Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 907

Chapter 907 Magic

Three days later in a certain cave.

A large lizard lay on the ground. Its body trembled as lumps of flesh began popping up grotesquely.

Even if I havent unlocked my stats window, having consumed so much food, its enough to help me move onto the next level!

Fang Yuans current incarnation, the lizard, yelled out loud as lumps of flesh moved about continuously, causing his body to swell. Instantly, he grew to a length of seven meters at once!

His mouth became wider, and his razor-sharp fangs were like steel daggers.

His skin started to turn red, and he looked like a prehistoric lizard embodied with viciousness.

Although I dont know if this bodys family are also mutants, my original body was definitely one. This is something I can confirm!

Seeing his appearance, Fang Yuan was left speechless. Even though the qualities have increased in level, this appearance it makes it harder to head outside now!

He crawled out of his cave.

The cave seemed much narrower than before, so he forcibly expanded the cave.

Sha! Sha! Sha! Sha!

Suddenly, several small lizards rushed out of the forest. They looked a little similar to Fang Yuan, but they were several times smaller.

Lets go!


From their panic, Fang Yuan could only obtain this information.

Looks like the hunter is here?

Fang Yuan opened his mouth wide. He laughed coldly before running in the opposite direction.

Within the thick forest.

Mr. Xinge, I want to capture that largest mutant lizard You can certainly find it, right?

Professor Xifan had brought several students with him. Wearing cameo clothes, they carried many weapons while talking to each other excitedly.

Hmm, dont worry! Xinge nodded nonchalantly. As long as that mutant shows up, it wont escape my trap! Oh? It looks like weve got one!

He cut several vines and rushed to the front.

Inside a large net, a large lizard that was around two meters long was trapped and currently struggling with all its might.

Wonderful! The rest of you go ahead to take a look. I want a report about giant lizard skins! Xifan ordered the students.

After he forced all of them to touch the giant lizards skin, the professor took out a metal collar. In order to further our research, we have to put an observation collar on it. To prevent it from escaping, we also need to install a tracking device. Well have to trouble you, Mr. Xinge. I need it to stop resisting!

Even though the tracking device was smaller than the metal collar, it was at least as large as a cigarette tray. One could imagine the pain it would have to endure.

No problem. Using a strong dosage of tranquilizer will be enough to satisfy your request!

Xinge laughed aloud, and then he aimed at the lizard and shot the tranquilizer.

After a soft thud, this large, struggling lizards resistance soon came to a complete halt. It lay there, surrendering itself to the brutal slicing.

Thank you, Mr. Xinge!

Seeing this, Xifan was overjoyed. He brought the students forward and began performing the surgery.

Even though this guys skin is very tough, my gun and needle are specially customized for it. Even that mutant from the other day wouldnt be able to resist Xinge said proudly and blew his gun.


Suddenly, a thick trunk fell to the ground from afar, and something that sounded like a van was rushing straight for them.

Sir! Snows voice quivered. Look!

Without needing him to point out, everyone could see it. A terrifying red shadow was rushing out from the thick forest.

It was another large, impressive lizard. However, this one was around seven to eight meters long. It had bright red scales covering its body, and its limbs looked thick and powerful. Trees fell apart with each pounce.

Heavens I cant believe theres such a humongous lizard here. This discovery will definitely make it into the history books!

Professor Xifans eyes glowed brightly. He pulled Xifan, who was next to him. Arent you going to fire?

Fire! Xinges eyes were bleak as he raised his gun. Suddenly, he swung his gun at Professor Xifans face. Youre insane You crazy old man, youre going to get me killed!

Once he finished his words, he turned around and ran with his tail between his legs.

As an experienced survivor in forests, he instinctively understood the ferocity of top-tier predators.

Also, the customized guns and tranquilizers he had could only deal with giant lizards that were four to five meters long.

However, this new player on the field probably had scales that were several inches thick! No matter how much money he was offered, there was no way he would deliver his life on a plate like that!

Huh? He runs pretty quick!

Seeing this scene unfold before him, Fang Yuan ran pass the professor and the others, charging straight for Xinge.

Sh*t! Xinge cursed violently before firing a shot behind his back.

Although he had not aimed, since the targets body was so large, there was no way he could have missed.


Fang Yuan saw a tranquilizer fly at him, but it merely created a small spark on his shoulder. After that, the tranquilizer flew away, not even leaving a scratch.


Xinge screamed and pulled out his handgun. He shot wildly toward his back.

In the face of Fang Yuans body and defense, this pitiful amount of damage was no different from childs play.

