine-colored hair and freckles on his cheeks. He showed off the loot in his hands.

Thank you! Xifan expressed his gratitude politely, but he frowned inwardly. Compared to Mr. Xinge, Snow looked younger and fresher without much experience.

If it was not because of his low wage, Xinge alone would have been enough.

Sigh the fight for funding within the academy was becoming more intense. Now that they were outside, they had to save on every penny.

The sky began to turn dark.

Grilling fish over the bonfire, Snow showcased his culinary skills. He used the ingredients on hand to create a rich, fragrant soup. Xifans mood instantly improved.

Professor Xifan, youre a professor from Ciano Co University, right?

Now that this middle-aged man had some alcohol, his face started to turn red. Snow could not help asking, I heard youre a well-known paleontologist? What are you investigating these giant lizards for?

What do you know? Xifans breath reeked of alcohol, and his tongue was swelling up. However, it did not stop his gibberish. The lizards here are rare treasures! They are real-life artifacts! In fact, did you know that I have a huge discovery to present to the world? As long as we can prove it, I will become the greatest scholar of the century!

Seeing that, his students exchanged glances, looking exasperated.

However, no one noticed the strange glint in Snows eyes.

A group of humans consisting of a professor, his students, and two bodyguards. Thats nine people!

In the darkness a distance away, Fang Yuan watched the bonfire and examined the situation before him carefully.

This was not because of Xinges carelessness. After all, who could have imagined that a giant lizard would have the intelligence of a human? How would they realize his ferocity?

Fang Yuan lay in the darkness without moving. The darkness was his best cover. Using his spiritual will, he overheard their conversations loud and clear.

A scholar who came specially to research lizards, and it seems like hes hiding a huge secret too This looks like trouble.

There was far too little information about the enemy, and Fang Yuan did not want any contact with them.

However, he sensed that those people definitely would not let him go, which would be a huge problem.

Its a pity. If they had waited a little more, my stats window would have unlocked. I could have used an illusionary spell to solve this problem. I could even use spiritual possession on one of them to enter civilization!

Fang Yuan stared at the campsite. Suddenly, his eyes glowed. What if I capture these nine people?

Even though it was a hassle, this was also a blessed opportunity.

Otherwise, he would not know when humans would ever set foot on this island again.

Im short on time, and I have to evolve quickly. This body is far too weak Against that assault rifle, I dont stand a chance.

Fang Yuan turned around, preparing to leave.

Suddenly, he sensed something mysterious. His beady eyes held an excited glint as he stared at a human silhouette.

Theres a mysterious response!

Its the extraordinary power of this world!

But this feeling why am I feeling so unnerved? It seems like this ordinary person carries power from the rules of this world?!

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