Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1346

Yan Feiqing’s scream stopped Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie turned around and watched Yan Feiqing for a few seconds. He then guessed that Yan Feiqing might be familiar with this man; not only that, they might haveemotional collisions. Otherwise, Yan Feiqing would never have acted so abnormally. However, given the poor look of this male’s corpse, Zhang Tie concluded that Yan Feiqing might abhor him more than love as she didn’t even feel like burying his corpse.

Now that this man could perish together with this bizarre prehistoric monster inside this tower of time, it seemed that he must be very hapless.

After moving his hand back, Zhang Tie shrugged as he said casually, “I only felt that it’s a bit useless to have the space-teleportation finger ring lie here. Now that you’re familiar with this man, I will not touch his belongings then!”

Yan Feiqing tightly pursed her mouth as she watched Zhang Tie for a short while silently before continuing to move towards the core area of the tower of time.

Right being not far away from the two corpses, Zhang Tie saw a bright light film, which was the last barrier for distorting the space-time strength. After entering it, Zhang Tie andYan Feiqing would be completely isolated from the outside.

After coming to the front of the light film, Yan Feiqing said calmly with her back against Zhang Tie’s face, “As this tower of time is available for 2 people at the same time, we need to enter this time-space barrier at the same time. On the count of three, we will enter it simultaneously…”

Zhang Tie came to the light film. He stretched out his hand to touch it as he really discovered that there was an invisible barrier outside that light film which prevented his hand from reaching inside. No matter how much strength did he use, he could never move that light film even a bit.

“Okay…” Zhang Tie replied.

It was Zhang Tie’s first time to know that a tower of time could pose such a request for two people to enter it at the same time. Even Charles might have not heard about such a tower of time. As there were so many mysteries about the tower of time, Zhang Tie would not feel too amazed no matter how strange it was in front of such a marvelous project.

However, after hearing Yan Feiqing’s words, Zhang Tie seemingly understood why there were two corpses outside this light film. The probability was that the two corpses might have encountered outside there due to some reason. They then started a fight there and finally died together. If that man was an animal controller, he might be able to communicate with that prehistoric beast in case of conflict; if not, in that case, he could only fight that berserk and aggressive prehistoric beast to death.

“One, two, three…”

When Yan Feiqing counted three, Zhang Tie and Yan Feiqing strode forward at the same time. Closely after that, the two people entered the core area of the tower of time as if they had penetrated through a layer of the transparent bubble.

The moment they entered it, the tunnel behind them had disappeared and turned into a huge piece of crystal. The two people were then surrounded by crystals, on which numerous bizarre runes started to flow at an increasing speed. Finally, those runes turned into light and made the space a huge lightcocoon. At the same time, the crystals disappeared. As the light cocoon slightly rocked, a brilliant galaxy appeared above the two people. From then on, time inside started to freeze…

When the brilliant galaxy appeared, the information about this tower of time also appeared in Zhang Tie’s mind.

The tower of time has been started. The space-timetorsion is equal to the standard difference between therotation time and the revolution time of thiscelestial body; namely, one year inside this space is equal to 1 day outside.

After 2change circles of the phase of moons, namely, 60 years inside this space or 60 days outside, the space-time torsion would return to zero. From then on, the tower of time would enter silent energy storage period once again.

During this period, the essential energy inside this pyramid would cater to all the demands of the living beings inside it and ensure that the lives and cells of those living beings who enter this space does not age.

This space connects to the elements realm, which could allow two entrants to cultivate inside at the same time.

This space is matched with a runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region. Within 60 years, the entrant would promote to immortal art craftsman at most. None of the articles inside the rune instrument manufacturing skill promotion region could be taken away.

If the entrants want to leave out of here in advance, the two people need to rotate the time ball on the ground in an anti-clockwise manner and leave 1 hour later at the same time. Otherwise, the time ball would continue to run.

120 years later outside, the tower of time would restart.

These tips were similar to that Zhang Tie saw in the last tower of time.

However, Zhang Tie still almost sprung up due to excitement as he had not imagined that this tower of time was matched with the runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region. It was like a dream. A few days ago, Zhang Tie was worried about his steam centrifugal ballista because he had to grasp the skill of runes array if he wanted to invent a steam centrifugal ballista that could be used to kill demon knights. Such a skill was exclusive to the immortal craftsman. As Zhang Tie was just a major craftsman, he might not promote to a immortal craftsman in 100-200 years.

The runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region in this tower of time was simply like a dreamland for Zhang Tie.

“I’m not going to leave until 60 years later, namely, 2 months that of the outside. If you cannot bear being lonely for such a long time, you’d better think about how to deal with it yourself. I’m not interested in becoming a runeinstrument master. During this period, the runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region will be available for you. It depends on you which level could you reach during the 60 years. Additionally, when I’m in cultivation, don’t disturb me. Otherwise, I will show you something…”

Yan Feiqing said icily, ignoring Zhang Tie’s emotion fluctuations. After finishing her words, she walked all the way towards the only crystal bed. Sitting on it with crossed legs, she started to cure her wound.

Zhang Tie didn’t know how was Yan Feiqing’s wound. However, after seeing that this woman could sit down and cure her wound herself, Zhang Tie realized that she might be okay. Therefore, he left her alone. Actually, after entering this space, Zhang Tie had sensed that Yan Feiqing was still a bit on guard against him from inside and intended to keep away from him. Therefore, Zhang Tie could only treat it as this old virgin’s weird temperament and didn’t care about it too much.

The space of the core area of this tower of time was over 10 times larger than that he saw in the last tower of time. It was very simply furnished inside this space. Besides that crystal bed at a corner, he only saw a high platform in the middle of the space and the runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region in the far.

This place could hold 10,000 soldiers for drill, not to mention only 2 of them.

After Yan Feiqing sat down with crossed legs, the space became pretty quiet with the hovering galaxy and the sufficient energy…

Zhang Tie ran towards the high platform in the middle of this space.

That high platform was over 100 m high, making it pretty eye-catching. The steps were composed of crystals. On the top of the platform, there was a round region which covered over 1,000 square meters. In the center of that region, there were two time balls which were standing there quietly with a distance of over 20 m. Being not far from the two time balls, Zhang Tie saw two raised crystal mattresses. Zhang Tie came to the front of a crystal mattress and sensed it. He found that the locations of the two crystal mattresses were where this tower of time was connected to the elements realm. This place was like an advanced elements gathering matrix where people could form their chakras rapidly due to the plentiful elements.

Zhang Tie estimated that it would take him almost 20 years to form the last 36 scales of his water chakra at this place. In the remaining 40 years, even if he exerted his full efforts in forming wind chakra, he could at most promote to 1 change realm of shadow knight. As he cultivated an emperor-level secret method, after promoting to a shadow knight, he needed more wind elements than others who cultivated secret methods below shadow knights which meant a slower speed to form his wind chakra.

The tower of time might be the best place for others to cultivate; however, the tower of time was a bit useless for him. As he had grasped the secret method of Purgatory Samsara Method, it would beunreasonable for him to cultivate in the tower of time. During the 60 years, he could definitely reach the 16h floor of his All-spirits Pagoda and promote to an elder of Great Wilderness Sect, who could control knight-level mutated beasts.

WithoutGreat Wilderness Sutra, he could also practice secret skills ofBloody Soul Sutrainside.Moreover, there was a runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region inside which Zhang Tie had always been dreaming for.

During the 60 years, even if Zhang Tie only promoted to one level higher, he could also become at least a craftsman master, which meant a lot for him…

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