He moved forward effortlessly. With a swing of his claw, this unfortunate man was crushed into the dirt, instantly falling unconscious.


After capturing Xinge, Fang Yuan turned around slowly. He spotted Professor Xifan and the six students. Their faces turned ghastly white, and they fell to the ground.

From shock? He was a little surprised and looked at his body. Does my body release poison? Why dont I know about it?

No, theres still one missing!

He looked around vigilantly.

Great. It looks like you have some consciousness!

Snow was clapping while walking out from the darkness. He gave off a dangerous aura. I made them pass out. After all, what happens next will definitely change their view of the world! As the one to bury this secret, I had no choice but to do this. After I settle this matter, I just have to make up an excuse and say that a poisonous plant made them hallucinate. Even though I would like to showcase my Memory Erasure spell, this is much safer!

That Xifan is a slow old man, but hes very intelligent. I cant believe he managed to discover this secret based on some fragmentary history. Since this happened, I had no choice but to join their party to make sure that theyd never figure out the truth!

He was talking to himself without caring if Fang Yuan could understand him or not.

On Sicily Island, we found a flaming giant lizard. As a Black Shirt Deacon of the congress, I will take care of this matter!

How is it? Isnt my job amazing? Unfortunately, we can only protect the citizens happiness behind the scenes!

Fang Yuan found that the final member of this group, an Extraordinary, was actually a chatterbox.

However, he blabbered on in his excitement, and Fang Yuan was able to obtain more information. By now, he was starting to understand the opponents language.

The situation is simple. This Snow belongs to a certain organization that is in charge of hiding the truth about this world. Not long ago, he discovered a small secret from Professor Xifan, so he disguised himself as part of this expedition. Now, he intends to get rid of me?

A flaming giant lizard thats over seven meters long isnt something that can survive in the natural world It must have been infected by it!

Snow put on his white gloves and had a serious expression. Hes so huge that its possible hes progressed to B-grade. Let me test your abilities!

He pointed at Fang Yuan and recited a spell. Fireball!!!


A large fireball appeared midair, flying straight down.

Fang Yuans tail swung once, and he rolled on the ground. However, the edges of his body were still scorched black.

A sorcerer?

He turned around, staring at Snow with a serious gaze.

This Extraordinarys attack was similar to those wizards and mages.

However, his judgment was good enough to realize the difference immediately!

This Snow doesnt have any magical powers nor extraordinary skills. Hes nothing more than a regular person who trained well! However, the world really responded to that spell just now when the fireball appeared. What is the principle behind the magic in this world? This isnt normal at all!

Equivalent exchange and conservation of energy were the common rules that most worlds operated on.

However, that was not the case for that fireball.

The opponent chanted a spell and cast a skill without giving anything in return.

It seemed like he had forced this world to adapt to him!

This feeling made Fang Yuans eyes light up.

The possibility of rules having no say in this world

The only way one would be able to do this was through the Great Dao!

A Demon Gods Great Dao could twist a worlds rules to a certain extent! This was what Demon Gods relied on when they traveled through different worlds.

Of course, most Great Daos had to submit to the Heavenly Dao. Even Fang Yuans stats window was the same. The only advantage he had was that he could unlock and adjust faster.

In order to change the rules of an entire world, this isnt something thats at the level of a Netherheaven Demon God anymore. Its a much higher level

Fang Yuan stared at Snow.Its not that Im looking down on him, but if he can do this with his abilities, was my cultivation all for nothing?

Even though that spell from earlier was ridiculous, it showcased a certain possibility That is, this worlds rules were forcibly changed in the past

Thinking up until this point, Fang Yuan cleared his throat before he shouted, Fireball!


A huge fireball appeared and landed near Snow, causing him to fall pathetically to the ground with his ears ringing.


When he saw the giant lizard jump at him, his expression twitched. He was scared out of his wits. What did I just hear? A giant lizard managed to speak a human language? No that cant be! How could it possibly learn my incantation! Damn according to the manual, I must eliminate it!

Even though it was very simple to pronounce, it actually had dozens of changes in intonation. There were several emotional requirements to fulfill as well. It was akin to keying in a passcode with many criteria to meet.

Even the new members of Snows organization would not be able to use it naturally without practicing for a long time.

So when Fang Yuan shouted this on a whim and managed to cast the spell, Snow was scared out of his wits. In his panic, he started reciting a complicated spell.


Unfortunately, Fang Yuan did not give him a chance and swung his tail at him ruthlessly.

This guy only had an ordinary physique, so his eyes rolled back, and he passed out.

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